Book 2 – Chapter 19 Disaster

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              In the afternoon, the world was filled with the sun’s brilliance but in a certain forest a huge cloud of mist was covering the entire sky obstructing everything. Sebastian was hovering in the sky above the lake while a group of seven immortals were trembling in front of him.

  “What is happening in this country?”, Sebastian barked loudly.

        The group of immortals shuddered as they heard Sebastian’s voice but before they could answer a charming voice interrupted them and said, “How about I answer you?”

       Sebastian was stunned as he heard this voice because he never excepted a person to appear without him even noticing their presence at all, turning towards the source of voice, he noticed an alluring woman who was hovering a little away from him. She was a beauty with long black hair and pitch black eyes when paired with her pearl white skin, her figure gave a mature yet irresistible charm definitely capable of drawing any man.

       Though Sebastian was charmed by this woman, he knew that she was definitely not an enemy he could take light of as she had enough strength to hide her own presence from him, his instincts which are honed through countless battles told him that this woman was anything but weak. Sebastian was cautious but soon it turned into terror as in the next instant a group of ten males appeared around her, while an another group of immortals appeared on her opposite side.

      Sebastian back was covered with cold sweat as he saw them as every immortal who appeared were peak divine disciples.
With the saber in his hand, Sebastian took a defending stance, he was confident in his ability to defend against two or three peak immortals but what if all the twenty immortals present here attacked him at once.

    Seeing that Sebastian drew his saber and took up a defending stance, a man who was present beside the charming woman snorted loudly and struck with his sword outwards in three successive thrusts at lightning speed.

             Sebastian who saw the sword thrusts dodged at high speed while his divine wind energy enveloped him completely.

“Bang!” A loud explosion shook the lake.

          Though Sebastian withdrew at high speed, one of the thrusts still struck him and the forced him to move all the way back to the edge of the lake. However the divine disciple group were not so lucky and were directly annihilated to smithereens by the energy of the sword thrusts.

     The woman who saw Sebastian dodging the sword thrusts chuckled lightly and said, “Not bad, he cancer survive after taking your sword thrusts Nicholas. He will be a treat to us, finish him off properly.”

     The man called Nicholas replied, “Yes, lady Alexa.”

     Sebastian who was propelled to the edge of the lake had a ugly expression on his face, how could he expect that twenty peak divine disciples will ambush him in this situation that too by the power of that sword thrust, are some of the most powerful peak disciples he had ever come across.

        Alexa was keenly observing Riddick who was still emitting fire essence in astonishing amounts, with a small smile on her face she asked, “Is he related to you Abraham?”

       Abraham and a group of sect elders had also arrived at the lake right after Hyde sect made their appearance.

           Abraham ground his teeth and answered, “Yes, he belongs to our sect lady Alexa so I ask you to give me a little face and leave this young lad.”

     Alexa who originally asked the question burst out laughing and said, “Abraham at least know how to lie, I know that you want that mutated soul but still, this kind of outright lie won’t work.”

      Abraham’s face twisted in anger but all he could do was to keep quiet as he knew that though both sides appeared to have same number of peak disciples, in reality lady Alexa by herself was more than enough to wipe all of them out else why would she even be a core elder of Hyde sect.

        Alexa who laughed to her limit wiped away her tears and asked confusedly, “Still how on earth is this kid even putting up a fight against the soul fragment with his mortal soul. (sigh! ) since it has come to this, Jordan, attack his soul and let’s see if we can manage to get the still fusing soul fragment.”

        Jordan was the man who struck Sebastian with his sword.

      Sebastian who heard Alexa’s order immediately shouted at the top of his lungs, “YAMAAAAAAAAAAAA.” and charged straight towards Riddick.

             Jordan who didn’t care about this shout immediately struck with his sword but this time rather than the energy thrust, an illusory sword flew towards Riddick. Sebastian who flew at high speed was only a few metres away from the advancing illusory sword, without any hesitation he immediately shifted to his eagle form and obstructed the illusory sword.

      The illusory sword was formed with the spiritual energy of Jordan, this attack when struck against an enemy condenses and directly attacks the sea of consciousness. Though Sebastian managed to survive the attack, his consciousness turned dizzy as a result of extreme spiritual energy exhaustion.

       Right at this time Yama who returned his consciousness from Riddick’s sea of consciousness saw the deteriorating situation and immediately started transporting Riddick to Yamaloka.

      Alexa who observed a weird attraction force near Riddick immediately struck with her own sword and an seemingly ordinary fire illusory sword flew stuck Riddick at lightning speed, though this sword appeared ordinary, in reality its power was eons apart from Jordan’s.

       Yama needed at least a single second before he could transport, but before he could complete the transportation a fire illusory sword struck Riddick.

          Void frantic voice resounded throughout the sea of consciousness, “YAMAAAAA.”

        Yama immediately retreated to Riddick’s sea of consciousness aborting the transportation but it was already too late and an illusory fire sword pierced straight through Riddick’s soul.

        The dark reddish mass which was originally trapped in Riddick’s soul immediately escaped its boundary and started devouring the soul present around it crazily.

       Yama who saw this bellowed loudly and again started transporting Riddick but he was obstructed as the dark soul devouring speed was simply too fast and it was already resiting Yama.

             Void who knew that the situation can no longer be controlled hurriedly spoke, ” Yama escape into this sea of consciousness now.”

       Yama whose body was in the material world instantly reduced himself to a minute thread and attached himself a single granule of fire essence among the innumerable granules present in the sea of consciousness.

     As dark reddish mass was crazily eating away Riddick’s soul, Void sent out a divine message to Sebastian, “Escape immediately and take care of Sylvie. Removing her binding at any cost.”

           Sebastian who was dizzy with the soul attack recovered as he received a shock from Void’s words, turning to see Riddick, he had an extreme anguish in his face but with a shrill cry he immediately flapped his wings and flew at high speed in opposite direction.

    Sylvie who immediately noticed that Sebastian was for some reason fleeing, started crawling out of her position but she was firmly held in position by  Sebastian’s divine power, in a state where she couldn’t do anything, a small cry emerged from her throat as they flew away further and further away from the lake.

      Jordan was stopped from pursuing Sebastian by Alexa who was keenly observing Riddick and was eagerly waiting for the appearance of soul fragment. Clearly she cared more about the soul fragment than a rogue peak divine disciple.


               In the deep ravines of a pitch black world, Riddick woke up as he experienced a soul wrenching pain, his internal soul world was being devoured by another soul but he was powerless and could only helplessly watch as the dark crimson soul devoured his world. The pain intensified as he was slowly consumed and soon he lost control over his world, a soul without a adobe cannot possess strength so he soon became an existence without a single bit of power.

       A soul is extremely feeble so when it loses all source of power, it instantly starts deteriorating and condenses itself  into a frozen fragment. This is a natural preventive measure a soul undergoes to prevent its own destruction.

       Riddick whose consciousness was now trapped in a minute frozen fragment was integrated into one of the walls of the soul world and slowly disappeared among the countless walls.

        Void who was watching everything from outside had an extreme anger in his voice as he swore revenge but soon his mark which was imprinted on the soul world started dissolving and Void’s presence in the sea of consciousness grew hazy and hazy before it finally disappeared.

               Alexa who was watching Riddick from the outside let out a dejected sigh and said, “Looks like the soul fragment cannot be retrieved after all, my attack has only helped the soul fragment consume that boy’s soul.”

        Abraham also observed the phenomenon shook his head in dissatisfaction but what could he do, the soul fragment was already fused, further it has successfully consumed Riddick’s soul so now all he could do was to stay idle and see the further process.

           Deep within the the sea of consciousness, in the dark crimson soul world, a divine presence woke up from its deep slumber. Within seconds of its awakening it gained control over the sea of consciousness and redirected the fiery red mass into the mage force, fusing both of them as one entity. The spiritual energy became static and lost its vigour when the sea regained its calmness.

              The divine consciousness let out a mighty roar and emerged from the sea of consciousness simultaneously gaining control over Riddick’s physical body.

           Alexa and Abraham along with their subordinates were alerted as the fire essence emitting form Riddick’s body suddenly stopped, while a divine consciousness appeared in their divine senses alerting them of a presence of an enemy.

       The consciousness who now gained total control over the body slowly opened its eyes to see the sky and the hovering group of immortals present before him.

         With a slight delay, a hoarse voice which had the majesty and experience of a king, rang out, “Which of you children helped me before?”

     Alexa who heard the voice, answered with a low chucke, “Why? Are you going to return my favour, lord Dark dragon?”

     “Hahaha…..”,  The voice laughed out loudly and said, “I never keep a favour little girl also remember, my name is Cesar.”


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