Book 2 – Chapter 20 Declaration

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Declaration :

         The hot air of summer was blowing away the clouds of mist rapidly, while the forest which became chaotic slowly started to regain its calmness as the heat wave died down, the fish and the marine creatures who died in the lake started to dry up while leaving only bones which too were slowly melting due to the heat of the magma formed.

                 In the centre of the dried up lake Cesar was seated right in the middle of magma as if it doesn’t affect him, while Alexa, Abraham and their subordinates  were hovering above the lake.

            As Cesar declared his name loudly, Alexa who always maintained a calm face drew in a sharp breath but soon she regained her calm expression, on closer inspection on could see that her eyes had a mysterious gleam in it.

              Laughing a little she asked mischievously, “Lord Cesar, you said that you will always return a favour, right?”

          Cesar laughed loudly and said, “Little girl, though I will do owe you, as I am, I hold nothing of value so I can’t possibly give you anything. Wait till I regain my strength, then you can select anything I have on me as your reward.”

         Alexa chucked a little and said, “Lord Cesar, I do not wish to obtain any treasures, all I want is the knowledge you already possess. Also my name is Alexa.”

    Cesar’s smiled and said, “Alexa is it? Haha…..You are one interesting girl, Instead of heavenly treasures you instead wish to learn from me. Alright, what do you want to know Alexa?”

      Alexa who had been waiting for that reply smiled slyly and answered, “Lord Cesar please join the Hyde sect and  teach us the demon arts.”

          Cesar who was merrily laughing till then suddenly became serious, with anger evident in his voice, he asked, “Little girl, you are asking me to reveal my demon arts to your sect? Hmph! You are a peak divine disciple so you should know that for any expert training in the devil’s way, his demon arts are the most powerful techniques he has developed after countless years of painstaking training and yet, you ask me to so nonchalantly to reveal them you.”

        Demon arts are the the techniques an expert who train in devil’s path develop during their entire lifetimes, these techniques are based on the knowledge they gain on souls and are usually passed hereditarily or a master passes them to his student but these are rare cases and usually an expert develops all his techniques by himself as no expert passes his life long achievements willingly and it is very rare that an expert who trains in the dark path by consuming and refining souls will have the heart to take up a disciple.

              The power of these techniques depend largely on the talent an expert has as these are developed based on the knowledge he has regarding the devils path, the souls and his own innate ability.

          Though Cesar was now no where as powerful as he once was, he still of course had the knowledge of the techniques he developed in his life as a peak divine disciple but how could he pass these techniques he created painstakingly in his entire life time for a mere favour.

        Alexa who listened to Cesar’s angry retort chucked a little and said, “Lord Cesar, you are currently in the body of a seventh ranked mage so it will take you a long time before you gain enough power to protect yourself but if you do accept my request then I, as a core elder of the Hyde sect will guarantee you that Hyde sect will keep you safe until you become a divine disciple. My offer is genuine and you will be taken to the head branch of the Hyde sect the second you accept my request, how about it?”

      Cesar was startled as he heard this, but he sighed as he realised his position and thought, “Currently, this body of mine has just stepped into the eighth rank as a mage and this is no where enough for me to protect myself, I will at least need a decade before I can refine the red mass in my consciousness, even by then I will at most reach only the immortal level. At my current level of strength, I will certainly die soon, besides who knows how many of my enemies still remain in this Sky continent, it will be disastrous if even one of them know of my existence. Oh well, the chances of that are very slim as even when I was alive the people who really knew my name could be counted on one hand.”

   After organising his thoughts Cesar let out a loud sigh and said, “Alright, girl. You win, I will join the Hyde sect but on one condition, I will only accept three disciples and no more.”

        Alexa who listened to Cesar answer brightened up in an instant, with a smile on her face she said, “Accepted Lord Cesar, now that this matter is concluded, we should immediately head towards Hyde sect, I promise you that you will never regret your decision.”

           With a flip of her hand she directly lifted Cesar into air and flew off in the direction of Hyde sect while her subordinates followed her, not even a glance was spared for Abraham and his men. As Alexa flew off along with Cesar, Abraham and the elders sighed in relief and flew off dejectedly.

           While flying Alexa was inwardly laughing loudly at her luck and thought, “Though I didn’t gain the soul fragment, I gained the chance to learn the most coveted martial arts ‘ The Demon arts ‘ that too from The Cesar. No matter what, who would have thought I would come across him here. He is now acting quite different but I have to be careful and never reveal that I know about his identity, the once tyrannical emperor of dark dragons known as, The demon emperor – Cesar.


              A million kilometres south of the Mystic empire in the wilderness of the Sky continent, was the territory of Azure blue mountain ranges, these mountain ranges housed one of the strongest and most powerful godbeast clans of the Sky continent, The Welkin clan. Aside from the welkin clan, these mountains had hundreds and thousands of God beasts who trained to immortal level.

      Azure blue mountain ranges differed vastly from any other mountains because of their extreme heights, the tallest surpassing a hundred kilometres mark, these mountains by themselves housed thousands of members of Welkin clan.

          Being at the extreme corner of the continent surrounding the chaotic ocean they hold absolute territorial advantage making it impossible to invade into their territory, further mankind had some unwritten rules to never interfere with the God beast clans no matter how small they are, as a war with them has always lead to the destruction of one of the either side, basically put there will be no alliances and no agreements in a war with god beasts, once an enemy is targeted, the god beasts will destroy him even at the cost of their own lives.

           So none of the immortals present in the Sky continent never dared to declare their authority within the territory controlled by the Azure blue mountains, not because they feared the magical beasts but because they trembled to death just by hearing the name of the ruler of the Azure blue mountains, the clan leader of Welkin clan, ‘ Arthur Welkin.’

        The majestic mountain peaks which passed the cloud cover were all covered with palaces of high level members of Welkin clan but above all stood the royal palace which surpassed any thing in magnificence and beauty, clad in gold and decorated with diamonds it was like a gem rivaling the heavens.

              After flying nonstop for ten days, Sebastian finally arrived at the Azure blue mountains, he flew directly to the royal palace which already bewildered the guards present as very few people had the authority to even enter the royal palace but soon they were terrified to even observe him as they saw him flying directly to the topmost floor of the royal palace as this was the personal study of their clan leader Arthur Welkin and even the most strongest of generals needed express permission to even enter into it.

       As soon as Sebastian stepped onto the floor a manservant bowed and said, “Welcome back your highness, Lord Sebastian.”

    Sebastian didn’t spare a glance at the manservant but glancing at the enormous floor decorated with gold, velvet and silk he asked, “Where is my grandfather?”

            But before he could respond a cheerful aged voice resounded in the hall, “Haha.. Why are you in such a hurry Sebastian? Do you finally get yourself a wife and want to introduce her to me”

                 An aged man figure appeared in the hallway as if he was an illusion, with a bright smile he said, “or did you miss your grandfather so much that you have come here in such a hurry.”

    Sebastian bowed slightly and said, “Sebastian pays his respects to clan leader Arthur Welkin.”

      Arthur who saw this, responded cheerfully, “No need to follow the clan rules Sebastian, those are for the fools, you are my most precious grandson so you should be a little spoiled but you are so stiff, I still think that I did something wrong when raising you else I should have got at least ten great grandsons by now but you did not even marry yet. Wuwu…do you know how much this old man fears about future, when I was your age, Though I was feared as a great warrior, I was proclaimed as the best man by many females including your grandma, I still remember all those women I slept with, ho ho you are still young so you should enjoy yourself before you become an old man like me. Women are so pure, so soft, they are like magic and they definitely are the most precious of gems you will find in world. Haha….looks like I spoke too much, now I sound like a perverted old man haha…  I am sorry for my……”

      Finally Arthur noticed that Sebastian was unlike his usual self, his gaze became solemn as he asked, “What happened Sebastian?”

       Sebastian’s face twisted with extreme agony as he remembered Riddick, with much difficulty he said, ” Young master, he….he is in danger.”

       The Arthur’s face which till now had a smile suddenly twisted with anger,  veins popped on his face as he clenched his fist, wind howled and space trembled as his divine energy rampaged the Azure blue mountains.

        His face which had wrinkles from  laughs twisted and a savage growl emerged from his throat, the floor trembled and the walls cracked as he emitted killing intent which swept the entirety of Azure blue mountains making every being within it stiff with fear, a low growl emerged from his voice as he asked, “Who? Who is responsible?”

        Sebastian who was still filled with agony replied in a voice reverberating with killing intent, “Hyde clan.”

           The dam preventing the flooding of killing intent finally broke as Arthur heard the name of Hyde, killing intent which was hundreds of times stronger than the previous one swept thousands of kilometres, even the surrounding chaotic ocean which had innumerable magical beasts suddenly became still as the magical beasts came halted in their tracks as the killing intent swept past them.

        Arthur growled savagely, “Hyde, so it was him, I will Kill him, I will kill him and his entire bloodline.”

  Boom! Boom! Boom!

      The entire sky resounded with a tremendous explosion as Arthur’s voice resounded in the ears of every being who were swept with his killing intent.

“All subjects under my rule, hear my command. All clans of magical beasts gather every member above seventh rank, we shall march to Hyde empire, any and every enemy in our path shall be eliminated without an exception.



52 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 20 Declaration

  1. I think some people that are wondering why the beast clan is going to war is because of what Vera told Sebastian and what she possibly told the clan. Also, for those who are complaining because it seems like the “last boss” came you should remember that Vera could probably wipe the floor with them in a second.

    On another note, I am loving this story very much gsdreddy and I think you are doing an amazing job. Also, it is your story if someone doesn’t like it then they don’t matter because there are probably ten more people that love it. So don’t let those people get you down.

    Thanks for the chapter


  2. The problem, in my opinion, with this story is, if you compare it to novels like CD or similar novels, is that Riddick is constantly dependent on others, understandably as it may seem, he is just a weak step 7 magus after all, and yet he is reckless, prideful and even arrogant, which if comparing to CD and other novels it’s still within treason.

    In other works the MC’s get OP TOOLS, be it the coiling dragon or that ass exploding mirror, they are still tools. here Riddick is constantly over is head, and the only thing he does is console void, I feel like void is half the MC, as he is the one that makes the final decisions.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. finally saved me up a lot of chapters(gonna clear them all!)
    still awesome story
    and only shitty point from my side are the twilight names
    still one of the current best fictions(probably top 5 soon on rr)
    lets see how the incoming 30chapters are going to be


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