Book 2 – Chapter 21 March Starts

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March starts :
          In a dark spatial vortex which had no definition of boundary nor time, Riddick woke up confusedly. His soul fragment which was naturally petrified to prevent his soul from collapsing started to activate again as the danger that was clawing at it’s existence passed away. As Riddick woke up, he saw the immeasurable dark space in front of him, like a universe it was unfathomable yet he knew that everything present before him was formed within his own soul fragment which is essentially the purest and the most complex part of his soul.

            Floating aimlessly in this dark blank space, Riddick spent most of his time thinking of how the soul fragment which was just a tiny speckle held such an enormous universe, also he felt that there was more to this universe then he could see, it somehow reminded him of Void but yet it had no consciousness, to be precise no consciousness could ever reach into his very soul as any such attempt will destroy it.

        Inside this space, time somehow flowed at a faster pace as he felt that he had already been floating here for decades though that shouldn’t be the case. when someone stays idle with nothing to do and no one to talk for a longtime, they start to rethink about every decisions and every moment they have ever lived till then, Riddick also started to reminisce about his past.

         For an indefinite amount of time he reminiscent about his past and thought about the foolish decisions he made, yet what was the use, he was now alone trapped in this soul fragment and can’t even contact Void, with whom he should always be in contact because of the contract yet, he couldn’t find any connection no matter how much he probed his consciousness.

          For the first time he started experience the true loneliness which is like a nightmare always present in his consciousness in every moment whether he liked it or not.

           Loneliness possessed him like an endless nightmare in this space where time passed without his knowledge. After experiencing loneliness for a long, long time he started to fear, fear the loneliness, so extreme was this fear that it started to dominate his thoughts.

        Fear is a very strange thing because though, he could feel it every minute right under his skin for an indefinite amount of time, yet he couldn’t ignore it nor could he control it. His fear which dominated his thoughts started to take various forms, fear of stillness, fear of death, fear of even life, everything he ever knew started to come back to haunt him.

         But after experiencing fear and after being haunted for a long time, he started growing numb of it, his consciousness started ignoring it. Then he began to question what is fear, why should he even fear, who is responsible for his fear?

        Riddick slowly realised that his fear emerged from himself, he feared because he couldn’t make others fear him, he was a victim because he lacked the power to be a ruler, he was toyed by people because he wasn’t feared, the immortals toyed with him yet he couldn’t do anything, that bitch killed me yet he couldn’t do anything.     

       The immortals killed him for a soul fragment and the dark dragon soul took over his body as he couldn’t withstand that attack, all of this is caused because he had no power, Sebastian was hurt and Sylvie should be in pain while I am here trapped in this soul fragment. My own soul world is occupied by a fucking bastard yet I can’t do anything about it.


WHY? WHY? …………

ANGER, surfaced in his soul which was ridiculed by so many questions as he realised, everything is because I lack power, why? Why do I lack power? How should I gain power? Where is the so called power? How should I kill those bastards who fucking killed me? I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it, I WANT POWER, I WANT POWER.

             A Savage growl reverberated in the depths of a insignificant soul fragment which was integrated into one of the walls of the crimson red soul world.


          The north western part of the Sky continent was the territory of the Hyde empire, as expected of one of the two strongest empires its territory was by far hundreds of times larger than the Mystic empire also its population or military strength was enough to trample ten Mystic empires yet it retained its influence because it did not want to provoke the other super power.

      In a remote corner of the empire a snow capped mountain ranges were present, this territory was declared off limits by the empire and any person entering it are to be executed on spot. If anyone ever did reach these mountains, what they find was not a military secret but an astonishing castle made completely out of jade which stood atop one of the tallest mountains. This was the stronghold of the Hyde sect, the Jade castle.

    This castle by itself appeared only a tenth of the Welkin royal palace but that was just a misunderstanding of people who have never entered it. This jade castle was carved out of an entire mountain range and housed thousands and thousands of suites within the mountain for each of its disciples, the astonishing part however was that the entire mountain range had similar structures and housed tens of hundreds of thousands of its disciples making it one of the two largest sects in the Sky continent.

        Hyde sect however was a tyrannical ruler who ruled over the entire Hyde empire which had the emperor only as a face, with tens of thousands of beginner disciples and hundreds of peak divine disciple experts it was a massive war machine which could easily crush any enemy who dared to anger it so no sect nor empire dared to anger it except its nemesis who could match it in power and influence.

           On the thirtieth floor of the Jade castle, in a luxurious suite Cesar was relaxing on a lounge while Alexa was serving him tea. Alexa attitude towards him caused Cesar to frown inwardly, he couldn’t think of a reason why she was so interested in him, the only possible reason he could think was that she knew about his identity but Cesar immediately discarded this reasoning as the people who actually knew his name and background should have been alive for the past ten thousand years and that too they should have been at the top of the power chain when he was still alive, anyone who knew him were either dead or already ascended to deva realm by the time he took the tribulation so it was not possible for Alexa to know him also she clearly didn’t have enough experience so concluded that she didn’t knew his identity.

       Though Cesar was cautious towards her he didn’t show any reaction, he knew that Alexa was his best protection he had while he was powerless so it was better to play along with her. There was an another possibility he could think of from her behaviour, he noticed that she was trying to showcase her assets more often in front of him which lead to a totally different reason for her interest in him i.e she was interested in him.

            Cesar was a man who once owned anything this continent had to offer, so of course he was not ignorant of women, if she really did just like him then it was a very favourable situation for him, as she has just exposed a way for him to control her. Laughing in his mind he also showed subtly showed his interest to test the waters.

        Alexa who was wearing a traditional dress which showcased her assets bountifully finished her serving of the tea and secretly stared at Cesar, she was no fool and already knew that this man saw through her plan but still she continued to seduce him as according to her this was a just a bout of wits where the one to first lose control of their emotions will be the one controlled by the other.

        Alexa knew very well that even though she now held an advantage in power she definitely didn’t held an advantage in experience nor in mental fortitude, the man before her had once ruled over the Sky continent to the extent that immortals shivered on just hearing his title, he was called a tyrannical existence as the number of immortals he killed cannot be even estimated. Such an immortal was not at all easy to control through violence.

      Every immortal who lived during Cesar’s reign are said to fear a single technique developed by Cesar, this was demon art technique which was so powerful that even devas feared it’s existence.

             Cesar definitely has knowledge of that technique but he will never admit that he knows it, even if Alexa tortures him to death, he would rather die than revealing it to his enemy. So the only way in which she could ever obtain it is by cleverly controlling him but controlling him through power is impossible.

        Alexa knew very well that although Cesar can’t be controlled through power it is always possible to control a male through her womanly charms. No matter how strong a male is, he will definitely lose his control at one point and then she will gain an upper hand in their game.

       Thus Cesar and Alexa started spending time leisurely completely unaware of the danger they had drawn themselves in, how could they possibly imagine that a Welkin eagle who was acting as a mere servant was a member of the royal blood line and how could they even think that Arthur Welkin was coming to annihilate the Hyde sect personally.

        Experts of Arthur’s level do not usually interfere in the matters of the continent and usually never appear in person continuously for a few millennia, even when Cesar was in all his glory, he would have pissed himself if he heard the name of Arthur welkin.


      A million kilometres south of the Hyde sect, a serene forest was present abundant in wildlife and flora, being in a peaceful territory it never experienced the word known as chaos but suddenly the ground started to tremble and the wind started to howl as hundreds of mammoths marched over the forest, the trees were uprooted and the lakes were consumed, the lesser creatures became food while the magical beasts were seized as soldiers. Tens of hundreds of thousands of magical beasts marched the earth and the forest soon ceased to exist.

      The earth shattered and the shocks spread as the Azure blue army lead its march, everything in their path was either consumed or destroyed. The army grew and the beasts bellowed as they marched, the worlds largest and the strongest magical beast army might not cause the ultimate experts to shudder but the battalions of immortals flying in the sky was enough to kill them all within a heartbeat.

         Arthur who was leading tens of thousands of immortals in the sky roared, “Advance at high speed, we raze the Colt kingdom to ground before we start the massacre of the Hyde empire.”

        The magical beasts roared and bellowed, howled and stampeded the ground as they advanced towards the Colt kingdom.


25 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 21 March Starts

  1. thanks for the chapter~!!

    Well, It will become a valuable experience for both riddick so he will seeking power more fiercely than before (so stop being a child!!) and his enemies to not messed around him (since his big sis and butler is freaking scary!!). 🙂


  2. It’s becoming more and more interesting, Roddick is growing and we got ourselves a nice fight with super-powers.
    I’m waiting for when it go KABOOM 😀


  3. few issues I had and this only has to do with how the main characters handled the situation. WHY DID THEY NOT PREPARE MORE FOR EXAMPLE WHY WASN’T YAMA CAUTIOUS AT ALL TIMES AGHHH VOID IS SUPPOSED TO BE INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT SO WHY DID HE NOT SEE THIS COMING (FACEPALM) AND HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SEEN THAT WHOLE: WHY? WHY? WHY? I WANT POWER! THING… ANSWER: TOO MANY. BUT I DIGRESS… well im probably only bitching cause my MC is in deep shit and I need to vent it somewhere


  4. Hey reddy i really like your story but i think it took a wrong turn, why does our riddick bitches so much, he brought everything upon himself.
    For fucksake he stole something he didn’t even know what it was and killed a lot of people for it then he cries because some immortal presented his ass to him in a silver plate
    He needs to mature a bit and take more rational desitions


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