Book 2 – Chapter 22 Better Reason

Author note : Hi guys, I was a little free or should I say, I made my self free as I couldn’t study at all so here I am with an another chapter.

         This chapter is sponsored by our generous donor Sean of U.S so guys join me in a big round of applause to thank him for his generosity.

       I will tell you guys, looooook forward to the next book as that will have many action packed scenes. Also don’t be too upset with Riddick’s anguish thinking that he isn’t like a MC but like a coward bitch who bitches a lot, soon he will change or in your words matures into an real MC. This is actually quite a fast development of MC as in some Xianxia like Zhu Xian the MC is like a kid for a long time.

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               Anger lasted for a while followed by despair because Riddick couldn’t find a way to save him self nor could he be certain that someone will save him from his predicament. He was aware of his own situation, here he could not cultivate, nor could he tell what was happening in the outside world nor could he even understand how much time has actually passed in the real world, was it days, months, years or even decades, he had nothing to rely on, his sprit which yearned for power was slowly giving up its struggle also the dimension of his soul world was becoming dimmer or maybe that was just his consciousness loosing its ability to judge what was happening.

               Trapped in a position where he couldn’t give up, yet, he couldn’t do anything, he started to suffer from extreme anguish, slowly to deviate himself he tried to explore the unknown space laid in front of him.

         In it was nothing, yet he always roamed, in it may never be anything, yet he wished. A foolish dream for a miracle but what could he do? It was the only thing keeping him sane, it was the only thing keeping himself from going back to his inactive state.

       Roaming for indefinite amount of time, Riddick’s consciousness which was hazily searching his dimension woke up with a shock as for the first time he found something in the dark space, a black mass, the size of a small ball, yet it was the only thing he found after a long long time of searching.

    Riddick reached it out of curiosity but that small ball was immediately sucked by his own soul consciousness and thus, it all began.

             Colt Kingdom, Near the majestic capital of the kingdom, the headquarters of the Heavenly flame sect which was acclaimed as the strongest power in the kingdom was present. Unlike the other sects this sect had its stronghold right outside the a city. Divided into five castles each connected to one another it formed a pentagon shaped impregnable fortress protecting the centre palace which was the sect core quarters.

       Since being the guardian sect of the Colt kingdom, the heavenly flame sect has participated in many wars since ancient times and has also faced many invasions so the security around the sect was based on military aspects, several ditches were dug and several barricades were placed to prevent a surprise charge of an enemy.

      In the core palace, Abraham was in closed room training and ordered anyone to not disturbing him, the shock and the loss Abraham received by loosing the soul fragment was too large. Abraham, being a man of great ambitious had dreamed of aligning himself with any of the two great sects, thus elevating his sect and his own position to a sky high level in the continent. His dream was indeed possible if he did obtain a rare power, the sects would have been interested but now that he not only lost the soul fragment his efforts of three millennia were also wasted, his anger was inexplicable. Since nothing could be done he decided to remain in meditation until he regains his calmness of mind.

          Abraham was meditating while an elder entered into his room without even asking for permission. Since he ordered anyone from disturbing him, Abraham was furious, in his mad anger he wanted to slap this elder but seeing the extremely frightened expression on the elders face, Abraham halted in his tracks.

               The elder who was scared to death said in a trembling voice, “Sect Leader, an army a…a….an army of magical beasts is marching towards us from the south.”

      Abraham was startled, magical beasts attacks were common but an army of magical beasts can only be lead by another magical beast of high ranking. Though it was a serious issue, it was still not serious enough for him to interfere as how could a mere army of mortal magical beasts compare against his power as a peak divine disciple. Thinking such Abraham said, “What is there to fear? Our sect will eliminate every single magical beast and barbecue them for our dinner haha……  You are making a large commotion for nothing Come, Let’s go.”

          The elder was mad with anger as he saw his sect leader’s reaction, he angrily shouted, “This army is anything but ordinary, according to the reports, this army has hundreds and thousands of high ranked magical beasts besides they are led by thousands of immortals, we do not know their rankings but they are definitely in immortal stage.”

      Abraham was stunned as he heard this, with a serious voice he said, “There is no way that they will have many peak immortal stage experts in their ranks, its fine, we can still win, let’s go and prepare  immediately.”

      Abraham led his men and his entire sect gathered around the castle and  barricades were placed for many miles, their wait was however short as Abraham himself saw the army and his face became pale with terror.

                The Azure blue army marched all the way to the Colt kingdom before they came across the enemy scouts, the scouts were trampled to death or killed by a immortals in the march so the information received by Abraham was very vague since it was given by scouts who escaped without even observing the situation. So Abraham had no idea of the might of his enemy, even if he did knew the true strength of the army, what could he do, will an army gathered to trample upon the great Hyde sect will be stopped by the garbage sect like Heavenly Flame sect.

             The army of magical beasts finally arrived and the entire Heavenly flame sect became pale with fear, some trembled while some collapsed, some cried while some ran but everything was to no avail. What could the Heavenly flame sect do with their meagre power of ten thousand disciples while the truly powerful peak disciples only numbered in twenties.

        Abraham who was scared to death didn’t even think for a second before he took out the top grade divine talisman which is passes down to every generation of sect head since the first generation and activated it, this talisman casted a mighty formation around the castle and the surrounding one mile in a light shield.
      Abraham was confident that this talisman could at least protect the sect because according to the ancient records of the sect, this talisman cannot be broken by anyone in the disciple stage so even if someone as strong as the Lady Alexa attacks the formation with all her might, it wouldn’t budge.

         Seeing the confident expression of Abraham and the talisman preventing the ordinary magical beasts from advancing forward, a burly man in the core part of the immortal group snorted loudly and said, “Your majesty. I, Bryant shall teach these fuckers the meaning of true power.”

           Falling right in front of the army, Bryant ran straight towards the barrier, his  giant figure exceeded the humans limits and his weight caused the earth to tremble for each of his steps. Axe in his hand he roared loudly and ran like the wind.

       Abraham was stunned as he saw Bryant but that was to be expected as the opponent was a peak divine disciple stage expert but still sticking to his plan, Abraham only let the talisman use more if its protective power at the point Bryant was going to strike the formation.

      Running like the lightning, Bryant approached the formation, his axe twisted and shook the space as he lifted it and willed his entire strength, the axe which was four metre tall was enveloped in divine brown light and fell like thunder on the light formation surrounding the castle like an umbrella.

         The formation shook and trembled at the extreme power box the axe, but it still resisted the power of the axe and survived the attack, making many people sighed in relief but their relief turned to dread as they saw Bryant.

       A loud bellow escaped from Bryant mouth as his body expanded and expanded until it reached two hundred feet, the axe which was originally four metres expanded to forty metres. Horns grew our of his head while his muscles twisted and eyes reddened. His roar reverberating in the entire capital, he bellowed madly which created tremors shaking the formation and the castles, lifting his axe he struck again.

Bryant was a divine god beast Minotaur, with the power of the gods and born with the innate ability ‘ Vajra’, it was a God beast unrivaled in raw strength among any and all existences of magical beasts.

(AN : Vajra – literally translates as diamond but it is also used as synonym for great strength )

       The axe struck the formation and a shockwave spread through the entirety of the capital directly annihilating every building in the surrounding ten miles while the formation shook and trembled, Abraham spit mouthful of blood as the formation gave him a backlash and it slowly collapsed.

             Bryant was happy as he destroyed of the formation, he bellowed madly and rushed towards Abraham who was now petrified with fear however his dash  was stopped by the a single command which reverberated throughout the battlefield, “Stop, Bryant.”

     Bryant immediately stopped in his tracks as he heard the command.

       Arthur sighed as he saw that the collapsed barrier, with a loud voice he declared, “Abraham surrender immediately and the only people who will  die will be you and the sect disciples, don’t test my patience, I do not wish to kill the children who are not even in immortal realm but if you don’t accept my offer than I promise you that I will show no mercy.”

       As he said this, Arthur turned and started far away he frowned a little but kept quite as he sensed a army of immortals heading towards the Heavenly flame sect.

        Abraham shuddered as he heard the voice, he knew that he would die either way and this was the best option because if he could at least save the children who haven’t even become immortals, then it would be best to surrender. Though he was ambitious and heartless, there was no reason to simply sacrifice his countless people for useless struggle. With a heavy heart he looked at the elders who already resigned themselves to fate, walking forward he was going to declare that he was going to surrender when a loud shout stopped him in his tracks.


         A large shout shook the sky as a man appeared along with a huge army of immortals.

         The man who shouted took out a large green tablet declaring his authority as an elder of the sect alliance. The sect alliance was actually a collaborative organisation formed by the larger sects to rule over the smaller sects in the name of democracy and equality.

         The man after showing his green tablet declared loudly, “I don’t know who you are but you are trespassing into my empire so you have declared war against me. On my command, your army of magical beasts will be teared to shreds by the combined might of my Mystic empire and the Hyde sect.”

    Arthur face lit like a bulb but soon a savage grin spread on his face as he asked, “Ho, are you so close to the Hyde sect?”

      The man snorted and loudly proclaimed, “You dare suggest that I, Jonathan Mystic am not speaking the truth. Preposterous, vermin I will kill you for your words.”

          Arthur’s face contracted with anger, he laughed madly as he heard Jonathan, the air which was only slightly shuddering started to howl and tremble as Arthur’s expression grew savage with anger. A loud voice erupted from heavens as he said,

“I see, I see, not only you belong to Hyde sect’s side but you also want to kill me, excellent. How can I ask for a better reason to kill you?”

          Jonathan face paled as he saw the aura emanating from Arthur but it was already too late, divine energy erupted from Arthur’s body binding him in place while Arthur hand moved and a palm struck the air.

       In the next instant the entire space shook, the wind erupted like a volcano and a force struck Jonathan who flew like a meteor and struck the ground.


A loud sound erupted as a crater of diameter more than mile formed as Jonathan crashed with the ground followed by deadly silence. Not one immortal dared to take a breath, while Arthur snorted and said,

“Who is next?”



23 thoughts on “Book 2 – Chapter 22 Better Reason

  1. Arthur’s so badass he should be the mc. Can’t wait for the massacre.

    As what the author promise, can’t wait for Riddick “sudden” enlightenment. Just hope that bitch who took his body is still left alive by Arthur before he gets back.


  2. THANKS! Also, about this line:
    “Riddick reached it out of curiosity but that small ball was immediately sucked by his own soul consciousness and then it all began.” I think it would read cooler like this:
    “Riddick reached it out of curiosity but that small ball was immediately sucked by his own soul consciousness and thus, it all began.”


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