Book 2 – Chapter 23 Cannon Fodder

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                The crimson soul world of Cesar was filled with indefinite rows of walls forming a complex maze, however in an insignificant wall there lay a small black fragment mixed among countless crimson fragments, none would care about such an insignificant black fragment and even if Cesar himself tried to search for it, it would be impossible to find it as the fragment was totally invisible to any kind of probing.

       No change was observed in the black fragment for a number of days and it maintained its neutral condition with whatsoever no activity but one day it suddenly secreted a black liquid, the size of a minute water drop. The black drop secreted by the soul fragment was immediately absorbed by the crimson walls but unlike before, the crimson soul world could not consume it nor could it devour the black drop. The permeating power of the drop instead formed a small canal of black liquid starting from the black soul fragment.

      The liquid canal was like a black vein inside the crimson soul world, the vein formed by the black drop began to grow slowly, it started to form branches and began to expand, though it was currently occupying maybe less than a millionth of the total soul world, it did indeed occupy at least a tiny bit of it.

            A soul will always need a soul world, it needs an abode before it could gain control of the sea of consciousness as well as the physical body. As the black veins grew thicker and stronger, one could clearly see that the crimson walls in the surroundings began to lose their glow. It was understandable that the black veins are nothing but conduits which consume the power from crimson soul world and supply it to the black soul fragment.

          After a long period of time, the part of the crimson world where the black drop initially formed started to completely lose its colour. Thus, it became a grey world marked with black veins, this grey world was too small when compared with the crimson world, like an ant in front of a giant mammoth, it was nothing yet, it was still an adobe and in this adobe Riddick’s soul finally awakened.


       Deadly silence stagnated the battle field while all the immortals who followed Jonathan stared at the large crater below their feet, they were even afraid to look at Arthur who easily smashed their leader considered as the strongest in Mystic empire. Their gazes however flickered between each other as if conforming the solution they all have come across. Finally a man shouted loudly, “FLEEE.”

    The immortals wanted to flee at high speed but they couldn’t move from their places, not because Arthur was restricting them with his divine power rather because they saw a terrifying scene unfold right in front of their eyes.

     The man who signalled loudly, fell lifelessly from the skies, his head was smashed and his body was obliterated to pieces but what was terrifying was not his death, Arthur had already killed the man before he could even finish his shout, that too by appearing right beside him in a split second, his speed was too inconceivable for these immortals, none of them even saw any movements before a fellow brother died a ghastly death.

    Arthur who killed him with just a wave of his hand emitted killing intent and declared loudly, “Any movement without my consent will lead to death without an exception.”

                    The immortals shivered and sweated profusely while some even started trembling nonstop as they understood their fate, it was not an uncommon thing for a victor of a war to massacre the enemy forces to prevent future rebellions and this was particularly true in the immortal society so if Arthur did really want to eliminate them all, then it was highly possible that they would be killed without a moment thought.

        Jonathan who was smashed to the ground slowly rose after a while, his condition was almost pitiable, the entire left side of his face was smashed while his left arm became a mass of flesh with no differentiation. He lost his teeth and could hardly open his eyes, his majestic attitude which was almost overbearing was instead replaced by terror so evident that one could feel it permeating from his soul.

      Bowing deeply he said, “I was a fool to not recognise you, your majesty but please spare this junior. I never even dreamed that I would one day see you in person so how can I foresee that the immortal army present before me was the legendary Azure blue army commanded by your highness himself Lord Arthur Welkin.”

         His words were like a thunder which struck in the hearts of many immortals present in the battlefield, though none of them had ever seen Arthur Welkin nor the Azure blue army, every one knew about Arthur. He was a legendary figure in the Sky continent who stayed behind and didn’t enter the Forbidden Isle when he entered into deva realm, thirty millennia ago when Arthur Welkin supposedly returned from the divine planes he found his dear clan in a terrible position, lives were lost and their territory was snatched, many god beasts clans lost hundreds and thousands of members because of an empire led by thousand peak stage immortals as they started conquering the southern Sky continent.

        Seeing his clan and the other magical beasts suffering from the atrocities of the empire, Arthur was overwhelmed by rage and anger over human immortals. In his rage, Arthur massacred every immortal that supported the empire including the thousand immortals who led it, following which he drove the entire humanity out of the southern Sky continent and declared himself the ruler of the Azure blue mountains which held power over the entire Southern Sky continent. Vowing to never see his people in such a state he chose to not go to Forbidden Isle and stayed behind, thirty millennium passed and some fools had tried yet again to conquer only to be crushed like a twig by the forces of Azure blue mountains. This was a tale known to many immortals, though no one knew the truth behind the story, none ever dared to anger the immortals of Azure blue mountains in fear of the legendary king Arthur Welkin also, this was the reason why Welkin clan was so feared by the immortals.

         Now that they knew the identity of the man before them they were terrified to death, how on earth did someone provoke this old monster, no matter how many immortals they bring, it was of no use when facing against this monstrosity.

         Jonathan wanted to flatter Arthur and save his own life but Arthur’s words drained all blood from his face.

            Arthur grinned savagely and said, “Kid, I have lived too long and have seen too many people, your flattery won’t work against me. Your death is already determined so speak up your last words.”

                        Jonathan shivered and his body spasmed as he heard Arthur, he knew that in front of Arthur he was nothing but he build up his courage and asked, “Your majesty, how on earth did we even offend you? I don’t think a small sect like the Heavenly Flame sect will even be recognised by you.”

      Arthur yawned and said, “I said I am going to kill you then, I will, Why do I even need a reason. Kid, I am not a human bound by the laws of humanity, if I want to kill any, I will but even I am not so cruel to kill non immortals, they are like ignorant children and will pose no harm to me so I will spare the general population present in this capital, you will however die.”

          Jonathan and the others immortals trembled as they heard Arthur’s words, He will kill because he wants to, this was too monstrous. However Jonathan still didn’t give up on his life, with a slight threatening tone he said, “Lord Welkin, you are a honourable deva just like Lord Hyde and the Divine queen. As said by the those two, devas can’t interfere in the world of ordinary  immortals and any interference will lead to the direct annihilation of the law breaker.”

        Arthur laughed out loudly as he heard Jonathan, and said, “Fool, you know nothing about the world of devas and yet you talk rules. Hyde is going to die in my hands while you don’t even know about that women, she owes me and I dare say she won’t interfere even if I kill her own disciple. Enough talk, I will kill you all now to show my displeasure.”

   Suddenly Arthur stopped his talk and a sly grin formed on his face, he said, “Wait! Why should I kill you, I find no use in killing you myself. If you all are going to die anyway then you should at least be useful in your death.

       Hyde isn’t a fool and his sect is not a garbage like yours, he will have strong warriors and multiple traps to hinder me and my army, I find no reason to needlessly sacrifice my dear subjects to these tricks so you will instead be our mighty vanguard. How about it, isn’t is great that you are going to fight in a historic war?”

     Jonathan finally lost the last thread of reason he held so he shouted loudly and said, “You are just going to use us as cannon fodder, don’t you have any honour as a deva, aren’t you ashamed?”

       Arthur grinned and said, “I am not bound by such a cheap emotion known as shame, however I am benevolent so if anyone of you do manage to stay alive until we pierce through our enemies defence then you are free to go. So surrender immediately, I don’t want to kill people needlessly, you are rather useful as soldiers.”

         The immortals couldn’t resist the Azure blue immortal forces and surrendered immediately, they immediately escorted by the immortals of Azure blue army and any rebel act was crushed ruthlessly so all immortals gave up their hopes and followed silently.

            A commander who was present beside Arthur spoke up in a low voice, “Your majesty, was it really necessary to tell our objective. No matter how much we control the flow of information, the intelligence will be passed and the Hyde sect will be ready for us.”

    Arthur gaze returned to normal yet one could find a trace of aged wisdom in it, he said, “Our objective isn’t to destroy Hyde sect but to engage them in a war, we need as delay and divert their attention as much as possible. If I really wanted to simply destroy the Hyde sect then a sneak attack by myself would have been far more effective, there was no need to raise an army for simple destruction.

       All we have do is to keep our enemy occupied and hope that every goes smoothly.”

   The commander didn’t understand much of what Arthur said yet he held immense belief in his king, as he served as a commander for more than ten millennia, bowing his head he replied, “Yes, your majesty.”

         Arthur’s forces advanced forward towards the Hyde empire after further strengthening themselves with thousands of immortals.



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