Book 2 – Chapter 24 Cesar’s Decision

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Cesar’s decision :


                Days passed since the black veins surfaced and Riddick started manipulating them to a large extent, it was a slow process but surely the speed increased as the veins grew and he gained more and more energy from the soul world, his sphere of influence was however growing slowly as the energy of the crimson world was starting to fade away while a black realm too its place.

         Riddick though awakened found that his current soul strength wasn’t enough to communicate with Void, nor could he contact Sylvie whose soul should be connected to his, however Riddick began to feel the aura of Yama in close proximity yet he wasn’t strong enough to sense his exact position nor could he send a message.

           The veins grew and slowly a change was observed in their nature, the fire elemental affinity the soul world had was being devoured at a fast pace by the veins yet, the black colour signifying his attribute never changed but Riddick could feel the astonishing affinity developing in his soul for the fire element, much higher than anything he had ever experienced.

           The process continued and Riddick though couldn’t gain control over anything, started to feel the outside world through the senses of Cesar, this was the first time Riddick saw the outside world after the long desperate struggle in the dark world. The outside world became his entertainment while he diligently expanded his sphere of influence everyday, he could observe by the minute that the more his power grew, the higher his sensitivity of senses grew.

        Since he now knew what he had to do to once again gain control over the soul world, he started to put all his efforts in making a complex network of veins which cannot be hindered by a single flaw, the complex and the larger his system was the better his chances of survival as Cesar will find it hard to find it and hard to get rid of it, also it will give him a better control over his new soul world when the time comes to control one.


           While the battle of Heavenly flame sect was taking place, Cesar was in a room hurriedly absorbing the red matter he had in his sea of consciousness. One must know that Cesar originally trained in the darkness element so he wasn’t much talented in fire element yet, all he had to do was to collect the red matter and refine it from its condensed fire essence form to mage force thus forcibly reaching a higher rank as a mage.

       Cesar was curing inwardly at his bad luck, The red mass which was originally present in his soul fragment after three thousand years of serious absorption from the magma was almost at the level of a peak divine disciple yet, majority of it was wasted and only about a hundredth portion of it remained after the immense emission of fire essence during the soul fusion.

                 Even if a hundredth of the peak divine disciple stage energy remained, it was still a very large amount and was definitely capable of letting him reach the peak stage of beginner divine disciple after successful absorption. However Cesar had never dealt with fire element and his soul originally had low affinity so even after mutation his affinity was not strong enough. No matter how much one tried to mutate a soul it would never reach the level of natural born affinity.

      So because of this low affinity, Cesar had difficulty in absorbing the fire essence and thus was only able to absorb a tenth of the remaining energy, these past days Cesar was frantic and hurriedly started absorbing the energy to increase his strength and even managed to reach the late stage of eighth rank in only a few days, it was an astonishing level of improvement but when seen from Cesar’s point of view of then it was utterly useless, how could a mere eighth rank mages strength impress the once tyrannical emperor of dark dragons.

              Although Cesar was refining the fire essence diligently he once had high expectations that the body he obtained might have superior talent in other elements, which turned out to be lightning element causing Cesar a massive headache. Lightning was indeed a very good element but Cesar’s soul had zero affinity for it so he had no way to cultivate the lightning element making Cesar give up on its cultivation and solely concentrate on the fire element.

          These day’s Cesar was busy  absorbing the fire essence while Alexa was busy in gaining his favour. As promised to Cesar, Alexa only arranged  three disciples for him, she informed him that the remaining two needed about a month’s time to arrive to the sect headquarters so Cesar was free to use all his time till then for personal cultivation.

          The day when the black drop was secreted by the black soul fragment Cesar felt at unease for some reason yet, he couldn’t pinpoint it, the uneasiness was permeating from his very soul as if warning him yet he couldn’t find any abnormality in the soul world nor could he find any in the sea of consciousness making him further confused. After probing and cross checking his judgement for a number of times, Cesar gave up thinking that this must be a side effect of incompatibility he had with his new body.

       As time passed Cesar grew more and more nervous, being a practitioner of devil’s path he was someone who had extensive knowledge of souls so he could tell that some thing was happening in his soul world, something which unless stopped would inevitably endanger him, yet, what could he do? He couldn’t find a single flaw nor a single entity in his soul world or his sea of consciousness that he should be aware off.

       After contemplating for a while Cesar decided that the reason for his uneasiness did not lay in sea of consciousness nor was it in his soul world but here in the material world, this was an obvious conclusion he came to else there was no way in which he could explain what was happening to his soul.

         After coming to a conclusion, the only person he could suspect was the one he had most contact with, Alexa and her sect the Hyde sect. This caused Cesar to grow more cautious of the Hyde sect and Alexa, he knew that no one will show excessive kindness for no reason so he also knew that the Hyde sect wanted to get his demon arts and dispose of him but he had a backup plan to escape after he gained sufficient power.

       However this matter was entirely different, if they had a way to control his soul through some means, then this would enable them to know all his secrets also it was not impossible to make a slave out of him after controlling his soul. All this caused Cesar to come to a conclusion, he should escape whenever he get a chance but Cesar knew more than anyone that he wouldn’t be allowed to even leave the sect headquarters.

     He was trapped here in this suite as a very valuable prisoner, he knew that this would be the case even before he accepted the offer but then he was confident in his ability to stay silent for any kind of torture but if he knew that there was a method with which his soul would be manipulated then he wouldn’t have accepted this offer so easily.

       Sighing in his heart, he started training bitterly while maintaining an aloof altitude in front of Alexa but never forgetting to look for ways in which he could possibly escape the Hyde sect.


           In an unknown territory, a man was running at high speed, his steps were lithe and no evidence was left behind as he ran. After running through the dense jungle which unexpectedly didn’t have even a single higher life form, he arrived at a very ordinary clearing found in many parts all over the jungle.

      His hand drew weird symbols and the ground lit up, revealing a complex formation, taking out a jade talisman the man instantly activated it, the symbols brightened for an instant while the man disappeared like mist. The forest which was briefly lit with the light of the formation slowly returned to normal, even if any enemy followed the man he would be lost in the dense jungle and would never succeed in finding the formation.

           The disappeared man appeared inside a huge cave but the most astonishing thing was that there was a  brown earth castle in front of him completely enclosed by a huge cave, running swiftly he entered the castle and directly went towards the inner chambers while ignoring the presences of the camouflaged men.

             Inside a room two people were seated and were discussing something when the man appeared and bowed before them, noticing the man one of them asked, “What is it Gill?”

      The man responded respectfully and said, “Lord Ancestor, I have come to report to you as per your orders. Lady Alexa has secured a way in which you can learn the demonic arts that too from a formidable master but for some reason she is unwilling to tell us of his identity also she put down a condition to accept our offer, put simply the master of demonic arts cannot leave the Hyde sect.”

    The ancestor narrowed his eyes and said angrily, “That woman wants me to put my life in her hands, Hmm, if I was not in such a state, I would not have accepted this but ( sigh….) You can leave Gill and tell that woman that we will be at the Hyde sect in fifteen days.”

    Gill bowed and responded, “Yes, my lord.”. Later he vanished from the sight.

        The ancestor who talked with the Gill rubbed his chin and said, ” You are going to come with us Alex, we don’t have any enmity with the Hyde sect and I don’t think that woman has the guts to provoke us but we can’t let this chance go, so we will go to the Hyde sect as soon as all the necessary preparations are done.”

       A teenage boy suddenly appeared out of darkness and answered cutely, “Yes, grand father.”

         The other ancestor only gave her consent and didn’t speak at all while the original ancestor returned to his meditation leaving the boy who on further inspection could be seen holding a smashed up head of a human corpse.

     The young boy smiled brightly and his excitement could be seen in his eyes yet all he gave was a dreadful feeling since he was holding a head while a headless body lay on the ground, with a smile on his face, he chuckled to himself and said sofly.”Hehe…..I………going……………get…..more………………..hehe.”



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