Book 2 – Chapter 25 Found you

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           So guys, I made a biiiig experiment in this chapter. A reader of mine said in a review on royalroadl that majority of my characters didn’t have a unique personality and they were rather bland. I was thinking about this review for a while and went on to give unique personalities to the newly introduced characters but they were rather minor, however in this chapter I am going ahead of myself and am introducing a wholly different character who has quite a different personality from the mainstream Xianxia.

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Found you.

               In the Jade palace, a commotion began as their ancestor ordered to place strict security restrictions all over the sect as well as immediate mobilisation of all the disciples in immortal level. Everything began two days ago in a serene palace a little distance away from the jade palace located near a glacier.

        Solomon Hyde, was one of the geniuses born in the past ten millennia and was considered a rival to the divine queen who had been the pillar of the Celestial sect for longer than one could imagine, he was a man who could rival her or that’s how the people interpreted the relationship between the two devas of the humanity.

          In reality however Solomon was not at all in a position where he could compare himself to the divine queen in status nor in power as it was evident to him on his very first encounter that this woman was named queen not only for her power but also for her wits and methods rivalling a true divine queen, he was utterly humiliated and lost bitterly when pitted against the divine queen yet he couldn’t do anything about it, with an inferiority complex he at least wanted to rival her in the status as an emperor and thus, established the second largest empire The Hyde empire.

          These matters regarding their ruler  was known only to three direct disciples of Hyde who were also the elders directly controlling the sect and empire in place of Solomon.

           At present every person in the top most floor of the serene palace kept quiet to a level that none dared to even breathe as a woman was present before them, she rivaled a celestial fairy in beauty and yet retained the majestic aura of a ruler, she was the divine queen who was an unparalleled existence among the human immortals of Sky continent.

          The three elders of the sect slowly rose from their position and bowed deeply before they left the floor, they knew very well that they didn’t have the status to speak with the divine queen nor did they have the audacity to stay when she personally came to talk with their master.

          As they left queen chuckled lightly and teased, “Stop staring at me like a kid little Solomon, are you horny or what?”

     Solomon immediately recovered from his stupor and retorted angrily, “Don’t talk nonsense Athena, why did you come here yourself? I can’t think of a reason why the most laziest woman I have ever seen would make such a journey?”

        Athena pouted and said, “Don’t be like that, I have come here because I care for you, Solomon.”

     Solomon impatiently muttered, “What is it?”

         Athena smiled lightly and said, “Arthur is leading his forces towards your sect, he will be here shortly maybe in less than a week. Solomon you are going to die if you are careless.”

           Solomon received a shock which shook him to the core, he knew very well what this implied, even if he himself was a deva, there were tremendous difference among the devas, compared to Arthur he was like a pup and will be killed easily unless he comes up with a way to be in extremely advantageous position but again Arthur was not a fool to put himself into such a disadvantageous position.

     Solomon was frantic as he heard this at the same time he was confused, how on earth was did he offend that old eagle, he knew his limits and never tried to offend the few people whom he should never offend which included Arthur, also he was doubtful as to why Athena personally came here to warn him  considering her attitude it wouldn’t be surprising to find that she wouldn’t even budge from her bed for a millennium.

    With a cautious expression Solomon inquired, “Why are you telling me this? I see no reason how my living would profit you.”

     Athena laughed lightly and said seriously, “Little Solomon, it is not always more power that will make you feel happy, at one point when you have gained everything this world has to offer then you would think differently, you are still immature but I will tell you something, currently the world of mortals is ruled by both of us, do you know what benefit it gives the mortals?

        We are basically two factions and have provided people two ways, this will cause harmony and will maintain a balance in the human society, I want that balance to stay so that mortals will flourish and you being my counterpart, are the most important component for the stabilised balance.

       Since I would find it too difficult to find a new counterpart as soon as you perish I would have no choice but to conquer the entire humanity under my rule to prevent disastrous wars happening all over the Sky continent, this is too troublesome……( Coughs)…..I mean I do not want to hinder the development of humanity and thus, I have come to warn you regarding the impending danger.”

         Solomon didn’t understood a single word of what Athena said yet he nodded profusely as she said that she wanted to help the humanity and thus is helping him by telling the intelligence.

       With a serious expression he thanked Athena, “I thank you for your help, I owe you one and will definitely remember to repay your kindness.”

     Athena smiled lightly and said, “Alright, my work here is finished so I will be leaving.”

   With a thought she disappeared and reappeared in the open sky beside a boy who looked like he was fifteen years old, tapping his shoulder Athena said, “let’s go, Leo.”

         The young boy was slender and had feminine features which would certainly impress many ladies, he was more tender than many girls and his behaviour suggested his gentle nature, with a tilted head he said, “Alright, master.”

        They both flew at high speed and suddenly Leo raised a question and said, “Master, I didn’t know that you had such noble ideas regarding the welfare of humans, I was wrong and I regret that I couldn’t understand the intentions of my great master when she created an empire.”

          Athena petted the cute Leo and said with a plane face, “Peace and welfare my ass, why should I care what happens to these maggots. Hmph! All women should die, I will be happy as long as all the cute  boys stay alive, I am a good big sister and I will take care of them all by myself. Hehe…..”

     Leo sighed in his heart and thought, “As I thought it was too much to think that his master will even have such ideals in her heart, he has been her magical beast since many millennia and knew her real side much better than anyone, she had a complex for teenage boys and would pet them to death, I still remember the first time I took this young boy form, I was afraid to take the a bit masculine form because I was sure that I would be disposed off for a cute young magical beast.”

       Still that Solomon is in love with the wrong woman, he is a tyrant and of course possess great wisdom but when she pouted and sprouted nonsense he accepted her words in a daze. Che… Still I wonder why she even bothered with to warn him, thinking such he asked, ” Master why did you warn that Solomon? Isn’t it better if he died, then you can do anything you wish in the sky continent.”

           Athena thought for a while and said seriously, “Considering the flow of information it is evident that Arthur wants Solomon to put up a fight rather than direct annihilation, I don’t know why but since he wanted that I made his work easy, receiving information from me will increase the credibility and Solomon will put up a mighty struggle haha……. Oh well, now the favours I owe Arthur are reduced by one.”

    Leo tilted his head cutely and asked, “Master, how come you owe so many favours to Lord Welkin?”

       Athena put up a emotional expression and said, “When we were still young ahem……I mean very very young, Arthur saved my lives multiple times. I was just a divine disciple and Arthur was peak divine disciple, one day all the immortals of the Sky continent assembled for the tournament which decides the people who are taken in as disciples by the devas in Forbidden Isle.

     At that time, we were young and forbidden Isle was a incredible dream land for us, since I wanted to get into the main tourney at any cost, I used my sexy body cough…..cough…..cough… I mean the males were attracted by my divine charms and voluntarily withdrew while the females were sincerely asked to withdraw from the competition. For some reason that bitches ganged upon me and tried to kill me, Humph! That’s why I don’t like bitches, fortunately, I was saved by Arthur. Since such situations happened frequently, I owe Arthur a lot.”

     Leo who heard this was slack jawed and thought, “You damn Fox, you used your body to ensnare all the men and blackmailed the women to withdraw from the competition, how on earth are people even calling you divine queen you should be instead called horny queen. Che…… Her past is worse than I thought but how on earth did that Arthur escape from this woman’s clutches.”

          The story of Arthur, Athena and an another character is an infamous one among deva community but that is for an another time.


       Cesar who was resting in his room was called by Alexa to the living room where three individuals sat while a man stood guard behind them, Cesar who followed was still cautious of Alexa but he was rather surprised seeing the three individuals, they were rather different than what he would imagine from people at high positions.

       Alexa sat in a centre seat while Cesar sat opposing them, seeing that both parties were tense, Alexa immediately smiled and introduced them to each other, “Lord Cesar, these two are your disciples while the young boy is their grandson. They are ancestors of a certain sect, as I promised to them I can’t reveal their sect identity.”

     One of the ancestors took the initiative and said, “My name is Julian and this is my sister Jane and he is my grandson Alex, I hope we will have an amicable relationship Lord Cesar.”

    Cesar was surprised but soon celebrated as he saw the cultivation levels of the ancestor and the reason why they were in this situation could be easily understood by any person in the upper echelons of the immortal society.

   With a smile on his face, Cesar replied, “Sure, I hope the same Lord Julian.”

        At this time in the deep ravines of a crimson soul world there was a small network of black veins and a central black spot where Riddick soul resided and he was observing the outside world through the senses of Cesar, as Cesar greeted the two ancestors a deep voice resounded in the soul world.

“Edward, Bella.”
“I finally found you.”



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  1. I hope riddick’s personality will become a little more ‘dark’ or ‘warped’ because riddick is in the crimson world for atleast hundreds or thousands of years his mind would have been crazed or atleast break a little. Anyway i hope we get to know who riddick really is because his soul is much more stronger than cesar who was once known as tyrannical emperor.


    • Na, I already said that the next book is based on war besides as you know the war is always double edged weapon and I have to tell it in detail before jumping to action else it will be worse than normal chapters.


  2. strengh really speak louder than words
    for a woman like her who did those things and even so be called divine queen
    well she did really use all her capabilities
    thanks for the chapter


    • Welcome to reddycreations Billsby, its great to have your here. Just a clarification but I am not going to bring up a overly perverted character with a strong fetish like some Japanese LN in my story.

      Also Shotacon is used in for love interest on boys who haven’t actually even matured. Maybe I should clarify it as interest in teenage boys rather than young boys.


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