Book 3 – Chapter 1 The War begins

Author note : Hi guys, gsdreddy here with an another chapter. This chapter is sponsored by our fellow reader Kesilor the warmonger so guys join me in a biiiiiiiiiig round of applause in thanking him for his generosity.

          This chapter marks the beginning of a new book which will be pretty exciting so look forward to it. Whew, one more chapter to go and half of my weekend is over as I have been continuously writing for six hours.

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The War begins :

       The Jade palace was in high alert and all the barricades were raised while many immortals treasures were applied to the barrier formation surrounding the jade palace ranging to a radius of ten miles, this formation was eons apart from the formation of Heavenly flame sect in both quality and power. The immortals stayed at high alert while the younger disciples were working nonstop to support the impending war, Solomon was on the top floor viewing the arrival of the mighty Azure blue army, he was nervous inside as this was the first time he would be fighting by putting on line everything he had ever built in his lifetime along with his own life.

        To stay inside and defend was also a  decision made by Solomon because he knew that once he took an initiative and attacked the Azure blue army he would be directly declaring his opposition against Arthur and thus will lose any chance of negotiation that he may still have, besides his sect had the advantage in terrain and had superior chances to win in a defensive fight.

       The Azure blue army marched toward the Jade palace without even minding the cities in their path, Arthur was not a psychopath who wished to kill every mortal he encountered, he wasn’t kind but he wasn’t cruel as well, he would kill any obstructions in his path but he won’t needlessly kill unassociated people.

         The march stopped when they were at twenty miles of jade palace, it was already quite a small distance surpassing the expectations of Solomon giving him a massive headache, he guessed that the distance between the two armies would be at least fifty miles and prepared strategies accordingly but this was a major blow to his stratagem, he never expected that the opponent being a great commander would so foolishly bring his entire army to such a close quarter combat where one mistake would take countless lives.

     The battle between the immortal armies were different from the mortal battles, in mortal war a distance of twenty miles was a large one and can’t be covered immediately but in immortal warfare, an average immortal only needed a few minutes while a strong expert needed just a few seconds to cover this distance, also the visibility of these immortals was ridiculous and everything could be seen right from their camp so it was impossible to do any kind of sneak attack contrarily any kind of successful sneak attack would create endless losses since they can’t retreat as fast as they have approached.

      Arthur however was as calm as  Buddha, his objective was simple he wanted the enemy to take the initiative and come out of formation, he knew very well that even he had to expend a lot of energy to break a formation which was supported by a deva and countless peak disciples, supposedly he did break the formation then he would be in a vulnerable state for a while which was a perfect time for Solomon to get rid of him and Arthur wasn’t ready to put himself in such a predicament so he chose a close combat tactic thus forcibly drawing the opponent out of their strong hold.

       However no formation was an invincible barrier, each attack it receives was just divided into minute portions and the damage was reduced as it propagated to the core of its pillars which was supported by a group of peak disciples, since these disciples themselves had a very high level of power such a small insignificant damage won’t cause them any harm, but it was a different issue if the small insignificant damage began to pile up by countless attacks.

      Arthur who perfectly knew the weak point of the formation yawned loudly and said, “Alright, kids. For now, attack the formation with all your long range attacks and take turns in attacking it, don’t let the formation stay idle for more than a couple of minutes.”

      And thus, the nightmare of Solomon began, the formation was continuously bombarded by the hundreds of thousands of magical beasts while the immortals who numbered in tens of thousands when combined with the captured immortals of the Mystic empire were more than enough to take turns to bombard the formation, the captives however were almost worked to death to the point that none of them ever had more than a quarter of their entire strength.

        Sword energies collided and soul attacks convulsed, the formation stood still but the formation control room was in chaos, the peak divine disciples were in a sorry state as minor attacks attacked their soul while energy ripples shook them every minute, the power wasn’t enough to injure them but it was definitely enough to make them go crazy if it continued for a long a period of time.

          It was like a slow torture where they are bit by ants continuously for a long period, an ant bite won’t kill anyone but what would happen when thousands of ants bites at once, it would certainly kill a normal mortal but even if they are peak immortal with superior mental fortitude, it was impossible to keep them from going crazy after a period of time. They had to switch to prevent this and the power of the formation would slightly lessen during this period giving rise to even more attacks.

       Solomon had a headache since he couldn’t do anything, he wanted to strike back and was waiting for a blind spot but Arthur was too experienced and too cunning, he stood guard and kept watch over the battle field for any movements or weaknesses for an entire three days, Solomon was in no position to relax, he was frantic that Arthur would attack when he was inattentive so he kept a personal watch as well.

      They were both in different realms of powers and it was impossible for ordinary experts to overwhelm them nor constrict them so the only way to prevent the other from creating havoc was to observe the enemy by themselves.

      Thus, it became a fight of determination and patience, Arthur and Solomon both stood at the same spot without moving for seven days, yet, the losses incurred by Hyde sect was more than the minor losses incurred by Azure blue army. Small skirmishes happened here and there but the losses were minor to either sides from these, the major loss of Hyde sect however was that five peak disciples collapsed from the continuous mental torture they experienced as the formation guardians.

            Slowly the mood saturated and the battle intent rose to maximum on either sides but all of them waited as per their orders while the two commander stood in positions as if waiting for a decisive moment.

       Suddenly Arthur’s figure flickered and disappeared, this instantly stunning Solomon but he recovered in a second and ordered a massive barrage of wide ranged attacks, however the magical beasts also stopped their attacks in the same instant when a huge silver coloured barrage started from the Hyde sect, tens of thousands of energy barrages immediately erupted on Solomon’s order while Solomon himself stood at the border of the formation to prevent its collapse but all the blood drained from his face as he saw Arthur standing calmly before the formation with a small unremarkable talisman in his hands.


              As the war began an another commotion happened in the Hyde sect unknown to anyone, Julian was furious on Alexa and shouted angrily, “What is the meaning of this Alexa, why is the Hyde sect under invasion. Don’t tell me, you didn’t know anything about it.”

       Alexa snorted coldly and said, “Do you think I am a fool, if I knew that there would be such an invasion I would have stayed far away from the sect until I was sure of our victory but now I am trapped here just like you, being a core elder I can’t disappear without any word. It will be treated as a treason and I will be eliminated without doubt.”

      Julian was mad with anger as he heard Alexa, he was about to manhandle her but Jane stopped him, with a soft voice she said, “Alexa I understand that you had nothing to do with this but now considering the situation we cannot stay in this sect any longer and since you have already made a contract with us, we will escape along with Lord Cesar. After the war is finished you can come collect him, how does that sound.”

         Alexa stood abruptly while Cesar who heard this celebrated on his luck inside, at least he would be away from the Hyde sect thus vastly improving the chances of his escape.

       Alexa face twisted with anger as she said, “You want me to give Cesar to you, don’t get cocky you bastards. With your cultivation I can kill you all myself.”

      The man who stood guard immediately appeared before Julian and Jane while protectively spreading his arms. Jane who still maintained her calmness spoke out, “Its alright William, move aside.”

        William as ordered moved aside but a his eyes flickered constantly as if waiting for a any signal before he unleashed his wrath.

        Jane who saw William smiled lightly and said, “Alexa, you really do not wish to get into bad side, Do you? I know that Cesar is your property but do not worry, we will not seize him, I assure you that we do not have the power to control him at present so you can definitely come collect him whenever you are free from your duties.”

      Alexa mouth twitched as she heard this, she knew very well the background of both these ancestors yet she didn’t want to let Cesar go, he was a more important to her than anything at the same time she was nervous to keep him inside the sect, if the situation was found out by the elders then it is highly possible that she would be executed for treason of sect rules.

        After thinking for a while Alexa answered, “Alright, madam Jane. I will agree to your request and will let Cesar join you till I am done with this war but on one condition, William will stay here with me and he has to give his soul essence to me. In five years I will come to collect Cesar, if he is safe and sound then I will return William along with his soul essence.”

    Soul essence was directly connected to a soul and can be utilised to directly strike against an opponent soul which will kill the opponent unless there was a huge gap in one’s cultivation.

       Julian finally lost it as Alexa said the condition, with anger permeating from his soul he said, “You bitch, you want us to barter our only disciple for Cesar. How do we know that you won’t kill him after we return Cesar.”

          Jane who was beside Julian was also deep in thought, she wanted to take Cesar but putting William as surety was indeed too much so she was hesitating, William was their only disciple and stayed true to them even after so many millennia so she wasn’t willing however before she  could retort William intervened and said through his divine sense, “Master, its alright. I will stay here for five years, you will be safe in the castle besides you have Alex with you, we want the demon arts if you want to recover quickly.”

      Finally Jane sighed and said, “Alright, Alexa. As per your condition we will let William stay with you. I hope you are satisfied, when can we leave the sect.”

      Alexa was somewhat confident that now Cesar would be safe, Cesar himself is an ancestor of an ancient God beast clan and with William here these old bastards should have no one to protect themselves except those weak immortals, Considering Alex’s cultivation she didn’t think that he would be a major problem as well. Nodding to herself she said,

“War has just began, so wait here for a week and I would find a safe outlet in the mean time.”

  Jane nodded her head and said, “It’s alright, We understand.”


13 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 1 The War begins

  1. If its not safe she wouldn’t leave William to stay there unless she thought it was safe enough. If it is safe enough then why not just stay there, why would she need to leave.


    • Will you stay in a warzone when it is under attack? I won’t also the ancestors are uninvited guests in Hyde sect so if found out in the strict times then they would be in trouble. William is a peak divine disciple so it doesn’t apply to him also Julian and Jane having taken the bodies of Edward and Bella have low cultivation and are prone to be weak.

      I already explained the weakness of this kind of takeover as to why they are so desperate to learn demon arts will be explained shortly in the next few chapters.

      Thank you chase for raising an important question.


  2. After reading for about 8 hours straight, I finished it all and I could say that it was worth it. Even though there are some grammatical errors but I couldn’t careless about it anymore because your story just quenched my thirst for great stories.
    You just got another fan! And that is me. Keep up the good work! And thank you very much! That was a very nice read.. I am hoping for more chapters thanks!


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