Book 3 – Chapter 2 The Black Masses



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The Black Masses :

Riddick was in ecstasy as he continued to absorb the soul essences of crimson world as he knew that slowly but surely he was gaining control over the soul world however after a while he stopped concentrating on the absorption of soul essence and thought deeply regarding the black mass he had fused with in his soul fragment, he was certain that the black mass was the reason his soul fragment gained the power to absorb the energy of the crimson soul world but no matter how he thought, he couldn’t find a reason as to how that black mass even granted him such a power.

He also knew that there may be more than one black mass inside his soul fragment, then what would happen if he manage to fuse with all of them, he was uncertain of the final result but he knew very well that his soul strength will definitely increase by leaps and bounds also it was highly possible that he can regain control over his soul world faster after the absorption of black masses.

All this led to the an inevitable decision i.e Riddick voluntarily steering his consciousness into his soul fragment. He had undergone a tremendous change in the past month when he had been trapped inside the soul fragment world, inside which he was on his own and had to save his soul by himself. In the past he had excessively relied on his subordinates but now that he was alone he knew that the only way in which he could survive is by gaining more power.

Since he needed more power then he would gain it any cost. This logic served best for Riddick’s current mindset so he immediately plunged himself into the black universe of his soul fragment unafraid of the Loneliness and other forms of mental torture.

As soon as Riddick plunged into his soul world he noticed that his aura had undergone a tremendous change and he was emanating a deathly aura unknown to him but before he could inspect it he was crushed by an another deathly aura which was enough to almost collapse his consciousness inside his very own soul fragment.

Though he couldn’t pinpoint the origin of the aura he knew that the deathly aura was a combined aura generated from multiple directions and the aura in each direction was using a type of oppressive force preventing him from reaching out to grab them.

Riddick continued checking in various directions and determined that there were a total of twelve (12) different oppressive forces, also their power varied in different directions.

The auras and the twelve directions dumbfounded Riddick he couldn’t understand how on earth was he dominated in his own soul world where none can enter, he could however somehow guess that the twelve auras belonged to twelve different black masses, each stronger than an another thus they had stronger oppressive forces.

This was understandable since Riddick gained his own aura from a black mass then it was highly possible that the other oppressive auras should belong to twelve other black masses.

Determined to absorb the other black masses he moved from his position towards the aura he felt was the least oppressive however, the moment he stepped in that aura’s direction, he felt a oppressive force which started aggressively attack him from its passive nature. The black mass was actively countering his approach and it was evident that the black masses were repelling him from approaching them.

Soul shattering pain came as he moved a little more however Riddick experienced this kind of pain far too many times for it to have a effect on his psyche. His thirst for power was unimaginable after the intense torture he experienced in the soul fragment before he found the black mass, now that he knew that he can increase his power simply by enduring pain and absorbing an another black mass, how could such a insignificant thing like pain stop him.

Riddick slowly moved forward in the soul fragment world completely unaware of the discussion between the ancestors and Alexa.


Solomon face became pale as he stared at the talisman in Arthur’s hands, he wanted to stop the barrage of attacks but it was already too late, the barrage began and endless sword energies streamed through the sky before reaching Arthur buy as soon as they reached him, the talisman reacted and sucked all those energies into it, the barrage continued for a few seconds and virtually every immortal on Hyde sect side already attacked with their strongest attack as they were stressed from ten days of continuous defence before Solomon managed to stop them.

Solomon who knew that he was in dire straits instantly backed away at high speed while casting a defensive spell on himself as Arthur waved his hand. The talisman flew from his hand and struck the formation like a feather however the resulting reaction shook all of Hyde sect, a tremendous energy wave surged forth from the talisman and made a pincer attack at the point of contact with the formation. The backlash of the  attack propagated to the core pillars supported by no less than two hundred and forty three ( 243 ) immortals, while about a hundred were directly annihilated the remaining were critically injured.

Arthur who took this chance immediately punched the formation, further damaging it.

Solomon who managed to get unscathed due to the defence spell however had a ugly face as he saw the damaged formation, with an angry scowl he shouted, “Arthur you bastard. How dare you use such a cheap tactic, you used our own power to injure my disciples.”

The unremarkable talisman was a deva realm treasure which had a backlash property after absorbing a set amount of energy it could be utilised on the same individual as a consumable. Since it absorbed energy the energies if Hyde sect it had a higher chance of bypassing the formation barriers and directly attacked the guardians.

The reason why a formation won’t prevent the barrage of attacks from the Hyde sect side was because it was set to not interfere with the energy patterns of the disciples. Since the talisman which absorbed the energy of the Hyde sect struck the formation, the preventive measures were not activated and a large backlash had thus reached the core pillars and directly killed about a hundred of them.

A hundred peak disciples were too valuable even for the Hyde sect, it did not have many peak disciples and the total number was less than thousand but they formed the core strength of Hyde sect. Though it sounds like a small number if compared to Heavenly flame sect who only had twenty peak disciples the difference between the power of was like heaven and earth.

Though Solomon was fuming with anger he was not going to take a chance and enter into a fight with Arthur, he wasn’t ready to gamble with his life. However Arthur had an unusual expression on his face, immediately after he struck the formation, he retreated back to Azure blue camp.

Solomon didn’t pursue Arthur and only returned to Jade palace while gritting his teeth in anger.

Back at the camp Arthur immediately assembled with Sebastian after looking at Sylvie who was unconscious while wrapped inside a divine green energy.

The divine energy belonged to Arthur and it camouflaged her presence from Cesar who may have controlled her by the virtue of her contract with Riddick

With a hand on her head, Arthur sensed something and said in a grave voice, “How on earth did young master’s soul which steadily became powerful these past few days suddenly lost its strength, I can barely feel it.”

Sebastian who was also present was stunned and said hurriedly, “Grandfather, he isn’t….

Arthur who saw Sebastian shook his head and said, “No I can still feel his soul so he should be still alive however his soul is severely weakened for some reason.

Just now when I was damaged the formation from the damaged part I suddenly felt his soul presence weaken  suddenly but it was like a flicker and I couldn’t pinpoint it nor could I find it later so I instantly attacked the formation for further inspection, it was of no use so I came to check on Sylvie. One thing is for certain, the Hyde sect is somehow interfering with Young master’s soul.

Che….. Its no use, we will immediately attack the Hyde sect at full strength and recapture Young master’s body. Sebastian you are responsible for the covert operation of finding young master when I pierce through their defensive formation.”

It was not that Riddick soul managed to escape Arthur’s attention but rather that Riddick went to the soul fragment world and his soul consciousness increasingly became weak before finally disappearing from Arthur’s senses. No matter how powerful one was they can’t probe and sense a soul hidden inside a soul fragment so Arthur had no chance of finding Riddick.


Right before Arthur tore apart the formation a group of people were in a underground chamber directly located below the jade palace, this underground tunnel was closed and protected by a seal while being protected by many disciples.

Suddenly two people barged in at high speed and their weapons flickered and instantly twenty heads rolled on the ground, not a sound emitted from the room before all the disciples died in the hands of Alexa and William.

Standing beside the entrance of the underground tunnel Alexa sighed and said, “I am taking such a risk because I do not want to anger the person backing you. This will the final time I will have anything to do with you all, I have already cast away my past and am living in present so please never try to contact me again for further favours.”

Jane who listened to Alexa had a sympathetic expression and said, “I understand, Alexa. This will be the final time you will ever hear from us, you are a strong individual and will live as one. I am sorry for asking for such a huge favour.”

Alexa sighed and said, “Forget about it madam Jane, be careful and don’t let Cesar die at any cost.”

Later four individuals disappeared into the tunnel while Alexa stealthy came back to her suite leaving no evidence of her involvement in the murder of twenty disciples.

Cesar who was escaping had his senses blinded by a seal and was simply following behind Julian, it was made so that Cesar couldn’t sense the direction and location of their destination.

Just as they escaped from the Jade palace a powerful surge hit the formation and the thus the curtain of war rose.



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