Book 3 – Chapter 3 Thousand Hell Prison

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Thousand Hell Imprisonment :

       In a cold desolate space where there was nothing except an overwhelming deathly aura which completely enveloped it, Riddick was moving at a slow pace, he had been moving in the soul fragment for seven years and was almost at the black mass.

  This journey was a test to his determination and perseverance, the oppressiveness only increased as he moved towards the black mass. Initially it was difficult to even move but slowly the way to conquer the oppressive power was dawned upon Riddick, it was simple yet, too difficult. He had to use the same  oppressive power to suppress the opposing power, this was not too difficult in the initial stages but soon he would reach a limit following which he had to move very slowly until a new realisation dawned upon him.

       Oppressive power is simply the intent of a soul using its spiritual power as a offensive tool and suppressing the opponent. Riddick soul was already changed by Void when he was almost killed by Lucius, his spiritual energy was changed into a divine spiritual energy present only in immortals that too when he was only in seventh rank but because of that change he could resist the oppressive power better and slowly he understood the mechanics of aura as he moved towards the black mass.

         The aura being the manifestation of soul strength or spiritual energy can be used in various ways. Spiritual energy’s basic purpose is being the director of mage force while it also has extraordinary ways of usage as it is the main constituent of sea of consciousness.

       Sea of consciousness is consisted of soul which is the focal point of the sea followed by endless amount of spiritual energy which fully envelops the sea of consciousness, the mage force is mysteriously contained within the sea of consciousness without interrupting the flow of spiritual energy, the objective of cultivation of a mage is drawing the elemental essence into the sea of consciousness while the spiritual energy is instead used to control those elemental essences when it is used in spells.

           The theory behind the spiritual energy is that it is actually generated by the soul and its quality is mainly depended upon the strength of the soul. Contrarily if some one has strong spiritual energy than there soul should be extremely powerful. As soul is nurtured and developed as one progresses in cultivation, the spiritual energy is improved both in strength and quality however the nature of a spiritual energy is mainly based on the cultivation methods of an expert.

          As the spiritual energy of Riddick began to change and finally obtained perfection in suppressing the oppressive aura of black mass Riddick’s soul consciousness finally reached the black mass, this black mass was the much darker than the previous one and was emanating an intense aura but just as he touched it, it was immediately sucked into his soul and a chain reaction began.

      The black veins present in the crimson soul world which were like a neutral entity started emitting an intense black light and a deathly aura capable of overwhelming the power of crimson soul world started to emanate with Riddick soul fragment as the centre.

        The veins began to grow again but their growth far exceeded their previous rate of growth and the crimson world began to tremble as it was loosing its strength at a tremendous speed, though the area occupied by the black world was still small, the aura however was powerful enough to make the crimson soul world crumble slowly under its overwhelming prowess.

      Inside the soul fragment, Riddick who absorbed the second black mass had a flood of information flow into his soul mainly regarding an unique technique. It was a technique mainly based on the control of the spiritual power in a mysterious way giving it a deathly aura.

         Named as ‘ Thousand Hell Prison ‘. it was a technique capable of imprisoning a soul in a vortex of spiritual energy before striking it with deathly soul attacks and imprisoning it.

      This technique was directly imprinted into his soul and Riddick understood it very well but he felt as if the technique was actually deep and immeasurable. It was also clearly said in the information that flowed into his consciousness that the power of the Thousand Hell Prison depended upon the souls it has imprisoned before, suggesting that the only way to develop the power of the technique was to defeat and capture as many opponents as possible also the rate of improvement should depend upon the strength of the imprisoned souls.

       As soon as this technique imprinted upon his soul a strong devouring force automatically began to devour the crimson soul world and started to imprison the soul of Cesar little by little.

     Riddick stood dumbfounded for a minute as he saw reviewed the information of the Thousand Hell Prison he received through the black mass as he couldn’t understand how on earth can such a powerful technique exist and why the hell was it even in his soul fragment.

             It was described in detail that the power of the technique will improve as long as he use it on souls, the stronger the souls are, the faster his improvement will is. Basically put there was no limit on the power of this technique, it could become as strong as any technique in the universe except, everything depended on the expert who cultivates it.

        Riddick stood in a daze but soon a small laugh emerged from his soul as he thought about the infinite possibilities he now had.


          In the sky, clouds were floating slowly as a gentle wind started to blow when the sun rose, the birds flew in the skies and the dew of the previous night could be seen on the morning leaves. The snow and the nature gave a picturesque scenery as one looked at the Jade palace which was completely covered with snow.

           The entire battlefield became quiet after the attack on the formation the previous day, not a sound was heard and the Azure blue army retreated to more than 10 miles away from their previous positions and a smile formed on many members of Hyde sect as they could now finally relax. Though the Hyde sect had massive causalities the previous day, the disciples still hoped that they could rest for a while as they were strained both physically and mentally after ten long days of continuous fight. Many disciples were outside observing the nature and the skies to refresh their tired minds.

      Suddenly a green spot was spotted in the sky by a few disciples, they were initially surprised but soon became alarmed as the green spot was approaching them at phenomenal speed, some cried out loudly in alarm while some ran to report it to sect elders however the green spot suddenly accelerated to a terrifying degree and its speed instantly exploded until it before it approached like a heavenly meteor and struck the formation like a thunder.

          The wind which was blowing gently was suddenly sucked at rapid speed at the point of collision due to an astonishing suction force and an ear piercing explosion took place directly breaking the formation and the back lash of the attack reached the core and directly killed half of the all the peak disciples who stood as guardians at that time.

      The formation collapsed and a simple sword pierced the ground forming a large crater around it, slowly the silence of the daybreak returned but soon gigantic tremors shook the earth as the Azure blue army broke into an explosive charge.

       Solomon who wasn’t able to stop the sword attack in time stood still while gazing at the weapon on ground, he couldn’t understand how a weapon throw could break his formation. Since he was afraid that Arthur would launch a sneak attack he had always been keeping tabs on his movements through his divine sense but just now he didn’t sense him anywhere near the formation until a sword suddenly appeared and broke through the it.
       Arthur who was high up in the sky sighed loudly as he saw the collapsed formation. A low mutter escaped from his mouth as he saw the bewildered Solomon, “Kid, do you really believe my power remained the same since thirty millennia, maybe at that time you could have been an even match to me but now, Humph! It is still too early for you to fight me let alone win against me, you should go suck your mom’s tits before you dare to point your sword at me.”

( AN : Though it sounds vulgar, I felt that the above sentence gave an accurate meaning so I wrote it, if you feel uncomfortable then I will change it to something else )

          Magical beasts roared and bellowed as they ran at top speed while the immortals immediately flew at high speed towards the Hyde sect, There was no need to command them as it was a predetermined order and the explosive  charge began as soon as the formation broke.

      Arthur moved and the wind shook as he flew at high speed towards the Hyde sect, an eagle cry emerged from his throat and shock waves spread reached the ground killing thousands of Hyde sect disciples in an instant.

          A loud roar reverberated in the battle field as Solomon roared and charged, “DIEE………ARTHUR.”

     Arthur who saw this smiled broadly and his face twisted with mad ecstasy as he muttered, “Come…come for your death Solomon..”


           In a castle located in an unknown territory Cesar was currently relaxing in a room guarded by three beginner disciples, considering his current strength this amount of security was indeed enough to control him. Although Cesar had his senses blinded by a seal, his instincts honed through two lives were not to be underestimated, so he could easily guess the general direction and the approximate distance from the Hyde sect.

     Also he observed that though the security here wasn’t as strict as Hyde sect, there was still many beginner disciples guarding the castle and he wasn’t ready enough to risk his life for a desperate escape, but it would be an entirely different manner after he finishes absorbing the red mass in his sea of consciousness, he would most probably reach immortal level by that time and with his experience and demon arts it wouldn’t be a problem to escape from the castle.

      Since he knew the solution to his current problem Cesar was patiently  cultivating in his room while trying to convert as much of Red mass he could  into his mage force, the process however when seen from a normal perspective it was going at an astonishing speed and in only a few weeks since he reached the eighth stage Cesar already managed to reach the late eighth stage. Though he wasn’t satisfied with his current power, he was satisfied with the speed of his improvement.

      As he was slowly cultivating in his room a terrifying aura suddenly gripped his soul while simultaneously sealing his voice and his limbs, with a thud Cesar fell on the floor and began to growl silently as the soul was slowly gripped and twisted. After a while the grip loosened deliberately and his voice returned.

     While in unceasing pain, Cesar howled angrily, “WHO ARE YOU?”

However Riddick’s voice instead resounded in his soul world as a deathly aura began to envelop Cesar’s soul, “Me, I was the previous master of your soul world. Now I AM YOUR NEW MASTER.”


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  1. Just a suggestion. You should try adding more impact ex. “However Riddick’s voice instead resounded in his soul world as a deathly aura began to envelop Cesar’s soul, “Me, I was the previous master of your soul world. Now I AM YOUR NEW MASTER.” Instead of telling us who the owner of the voice is, drag it out onto the next chapter or the end of the chapter. (Although most of us probably already knew who xD haha great work so far, keep it up!)

    ps: I mean no offense 🙂


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