I know that this will be an extremely selfish request so the only thing I can do is to hope that you will receive it positively.

i.e   I will be on an Almost HIATUS starting from 10th June for 20 days.

Q) What is an Almost HIATUS according to you?

A)  Starting next week I have exams from 15th of June to 23rd followed by practical exams. So I am extremely busy and won’t release any chapters for 3 weeks.

I am not trying to break my promise and since I will be in deficit of 6 regular chapters by the end of Hiatus, I will  released them in July.

As for why I am calling this an Almost Hiatus but not a complete Hiatus is because I may release a chapter or two per week mainly to prevent you guys from forgetting me, These chapters will be sponsored chapters so that I am not rude to have the generous donors wait for a long while.

NOTE: I am not going to make any promises and it is possible that I may not release any chapters at all for three weeks THOUGH I will try my best to release a decent chapter or two in per week.


THANK YOU for your support and patience and hope me good luck as I make preparations to slay the VALKYRIE tier boss monster known as THE EXAMS.


SIDE NOTE : Today it is 7th of June and my queue is already finished but I will release one more regular chapter in case I get no donations, if there are some then I may release up to Three (3) chapters before my ALMOST HIATUS begins.







11 thoughts on “IMPORTANT NOTICE

  1. Speed up, release at least one hundred chapter before the hiatus!!! … please? 😀

    The hiatus … truly the worst fear of any readers. Still, good luck and come back with good results and many more ideas 😛


  2. **on**
    I’m not ok with this!!!
    I will not follow you anymore if you don’t fuck up your exams and instead give us chapters, and i think all others here will hate you, too!!!
    Your live doesn’t matter!!!
    And us being entertained is more important than ur future?!?!?!

    **irony mode: off**
    Man you godda prioritize ur exams, so even if you dont write a single chap its just fine 😀

    Good luck man


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