Book 3 – Chapter 4 Soul Devour

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Soul Devour :

             Cesar was once an emperor who ruled over a vast territory, controlled an almost infinite number of magical beasts, was feared by many but was also venerated by many. He was the pride of dragon clan and he was the leader of dark dragons. He was their prince and he was their saviour.

      Before Cesar came to prominence, the territory he controlled was the house of many sects and many immortals used magical beasts as livestock. They were harvested and they were ruled by humans, the differences between humans and magical beasts are found throughout the history, magical beasts and humans when shared a territory had always lead to one dominating the other.

       Cesar was a genius born once in ten millennia but what made him special among the entire clan of dark dragons was not his talent but rather his innate ability. It was known as Absolute Devour, a type of mutant ability which largely amplified the effect of innate ability generally found in dark dragons ‘ Devour’.

Dark dragons being God beasts possessed innate ability which gave them a large advantage, dark dragons trained in devil’s path and their cultivation was largely based on their knowledge regarding souls, they steal the cultivation of other experts and enhance their own. This path has many limitations, one of which is that unless one has very high understanding of souls, it is difficult to steal the cultivation of other experts but the devour ability of dark dragons reduces these difficulty by a large range, thus giving them a advantage however Cesar who had Absolute devour could steal the cultivation of any expert as long as he could defeat them.

         This ability made Cesar a frightening existence among the immortal community, he was known as the Demon of the Sky continent and ruled over a territory with absolute tyranny, any immortal who crossed into his territory would fall prey to his innate ability. Thus, Cesar climbed fast in the ranks of immortals and he soon became a peak divine disciple.

        After he became a peak divine disciple, Cesar went into seclusion and trained for more than two millennia upon which he created the technique which shook the immortal society and even caused ripples in Forbidden Isle, it was known as ‘ Soul Devour ‘. A type of demon art which was developed by Cesar based on his own innate ability, it was a nightmare to any expert. It gave him an absolute advantage in battles, simply because though innate ability are powerful they are not always battle abilities, however Soul devour was an ability which could be used in a battle.

   Later after many millennia of cultivation, Cesar took the tribulation, but due to unforeseen circumstances he lost a part of his soul while the majority of his soul successfully survived the tribulation.

      Cesar who lived like a king never bowed to anyone and his demon art was also the reason why he was able to devour Riddick’s soul even under the pressure of Yama however, he never dreamed that there would be a day when he can’t do anything against an enemy soul who invaded and trapped his own soul.

        Cesar tried every method he could think of to devour the black veins in his soul world but his efforts were futile, he couldn’t do anything. The deathly aura was too powerful and it completely dominated him. It was to be expected, though the techniques dealing with the soul were very rare and usually were limited to people who were in the higher echelons of devil’s path, the technique Cesar created may have been a nightmare to experts in this material realm but when compared to the ultimate techniques of experts in deva realms it wasn’t worth shit, thus his lowly Soul devour had no way to win against the heavenly technique Thousand Hell Prison.

       Faced with no choice Cesar could do nothing but stay silent when Riddick proclaimed Himself as his master, truly his life was now in Riddick’s hands.

         Even as Riddick declared himself as Cesar’s master, the pain didn’t stop nor did the devouring, Cesar knew very well that if this continued he would be dead long before he could even serve, with difficulty he asked, “How can I serve you?”

       Riddick answered in a serious voice, “You are going to devour the souls of two people.”

       Cesar was surprised but soon he realised that the request may not be so simple, he asked doubtfully, “I can tell that you possess an ability that is very similar to mine then why do need me?”

   Riddick snarled angrily and said, “All you need is do is to follow my orders, never question me.

                  You are going to devour the souls of the ancestors present in the bodies of those youngsters, if you complete this task then I will let you live.”

       Cesar suddenly understood the reason for such a request, even if Riddick possess knowledge of a more powerful technique that does not necessarily mean that he has experience, devouring one soul which was inside an another soul was a very complex process and one can only understand it after gaining immeasurable experience.

          With a smirk on his face Cesar responded, “I don’t see a reason why I should help you, you will kill me anyway. Do you really think that I am a fool to believe in your nonsense.”

       Riddick sighed in his heart, he knew that though he had gained a technique to successfully seal a soul inside a prison, however he was far from perfection and can not freely control the energy of the Thousand Hell prison technique and he wasn’t ready to risk it so he stopped devouring Cesar and gave him a proposal, however this proposal had many flaws. It is just as Cesar said, there was no way in which he can save Cesar after devouring him and Cesar had no reason to help him when he is going to die either way.

Suddenly a voice resounded in his consciousness and said, “Not necessarily, your majesty.”

    Riddick was immediately delighted and greeted, “Yama”. He had been sensing Yama for a while yet he couldn’t contact him.Yama who was hidden in the sea of consciousness immediately expanded and materialised into the material world while simultaneously engulfing Cesar into his Yamaloka.

       Cesar who was suddenly engulfed was frightened to death, Though he had seen all kinds of divine weapons, he had never seen a weapon capable of manifesting a dimension, his soul which had a very complex structure felt like an open book in front of the enormous bull in front of him, with a loud bellow Yama declared, “Kid, accept his majesty’s order and I, Yama will provide you a way to live, with your knowledge in souls and devils path you would certainly be a useful asset.”

       Cesar was dumbfounded, an asset, the bull called him an asset. He wanted to retort but all he could do in front of the majestic creature was to nod and stop himself from going insane with fear. Fear, he never knew what it was but now it knew it, Yama’s aura was too powerful, to a level that even Riddick felt that he didn’t know anything about yama.

         Yama who snorted bellowed before transporting him back to material realm and wrapping himself as an insignificant rope around his waist.


      A rocky island stood in the centre of an ocean, it was small and insignificant but for some reason any creature who entered into its territory turned to crisp before they even had the chance to understand the situation.

       The chaotic sea between the Sky continent and the Forbidden Isle was much different from the sea between Asgard and Sky continent. The weather was irregular and it had many islands in between, many beasts roamed the islands while the sea was a territory of marine magical beasts.

       Athena was flying in the sky at high speed while Leo tagged behind her, unlike her usual self Athena had a very serious face as she approached the Island, Leo who always followed her, stayed behind at a considerable distance as she made her way to the island.

     Bowing in front of the island, she said respectfully, “Master, I have come to greet you and inform you regarding the current situation of Sky continent.”

        The island shook while a layer of earthen light filled the entire island, the rocky appearance shook and a small opening appeared in mid air. A deep voice resounded in the Athena’s mind as the opening appeared, “Humph! I thought that you forgot about me long ago, what do you want from me Athena.”

      Athena chucked a little and directly flew into the opening which led to a small cottage where a lady was sitting in a mediative posture.


      Arthur who stood still watching Solomon charge towards him, suddenly waved his hand and the plain sword which was embedded into the ground trembled, with the speed surpassing Solomon it flew back into his hand.

     His eyes narrowed and his muscles trembled as he stood in anticipation, Solomon wasn’t a fool to charge directly either, a scimitar appeared in his hands and he shouted,


      A Chill spread in the air as he charged forward, the scimitar was suddenly enveloped in ice while the air froze around its surface. The surrounding temperature dropped drastically while the moisture hardened to ice, Solomon himself underwent a complete change. His body began to emit frosty water essence while his eyes became blue.

     He was like a blizzard but with deadliness unrivalled however Arthur simply snorted and waved his sword, the sword which was like a plain Iron sword began to emit green wind essence and slowly began to change forms, the metal began to melt and formed into two masses, each retaining its extreme elemental quality. The two masses immediately began to form into two jade green daggers.

      With daggers in his hand Arthur slashed them in successiveness, Solomon who was charging suddenly came to a halt and immediately slashed with his scimitar, intense elemental ice energy flew to meet the oncoming destructive wind energy.

      Two energies collided and an intense explosion created ripples in the entire battlefield, the jade palace shook while the surrounding mountains collapsed. The battle of the deva level combatants was too astonishing, all immortals stopped in their tracks witnessing the battle, it was evident everyone that the winner of the fight would be the ruler of all their fates.

       Arthur smiled excitedly while Solomon maintained a serious expression, they faced each other after in the sky. They already assessed each other’s’s strength and were waiting for the decisive moment.


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  1. Thanks for the update! About Cesar, what happened to the majority of his soul that was successful during the tribulation?


    • Thank you bluebala for your donation, I will try to post a chapter as early as possible buy I can’t promise time in the Hiatus period. Also welcome to reddycreations, its great to have you here.


  2. Does it explain how he managed to get an ultimate technique of the deva realm? Or did I manage not to read that part?


    • Well, it will be but after a while, if I do explain it now then the story will be ruined. I am guessing that you are asking about Thousand Hell prison, LNismylife. Also welcome to reddycreations.


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