Book 3 – Chapter 5 The Deva realm

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The Deva realm :

             Devas are an existence beyond the realm of immortals, they are the true experts who have started using the true essence of any element. The difference between the deva realm and the immortal realm is by far very large, both in power and quality of their divine energy. Any expert who undergoes the tribulation and successfully passes it would undergo a phenomenal change in both soul and body and will begin to accumulate the divine energy of the world.

          Even an ordinary first realm deva can easily kill over a hundred peak disciples in a straight fight unless the peak disciples find a way to combine their attacks or if they are somehow exceedingly powerful.
           Deva realm which is dreamt about by every immortal were in front of their eyes battling each other, a fight between the devas were very rare in the Sky continent and any fight at this level may even help a highly talented immortal to gain insights to improve themselves. So all immortals stood still watching in awe the fight between Arthur and Solomon.

     Arthur who stood at a considerable distance away from Solomon laughed lightly and said, “Ho! So you do really have some skills Solomon. I thought that you would die before I can even torture you.”
     Solomon who was holding his scimitar in a defensive position sneered and said, ” Humph! Don’t get cocky Arthur. I didn’t want to fight you because I didn’t want any trouble but now that you haven’t accept my good will, I will kill you for your stupidity. ”

    Arthur laughed in a ridiculing tone and said, “Do you really think you have a chance to win against me Solomon.”

     Solomon also laughed similarly and answered, “Arthur, don’t think that you are the only one who developed his strength in the past few millennia. I will show you the meaning of true terror today.”

       Arthur snorted and snarled, “Enough talk, all you spew out are just empty words. If you truly have the balls to fight me, come at me.”

        Solomon who listened to Arthur laughed madly and his scimitar shook as the water essence began to converge around it, his body began to emanate divine power which began to twist around his entire being.

    With a snort he formed ice from the moisture on his scimitar which began to turn ice blue as the divine power began to converge on it, with a loud shout, Solomon said, “Arthur take this attack of mine and survive, I will then accept you as my equal.”

           The ice scimitar immediately brightened and the colour of ice  deepened until the scimitar turned dark blue, Solomon’s long blue rope which was fluttering in the wind suddenly froze as his surrounding immediately lost all signs of life. Wind ceased to flow and the space froze as Solomon’s divine energy flowed unceasingly.

          Arthur however was not at all concerned as the terrifying ice realm began to form with Solomon as the centre, with a low chuckle he said, “Good, good. This is how it should be else, I won’t be even excited to fight however, this still isn’t enough to deal with me.”

        Solomon didn’t respond to Arthur’s provocation but his scimitar flickered and the entire frozen space around him converged on the scimitar’s blade.


      With a explosive shout Solomon charged straight towards Arthur. Arthur was momentarily surprised but soon he grew serious, the twin daggers in his hands began to emit intense green wind essence while simultaneously a green light flickered in his eyes. A deathly aura began to emit from his presence, and the space began to crackle under his power.

            The air began to vibrate while the moisture began to freeze, it was a collision of two experts at deva realms. The wind was too chaotic while the temperature was dropping at an astonishing speed, the entire battle field began to tremble, regardless of levels both the magical beasts and the immortals began to retreat in fear of their lives.

     Solomon who appeared in front of Arthur bent down in an instant dodging a deadly dagger while his own scimitar struck against an another and his free hand immediately struck against Arthur.

     Arthur who had both his daggers dodged and blocked simultaneously also struck with his left leg. The exchange happened within a split second and the collision shook the space between them.

       Solomon snorted and retreated in a circle around Arthur, eight sword strikes launched in an instant bringing the effect of frozen space while the eight ice blades launched at 45° each binding Arthur in a inescapable prison.

     However Arthur who let himself be trapped in the frozen ice space simply started emanating divine energy for the first time, the energy which surrounded him cut through the frozen space releasing his binding while the daggers in his hands danced letting out hundreds of energy rays which surrounded him in an instant blocking the eight ice blades.

     Solomon wasn’t disappointed at all as he saw Arthur blocking his attack, his scimitar again struck but this time, 64 ice blades flew towards Arthur just as he destroyed the eight ice blades.


                A river was flowing violently in a rough mountain valley and it soon joined a major river which continued to flow at tremendous speed yet, the surrounding forests retained their calmness and not a single life form was seen though there was plenty of water. The flow of river however ended when it reached a waterfall.

         The forests of great Genghis Mountains were famous for the mist valley located in its centre. This valley was originally a deep gorge located between numerous mountains and was the place where multiple rivers ended in waterfalls. Water sprayed violently all around the year but as soon as it touched the ground it mysteriously evaporated into mist and thus the entire valley was enveloped in never dispersing mist.

     In the deep ravine of the mist valley a particularly hazy mansion was located, though the surroundings had a very high concentration of mist, the surroundings of the mansion didn’t have even a single bit of moisture in it.

           An muscular man was training with his sword in the back courtyard, his swings were weak yet they somehow made one’s soul shudder. The surroundings were not at all disturbed as he swung his sword, the water in the pond didn’t have a single ripple nor the elemental essences disturb in the slightest yet, his sword gave the feeling of deadliness which couldn’t be described in words.

    Suddenly a manservant entered into the courtyard and said respectfully, “My lord, Lord Lucius, has arrived.”

      Without turning his head the man signalled to guide him in.

     Lucius who was guided into the courtyard kneeled down and reported respectfully, “My lord, I have completed my mission successfully. Lord Julian and Madam Jane have successfully took over the bodies I have prepared for them.”

       The muscular man expression didn’t change at all but with a deep voice he suddenly asked, “When will they reach the immortal level, it is not safe for them to stay in the sky continent. Even if it is me, I can’t break the rules of Forbidden Isle and smuggle a non immortal without permission.”

     Lucius nodded his head and said, “My lord, the bodies we procured for them are one of the best in this generation so I am sure that they can reach the immortal stage in less than a decade.

     Further, when I came here Lord Julian and madam Jane were searching for an expert who could teach them demon arts, though demon arts may not give them a huge boost in power, they will certainly will be helpful in devouring the original soul of the bodies and thus they will soon gain complete control over their bodies.”

        The muscular man nodded his head in acknowledged and asked, “I take that you have left them with enough security while you have come back here to report to me.”

         Lucius answered, “Yes, my lord. William is always present with them while Alan is also by their side, the formation outside the castle is also formidable and no one can find it. I will also shortly leave and should be with the lords in a few days.”

      Muscular man didn’t respond to his report and simply ordered, “I need not tell you how much I care about them, you are responsible for their safety and one scratch on them and I will torture you for a millennia. Go back immediately, .”

        Lucius trembled as he heard the muscular man but he still answered, “Yes, my lord.”

           Later Lucius flew away from that valley and into the chaotic sea leaving behind the most terrifying land of the material realm of Asgard ‘ Forbidden Isle ‘


       The Fight between Arthur and Solomon was going on like a rampage and the immortals were scurrying away like rats to their own camps in fear of their lives but two people were moving at high speed towards the Hyde sect in the camouflage of battlefield.

       Sebastian was moving at high speed along with the manservant of Arthur who was present at the top floor of the Welkin royal palace, his mission was to find Riddick when Solomon was busy fighting Arthur.

        Hyde sect was the core camp of enemies and one mistake in this mission will definitely lead to their deaths further if his identity is known as the grandson of Arthur, it is highly possible that he may even become a bargaining chip in this war but Sebastian had no choice as he was the one most familiar with Riddick also he was the only one who knew Alexa and Nicholas who kidnapped Riddick and are most probably the only people who know about his location.

         Since Arthur was concerned about Sebastian, he ordered his own personal attendant Levi to escort Sebastian, Levi was a Azure blue warrior and a commander who commanded the Azure blue army for many millennia, being a peak disciple he was the most loyal person Arthur had by his side so he was appointed as Sebastian’s aid.

           Dodging the elemental backlash and the pile of dead bodies, they ran instead of flying to camouflage themselves as ordinary disciples and entered into the Hyde sect through the lowest floor which was the floor of ordinary disciples who haven’t even reached the immortal realm and thus infiltrated into the Hyde sect.



16 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 5 The Deva realm

  1. I just have a dying hope, that whole third volume won’t consist of Sebastian chase and Ceasar/Riddick escaping. Reason – it’s already quite ‘not so entertaining’ and easy to predict.


    • I’m fairly certain that it’s all a delaying action in order to safely retrieve riddick say he defeated Solomon it’s conceivable that alexa could harm him in revenge… At least in the minds of Sebastian and authur who are both unaware of the full situation


  2. Seems like Lucius will get screwed, his lord Julian and madam Jane ennemy is none other than the one who can teach them demon art, however i was wondering if Lucius has already seen Riddick boddy ? Well he will pay the price of not investigating who he tried to kill … If he had done so, maybe he wouldn’t have left Julian and Jane in a war zone with Arthur and the Welkin clan.


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