Book 3 – Chapter 6 Surrounded

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Surrounded :

               Cesar was moving stealthily under Riddick’s orders while Yama was guiding him to avoid the guards who were stationed in every part of the castle. Majority of the guards were only beginner disciples, while Cesar himself had finally broken past the eighth rank and became a ninth ranked mage recently. So there wasn’t much difference in power and with the help of Yama he easily escaped the attention of the guards.

         However three guards were missing from their postings at that time, they were the guards who were stationed at Cesar’s room. After meticulous planning Cesar invited a guard inside to discuss something, the guard was sceptic but he could not deny an invitation of a guest and more over there was no danger as he was a beginner disciple while the guest was just a mortal mage so he simply went inside while the remaining two guarded the door.

       Soon Cesar began to chat with the guard while pouring wine, the remaining two guards shared a meaningful look as they heard the talk between them but they kept quiet about it. They were under strict orders to never interact with the guest inside unless it was absolutely necessary and even if they did, they were ordered to report to their superiors regarding the contents of their conversation but the three guards had been friends for a long time so the  remaining two guards simply ignored their friend, as a report will definitely put him in a tight spot.

        Cesar was an expert who lived for a long time so it wasn’t difficult for him to please a mere beginner disciple with interesting topics and soon the disciple was completely absorbed in the talk and began to drink without any caution.

      Cesar was like a viper waiting for its prey to drop its guard and as soon as the guard dropped his guard, a lightning fast hand few towards his neck and caught him in its grip while simultaneously a force began to invade the guard’s mind. The guard was baffled and astonished but he couldn’t make the tiniest amount of sound.

        Cesar eyes darkened and his spiritual energy attacked the guard before the guard could even understand his situation, Soul devour kicked into power and the guard slumped onto the floor as he lost his life. Everything happened in a second, all Cesar needed was a opening and the guard was already dead when he provided him with one.

      Moving the guard to his own bed, Cesar crouched behind the door and made a noise just enough to alert the remaining two guards. Alerted by the sound the two guards rushed into the room and right into Cesar’s trap. Though Cesar was not known for martial arts, his arts were still enough to stun the both of them for just a second as they were not at all prepared for such a trap but that small period of time was enough for Yama to capture them in his realm.

         Cesar was sceptic whether the plan would work or not, but now that he had successfully passed the first checkpoint he heaved a sigh of relief before stealthily escaping from his lodgings.

         As per the instructions of Yama, he first proceeded towards Julian’s position, the brown earthen castle which looked  very ordinary from outside was like a complex maze filled with countless rooms and it was completely surrounded and guarded by many immortals. The reason why Cesar could advance forward was only because of Yama who with his absurd sensitivity could pinpoint the position of all immortals on the way.

           After an hour of constant lurking and slow advance, Cesar finally reached Julian’s position. The reason for this stealth mission was very simple, though Cesar could slaughter his way to Julian, it would be pointless if Julian manages to escape before he reached him. Also any sound would automatically raise alarm and all guards would surround him, it was just a guess that there were no divine disciples in the castle but he could always be wrong and an encirclement by all the immortals will certainly lead to his death.

          Guarding before Julian’s door were seven immortals completely vigilant and their aura was certainly different from the previous guards. Riddick who quietly watched from sidelines suddenly took control over his body while Cesar went to the position of a spectator.

    Tightening his grip on Yama Riddick calmly observed the situation, the seven guards when seen together seemed like a impenetrable fortress but any fortress would definitely have a weak point as long as one is patient enough to find it. After watching for a while, Riddick realised that though all the guards were vigilant there was no mobile patrols checking upon them thus, they were like an isolated squad. It was certainly odd that the most important guard squad won’t have an officer checking upon them, but thinking carefully it was the right decision because bringing an outsider into the inner chambers would be risking the safety of Julian, Instead it is safe to create a strong vigilance outside the inner chambers while maintaining a even stronger squad as inner chamber protection.

        His hand on Yama, Riddick silently waited for a chance. A guard casually shifted from his position and Riddick launched himself like an arrow towards the guards.

       The guards were caught off guard by the sudden assault but they were trained to react in any situation. Without a single hesitation one guard ran towards the other exit to alert the other guards while the remaining surrounded Riddick in an instant however, Riddick snorted coldly and the whip flickered in his hands, Yama who was like an ordinary whip suddenly dashed at high speed towards the running guard and caught his leg.

      Riddick’s eyes flashed and he willed his seventh ranked warrior strength to the maximum extent to instantly withdraw Yama lifting the caught guard into air, the guard however did not stay still and punched Riddick as he landed near his position.

     The punch wasn’t much strong but it certainly was enough to deal high damage to Riddick who was primarily a mage. Riddick who saw the punch narrowed his eyes and dashed forward to meet the oncoming punch, with a sudden jerk Yama expanded into a thick rope binding against the punching hand while Riddick hand caught the enemy fist which lost all its power after being immobilised by Yama.

        The immortal snickered and was about to attack again but suddenly a vortex of terrifying spiritual energy assaulted his sea of consciousness through Riddick’s hand instantly binding his soul in a prison while simultaneously a deadly aura froze him on the spot, Yama who was waiting for that instant emitted a astonishing suction force engulfing the guard and transporting him to Yamaloka.

          The remaining guards were startled as they saw their fellow brother vanishing into thin air, however they didn’t have the time to think as the whip rotated and caught an another guard by the neck, this time they didn’t make the same mistake and attacked simultaneously at once.

      Riddick who saw the oncoming five attacks smiled coldly and his free hand immediately lit up and a strange formation appeared on the back of his palm, with lightning speed he struck an immortal while simultaneously taking a punch from another. The punch was powerful and the internal rupture could be felt in his abdomen but on the other hand, the palm struck it’s target and an intense lightning spread through the guard’s body freezing him for an instant.

     Yama who was binding a different guard immediately released his binding and immediately engulfed the frozen guard, Riddick who took the punch used the backlash of the punch to escape the encirclement and simultaneously lashed out with Yama who suddenly became a fiery whip in perfect accordance with his attack.

           Dashing at Max speed, he lashed out while simultaneously an intense fire shook the room and made an encirclement around the guards, one of the guards who already dashed into the air just felt a grunt of heat before he escaped the encirclement but Yama was like a python who was under a leash, with lightning fast reflexes he reached the guard who with similar reflexes gave a backhanded sword slash to counter Yama, however a ripple spread through his arm directly reaching his sea of consciousness.

             The Thousand Hell Prison when executing through a weapon carried far less power but it was enough to lessen their reaction speed for an instant, as soon as the guard struck Yama a red sword flew directly towards his head and impaled him to the wall.

       Every thing happened in just a few seconds and three of the seven guards died just like that, the remaining guards expression grew grim and a guard shouted loudly, “Who the fuck are you?”

         It was perfectly normal that they didn’t knew who Riddick was because, these guards had never seen nor heard of Cesar. As far as Julian was concerned, he never even thought Cesar was a threat to him with his cultivation so the majority of guards were not even alerted about Cesar’s presence.

      The voice was loud and it was certainly heard by the nearby people, Riddick’s expression contracted with anger as he heard the loud about, his spiritual energy which was under control suddenly surged forth like a typhoon and a deathly aura permeated the room like a saturated mist.

       The guards grew pale under the pressure of the deathly aura, they wanted to call for help but their throats were dry with fear, it was no exaggeration that they  couldn’t withstand the deathly aura as this aura was completely capable of suppressing Cesar who was once a peak divine disciple. As the aura forced them into a frightened state Riddick dashed forward and a small dagger suddenly appeared in his hands, without a single hesitation he pierced it straight thorough the still opened mouth of the guard killing him and the next instant an another dagger appeared in his hands.

      The guards were terrified as they saw an another dagger in Riddick’s hands, with difficulty they tried to move but it was a futile effort as the dagger drew a beautiful arc before it pierced an another guard straight through the heart.

      A cry of alarm shook the room once again as one guard collapsed in fear while the other flew at high speed only to be captured in a inescapable web of ropes formed by Yama who became incomparably long. Again Riddick’s figure flashed and a fist struck the chest of the entangled guard, a spiritual ripple speed through his sea of consciousness killing him directly while Yama’s force enveloped and captured the collapsed guard inside the Yamaloka.

              Seven guards who guarded the inner chambers collapsed one after another in just a minute but the damage was already done as the shouts and the cries of the guards alerted the remaining immortals and an army of immortals rushed towards the inner chambers while Riddick stood in their way with no path to escape.

    But for some reason he stood their smiling coldly while seeing the entangled corpses muddled with blood on the floor.


19 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 6 Surrounded

  1. If I remember well Riddick “Thousand Hell Prison” is a better version (Deva version) of Cesar “Soul Devour” ! Will he devour those Immortals cultivation to jump to the Immortal rank ?


  2. Thank you for the chapter. But really you should take your time and focus on exams. We will survive a couple of weeks. Probably. Maybe 🙂
    Not that I am complaining. I love you story.


  3. The guards were terrified as they saw an another dagger
    “”redundant, take out an, an another?”

    an another guard
    “same thing as above”

    a inescapable
    a opening
    a even
    a astonishing
    “here should be using an”

    the palm struck it’s target and an intense lightning spread through
    “it’s = it is
    the palm stuck it is target?”

    “The biggest thing I see is your sentences, are more than 40 words.(25 this chapter are more then 40 words long) That is to much”

    Seven guards who guarded the inner chambers collapsed one after another in just a minute but the damage was already done as the shouts and the cries of the guards alerted the remaining immortals and an army of immortals rushed towards the inner chambers while Riddick stood in their way with no path to escape.

    “you can break that up, here you have to read that in one breath which is what you are making me do, give me time to breath and don’t just give me a coma, there should be periods. Its like you want me to hold my breath when I’m reading your whole chapter”

    Majority of the guards were only beginner disciples, while Cesar himself had finally broken past the eighth rank and became a ninth ranked mage recently.
    “Unnecessary comma before a subordinate conjunction, also before a dependent clause marker(while)”

    “A subordinate clause usually gives essential information for the main clause. Therefore, it should not be separated from it with a comma. However, when a subordinate clause is at the start of a sentence, a comma is used because it helps readers by letting them know where the main clause starts.” aka- a comma is not needed here unless you are wanting me to take a break here.(deliberate pause) I feel you just put one there because of the word while even though it was not needed.

    Love to story keep up the writing. Sorry was getting picky I hate editing it is such a tedious process when you write. I just got done doing it (I just edited 10000 word paper just now) and read your chapter so I guess was still in the editing mind set. So sorry about that. Thank you for the writing, good job!


    • Thank you Chase, I am actually weak in English grammar as I am a non native English speaker. I will try to improve myself as I write, thank you again and I don’t mind it.


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