GOOD Morning guys, today is a wonderful day cause its our two month anniversary of reddycreations.

             My work has grown so much this past month that I am dumbfounded by my progress as well.

Let’s compare the stats of past two months.

                        Last month.     This month

Total views –    76,918.                421,423
Best ever –         5,294.                  16,097
Total comments –   267.              1,412
Total followers –   62.                   216
gsdreddy comments – 95.           325.

                I thank each and every reader who has read my work, I am still young as a writer and may have many flaws but I am here listening to every single opinion. My life time wish as a writer is to satisfy you guys so please enjoy and help me improve myself to your liking.

Thank you for your love and support,



    • Well, wordads says that my content should exclusively be posted only on my website to get eligibility to wordads. Thus, I have to remove my work on royalroadl to get ads. Since I don’t want to disappoint my current readers and maybe potential readers in the future, I am not going to remove the content on royalroadl and thus my site will not have any ads.
      Anyway thank you molted.


    • Hi Yoyoyoo, welcome to reddycreations. I have stated in my hiatus notice that I am not trying to break my promise and will post the deficit regular chapters in July. It’s not that I will only post a paid chapter now, but rather that when I post one I credit it to donors as it would be rude to make them wait for a while.


  1. Gsreddy with that amount of visitors I think you should consider using Add Sense from google. That way you may earn a bit of revenue from your hardwork instead of relying on the generous donations. This is just a random thought from someone that really enjoys the story you are sharing.

    BTW congratulaions on the 2 month aniversary 😉
    king regards.


    • Mika WordPress only has wordads and if I want to use other AdSense like google then at least I have to shift to WordPress. Org or build a custom website, all this is too much trouble and I lack the technical knowledge and skills required to build one so I have sacrificed the revenue of ads. This way you guys can peacefully enjoy my work.


  2. Man…you are one of my most favourite authors around…
    You reply to most comments, especially if they are about what you could do with the story,
    You give ua a shitload of great chapters, and you don’t wanna upset your royalroad fanbase by deleting riddick from there for ads on wordpress

    You fukkin DEDERVE the CRAZY growth your site goes through

    (unimportant as shit that comment of mine…but i got to praise you^^)

    I hope your exams go well man 😉


    • Thank you, I am very happy and believe it or not I check best rated list and new reviews almost half a dozen times a day. Yes, my work was number one on Japtem but I opted to not post on japtem after the first book as the number of readers I was getting was only about a thousand and it was too much of a trouble you know with no support from the Japtem admins.


      • this is more like a heads up kind of thing but I have seen tons of authors put their novels on amazon as kindle editions and you can charge money or not… (I am sure it is very confusing) but it could get the author extra cash and support as I figure not everyone knows of RRL where I assume you get a decent amount of publicity from. Examples being Origin A.R.S, Zombie knight, Alter World. I would also like to recommend character designs for your story involving the main characters like riddick or maybe sebastian. It could help a lot for some people who might not be good at thinking of the images or just might be curious what the mc looks like.


      • Yes, I have thought about that but to actually publish a kindle edition I have to rewrite some parts of my first book into my current style, fix the grammar issues either by hiring a pro editor or by asking some voluntary readers then I have to revamp the book to a novel style as it would be lame to end every Chapter with a cliffhanger only to find the answer in the next page. All this need a lot of time and few hundred bucks( you know cover design, may be character design, book design etc.) so I have postponed it temporarily but will attempt to at least release one book by October.

        Thank you for your suggestion Austin, I appreciate your concern.


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