Book 3 – Chapter 7 Divine Token

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Divine Token:
             Loud shouts reverberating in the inner chambers alerted the remaining guards, immediately hundreds of guards ran like wind towards the inner chambers but they were prevented from making a wild dash by the guard captains who stood like a wall of defence outside the inner chambers. Make a diversion to strike an unfocused area, this is a basic tactic used in covert warfare. The castle guards had more than one person they had to protect so the captains systematically split the forces into three groups, one was responsible for the protection of Jane while the second guarded the castle and the third was left to deal with the disturbances in inner chambers of Julian.

        Surrounded by corpses, Riddick smiled coldly but the next instant he smashed the door apart and entered the inner chambers. Julian was right in front of him, his expression ugly with fear but as soon as Riddick entered the inner chambers, his face contracted with anger as he shouted, “You bastard, so it was you. How dare you attack me, I do not know how you managed to reach me but the guards should be here in just a few seconds. Humph! Though I may not have the ability to deal with you in such a short while, I can surely survive.”

       Riddick didn’t bother to listen nor did he answer Julian, time was of essence. He had to defeat Julian in only a few seconds, that was the only way in which he could obtain his goal.

     Dashing at maximum speed, Riddick covered the short distance of a dozen metres in just a second and lightning essence accumulated in his palm simultaneously as he prepared to freeze Julian. However, a scarlet talisman floated around Julian emitting a faint red light and forming a barrier which emitted a strong repulsive force pushing Riddick away from him.

         Yama who saw the red barrier clicked his tongue and explained, “This will be troublesome, this guy actually has a peak disciple stage talisman with defensive properties, however this talisman mainly guards against material attacks so it should be somewhat  vulnerable to spiritual attacks.”

         With lightning fast reflexes Riddick changed his course avoiding the grunt of repulsion and the Thousand Hell Prison immediately launched from his other palm and struck the red barrier, Julian face twisted as a spiritual energy surge struck him. The talisman was vulnerable to spiritual attacks but it was still a peak disciple talisman so it was strong enough to even weaken a Heavenly technique like Thousand Hell prison. If Riddick at least had a peak beginner disciple level strength it would have been possible to directly imprison the soup of Julian with his spiritual power but with his current strength he was only able to attack slightly.

          Riddick who saw a moment of indecisiveness on Julian’s face struck again at the barrier. Julian who was already in bad shape after the first attack growled in mad anger as the second attack struck him. Cursing loudly he broke the bead which appeared in his hands without any hesitation.

       A tremendous energy came forth like a storm and started destroying everything in its surroundings. Riddick face changed as he saw the rampaging energy, he wasn’t naive to think that he could resist the energy and survive, so he retreated at high speed while Yama formed a barrier around him and transported him to his realm.

         Seconds passed by and the entire inner chambers along with everything within a hundred metres became smithereens except Julian who now stood inside a small circle which was the only thing left untouched in the world of ashes. Panting hard he furiously roared and cursed, “I had to waste a divine token to save myself but at least that fucking Cesar is now dead.”

         Julian used up a divine token filled with divine power to blast everything in the surroundings, he was not at all hesitant to use a divine token though the guards would arrive shortly because he was still consuming and fusing with the soul of Edward. Precisely because of this reason his soul was very weak and would definitely collapse under the attacks of Riddick.

       Julian was angry that he had to use a divine token, he was angry that he couldn’t even resist a minor spiritual attack but what could he do? Talismans and artifacts which could protect a soul were too rare and it was hard for him to acquire one even with his background.

     As Julian stood still in the centre cursing a black whip slowly rose from the pile of ashes, it had burnt marks all over it. Julian who saw the whip was stunned as he knew that the whip belonged to Riddick but what shocked him wasn’t its ownership but its origin, the whip was fine even after enduring the power of divine token.

            He couldn’t understand how the whip survived as it was impossible for a unranked weapon to withstand the deva class power of divine token. He knew that a ranked weapon could survive such an powerful blast but all ranked weapons were only deva class treasures. He couldn’t help but think about the background of Riddick as he was using a ranked treasure when he wasn’t even an immortal, as even Julian with his background couldn’t afford a deva class weapon.

       However his shock deepened as Riddick materialised in front of him from thin air as Yama returned to his original appearance.

     Julian started to tremble greatly as he started thinking about how Riddick materialised before him, a word appeared in his mind ‘Space manipulation’. This was a terrifying word in the deva realms as this was a innate ability of a clan and this clan was so powerful that thousands of Julians wouldn’t be worth a shit in front of them.

      How could Julian who had no idea regarding Yama understand that Riddick didn’t have anything to do with that clan. With much difficulty he stuttered and asked, “You are not a dark dragon, right? Who are you Cesar? I was wrong, I treated you badly as I knew nothing regarding your background, I was at fault but please spare me Cesar.”

    Riddick who heard this answered in a deadly voice, “Remember carefully Julian.  I am not Cesar and the reason I am going to kill you is because you stole the wrong body.”

      Julian was stunned as he heard Riddick, his mind calculated at a fast pace who he offended by stealing the body of Edward. As an employer of Jonathan Mystic he perfectly knew the life history of Edward but he couldn’t find a single person who he couldn’t offend in Edward’s life. With no way to know the opponent’s identity Julian made up his mind to at least know him before he died. He was already exhausted and didn’t have a single bit of power left on his body after using the Divine token.

With a resigned voice Julian asked, “How are you related to Edward?”

       Riddick hand touched Julian and a powerful suction force enveloped both them and started transporting them to Yamaloka but just as the transportation completed a small voice resounded in Julian’s consciousness as Riddick answered, “Just a friend.”

            Silence returned to the inner chambers just for a second before tens of immortals burst in but all they could find inside was a huge mass of ashes around a central undamaged area, the immortals searched every nook and corner of the room followed by searching the entire castle but no traces of the enemy was found. However a small insignificant thread lay in the pile of ashes, it was burnt and it was tattered yet, it was the only thing present in the pile of ashes but the immortals would never consider such a insignificant thing as a threat not that they did ever found about its existence.


          Jane who was resting in her own inner chambers was awakened by the guards who notified of her about a breach in security, unlike her brother she was a person who maintained her calmness even during a crisis so with absolute certainty she ordered an evacuation.

     Jane’s reasoning was perfect, the opponent had enough ability to enter into the castle and attack Julian, it didn’t matter whether his objective was to kill them or take a hostage. Since such an opponent only appeared before them when Lucius wasn’t present, it was evident that he was also proficient in camouflage and hiding his presence as he should have waited for this chance while escaping the senses of Lucius.

         Julian held a Divine token and would certainly use it if the opponent has the power to break the crimson talisman, an opponent capable of breaking the crimson barrier would be a powerful peak divine disciple.

    Jane escaped along with her guard unit but a report soon arrived that the opponent has successfully captured Julian also he had managed to live even after the Divine token was used.

      Jane reached a conclusion as the report arrived, the opponent was a deva against whom she can never win. The opponent had enough power to escape the encirclement of hundreds of guards without alerting a single guard and he was able to withstand the power of Divine token, Jane wasn’t a fool, she knew that her only opportunity to survive was to escape and pray that the opponent wasn’t interested in her.

         Jane could be cold blooded but still Julian was her little brother, she was his elder sister and had protected and looked after him her entire life, her heart was bitter with hatred and her mind was in a chaos yet, all she could do was to escape. However their elder brother would take revenge for her, Julian was the youngest of three siblings and he was held hostage, no matter what her elder brother will definitely find that deva who dared to anger him, leader of mist valley and peel him to death.

                  Lucius flew towards the castle while Jane ran away from the castle, both would eventually run into each other and this news will soon reach the muscular man in the mist valley of Great Genghis forests.


            Inside Yamaloka two persons and a bull stood around a unconscious person and were intently discussing something.

      Riddick inquired, “How long before you manage to squeeze the soul of Julian out of Edward Yama.”

      Yama bellowed and said, “Your majesty, that is easy but what is more important is that I can’t safely separate the two souls inside the sea of consciousness without damaging them. Thus, this entirely depends upon this Cesar kid.”

       Riddick involuntary turned towards Cesar who was now just a soul with no physical body, Cesar who noticed his gaze said with a loud sigh, “Though I know how to separate partly fused souls, I cannot be certain about time. It will take a while so you have to be patient.”

       Riddick also sighed as he heard this, he wanted to speed up the process but now he had to depend upon Cesar. His objective was to seize both Edward and Bella but he only succeeded in seizing Edward, with the earlier commotion, it is absolutely certain that the inner chambers should be teeming with guards also Jane should have long escaped from the castle.

        His face was grim as he looked at the body of Edward lying at his feet, he was bitter that he couldn’t save Bella but something was better than nothing. He consoled himself that at least he managed to save Edward. If heavens wills it, then maybe one day he might find a way to reclaim the beauty who he met on that fateful day in the mountains of Imperial Mystic academy.

    But Riddick didn’t give up yet, there was still that person, he was the only one he could depend upon, he had always helped him and he would certainly help him. He was his oldest friend, his oldest comrade, his oldest mentor and the mightiest being he had ever met.



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  1. Thanks for this chapter! I like the fact that he can’t save both of them, it’s indeed more realistic(he still don’t have enough strengh). I was thinking, if they don’t kill Julian soul, they could still negociate, Julian soul against Jane body, but maybe they can’t split without killing one of them.


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