Book 3 – Chapter 8 Her feelings

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         This Chapter gives you an insight into the psyche of Sylvie, her experiences and feelings also this chapter is quite emotional and difficult to write for me so I hope you enjoy it.

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Her feelings:

        The time during which Riddick’s soul took control of Cesar and stayed in the material realm was only a few minutes, after which he hid inside Yamaloka. Once inside Yamaloka there was no way anyone could sense him however that small period of time when he was outside wasn’t enough for Arthur to sense him as he was in the middle of a fight and Riddick was far away from his position. But there was someone who could sense his soul even from the other side of world, she was waiting for that small impulse and as she sensed it she awakened from her slumber, she was Sylvie.

             Sylvie was in pain due to inescapable guilt, she felt as she couldn’t protect Riddick, that day when Riddick’s soul was consumed she lost her consciousness. However, she was still thinking inside her own soul world, she wanted to save him yet, she didn’t have the power to do so. She thought about the day she was born, about the memories she shared with Riddick who was like a father yet, like a big brother to her, he was the most important person to her.

         She still remembered the day when she first called out to him, she was hesitant as her instincts said that a master was someone who was to be feared. As a God beast her intelligence was far greater than any magical beasts so she could already think and even understand emotions when she first communicated with Riddick. She was afraid and hesitant yet, all she sensed from the other side was unconditional love.

         That was the day she swore to be a good servant and thus she always willing  listened to any requests. Her earliest memories were the days when they were alone at the mountains, those were the most peaceful days of her life. She hunted and played with Riddick, it was their world. As she thought back she could still feel that then she didn’t care about anything and only wished that she could spend an eternity in that pure bliss but everything changed the day Vera came into her life.

         Vera was a tyrannical existence to Sylvie, that day countless immortals surrounded them and they were in grave crisis but Vera who saved them. Vera’s strength broadened her horizons, she understood the meaning of true power as she watched Vera obliterate those immortals to smithereens.

        But as Vera kissed Riddick, Sylvie felt an indescribable pain in her heart, she somehow felt that it was wrong, she felt that Vera was stealing Riddick away from her. She didn’t want that so she hissed and provoked Vera even though she knew fully well that she wasn’t a match for Vera in the slightest.

      The answer Vera gave her for her complaints was an eye opener for Sylvie, Vera said, “Complain after you grow strong enough to protect your master little girl.”

           Sylvie knew then and there that she would never be at the side of Riddick as long as she was weak. Sylvie was a God beast and held many advantages compared to other magical beasts  inherit to her blood line so she was confident that she wound soon catch up to Vera.

       However Sylvie realised soon enough that she couldn’t be more wrong, the difference of power between them was like heaven and earth but in spite of the obvious difference she still swore to become stronger.

      Later Vera left and years passed by peacefully. Time is a very weird thing as it let’s one forget about the bitterest of feelings as it passses by and thus she forgot all about her objective as she started to enjoy the quiet life with her master.

      Vera wasn’t there to interfere and Sylvie began to dream that she could always be with her master but every  dream she had ever dreamt shattered when Riddick almost lost his life in the fight against Lucius. For the first time she began to wish that Vera should have stayed back, then nothing would have happened to her master.

           As she wasn’t strong enough she couldn’t take revenge so Sylvie instead decided to protect Riddick with her life. The next few months she stuck like a leech to the point where she feared that she would be scolded for her attitude but Riddick didn’t say anything, he still looked at her kindly and patted her lovingly.

      When they stole the soul fragment, Sylvie wasn’t certain about it but since her master wanted it she only helped him to obtain it. Who would have guessed that a soul fragment guarded by two beginner disciples would have two entire sects and thousands of immortals chasing after it.

        Everything that happened later on  was a nightmare to her, she watched in worry as Riddick began to emit astonishing amounts of fire essence. Since she was directly connected to Riddick’s soul she could see the struggle her master was going through but she still cheered silently as she was absolutely certainty that he would win.

         But everything changed as immortals arrived like wind. Sebastian fought valiantly but inevitably lost against the overwhelming number of opponents.

           Sylvie wasn’t concerned about the fight as she was carefully observing the soul of Riddick for any kind of sign but suddenly a huge fire arrow pierced through that soul and his consciousness began to fade away from her senses. She screamed in pain and agony but could do nothing as she was forcefully taken away. Convulsing in pain she soon lost her consciousness.

         Starting from that day she lay hidden inside her own soul world waiting for the tinge of consciousness which was the only thing connecting her soul with Riddick which she held like the most valuable piece of treasure to give the slightest of impulse.

        As Riddick awakened her soul shook violently as an impulse began but it didn’t stop as the impulse ended as Sylvie was now certain that her master was still alive. It didn’t matter where he was and how he was, as long as he was alive then she would find him even if she had to cross the gates of netherworld.

       A ripple that began inside the core part of the soul spread like a tidal wave to every nook and corner of the sea of consciousness. Time paused and a second flowed like an year in the sea of consciousness, the ripple began to escalate like a seismic tsunami and soon the sea became a chaotic world of spiritual energy.

            Slowly a golden ripple was synthesised inside the sea and it began to convert the sea into a world of gold. Time resumed and soon the spiritual energy and the natural elemental essence Sylvie collected transformed inside her sea of consciousness had a bit of golden specks inside them.

           Her soul which was in the centre of the sea finally consumed the golden ripple and began to change, the process lasted for only a few seconds but the change in the soul was phenomenal. The golden ripple was the first speck of divine energy condensed by Sylvie and thus she broke through the ninth rank into Immortal realm.

         Her physical body which was encapsulated in the divine power of Arthur began to tremble, faint golden light spread on her body and the scales on her body started to glitter. Suddenly small golden symbols began to appear all over her body. Her body which was like a slender rope began to increase in density and slowly all the golden symbols started to converge in her forehead like a crown.

        Intense shocks shook the surrounding barrier as the golden light permeated inside it and slowly everything calmed down as Sylvie rose from her slumber.

         Sylvie rose in her God beast form but slowly the same golden light enveloped her but this time light was different, it was like a gentle wind contrasting from the previous violent surge.

          A girl appeared as the golden light started to flicker, any man who saw the shadow of that girl would drown in pleasure as he sees the flawless curves of the girl, she had pearl white skin with a golden lustre. Her eyes had a golden tinge while her hair was golden yellow. She was like a goddess, who had descended upon earth.

      Coming forth in small strides a girl appeared from the golden glow, she was about sixteen and had a beautiful jade dress over her body. She looked like a perfected doll of master craftsman or the daughter of goddess of beauty. Her looks held an innocence but they also held the charms of devil, it was impossible to look away from her as she held an absolute attractive force inherent to her capable of seducing any man.

                Female God beasts belonging to serpentine family were deemed as the most charming women by all clans of god beasts. The reason was simple, females serpents used their charms to trap their prey so they naturally were beautiful but the level of beauty displayed by the figure of Sylvie surpassed the limits of God beasts and could be called heavenly.

          In elegant steps Sylvie slowly walked out of the divine capsule which didn’t prohibit her advance and stared at a certain direction away form the battlefield.

         All the soldiers stationed to protect her were already thoroughly flabbergasted as there were seeing the transformation occurring before their eyes, their eyes were glued to the heavenly girl who was watching the sky with her petal like golden eyes.

          Her eyes blinked as she saw distant horizons as if they were her own courtyard, with a voice flowing like a beautiful melody she whispered, “I am coming, Master.”


           Intense shocks spread through the battlefield as Arthur and Solomon exchanged blows, each of their blows had enough power to obliterate entire castles but the collisions of two energies had power enough to destroy cities.  Battlefield became a vortex of elemental explosions and any individual who stood in its path died like moths in fire.

             Divine arts and spells collided with God beast abilities of Arthur, what Arthur didn’t expect was that Solomon had managed to acquire a deva class supportive treasure. Though this wasn’t enough to overpower him, it certainly helped Solomon cope with his attacks so the fight started to drag out.

           Lashing out with his daggers Arthur was fighting fiercely but he suddenly halted in his tracks as he sensed the ripples in his barrier. He was startled  because he knew very well that Sylvie would only awaken when she could form a firm connection with Riddick. This implied that Riddick had already awakened.

        His head turned towards the Solomon who was smiling gleefully but  Arthur instead smiled with ecstasy, with a cold voice he said, “Your luck has ran out kid, it’s time to kill you as I have a important matter to attend.”

            His frame shook and wind shook as a majestic golden brown eagle form appeared in his place, its cry powerful enough to shake the heavens.



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  1. When will we going to see Vera and Rachel again? Also i hope Riddick won’t be something lame like a reincarnated person.


  2. Why does every author use white skin to the describe the girl? What’s so great about white skin? Too cliche man, too cliche.


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