Book 3 – Chapter 9 Agni

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Agni :

           Inside a splendid palace built out of unknown material Riddick was seated in a meditative posture trying to solve the mysteries of Thousand Hell prison while Cesar was in deep meditation as he placed a hand on Edward’s body trying to search his sea of consciousness.

         As expected of a genius he was quite proficient in his work, even Yama praised him for his talent to enter into the sea of consciousness and study the soul without inviting reaction from the soul. Usually it is impossible to stay inside the sea of consciousness unless one is  capable of controlling one’s aura and camouflaging themselves as an entity of sea of consciousness.

         Cesar was carefully trying to find the root of problems, the soul fragment of Julian inside the sea of consciousness. Julian who escaped from the tribulation didn’t have a soul world of his own, so he invaded the soul world of Edward.

          Thus any carelessness on his part when searching the soul world would inevitably cause damage to the soul of Edward hence he was sceptic about this but presented with no choice he started to dig into the soul world trying to find the soul fragment of Julian.

               Riddick was however meditating unaware of Cesar’s troubles and was trying to solve the mysteries of Thousand Hell prison. As according to Yama, he had to separate his soul from the material realms to reestablish the connection with Void.

        Though Yama didn’t explain further, Riddick somehow understood that the reason should be related to the prison Void is trapped in. He was no longer the kid who was naive and childish and who didn’t knew anything about Void, over the years he had learned enough to know that the reason why Void couldn’t use any of his mage force was because he was trapped inside a special prison where he was prohibited from using any of his powers.

      Though Void never explained the reason as to why and who had trapped him, Riddick knew very well that someone capable of trapping Void was definitely not an ordinary person so he kept quiet.

       According to Yama, Void had somehow formed a small dimension inside his soul and thus maintained to form a connection with him. Although he can’t form such a dimension, according to Yama, the Thousand Hell prison had similar characteristics to an individual dimension. So as long as Riddick managed to cast a strong enough prison on his own soul, he should be able to create a space where Void can manifest his consciousness.

           Thus, Riddick was busy contemplating the meaning of the of thousand words which was imprinted on his soul as he absorbed the second black mass, these thousand words explained the secrets and ways of Thousand Hell prison.


               Lucius was flying at high speed towards the castle which was now abandoned by the young masters he was tasked to protect, he was extremely angry yet, was sceptic as he couldn’t determine the power of an opponent who dared to anger the leader of mist valley. However he was provided with no choice but to investigate the castle and the surrounding areas as he was ordered to do so by Jane who was now at the western most border of the Sky continent protected by all the guards he could procure at the moment.

       He still felt numb with fear as he thought about the consequences of his fault, the leader had clearly stated that he wouldn’t let me live if something happened to the siblings but Master Julius was now kidnapped. He was trembling as he flew, he had already given up on any hopes to live peacefully, the only thing he now cared about was to find enough clues so that he would be considered as a valuable informant and thus would be left alive.

        The castle still stood silently inside an earthen cave but the guards inside were trembling as they kneeled down irrespective of position in front of Lucius. Tens of beheaded bodies laid on the ground, as Lucius systematically killed each and every guard.

       Every single guard were asked the same question, “What do you know about the intruder?”

        Any answer or even silence led to only one result, their heads would fall on the ground and the ground would be stained with yet another patch of blood.

      Lucius was angry, he had arrived within hours of the incident and even with his expertise couldn’t find a single clue. He personally inspected the entire castle yet, there wasn’t nothing expect for some foot prints which too were very damaged after the repeated disturbances in the castle for the past few hours.

         He wanted to find anything he could to please Madam Jane so he started questioning the guards however, he was too mad and every answer only led to him beheading them to appease his anger.

       A guard who was next in turn explained even before he was questioned, “My lord, it is possible that the intruder is related to the guest Madam Jane had brought with her.”

     Lucius was startled, a guest, he never heard about this, who was it? With a deadly voice he asked, “Who is this guest and where is he right now?”

     The guard respectfully nodded and said, “My lord, Lord Cesar had been missing since this morning. We checked his lodgings and it is also confirmed that the guards who were stationed as his guards are also missing.”

       Lucius celebrated in his mind as he heard this, though it wasn’t certain that Cesar was related to this incident at least this was the first clue he found regarding the incident.

     With the same deadly voice he questioned, “From where did this Cesar come from?”

      The guard who was relieved that his information was interesting enough sighed in relief and said, “My lord, Lord Cesar came from the Hyde sect.”

       Lucius eyes contracted as he heard this, Hyde sect. His thoughts raced as he thought about Hyde, a deva. Yet, he wasn’t in a position to observe quietly anymore, he really didn’t want to interact with devas but now that it had come to this point he couldn’t hesitate any longer.

    With in a second a figure flew at high speed towards the Hyde sect leaving behind the guards who suddenly fell lifelessly on the ground, their heads slowly split apart and the entire castle turned desolate as nothing but streams of blood flowed through the cracks of the earth.


         The battlefield was engulfed in a cyclone of wind as a giant golden eagle appeared, it’s wings caused gales strong enough to cause ripples in space while  its talons were raised high to claw at Solomon it gave a frenzied battle cry.

         Solomon’s face grew solemn as he saw the transformed Arthur, he knew very well that he was just buying time and had no possible way to defeat him but now that he saw his real form, his heart trembled in fear.

        There was a rumour among the devas regarding the reason why Arthur was feared, Solomon knew that rumour as well. Though it was never proved because who ever truly fought against Arthur to the point where he used his eagle form all died without an exception, it stated that Arthur has a mutant divine ability unique to him.

         This mutant divine ability was said to possess enough destructive power to destroy kingdoms if Arthur ever used it in a frenzy, Solomon wanted to avoid Arthur precisely because he was afraid of this innate ability. He had no idea what the innate ability of Arthur was but even if it was the same innate ability of Welkin clan, when used at deva level, it would cause him limitless headaches but if Arthur truly had a mutant innate ability, then he would certainly die today.

      Arthur was not kind, he was actually cruel yet, as the time passed and he grew old he controlled his impulse to kill unnecessarily. There were very few people who ever dared to anger him to the point of fight but even then he would never take his true form. The reason was that in his original form, his instincts would overcome his senses.

       The Welkins were kings among eagles, they were the rulers of the skies. Their instincts were cruel befitting their titles as the kings. When they took their eagle forms the elegant speech and behaviour evident in the ways of Sebastian or even Arthur would no longer be seen as their instincts would make them go frenzy with bloodlust.

        A frenzied deva was not at all a funny thing, his bloodlust could very well annihilate entire nations and further adding to his bloodlust, Arthur had the most destructive ability since the evolution of Welkins, “Agni”.

(AN: Agni literally translates as fire but it is used as a symbolic word for very powerful fire.)

              Mutant ability were absurd abilities possessed by gifted individuals born once in a thousand generations. They could be most absurd or most lame of all abilities, the innate mutant ability that Cesar had only amplified the power of the general innate ability of dark dragons.

      However the innate ability of Arthur gave him a power unique to a type of God beasts called “Hell fire eagles”. They are also a type of eagles and shared ancestry with the Welkin eagles but Arthur manifested that ancestry while having the power of Welkin clan as well.

     “Agni” gives Arthur control over fire while he himself trains in the way of wind. Thus the destructive power of his innate ability when supplemented by his divine wind energy was truly astonishing.

             Solomon who stood still suddenly moved and the scimitar elongated and transformed into an ice dragon which coiled around Arthur. His divine energy pulsed through the dragon and intense cold enveloped Arthur. However fire essence exploded forth like a storm and the ice dragon crumbled like dust.

           Solomon was shocked as he saw the explosive fire essence gathered around Arthur, he could not understand how Arthur who was a Welkin eagle can train in the ways of fire. Some god beasts who had innate abilities connected deeply to a certain element can’t really train in the other elements due to very weak affinity, even if they did train, they would never achieve the same level of power as their innate element.

        Arthur who emerged form the sea of fire was like a god of fire, his talons bright red with accumulated fire essence and as his wings bathed in fire he was no longer like an eagle but like the legendary bird of fire “The phoenix “.




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