Book 3 – Chapter 10 Alex

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Alex :

                Countless corpses covered the floor of the grand hall while blood flowed silently through their entangled limbs. It was a gruesome sight yet, a pair of eyes silently observed the hall and the corpses without any emotions of fear or horror in it.

            Walking through the muddled floor he stepped on the corpses without any hesitation, his eyes were glued to the door of the inner chamber and his presence was like puppet with only a consciousness.

         He was agile and his ability to hide his presence was top notch, he left no scent nor did he make the slightest of sounds as he paved his path to the inner chambers through the pile of corpses.

          His eyes emanated deadliness, unfindable in any existences, they didn’t held any signs of humanity. He didn’t consider the guards as even humans nor did he care if they were humans, he loved to kill as he was only made up of lust, lust for blood. He wasn’t capable of any other emotions so he treasured the only emotion known to him, ‘ Lust ‘.

   He was Alex.

              When Lucius arrived and killed every guard, it wasn’t that he didn’t sense Alex but rather that he couldn’t. However, even if Lucius did sense him, he wouldn’t have dared to kill him. Alex was a special existence even among the deva community, an existence which could be rarely found even in forbidden Isle further, he belonged to the leader of the Mist Valley so Lucius didn’t have the balls to search and kill him.

          Alex was tasked with only one duty by his master, kill any enemy without an exception. He wasn’t tasked to protect as he wasn’t capable of protecting someone. The reason was simple, it was because he lacked the mental reasoning to understand the need to protect someone. There was an intruder so he had to kill him, that was the only thing he had on his mind as be moved like a phantom across the hall towards the inner chambers.

             He was a shadow who had no presence nor did he have the ability to project his intent no matter what it was, it was impossible to detect him with any normal techniques.

        With such camouflage he stood guard inside the inner chambers, it wasn’t that he knew that Yama was hidden inside but rather he didn’t have the ability  to search a different area without a person to guide him to the location of the enemy so he instead choose to follow his instincts and stood guard in the area where the enemy disappeared without a trace.

         Hours passed by but he stood like a statue. However, his eyes were intelligent and his senses were at high alert, he was observing for even the tiniest of movements in the room. Nothing escaped his senses as he even saw the light swirling of ashes to the occasional breeze.

          A light flickered in his eyes as he saw a minute thread wriggled out of the ashes and floated in the air, the light intensified as he followed the black thread as silently as possible.


          Riddick had been in mediation inside the Yamaloka pondering over the mysteries of the Thousand Hell prison while Cesar was absorbed in deep meditation.

     Suddenly Riddick opened his eyes as he felt a jolt of sensation in his soul, it was Sylvie who used her newly obtained divine power to probe the bond between their souls. Though Sylvie couldn’t sense his location, Riddick by the virtue of his bond could perfectly observe her presence in the far off valleys of the Hyde sect.

      Feeling confused he woke up Cesar and asked for the reason why would Sylvie be at Hyde sect, it was no wonder that Riddick didn’t knew about the war and about Welkin clan so he had no idea that a war began as he lost his soul.

     Cesar explained about the war and the fight between the two devas, Even Cesar didn’t knew that the war was happening because to Riddick. Though he knew that Riddick might have a great background as he owned Yama, it was impossible for him know the relationship between Sebastian and Arthur so it wasn’t possible for him to know the complete story.

           Riddick who heard this was surprised and confused, he was surprised that a war between devas happened right when Cesar was captured, this led to Cesar escaping to this castle. It is evident that he had only succeeded because of low security and only because the opponents had underestimated him, if Cesar was still at the Hyde sect then it would have been suicide to even attempt the rescue of Edward.

      However, he was also confused as to why Sylvie was in the Hyde sect. He could sense by the virtue of soul bond that Sylvie had just broke through and reached immortal realm but still he didn’t understand the reason why she was participating in the war between two devas.

          Though Riddick knew that Sebastian was powerful, he knew nothing regarding his background. If Void was present then he would have easily concluded the reason for the presence of Welkin clan but he wasn’t, so Riddick had no choice but to assume the worst.

         There was only one possible explanation according to Riddick, Sebastian and Sylvie were forcibly entangled in the war. He came to this conclusion after reviewing all the facts available to him, he knew that he was no match against so many immortals present at the battlefield. However, he never wanted to fight them, his target was to escape along with Sylvie and Sebastian into the Yamaloka.

           So despite the danger, Riddick chose to personally go to the battlefield to rescue Sylvie as he couldn’t contact her.

          The attributes of Yamaloka was that it prevents all contact with the outside world and opens up a new independent dimension in the material realm so no divine senses would work as long as one was inside it. Though Riddick could sense the location of Sylvie, it was only because he was deeply connected with her. However, he didn’t have the ability to send a divine message or receive one when inside the Yamaloka.

         Riddick decided that their current location inside the inner chambers of the castle was too dangerous as they had already alerted all the guards and maybe even some hidden experts. So they decided to leave the castle before trying to contact Sylvie by coming out of Yamaloka.

       Hence, Yama who was still like a black thread rose from the ashes and slowly drifted along the wind towards the direction of Hyde sect.

         Yama was a divine weapon with abilities which could awe any deva, he had consciousness and a soul but he had a weakness as well. This weakness of his was shared by all the weapons of his realm, he did not have the ability to manifest his true form in the material world nor did he have the ability to freely use his powers without a master.

             Yama was bitter that he was useless, this was precisely because he knew that he could do much better and be much more helpful if he hadn’t lost an important fragment which completed his existence. However, he was now in no position to retrieve the fragment held in the hand of that man so he began to adjust to his current prowess.

           Handicapped with a deficiency he could not use his full powers as his master was still inside his own world and his normal scam revealed no dangers but how could he guess that Alex who could even hide from the senses of devas was waiting for them.

       Wind blew gently and the black thread flew like a suspended feather for hours. Though the distance covered was not long, it was long enough to lose any lingering divine sense tracking their presence.

       Riddick decided that it was enough so he ordered Yama to transport him back to the material realm.

     Suddenly fire essence gathered like a tornado around the black thread and it transformed into a divine black whip. Space twisted and a force emitted form that space displacing the surrounding elemental essence before Riddick appeared in the place of spatial contraction.

         Riddick stretched his limbs and took a large breath as his feet touched the earth, he could feel the surrounding elemental essence with far higher perception than he remembered to possess. He was now a ninth ranked mage so of course his senses were amplified but what amplified them the most was change that occurred to his soul world.

            His previous soul world contained only the black essence but his current soul world changed to a crimson lined black walls as he engulfed the soul world of Cesar which was made up of enormous fire essence, his current ability in the perception of the fire element was  definitely top notch even among all the geniuses of Immortal Sky continent.

         This was his first break after all those several months of gruel nightmares inside his soul world so Riddick was relaxing while stretching and absorbing the elemental essence.

               Sighing loudly he awakened his stiff senses only to sense Alex who was staring at him, it was not that he managed to sense him but rather found him when casually scanning his surroundings.

              Riddick was startled but was also deeply shocked as he sensed no presence nor did he sense the cultivation of the opponent even after seeing him, he wasn’t certain if the opponent was a mortal or an immortal. But he knew one thing for certain, the enemy was formidable.

         Yama who was leisurely floating was equally startled as he saw Alex, many questions appeared in his mind as he didn’t even sense his presence. Though he was not an expert in soul perception he had enough experience and knowledge to at least identify an enemy however, he could neither sense a soul nor could he sense any presence though the opponent was right in front or him.

           Yama knew that there was a way to escape his senses, no, sense of any experts in the world. That is by having a very high cultivation but Yama was unable to accept that an expert capable of blinding his senses would appear so he arrived at the only other conclusion that was possible.

             With a cautious voice he warned Riddick, “Your majesty, whatever that thing is, it is definitely the most dangerous thing you have ever come across till now not because it has a far higher higher cultivation than you because the thing in front of you is definitely not a human.”

(AN: Here human, is based on the fact that it is no natural born being not that Alex belongs to other races.)


12 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 10 Alex

  1. Yama was bitter that he was useless, this was precisely because he knew that he could do much better and be much more helpful if he hasn’t lost an important fragment which completed his existence. However, he was now in no position to retrieve the fragment held in the hand of that man so he began to adjust to his current prowess.


  2. ahahah poor Riddick, when will things finaly start to goes your way in this damn continent !! well i assume he won’t be screwed again so quickly after regainning his body, but that Alex still seem to be a though enemy. maybe Sylvie or Sebastian to the rescue or event the phoenix or by himself like a boss ? Can’t wait to see X).


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