Book 3 – Chapter 11 The Aura

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The Aura :

                  According to the legend when an expert who had undergone severe torture unleashes his emotions in state of life and death, upon his death the strongest part of his emotions may inherit a small part of his power and sustain its existence. However, these emotions do not have the capability to think nor do they have the capability to understand other emotions so they are not counted as living entities. Thus, they are simply known as Lost fragments of a life.

        Alex was a lost fragment born from the lust of an expert who lived in constant slaughter. He was the personification of his lust and thus also inherited his instincts for battle.

       These Lost fragments would have been considered as ultimate weapons of mass murder since they don’t even possess a consciousness however, they weren’t. The reason for this was because these lost fragments didn’t have a soul so they could never cultivate and grow in strength, the power they had was the power they were born with so the value of a lost fragment depended on the power they possess and never on their innate affinity.
            The orange red glow of the evening sun fell upon the earth giving a rather peaceful feeling to any soul, however in the middle of a certain forest two people stood while emanating a deathly sura of killing intents.

          Riddick stood in a defensive posture observing Alex while Yama was twisting like a coiled python in his hands as it emitted a weird energy. They stood still as Alex was also observing Riddick without batting an eyelid. It was a long wait as neither side made a move, Alex was curious as to how did Riddick who was not even an immortal do something which could have caused countless devas to go mad with excitement. ‘ Space manipulation ‘

             Though Alex didn’t know about the concept of space manipulation, he did understand that he wasn’t capable of that feat so he was intently measuring the opponent. His interest for the unknown was strong but compared to his instincts, it was nothing. Following the recent events it was evident that Riddick who was the same as Cesar was responsible for whatever happened in the castle.

“Hehe…… I found you”

          A sinister laughter rang out in the silent forest. Riddick eyebrow creased as he felt uneasiness from just the laugher. The laugher carried within it a type of sinister feeling he never felt before but he knew for certain that such a sinister ness can only be found in a person only if his true self was much sinister.

      His grip on Yama got tighter while his cautiousness increased many folds as his instincts warned him of the impending danger. Alex also stopped his laugher but still held a small twisted smile as he readied himself in response to the reaction of Riddick.


         Explosion resounded as Riddick ran forward, the earth shook and the ground trembled at the maximum powered explosive push of Riddick.

           Yama who was coiling like a python began to dance, the fire essence around his entire being began to dance along with him as well and it formed into countless whips of fire.

      Alex who saw this laughed madly and his entire being twisted inhumanly as he his legs rose to a extreme height before he kicked at Yama. His hands which were twisted like a creeper shot forward straight towards the neck of Riddick.

      Riddick was startled as he saw that as Alex still came for his neck even though the leg which kicked Yama was twisted as badly as it could. He was certain that the leg broke in multiple positions and the surrounding Fire whips gave him considerable damage yet, there was no reaction in his face nor did the damage falter his attack.

          With his eyebrows creased he immediately coiled the approaching hand in a fold of Yama. However, the other hand which was on the other side of Alex’s body moved like projectile and his leg which were badly twisted shook and he jumped.

       Everything happened in a split second and a over headed punch came form the skies carrying the might of the heavens aiming straight for the head of Riddick.

       Riddick eyes flickered and his legs bent to stabilise himself while his other hand shot like a arrow straight towards the heart of Alex.

“Ahhhhh!” Fire essence exploded like a cyclone as Riddick shouted in a frenzy.

               His hand pierced straight through the heart while the punch landed on his raised hand.


            The ground shook and a huge pit formed under their feet, the surrounding trees shook as if they were delicate plants. Smoke covered the evening skies as fire burnt the surrounding vegetation.

       A moment later two shadows flew out of the pit and stood at a considerable distance away from each other. Riddick was panting and a bit of blood could be seen on his lips while his arm was in a pretty bad condition after it took the full power of the blow but he had a hint of small smile on his face as he observed his opponent.

          Alex was in a much worse condition compared to Riddick, he had a horrible wound on his chest from which blood was oozing out like a water hole. However, his expression didn’t show any hint of pain nor did he seem to care regarding the injury. His leg which first took a severe damage was dislocated and was being dragged on the ground.

           Riddick felt that something was wrong as he saw Alex, he could still feel the danger clawing at his entire being as he saw Alex. He was sceptic because he could see that he definitely held an advantage as far as their physical condition was concerned.

         Alex who was dragging his feet slowly rose into the air, his feet which were burnt severely started twisting inhumanly. His  face which held an uncaring expression suddenly twisted as his entire being began to shake, his stomach bulged and fluids began to come out of his mouth and nostrils in a stream.

         It was a scene which could make the strongest of men to shiver in fear, the body which seemed as human as possible was becoming as inhuman as it can get. The fluids began to stream down as he bulged and his eyes which were human turned crimson before he vomited.

        Enormous amounts of blood began to flow like river as Alex began to vomit, the huge pit was filled with blood in mere seconds while the surrounding trees which absorbed the blood stared to decay. Alex who no longer held a human form began to absorb the blood and began to take the form of a twisted monster.

      “ROOOOOAR” A huge roar shook the heavens as the deformed entity began to show its battle lust.

          Riddick stood in dumb silence as he saw Alex, he remembered the words of Yama as he saw the inhuman entity in front of him. “Whatever that thing is, it is definitely not human.”

               He was starting to feel that it might not be possible to even defeat the monster in front of him but his current mindset was not so easy to break with mere fear. He had already lost his life once, what did he have to fear now.

          A smile appeared on his face as his soul began to emit the deadly aura which once shook Cesar, this was the first time the world ever witnessed the aura of the black mass he learnt in his soul world.

            Spiritual force in the surroundings began to twist as it came into contact with the deadly aura, loud screams of fear reverberated throughout the forest as every magical beast trembled as they witnessed the terrifying aura of a king.

          Flying beasts made ear piercing cries as they began to lose their sanity as soon they neared the place of deadly aura, the surrounding vegetation which withstood the decaying effects of the blood began to rot at astonishing speed. The bloody aura emitted by the monstrous entity which was once like a king began to cover in fear, the blood which was like a overflowing river stopped in its tracks.

        Alex who finally came to his senses  witnessed the aura and stood like a statue for a minute before he understood that he lost control over his body.

        His instincts however overwhelmed his reasoning and he roared loudly before resuming to consume the blood.

         Yama who didn’t interrupt till then bellowed loudly and began to laugh as he witnessed the deathly aura. The whip which was his personification began to twist as it started to emit the same deadly aura which was capable of making any living entity tremble in fear.

    “Your majesty so you have already found your aura, wonderful. It is usually impossible for anyone below the level of devas to manifest his aura but you succeeded in doing it when you are still a mortal.”

   Riddick was startled, “Aura” what is that? He had only learnt to use the deadly aura from the black masses in his soul world.

       As if sensing his confusion Yama answered, “Aura is the manifestation of one’s soul intent. The killing intent emitted by ordinary experts do not have major effects however, aura is different.  Based on how it is used it can have tremendous suppressing effect on enemies. I do not why but your aura is already emanating death when you have just awakened it, I think it should be related to your current state of mind.”

       Yama knew nothing regarding the black masses nor did Riddick try to explain about them as he wasn’t in the position to explain it.

          Alex who completely transformed into a formless monster roared as a leg suddenly appeared and smashed the ground, a ball of blood rose form the smashed ground and flew like a water bullet towards him.

      Riddick’s instincts which were amplified because of his aura warned him of danger so his hand flickered and  Yama who was emanating the same deadly aura smashed head on against the blood ball.


        A small crack in the space as the two forces met, each had enough power to rival a divine disciple while the explosion of their collision was enough to uproot the trees in the surrounding five hundred metres.

     Riddick moved like a ghost while Alex stood like an unshakable pillar, each exchanged multiple blows before coming to a conclusion on other’s strength.

        Riddick who only utilised his aura began to emir a different type of spiritual energy. The surrounding elemental essence which was roaring explosively because of intense collision began to calm down while the space around his body became blank.

      Thousand Hell Prison was unleashed for the first time in the material object.

         Spiritual cyclone twisted around him protecting him from the other spiritual energies while a blank space hid his presence as a independent dimension opened up in material realm.


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  1. blow but he had a hint of SMALL on his face as he observed his opponent. I guess smile? As for a chapter – imho quite boring.


    • Welcome to reddycreations allecrastia, its great to have to here. Yes, this chapter was short by approximately 100 words from my 2000 words promise so i will increase the word count in the next chapter.


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