Book 3 – Chapter 12 Padma Vyuha

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         This chapter is a little above 2200 words to make up for the short chapter yesterday. Also get ready for the ballad of fights in the upcoming chapters as I have completed the setting for the last fight with this chapter.





Padma Vyuha :

                Sebastian was in the Hyde sect slaughtering his way to the upper floors, though he wanted to do a covert mission. It was impossible to go unnoticed in the enormous Hyde sect filled with countless immortals. He was short on time and  had no other choice so he made a bee line straight for the inner chambers while killing any and all individuals who blocked his path.

        He was like a killing machine and when accompanied with the manservant Levi he was like a unstoppable force. They were both peak divine disciples and thus were at the top of the chain in terms of power, the only one who could be a huge threat to them was busy fighting Arthur so they were unstoppable.

        Further the Hyde sect didn’t have many peak disciples patrolling the lower floors of the the Jade castle so before the information regarding the intruder reached the elders, thousands of immortals fell as Sebastian used his saber like a lightning while the axe of Levi struck like thunder annihilating tens of disciples with each strike.

         On the top most floor of the Jade sect, tens of immortals were waiting anxiously as they saw the exchange between their master and Arthur. They knew very well they didn’t have any power to intervene but they also knew that they didn’t have any control over their lives once their leader loses the fight.

     Suddenly an immortal flew at high speed and directly barged into the chambers. A black robed elder was enraged and was about this slap him to death in his frustration, however, the immortal immediately fell on his knees and reported loudly, “Respected Elders, Two people have intruded into the sect and are killing all the disciples in their path. Hundreds have fallen till now and it is certain that they are both peak disciples, they are very powerful and ordinary peak disciples can’t stop them.”

          A red robed elder who listened to this sneered and said, “Fools, do they think the Hyde sect can lose its foot hold after it looses a few immortals, the real core of the Hyde sect is formed by only the people who are present in this room. I don’t know what the Azure blue army is thinking but since they send a suicide squad, we will give them the most horrifying death possible.”

     Turning towards the remaining two red robed elders he said, “Brothers, I will personally go kill those fools. Take care of everything in my absence, I will be back soon.”

       As the elder declared this, Alexa who was present seated at the far corner of the room rose and said, “Grand Elder, I will help you take care of those bugs.”

      The Grand elder was irritated but as he glanced at Alexa he swallowed his anger and snorted as he said, “Do as you wish.”

           Thus Alexa and a red robed elder who was one of the most powerful people inside the Hyde sect marched to deal with Sebastian.

       A hall was heavily guarded by many immortals as it was an important checkpoint inside the Hyde sect. Suddenly two shadows flew past the guards of the gates into the hall, the guarding immortals inside the hall were startled but soon it turned into terror as they saw tens of individuals guarding the gates fall on the ground with blood oozing out of various dissented body parts.

      Sebastian stood like a god unbeatable by humans, smeared with the blood of his enemies, he was like a demon who ripped the lives of his enemies regardless of fate.
         Levi who stood beside him was also emanated a majestic aura showing that though he may now be a old servant, he was once a general who slaughtered countless enemies.

         Their eyes were emanating their will to kill anyone who stood in their path, hundreds of beginner disciples present before them trembled as they saw their might. An immortal who was directly before the gate leading to the next floor kneeled to show that he posed no resistance.

      The others who saw this were shocked but soon they put aside their paltry self respect as they thought about their life. Tens of immortals yielded in the next instant and the remaining immortals who were at various places of the hall looked at each other as they contemplated over the idea.

         But before they could kneel a voice shook their core as it thundered in the hall.

    “Any disciple who kneels shall die without an exception”

          A old red robed elder walked down the steps in a leisurely way while an absolute beauty walked behind him.  Sebastian knew who she was and his complexion which was indifferent till then suddenly became twisted with anger, the saber in his hands howled as the wind divine energy began to rampage in accordance with his emotions.

      Alexa was startled while the red robed elder was surprised as their saw Sebastian. However, Alexa wasn’t in a position to inquire as she definitely didn’t want the elder to know about her activities in the colt kingdom.

        The elder only snorted then glanced coldly at the immortals who were kneeling on the floor, his gaze was ice cold and his demeanour carried a deadliness. The immortals trembled as they remembered the previous of the elder.

          An immortal begged as soon as the elder glanced at them, “Esteemed Grand Elder, the intruders were too powerful and we lowly beginner disciples had no way to resisting their power so we did the only thing we could to save our lives. It was  cowardliness but we are still the disciples of Hyde sect so please spare us.”

    The elder narrower his eyes as he heard this and said, “You are indeed the disciples of the Hyde sect however, you lost all right to call yourselves as one as soon as you kneeled in front of an enemy. Humph! You already did a grave mistake and yet, you ask for forgiveness. Have some shame, you are even worse than insects. Having such insects will only degrade the sect rather than helping it, Die.”

      As he said this, a weird black energy emanated from his body and spread through the entire surroundings. The immortals who were kneeling shook violently and started screaming before they died like moths inside that energy.

          Multiple cries of defending loudness erupted from the remaining immortals as they saw their friends, spouses and brothers die right in front of their eyes.

        Alexa only glanced at the dead individuals before shifting her gaze towards Sebastian who was still looking at her without blinking his eyes, any one would have considered that he was charmed by her inhuman beauty if not for the terrifying killing intent emanating from him.

     The elder who withdrew his energy glanced at the remaining immortals and declared loudly, “Stop crying, those were the trash and trash should always be removed. The Hyde sect only has courageous individuals who are eternally loyal to our master, any incident such as this will be dealt with the same impartiality in the future.”

             Sighing at the foolishness of those immortals he turned towards Sebastian who was still watching Alexa, The elder finally lost his coolness as he saw that Sebastian was still not registering his presence.

   With a loud angry shout he declared, “Bastard, How dare you to not even register me as your superior and hawk at my woman right in front of me.”

       Many immortals who were not concerned with the deaths of the previous immortals sucked in a cold breath as they heard this, Lady Alexa was the woman of one of the grand elders. This was a huge news to them which clearly explained the reason for her unusually high position in the sect.

       With uncontrollable anger, the elder withdrew a black staff and rushed straight towards Sebastian. His intent was clear, he wanted to kill Sebastian however a figure appeared like a roaring bear and smashed the elder with his axe.


      A violent explosion resounded as a part of the floor collapsed directly under the assault of the axe which held an unprecedented amount of power within it. The elder who managed to escape at the point blank range drew in a cold breath while his back was covered in sweat as he saw the huge gaping hole in the middle of the floor.

         He knew all too well that breaking a floor was not at all a difficult thing for a peak disciple but the Jade palace was different, it was entirely enchanted increasing its strength by many folds. So the amount of force required to break any part of the jade castle was astonishing.
        Lifting his axe form the floor, Levi snorted loudly and said, “Don’t you dare touch the young master red robed pipsqueak.”

     The elder was no longer haughty, he had a through understanding that his opponent wasn’t a nobody so he observed him with cautious eyes and said, “My name is Sigmund, one of the founding elder of Hyde sect and a direct of our master Solomon Hyde. Who are you?”

      Levi laughed and said, “I see, you still  retained a bit of your wisdom. My name is Levi and I am here to protect the young master, as long as I am alive you won’t be able to lay a single finger on him.”

      Sigmund face completely became pale as he heard this, he stuttered and said, “Why? Why are you, the commander of the Azure blue army here protecting him, just who on earth is he.”

      Levi flexed his stiff neck and said, “Young master, wait for a while. I will deal with these two in a few minutes.”

     Sebastian who was watching Alexa as if he was possessed opened his mouth and growled, “Don’t Levi, this bitch is mine. She was the one responsible for whatever happened to his majesty, I won’t let her live, I will rip her to pieces.”

       Alexa pupils contracted with a certain fear as her instincts warned her as she heard this, she was now almost certain that the entire Hyde sect was engulfed in war because of the kid she killed in that lake that day. It was impossible for her to remove that possibility as she saw Sebastian protected by the legendary commander of the Azure blue army.

        She knew that the force who captured Cesar was also one of the mightiest powers on the material plane of Asgard so even if it was the Azure blue army, they didn’t have the power to deal with the forces of the mist valley. However for some reason she felt as if she had provoked the most terrifying of monsters and gave him a reason to eliminate everything in his path.

          She heard the word, his majesty come out of the Sebastian’s mouth. The only one who he could be referring to was the boy in the lake, she couldn’t fathom just how deep the background of that boy was who could command a deva and tens of hundreds of thousands of magical beasts when he wasn’t even an immortal.

        She began to arbitrarily fear the king who could most probably rival the most terrifying man known to her.

        Sebastian who was filled with murderous killing intent began to move his saber completely covered in blood in a weird manner, the surrounding wind essence began to dance as well if it was a fluttering butterfly.

         The saber which was like a single sword immediately transformed into hundreds of sword shadows completely sealing off all the possible escape routes, the hundreds of Sebastians lifted their sabers in precise timings while a hundreds shouts reverberated in the room without a single lag.

“Vixen, you shall die today the most horrible of deaths. I will personally rip your intestines and hang them in my neck after I cut your head into a thousand pieces. Take this attack of mine for this will be the start of your nightmare.”

     “Padma vyuha  ”

( AN : Padma vyuha is the infamous name of a battle formation which is deemed as impossible to break. This is like a blooming lotus and any man trapped in between have to cross across multiple layers of warriors who are always moving in a eternal cycle making it impossible to break free from the formation.

       In Indian mythology it was used to trap any enemy no matter how strong he is and slowly kill him inside which he is like a trapped lion.

Source :  )



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  1. Ah Sebastian really like to kill pretty girl and hung their intestines around his neck. He really has a weird. BTW why are there so many pretty girls in this story?


  2. Wooo nice chapter! So breathtaking! No Riddick at all in this chapter! But the cool scenes negates all the disappointment! Thanks for this regular chapter!

    P.S I don’t know why but when Sebastian calls “Padma vyuha” It reminded me of Kuchiki Byakuya(Bleach) calls “Senbonzakura!”


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