Book 3 – Chapter 13 Interference

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Interference :


        A Loud explosion shook the hall while the resulting tremors caused cracks on the floor as Levi charged like a lion with his axe, he was unstoppable and the red robed elder Sigmund was beginning to sweat profusely as he escaped the axe by a hair breath multiple times. Sigmund was completely overwhelmed and was loosing in every attribute compared to Levi.

        Sigmund face however still held the same expression as he faced an unstoppable force, with a loud voice he declared, “All disciples, attack the enemy at once. Don’t let these two fuckers leave the Hyde sect alive.”

     The beginner disciples around the Hall were shocked as they heard this, intervene in a fight, this was absolutely impossible with their strength. They were simply used as cannon fodder yet, they couldn’t go against the words of Sigmund. In the next instant hundreds of immortals charged towards Sebastian and Levi who were both like Slaughters of Hell.

         The upper most floor of the jade castle which held the remaining red robed elders suddenly became quiet as the same message rang in their minds, an another red robed elder snorted coldly and said, “Looks like a formidable enemy has come, however, inside the Jade castle we have absolute advantage in numbers. Why should we play fair? Elders order all your direct subordinates to gather immediately, we are going for a mass hunt.”

          Instantly five black robed elders and twenty white robed elders image flickered and they disappeared while the red robed elder whispered something to the remaining red robed elder and disappeared along with them.

     Levi who was fighting fairly became enraged as he heard the message of Sigmund, his face twisted and his old face which held the maturity of the wise suddenly became mad with extreme fury.

    He roared loudly and said, “Sigmund, is this how you fight. To save your own ass, you sacrifice children and in such large number. I believed that you possessed at least the wisdom of a child but all you have is that vile heart of yours, since this is the case, I shall make you regret your decision.”

      Sebastian who was cloned into hundreds of persons by the combined wind essences twisted his sword and instantly tens of wind clones flew like missiles attacking any and all disciples who reached near the formation.
        While at the same time, inside the formation of clones, Alexa was battling for her life. After a while, she had no choice but to admit that the formation was beyond her ability to understand so she began to defend against the multitude of attacks hoping that she would be presented with a chance when the remaining elders arrive.

         She had been in the Hyde sect for a long while and knew the way in which it would deal with an enemy, it was the inevitable that an enemy would be trapped and killed if he ever falls in one of their traps. However, the Hyde sect had far too many immortals so it was not an exaggeration to say that they raised these individuals to be used as soldiers. So the order from the Sigmund didn’t cause her to feel any pity towards the disciples.

         Sigmund roared and charged straight for Sebastian as he now had a clear idea regarding his background. He now knew for certain that Sebastian must be one of closest individuals to Arthur Welkin and if he managed to capture him, it is possible to use him as a bait to lure Arthur into a trap.      

       Levi was trapped in a vortex of immortals who used all kinds of spells and martial arts on him, momentarily binding him as Sigmund charged straight towards Sebastian. Alexa eyes grew cold as she saw Sigmund charging straight towards her, a small charm suddenly appeared in her arms as she waited for her chance.

       As soon as Sigmund reached five metes outside the formation, a cold light flashed as in her eyes as she thought, “It’s time”. The small charm crumbled in her hands and simultaneously a small flame appeared on the back of Sigmund startling both Sebastian and Sigmund.

      However, everything happened in a serious and the figure of Sigmund disappeared only to appear in the place of Alexa. He stood still while Sebastian was dumbfounded as he saw this, a second later, a loud angry howl shook the hall as Sigmund roared.

” You bitch, how dare you to use a divine token against me. I will kill you.”

        Sebastian woke up from his stupor only to watch Alexa escaping at high speed towards the windows present in one corner of the hall. He was momentarily stunned but the next moment he roared loudly and said, “Don’t even think about escaping you Vixen.”

      The Padma vyuha instantly crumbled as he broke into an explosive run. Sigmund who saw this only laughed coldly before he retrieved his black staff and charged straight towards Sebastian. He was furious so he discarded the idea of capturing him alive and directly aimed for the kill.

       However the next instant a axe came like thunder seaming carrying the might of heavens and directly smashed into his head.


         Under the might of the one of the strongest divine ability Vajra, space started to trembled while Sigmund head was smashed into a pulp. The backlash of immense force which struck his body further smashed it to smithereens.

        Alexa who was escaping at high speed gulped nervously as she saw the disfigured corpse of Sigmund, however she had no time to spare as Sebastian was hot in her pursuit. Reaching the window she directly flew into the battle field followed by Sebastian who unhesitatingly drew his saber and released multiple saber energy blows from behind in hopes of stopping her.

      Levi who smashed the red robed Sigmund to pulp turned around to face the remaining immortals who stood like statues, with a loud roar he declared “Any immortal who dares to take a step ahead will DIE.”

        It was bold declaration considering that he stood as one immortal in front of hundreds of immortals. However, not a single person dared to move a step as they saw his imposing figure stepping on the corpse of Sigmund who was once, one of the strongest in the Hyde sect.

         Suddenly multiple figures rushed in from the upper floors, at least a hundred in number, many had a coloured robes to represent their authority. However, who stood out the most was the person wearing a red robe at the fore front of the group.

       Levi narrowed his eyes dangerously as he saw an another red robe while the newly arrived red robed elder saw disbelieving at the corpse of Sigmund lying lifelessly on the floor. The remaining elders were no exception as to them, Sigmund was a tyrannical existence only surpassed by their master and equaled by the remaining two red robed elders.

         Finally after a minute of silence a black robed elder roared loudly and said, “What is there to fear with all of us present here? Even if we can’t defeat him individually, combined we now possess the power rivalling a deva.”

        Turning towards Levi he sneered and said, “Don’t try to act tough bastard, I know fully well that you might have killed Lord Sigmund only because he was careless. Now that you are facing all of us, you should be pissing in your pants. To deal with a no body like you, I alone am enough.”

           The black robed elder took out a grey sword and charged straight while the surrounding darkness essence moved in accordance with his attack. It was clear that he was a rare individual who trained in the way of darkness.
      Moving in a strange manner he used a movement martial skill based on his understanding gained in the way of darkness to suddenly appear behind Levi, laughing coldly his hand flickered and sword pierced straight through the heart of Levi.

     However, the grey sword only passed through air as Levi side stepped to dodge it. The black robed immortal’s face changed as he saw Levi dodging his ultimate attack, however, he had no time to regret his decision as an axe approached him like lightning and directly cleaved him in half.

        Tossing the body of the black robed elder to one side of the hall, Levi stood still like a immovable rock and roared loudly bringing the horrified immortals to the reality, “Who is next?”  


           Sebastian followed like swift wind while Alexa dodged his attack and flew at her maximum speed. Inwardly cursing at her bad luck she started to look at ways to escape from this prediction. She was absolutely sure that she could have escaped as long as she wasn’t trapped in that weird formation since as she remembered that Sebastian should possess speed much lower than herself. However, she couldn’t be more wrong as Sebastian was like a swift eagle who chased his prey to the ends of the earth.

        Multiple explosions took place as the fire and wind essences exploded like a Strom in the skies, these powerful attacks would have captivated and attracted all the immortals present if not for the deva fight going on high in the skies.

           Arthur was like a phoenix, each if his attacks carried a strength of the mighty fire while he himself executed them ruthlessly like a executer. However, Solomon was not at all in a good shape as the supportive charm which was his greatest treasure was slowly losing its powers due to multiple usages.

      Supportive charms were not absolute as they only held a portion of power supplied before to help in time of need. The amount of power they held was limited and their supportive abilities decreased with each use.

        Fighting in the skies Arthur always kept an eye on Sebastian who was also fighting below him, he was keen to prevent any disaster but he didn’t want to interfere as he sensed the extreme hate Sebastian held towards Alexa.

      Suddenly Arthur’s face changed as he sensed a presence close to Sebastian, he didn’t hesitate at all and directly charged towards Sebastian at his maximum speed.

      A vortex of flames appeared as Arthur charged down to meet another flame vortex closing on Sebastian. A huge explosion caused the space to collapse while both Sebastian and Alexa were caught in it.

        However, two shadows flashed and they grabbed both of them and led them out of the flame vortex into the air. Sebastian stood with his face pale with fear as he received a grunt of damage from a deva level explosion while Alexa stood in the arms of a man who had a ugly expression.

     Arthur who managed to save Sebastian in the nick of the time snarled, “Who the fuck are you bastard? I don’t remember ever seeing you.”

         Sebastian who finally recovered form his stupor was startled as he saw the man, with a stutter he said in a low tone, “Grandfather, this presence, it is the same one which attacked his majesty that night when he was in the forests of the imperial Mystic academy.”

       Arthur face twitched as he heard this while the other presence laughed loudly and said, “I see, so you already know me. Oh well! Since it is like this, I can’t let you continue to live. I really didn’t want to clash against you Arthur but today, I Lucius, shall kill you to prevent further interferences.”

      Solomon who approached cautiously suddenly began to laugh as well as he listened to Lucius, with a loud sneer he said, “Brother Lucius, we both share the same objective. Though both of us might not be a match against him individually, combined we possess enough strength to peel his skin.”

       Lucius only glanced at Solomon before laughing aloud and said, “Very well brother Solomon, I see no reason to refuse your help. Today shall be the day the legendary king of Welkin tribe perishes like a moth in our hands.”

       Sebastian’s face growled solemn while a smile bloomed on the faces of the supporters of Hyde sect as they saw an unexpected ally. However, a loud laugh interrupted their thoughts. Arthur laughed loudly and said, “So you are Lucius, you are like a frog who doesn’t know the might of the ocean. One or two devas at your level doesn’t matter much to me, however, you are different. You dared to harm my one and only grandson, he would have died if not for my fast reaction. This alone is enough to make you my bitter enemy.

      I, Arthur swear today to kill everyone who stand in my path. None shall escape my wrath.”


18 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 13 Interference

  1. Thx for the chapter. Those fights are getting really interesting. Will the next chapter return back to the Riddick and Alex fight?


  2. Almost all chapters end with a threat and cliffhangers. Somehow it ruins the momentum of the story and some information are forgotten or confusing, like who’s that lucius guy or battle between riddick and the other guy. Sometimes readers needed to back read some of the information just to continue with the current chapt.

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  3. As long as Alexa and Lucius dies soon I will be happy. I really detest both of them. Matter of fact I hope Riddick gets both their souls so they can never reincarnate.


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