Book 3 – Chapter 14 The death of ******

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The death of ******

           Two tornados of fire and a gale of icy wind collided in mid air while Sebastian stood watching Alexa who nervously stood still as well. It was surprising that she didn’t try to escape when presented with such an opportunity. However, it all began when she tried to struggle free from Lucius.

         Lucius and Solomon stood beside each other while Arthur stood opposing them in mid air, suddenly Alexa started to escape as if she wasn’t concerned with the battle at all. Sebastian was startled and was about to give a chase but Arthur held him back just in time to witness Lucius forcibly constricting Alexa in his deva realm.

          A formless energy appeared around them blocking all sounds but they were still visible to the eye. A struggle was obvious futile in front of a deva but she nonetheless struggled hard to escape from his clutches. However, Lucius only smiled smugly before dragging her into his bosom and kissing her deeply. The kiss emanated the feeling of strong lust rather than love towards her, it was clear from her attitude and her rejection that they were definitely not lovers but were still involved in a sexual relationship.

          Smiling with ecstasy Lucius declared loudly after removing his deva realm to let everyone hear his declaration, “Any one who comes after her shall die regardless of their intentions. Arthur if you truly wish to protect your grandson then don’t let him come any where near my woman, she is mine, she always has been and she will be mine. If it had been any other person in her place, I wouldn’t have even bothered to reveal myself.”

       Turning towards Alexa he smiled gently and said, “Darling, you should stay still. I won’t let you get away this time at any cost, you should still remember that I was the one who trained you to be a lady so please don’t give me a chance to train you again.”

       Alexa shuddered as she heard this, her almost perfect face always filled with pride became pale with fear.

       Arthur furrowed his eyes while Solomon shook his head indifferently, as they saw this. It was clear that Alexa was controlled by Lucius however, they felt neither pity nor anger towards him. To people of their position, it was nothing to control a peak disciple or two like slaves.

       Now that Lucius obsession towards Alexa was revealed even Arthur didn’t want to take any risks so he ordered Sebastian to maintain his distance from Alexa.

           Arthur was moving like lightning while Lucius took the active role of attacking him supported by Solomon timely attacks. Two devas vs one had many advantage towards the side boasting with more numbers, this was true even if the combined strength of two devas didn’t match the first one.

      The reason for this was the two deva realms, combined they gave many diverse attack patterns, this was their biggest asset in a battle against a more powerful enemy. Lucius and Solomon were thus confident in their abilities to deal with Arthur, however they never considered one other possibility.

            Arthur was like a cunning fox who always hid his true strength, he never revealed it even against Solomon because he never really wanted to kill Solomon but only wanted to thoroughly cripple him. This was neither pity nor indecisiveness but because Arthur understood that he had been wrong in his judgement.

       Ever since Sylvie had woken up and guessed the location of Riddick, Arthur began to realise that Solomon may not even had anything to do with the incident concerning Riddick. This was proved as Alexa, the one who killed Riddick turned out to be a spy in disguise and a woman of Lucius control the one responsible for seriously injuring and almost killing Riddick that night in the forest.

       So Arthur would have preferred to leave Solomon alive if he didn’t interfere in the fight, but the damage was already done. The Hyde sect boasting its power as one of the strongest sects on Sky continent now lay in ruins filled with countless corpses and gallons of blood flowing out of jade castle painting the surrounding snow with a crimson colour.

        Lucius was haughty and thought that he was definitely at an advantage but he wasn’t. Even though he was always reasonable and knew his limits, he was still bound to earthly possessions. Alexa had been his playmate for a long time but she escaped from his clutches and wasn’t found no matter how he searched for her, once he found her he was again reminded of her hot body, her smooth curves which once laid under him, in his control so he decided to confront Arthur.

         Arthur who stood coldly like a death reincarnate was contrary to their expectations wasn’t tense at all, he was like a king who didn’t bother to deal with peasants.

         A insignificant small fire appeared in Arthur’s hand as he stood still, Lucius laughed loudly as he saw that Arthur was using a simple elemental attack. The elemental attacks were not weak but if they did not possess the insights into the true way or dao of the elements then they were nothing but mere attacks in front of the mighty devas.

            Solomon was however more careful as he had already fought Arthur to know that he was neither careless nor haughty as he projected himself to be. He knew that Arthur was cunning and was never to be trusted but he wasn’t going to warn Lucius because he would be his shield protecting him from whatever Arthur had prepared for them.

       Lucius was a deva who was trained in Forbidden Isle, however he disguised his aura and appeared like a peak disciple when he was on Sky continent to prevent the overseer to act against him. There was a unwritten rule that the devas of forbidden Isle weren’t allowed to interfere in the matters of Sky continent, it was true for Asgard as well. The immortals of Sky continent were forbidden to act against the mortal empires of Asgard.

       Being a deva of Forbids Isle he generally looked down upon the devas of Sky continent so he took out a fiery red sword and smirked in satisfaction as he saw the small insignificant flame in Arthur’s hands.

       Though Lucius was acting on an impulse, the abundance of experience he acquired after countless struggles wasn’t ought for nothing. He had already clearly observed the powers of Arthur while he stood hidden near the battlefield, his original plan was to kill the winner of the fight and seize the chance to gain control over an entire territory of Sky continent.

         According to his calculations, Arthur was exhausted while Solomon was in even worse condition. Thus both of them should not have the power to deal with him but as an insurance he took upon the offer of Solomon. Guaranteed by reason Lucius charged not at all caring to be aware of the other factors which may reverse the situation.

        Arthur narrowed his eyes as he saw the approaching Lucius, a cold look flashed in his eyes as he saw his carelessness. It was wrong to assume that every deva was cautious because there would always be fools no matter at what level they are and Lucius was one of those.

        The small flame didn’t emit any aura nor did it boast extraordinary power however only one person other than Arthur knew the original power of the flame, Sebastian. As soon as the battle began Sebastian charged at high speed away from Arthur, the clever Solomon who kept an eye on the entire battlefield didn’t miss this and ran away at a much higher speed.

      Unaware of the danger, Lucius used his fiery flame sword and executed a series of three strikes in a triangular fashion making a triangle of flames around Arthur, with a smug smile he roared fiercely and dived straight into the fire triangle.

    Suddenly his body began to emit enormous amounts of fire essence and he began to glow like a burning star.


            A loud shout emerged from Lucius who suddenly enlarged into a flame shadow of a python and completely enveloped the bewildered Arthur.

     It was a attack which utilised the hint of Dao( true way ) he gained in the laws of fire, the insight he gained states that the fire devours everything. It was a extremely terrifying law but the level of mastery one had over that Dao was variable among different experts, if one didn’t have enough talent then even if he gained a talent insight into a powerful law of nature it was useless in his hands.


         Wild laughter rang out in the battlefield as Lucius who used his entire body to envelop Arthur began to laugh loudly. With a pitying voice he said, “I thought that you would at least try to resist Arthur but because of your foolishness you have become a easy prey. Had you been outside of my aura of influence you might have survived but now that you have been trapped you will definitely become fodder to satisfy my flames.”

            The entire battlefield field was filled with deadly silence as the magical beasts saw their King devoured by an enemy while Solomon stood afar confused by the reaction of Sebastian. He had thought that something extraordinary was going to happen but it ended peacefully without even a bit of resistance from Arthur.

          Sighing in relief he began to approach Lucius while Sebastian who stood afar suddenly revealed a small smile on his lips.


            A Terrifying amount of fire exploded forth from the inside of Fire cocoon, revolving like a cyclone it immediately engulfed the Lucius whose flames were like a tiny ant in front of a mountain of flames.


        A scream resounded in the entire battlefield as Lucius screamed pitifully under the assault of the flames.

        Solomon who was approaching Lucius was struck by the exploding flames and was viciously smashed to the ground. It was no exaggeration to say that the destructive deva class power released from the fire tornado would have directly killed him if he wasn’t cautious enough to envelop himself with his power.

        Arthur who still remained nonchalantly in his previous position causally moved his hand, Lucius who was screaming madly began to slowly turn into ashes. In an attempt to save himself he began to use all of his powers but all was for nought as the flames continued to devour him.

     Arthur who finally observed his struggle sighed a little and said, “Lucius, do you really think this old man wouldn’t have a trump card or two after all the millennia I lived through. You maybe powerful but you are still too immature, the true power of an individual can never be estimated by simply watching from afar. Solomon was cautious enough so he now lives but you, on the other hand thought that you could kill me with that little Dao you gained in sight into.


          Suddenly his face which held indifference turned serious but a dangerous smile appeared on his face, with a sneer he said, “I will show you the same Dao you gained insight into but at a level where you can’t even fathom it.”

           The fire which was rampaging in the battlefield suddenly condensed and a low whistle began as a terrifying amount of wind essence also started to converge near him.

           Narrowing his eyes Arthur murmured, “Tornadic Inferno”


      A Hollow sound resounded as the revolving wind and fire merged together forming a bright red screen which started to attract everything within its sphere of influence with an astonishing attractive force.

       Lucius who was already devoured partially by simple fire stood no chance and was directly annihilated to smithereens.

         Solomon who now understood the true difference in power between himself and Arthur, stood still laughing at his misfortune but Alexa still didn’t give up and immediately began to flee.

         Sebastian who saw this laughed coldly and started to chase her but every being in the battlefield along with Arthur and Solomon halted in their tracks as a terrifying deathly aura assaulted them like a verdict from the ruler of heavens .

        It was aura of the king which would one day shake the heavens.

Title : The death of Lucius.



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    • Well, Johnny. I try to be consistent with my chapters but I find it hard to make every chapter enjoyable because various factors come into play when I write a chapter.
      Also now I am researching the on various screenplay or writing techniques in hope that I would achieve the state where I can completely satisfy you guys. However, all these techniques are actually based on writing a novel so they really aren’t suitable for web novels.

      But I am thinking deeply on how I should rewrite my first book as a novel for publication and have already decided to do more than a few changes. It would be interesting as I am now going to include training, sentiment and most importantly love in my book, any and all suggestions I received till now will find a place as I have much to improve.


      • And don’t missunderstand me. It was not mean in a bad manner. It was only my personal opinion for me. ( The story progression in the last chapters was so slow, its fricking killing me, in my person not offending opinion ).


      • Oh no! Johnny I am not misunderstanding you, it’s just that I am really trying my hardest. These past few weeks I was doing a multitude of things, first exams, second chapter releases, third research for my first book. Regarding the slow pace, I have nothing I can retort with. Also I was and am still brainstorming to try to change the nature of the book one to a more reasonable and mature style as in like a good novel with less loopholes. Soon I will start rewriting it and would try to impress you guys to the best of my ability, expect some drastic changes and interesting twists.




  2. You need to put more elemental attacks in because right now you are realy focusing on fire. My advice would be to expand on the difrent elements and attacks because it’s a little bland for everyone to use fire all the time


  3. THanks for the chapter! Kinda anticlimatic for a death of a Deva, and Lucius is an idiot for thinking that that’s an ordinary fire, if he watch the battle between Solomon and Arthur, he must realized that Arthur can transform into a Phoenix, and he still think that’s an ordinary fire.. Okay he might thought that Arthur is alrd exhausted, but still, that’s just pure naive.. Kinda hoping for Alexa’s death this chapter, but nice touch with Riddick aura!


    • He specifically said that Lucius was an arrogant idiot. That being said, he was an idiot to the point that it makes you wonder how he lived long enough to become a deva


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