Important decision, So help me…..


    Hi guys, this is not a chapter release but please read it.

      Since I didn’t have any chapters sponsored and had already released my promised two regular chapters I did a detailed study of my first book and started to rewrite it as of yesterday morning.

     Currently, I have already finished two chapters and am considering to make a major plot change. For example, the first book had no training arcs but now I am going to write detailed chapters dedicated to training, achievements and breakthroughs.

   Also one of the major complaints of many readers and reviewers was that my characters were bland and had no personality. The plot of a bastard child loving his parents is unsatisfactory and the school arc which was expected was missed. Taking into account all these and many more complaints, like relationship with Vera and Rachel. The conquering of the mountain ranges and the training with Vera, I have decided to write an elaborate book but most probably I have to write two books to cover every plot satisfactorily.

      Thus begins my question, should I take a break to write the book or should I write it as I still release my sponsored and regular chapters.

         I am in confusion and want your opinion. The book would be based on all my experience I have gathered in my small career as a writer and long years of experience as a leecher of various Japanese, Chinese and English novels so I hope you will all like it and read it when it is published.

Thank you and please comment so I that I can come to a conclusion.

GSD Reddy.


76 thoughts on “Important decision, So help me…..

  1. its ok to continue your writing, about rewriting most comment above have explain pro and con if anything it your story and it your world so be confident.for webnovel presence and frequent update very important. i know many idea will come when writing in my opinion, better to save it and use it to another time or may be another story than forcefully integrate to present writer some time idea flooding but many time parched.
    for funding donation ok but got one or two adv better i many my friend say s no writer go on just with ink and paper but equally need coffee and bread ^_^


    • Thank you tkg_es for your suggestion, I am going to improvise only a little while I am introducing New characters to increase the depth of the story also some characters have had no presence at all in the web novel so now I am going yo give them a good history and development.


  2. i enjoyed reading the story so far, though i thought some things are lacking..
    i look forward on how you make it up with the chapters that are yet to be released.. in short, i think you should focus on the continuation of the story.. but it seems that you are set on rewriting the earlier arcs,, wouldn’t you find it taxing?? as a reader of course, i will enjoy reading it if you really released a book.. but that is just selfishness of a reader,, you’re still the author and the story is yours.. though it’s contradicting, i also wish you won’t. because no matter what, i appreciate and acknowledge the hard work you put in those chapters and i learned to like Riddick, the way you wrote it.. rewriting it now seems like..err.. anyways, thanks for your hard work!


  3. for me the story is already awesome as it is there is no need to change anything.
    how everything happened so far is what make your story yours.
    how things developed is how your fans came to like your story
    so just keep advancing as you have been because each chapter has been better than the last.
    hope for harem with riddick marrying sylvie vera and rachel


  4. I whould wait with changing the story now. And do it at the end off book 2 then say i am takeing a week or 2 to edit/change some parts.
    Unless you feel like your stuck or need a plot change now.


  5. I think you should focus in continuing the story. You could save the ideas you have to improvise it when you finish this, because you can use it for a new story or rewriting this, but you will have a lot more experience.

    What im trying to say is that you should wait because the more experience you gain the next rewriting or story will be much more awesome

    Sorry for my english πŸ˜›


  6. Even though there are people who have complained about your story. I believe that you should stick with the current story line, and continue with it. It doesn’t usually work out when an author of a web novel decides to rewrite for “better” depth. Others’ ideas and suggestions should be, instead, kept in mind for your future chapters and plots. I have seen a couple of authors in, and the authors wanted to rewrite their story. However, I have seen them completely stop updating because I personally believed that the readers doesn’t want to wait for the chapters to catch up to the previous story. Your story, in the end, is a web novel and is not professionally written for some publishing company so there are always going to be some problems with your story.


    • Welcome to reddycreations YourAnonFan, and thank you for your suggestion. Don’t worry, I have decided to update my web novel with promised chapters and if sponsored I would do sponsored chapters as well. In the mean while when I find some free time, I am going to rewrite the book.


      • I agree many many many writers give up when they do rewrites and often stop my suggestion would be is to keep writing do miner changes to past chapters and in future chapters you can go into more details and in new ideas. Also try to get have a few chapters ahead of time with basic done before changing past chaptears so that you stay with the main thought. Also thanks for all your chapters and hard work!!!!


  7. In my opinion I think that the story over all is decent what you need to help improve would be fleshing out your characters and combat abilities. which you can do in the later chapters so I would keep writing and slowly put it into practice. You have a whole universe to write about and since you are just starting treat it as something to help you improve. I think that it would be a cool idea to show people how you have improved as a writer over the corse of this story and if you want to release an official book to sell. I would do the changes to the official verson because that would give readers more incentive to buy it. So to recap treat this as a rough draft and do the changes in the books that you are going to sell.


  8. i think continue with your story same as now, but if you want to add something add it as chapter(x).5,.6, etc that is normally seen in the fanfics


  9. You should continue to write this story and instead rewriting its better to use the time to write new story with experience you got from this one.
    I have one question regarding this story, first time we saw Lucius you described him as some sort of being made of corpses without soul and now you wrote that he was deva who hid his power so is the first one wrong or did he really use corpses to make “clone” ?


  10. Good day.

    I’m reading this story and not think she is bad … on the contrary think that it is good and needs no modifications … therefore in my opinion you should only continue this ark that this now and if are bothering… you only need make one ark…

    This story for me has so much quality as what I’m reading … I read a lot … not wanting to preach but this story is so good than CD, ST, ATG, MGA and many other that I read.

    Last thing I would like to congratulate the author for the work which I find very good and I’m always reading and waiting for new chapters being released … THANK YOU …

    “sorry for the poor englisg” 😦


  11. I know this isn’t the best comparison, but… Do like Jet Lee… He took what was good and useful out of the martial arts he studied. Just do that… Not everything the readers say should be added(P.S. we don’t really need a school arc, it’s a tad cliche at this point). And at the end, just do it how you want to do it… Remember, you’re writing it, you have to enjoy it.


  12. Hi reddy !
    Well you may not be satisfied by some aspect of work that have been pointed out by some of your reader, but writing is a creative process and thinking that your work is lacking is a way a proof of good taste (it’s what will drive you to improve).

    However, restarting/revamping a work is not a good idea when you are a beginner, it’s like drawing, most people who start going at it are always dissatisfied and abuse of the eraser by doing so they are “censoring their creativity”, the best way to start drawing is to never erase then keep going until the end. It’s reaching the end of your work that will help you improve the best as you will be able to step back watch your flawed work and use it to improve your next work. It’s good to keep your first work flawed it will first show your progression and act as a reminder. Well some may say that the process of writing a story (and improving as a writer) is not the same as the one of drawing (and improving as a drawer) but in my opinion they are the same (both are a creating process).
    Well good luck anyway, remember that most of the time revamping make author stop their story, but i can’t deny that some time it work.


  13. I like the story as it is, I would not change the story if i was you, make it better as you go along, like you said this is a learning curb , run with it, changing the earlier chapters now may have a good effect on new readers but can also have a reverse effect on the earlier fans……. What i am trying to say is we like the story as it is progressing as for those who feel it is lacking……. well it is always easy to pass judgement but if they really have better ideas they can start writing their own light novels and see how that works out for them


  14. I dont really think you need to change it but if you want and believe it will improve it. What I want to point out is the confusion that could ensue if you made the book vary too much from the webnovel which could mass confusion when someone who read the first book (with changes) wishes to continue off in the webnovel.


  15. I want you to continue writing and move the storyline forward. It will be the best decision for most of current followers who already catch up to the current chapter.

    But if you have a lot of times and stay at your computer desk for 12+ hour per day, then go ahead fix some of those old chapters. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Too much work.


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