Book 3 – Chapter 15 Death Match

Author note : Hi guys, gsdreddy here. I am back with an another regular chapter. Today I am going to give a clarification to those who misunderstood last post’s meaning.

          You see, I am going to release my first book for publication on Amazon. For this book I am rewriting the first chapters of the book 1 of web novel. This doesn’t mean that I am going to rewrite my entire story nor am I going to change the web novel. So please be rest assured but the reason why I am even rewriting is already explained before but I will tell you guys again, it is to cater to a large number of audience. I mean I want my book to be understandable to people with no hint of Chinese translations like CD.

Current new book progress – 4 out of projected 40 chapters done (10℅).

         Sorry this chapter is a little short because I was too concentrated on other things. But hey this is a regular chapter so no complaints.

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Death Match (1) :


              Riddick launched himself forward and smashed hard against Alex who was like a monstrous mammoth made out of flesh and blood.



        Terrifying roars reverberated in the forest as the clash of the two monsters brought quakes to the forest floor, the surrounding forests destroyed by the rampage of two powers began to tremble and the ground began to split apart.


       Drowned in the pleasure of bloodlust, Alex was constantly muttering as he fought Riddick.

          It was mindless mumble that was born from pure instincts integrated into his consciousness but nonetheless they were enough to make one tremble with fear when associated with the terrifying image of Alex.

       Riddick stood silently but one could see that he was also mad with anger as his eyes were dyed red.

       The opponent was someone who he met recently but it didn’t mean that he was someone against whom he can be merciful. Riddick has long since decided to kill Alex because he could feel a creeping sensation crawling to the core of his bones as he saw the bloody bodies mingled into a monster in front of him.

           “Those who shall offend him shall die, those who threaten him shall die as well.” This was the philosophy Riddick found to be most suitable to survive in this harsh world.

    He was naive and lenient but what did that result in, he died. He suffered and would suffer again if he doesn’t change.

     If someone should suffer then it would be his enemies. He could feel strong killing intent emanating from Alex and he felt threatened by his prowess so he would kill him to prevent a disaster befalling on him when he least expects it.

     Alex started as he had finished his morphing, his speed was enough to startle Riddick. Claws generated randomly through out his body while a red miasma covered his entire being like a protective sheath.

        But, Riddick didn’t flinch. He knew the true despair so he wouldn’t be faltered by such a false thing. There is no being without a weakness in this world, this was true no matter who and what it is. Since he knew that the opponent can be killed then what all he needed to do was to kill, kill him until he can’t regenerate, kill him until he loses the will to regenerate.

        Eyes burning red, savage smile broadening to the corners of his mouth, Riddick moved similarly meeting Alex head on.


           Lightning erupted like thunder from Riddick, he was now a ninth ranked mage and his control over the elements was now very high. Simple spells could be instacasted and just using the lightning essence to generate explosive lightning was a matter of thought.

     The lightning directly struck the main body of Alex.

       Furious roar erupted from Riddick’s mouth as he pillared his legs and drilled his hands through the gruel mass of flesh. Blood splattered and covered his face, while the Alex body splintered as a result of powerful assault.

       Bathed in blood Riddick looked like a devil, however, Alex who suffered a fatal injury unexpectedly mowed his large body like a whip and lashed Riddick with a tremendous force.


      Just as he was about to be lashed Riddick took out his sword and blocked the attack. Though he didn’t suffer any critical injuries, the force alone was enough to push him back by several metres.

     The wound which looked like a horrendous hole right in the between of Alex’s chest healed at a visible speed while Alex himself seemed to reevaluate Riddick as he stood his ground.

      Riddick eyes narrowed but not a trace of dejection could be seen on his face, it was to be understood that Riddick never considered that he would win so easily.

         As the chest wound healed Alex maintained his position and didn’t go for a mad dash, it was obvious that he was now cautious of Riddick.

           However, Riddick was in no mood of staying still because he knew that he was at a disadvantage which would only become more obvious the longer the fight drags out.


       In the battlefield of Hyde sect, both Arthur and Solomon exchanged a single glance as they sensed the aura before they immediately flew in the direction of it. However, before he flew Solomon used a single spell to bind Alexa from escaping.

    Turning towards Sebastian he asked in  respectful voice,

      “Heir of Welkin clan, I know that you have a grudge against this woman but please don’t kill her. She is the reason why Sir Arthur even attacked the Hyde sect, thousands of disciples and millennia of my efforts, everything was destroyed because of this woman.

           If you grant this wish of mine then, I promise you that I won’t let her die a simple death.”

      It was not only Arthur who realised that everything was done by Alexa. Solomon had been sceptic about why Arthur even attacked the Hyde sect but as he saw Sebastian chasing Alexa and Lucius openly declaring his love for her, everything became apparent to him. However, when Lucius was alive he could only maintain a neutral expression and ask for Lucius help. He still held a grudge against Arthur for killing all his disciples and destroying his sect and would be pleased to kill him but soon Solomon sighed in defeat as he saw the true power of Arthur.

       Now that Lucius died, Alexa didn’t have any protectors to protect her so Solomon could vent his anger on her as he was helpless to do anything to Arthur. Once he gets a chance, he had already decided to peel her to bones to satisfy the anger rising in him.

           Sebastian who heard of Solomon’s request only furrowed his eyes but didn’t accept it, seeing his reaction Solomon only smiled wryly as he knew that he was now in no position to demand.
        Though the whole battlefield froze including the devas and later as Solomon requested Sebastian. One individual flew at high speed towards the aura as if she wasn’t concerned with anything, she was Sylvie. Since she was connected to Riddick’s soul, the aura had no effect on her.


        “Thud!” With each step of Alex, the earth would shake. Alex’s eyes were completely fixated on Riddick and he followed his every movement. As soon as Riddick attempted to retreat, he would charge towards him.

     Riddick’s plan was to retreat and strike covertly to not risk any injuries but Alex wouldn’t let him retreat making the fight into a head on battle.

“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!”

     Alex moved his heavy body at an incredible speed shaking the earth and charging towards Riddick.

“Bam!” A loud sound rang out as Riddick again blocked his charge with his sword, since he couldn’t use Yama. He hasn’t mastered Yama to a level where he could control him freely like his own arms and legs.

   Licking his lips, Riddick started to chant a spell and immediately tens of lightning bolts appeared in his arms.

“Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

        They charged like panthers and struck Alex with an explosive force.


    Alex growled loudly and immediately expanded immensely, if his previous size was equalling a great bear then his present size could easily rival a mammoth.

“Not good” Riddick’s face changed as he saw his appearance.

     Immediately he charged forth and attacked with his sword, imbued with the fire elemental energy it was extraordinarily sharp and ripped a part of Alex’s flesh.

      Right at that moment as if waiting for that instant, Alex, with lightning fast reflexes bit Riddick with all his strength.

“Ahhhh!” A painful cry emerged from Riddick as a part of his left arm was completely ripped off by the sharp fangs.

       However, Riddick couldn’t move as the blood coagulated near his foot while Alex continued to gnaw at his arm.


      A terrifying sound was heard as the left arm under the gnash of Alex’s teeth completely separated from Riddick.

       Water coiled in Riddick’s eyes as the unimaginable pain of being eaten alive struck his soul both physically and mentally. Not satisfied with his recent meal Alex mowed his body, slamming Riddick hard to ground.


       A thunderous sound rang as the huge pile of flesh weighing tons of weight came crashing like a hammer and struck Riddick. The force used was indeed very high, so powerful was the impact that Riddick almost lost consciousness just as he was slammed to the ground.

        But, Riddick knew very well that once he lost consciousness he would die for sure. He wasn’t going to give up, he would live for sure. He wasn’t going to suffer again, he would kill even if he had to eat his enemy alive.

“Dieee.” A furious roar erupted from Riddick as he lifted his remaining arm and stabbed Alex fiercely. Riddick gritted his teeth and emitted all his elemental power like a volcanic eruption, the massive lightning transformed into pillars of bolts while the fire became a pillar of scorching flames drilled through the body of Alex.

       Alex shuddered as two pillars made out of fire and lightning pierced his body but his eyes still had no fear or pain in it. Grinning in victory he opened his mouth and swallowed Riddick whole.


12 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 15 Death Match

  1. What are going to happen if you swallow a thing that could emit tons of electricity without crushing it first? THAT’S RIGHT BITCHES, YOU GET ELECTROCUTED!!!


  2. I wonder if your boy will get Alex regenerating powers. Either way you pretty much tortured our Riddick this whole book. lol


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