Book 3 – Chapter 16 The descent of the lightning dragon

Author note : Hi guys, gsdreddy here. So guys I am here with an another regular chapter. Hoho… I was inspired by the mass tsunami releases by the flower bridge and decided to do something as well. Though I may not equal his level of surprise at least I decided to give you all a surprise double release.

         Alright guys. Now comes the real challenge. I have finished what I had intended to give Riddick and now all that is left is the final segment of the story after which we are going to dive into the most action packed book with incredible duels. However their would be a many more duels and fights before we finish this book.

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The descent of the lightning dragon :

                   In the deep ravines of a black space an unrivalled existence was silently watching the outer world through its eyes. No emotions could be seen in the deep golden eyes as it did not care about the lives and sufferings of humans nor did it care enough to understand them. However, the eyes constantly watched and understood the humble world of humans along with their  personalities but the eyes frequently shifted to a human in particular.

             That human was initially a naive child and suffered because of his naivety.  Later he visited his world, the blank space and strengthened himself but he wasn’t powerful enough to approach him nor any of his brothers. So he didn’t gain the power to dominate his enemies.

     That mighty existence didn’t like a word in the entire universe, “defeat”. None could defeat him and he would always stay to be an undefeatable existence. He  bowed to none and his temper didn’t let others to get away with their lives. All who ever provoked him died without an exception.

       However, that human lost frequently. He was powerless in front of people who were like ants in front of that existence. His luck was bad and his prowess were perfectly countered by many of his opponents. He had many enemies waiting to trample him and he was now again trampled by an ugly monster.

        Finally the expression less neutral face of the mighty existence frowned in dissatisfaction. It was not an individual who would do anything out of pity or righteousness but still it moved and a voice rang out in the Riddick’s consciousness.

“Weak!” “Weak!” “You are too weak!”

     Riddick who was just swallowed by the Alex heard these words but in the next instant something which would shake the entire plane of Asgard happened with him as its centre.

           The lightning which was usually dispersed among the countless clouds began to condense above the forest like a swarm of deadly fishes. The amount was astonishing and in just a second millions of lightnings gathered, each one of it was exceedingly powerful and had a destructive energy swirling throughout its length.

       The thunderstorms gathering in that position suddenly shifted as the mighty voice snorted loudly and this time the lighting condensed until a majestic golden yellow dragon formed out of the intense lightnings.

     The majestic being continued and said, “Kid, you are weak, so weak that you can’t contain me. Grow strong for this is the power you can achieve when you can contain me.”


        The lightning dragon which was coiling in the skies roared loudly. His majesty appearance made up of countless thunderous lightning bolts descended with the speed of light and struck Alex who was looking at the skies with awe and fear.


             The forest of drake horns which was one of the most flourishing forests in the northern part of the Sky continent trembled all at once. Soon the trembling grew and the ground made intense cries of growls as it began to shake, soon the  entire forest shook like a living being.

      The magical beasts with their instincts understood the approach of their doom, the young ones tried to escape while the old stood their ground. Birds flapped their wings in urgency while the all other beasts broke into an explosive dash using all of their profound strength.

      But, what was the use, who could match the speed of the light, who could escape the wrath of the mighty. The lighting dragon struck the ground and like a feather who falls in fire and explodes into ashes, the destruction came upon the forest like a uncontrollable tsunami.

                No animal, no human, no soul nor any consciousness nothing could resist the power of the lightning dragon. The pillar of lightning extended from the heavens to the earth while the resulting destructive strength destroyed every part of the forest to smithereens.

     A wave of vibration began at the epicentre of attack, wherever the wave passed, the ground split. The next second, the earth rolled and a huge wave passed for a hundred miles. Trees, rocks, mountains, valleys, ancient structures everything were thrown into air as the wave passed by, following which an  earthquakes started reducing everything that was once a forest to nothingness.

        Arthur and Solomon who were flying at high speed long since passed by Sylvie who was only an immortal. They had already approached the borders of the Drake horn forest when the lightning essence gathered at an astonishing speed in the skies of the forest.

        Arthur who noticed this phenomenon immediately let out a cry, “Retreat!” And retreated at high speed.

      They were fast much faster than any human or beasts but still they were nothing compared to the speed of the lightning dragon. The lightning struck like a hammer obliterating everything in its path while the resulting energy swept like a tsunami on everything surrounding it.

      Being devas the most they could do was to control their flight as the astonishing force threw them away like twigs. Under the assault of that force, they were like leaves struck in the middle of the storm. By the virtue of their strong bodies they managed to survive the fierce assault of nature but any immortal would have become a meat paste even if he was ten miles away from their current position.

       Luckily Sylvie was too far away from the forest and only received a grunt of air pressure which was easily dispersed by her divine power.
     Arthur gulped while Solomon sweated in fear as they saw the rampaging dragon. None of them knew what that dragon was and from where it arrived but they both simultaneously came to one decision, that dragon was an existence beyond the level of devas.

     Existences beyond the level of devas were beings of legends. Even in great deva realm planes they were rare, every single existence who surpassed the level of devas had enough power to rule over thousands of material planes but these existences were simply too rare. Perhaps a single expert may manage to enter into the level beyond the level of devas in a billion years.
       Arthur and Solomon were certain that the dragon was certainly not a deva because they could tell that the lightning dragon was only an ethereal form and was not the real body and yet, it could release the destructive power capable of destroying tens of miles. Devas though were powerful weren’t capable of possesing such power so they couldn’t help but think that the dragon was beyond the level of devas.

       Frightened and intimated by such extraordinary power they didn’t move and stood still in their positions.


         Time passed by and after a few minutes the lightning resided along with the explosive fire, nothing was left in the of the forest except for a astonishing gorge formed at the epicentre of the lightning attack.

      In the centre of that gorge Riddick sat on his knees while the arm which was severed by Alex amazingly grew back. All his injuries were healed but he wasn’t concerned about that at all, what he was concerned was that he couldn’t comprehend what exactly happened before his eyes.

      He could remember that he was swallowed by Alex later, just as he was about to struggle to break free, a voice resounded in his mind scolding that he was weak.

      Astonishing amounts of lightning struck Alex who had consumed and contained him, everything around Alex was destroyed to nothingness. Nothing could be seen in the once flourishing forest, yet, amazingly he was fine. Not even a hair on his body was damaged.

     As Riddick was dumbly wondering about the phenomenon, the voice rang again and said, “This is just a part of my the power and yet, you can’t contain even this. Humph! Grow strong else you will die, I have acknowledged you but they definitely won’t.”

       As the voice faded away so did Riddick’s consciousness.


                Inside the blank space furious roars reverberated as soon as the consciousness of the mighty beast retreated to the blank space.

“Dragon, why did you interfere unnecessarily?” A voice roared.

“Don’t you dare shout at me, bird.” The mighty being retorted.

“I too am sceptic dragon. You should have at least waited for him to ask for your help.” Another voice resounded.

“Humph! What I do is my own business, none of you are eligible to question me.”

“Dragon, how dare you..” The first voice continued.

“Let Dragon take his own decisions.” A calm voice rang out.

“Don’t support him!” The first voice roared.

“ENOUGH” an another voice ordered.

      Instantly all of the voices died down.

      The voice continued and said, ” What Dragon does is only his business. If he wishes to interfere then he will. None of us are bound to follow anyone, take your own decisions and respect the decision of others.

       Enough this discussion is over, never repeat this topic ever again.”

        Instantly all voices quited down and silence returned once gain to the blank space.


56 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 16 The descent of the lightning dragon

  1. I like the story but there is so little time spent on Riddick.
    So many chapters focus on what seems to be unimportant things and it really seems like the story hasnt progressed much. Riddick isnt even immortal level yet(though should be any time now)
    I would like to see a LOT more romance in the story. Hopefully Vera and Rachel will show up soon.


    • Well, the reason is because I wanted Riddick to have a major change in personality and unless he suffers alone, I didn’t see a plausible way for that to happen. But rest assured Riddick will be the main point of our view from now on, as the next book and the other half of this book entirely focuses on Riddick. Also welcome to reddycreations tdmut.

      Liked by 1 person

      • you seem to be constantly making the same mistake,with your use of ‘sceptic’. i think you mean either Skeptic or skeptical, in this case it would be ‘i too am skeptical dragon.’ or sceptical which ever you prefer it just comes down to North America vs Europe.

        either way im a fan keep up the work


      • Well to reddycreations clickatyourownrisk, the mistakes in vocabulary is because my native language is not English. Anyway thank you and I will remember to check out sceptic of skeptic.


  2. Thinking on the same lines with Nathan, the Elemental Lords. Since Riddick has a high affinity with lightning, its understandable that the lightning dragon acknowledged him. Following this reasoning, I’m assuming the Fire dragon/phoenix would be next and so forth…


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