Book 3 – Chapter 17 The Deva palace

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The Deva palace :

               Riddick sat on a chair enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the high clouds from the window, the wind blowing gently on his face gave a refreshing feeling, he never experienced before and the gentle sun rays warmed his body to his liking.

          It has been a month since he began to stay at the royal palace of the Welkin clan. He woke up two days later, after the big disaster happened.

       He still remembered the most shocking thing that happened as soon as he woke up, a girl with pearl white skin and golden eyes immediately jumped into his bosom and cuddled against his chest.

       Riddick gently laughed as he thought back to how he reacted as he saw a mesmerising girl cuddling against his chest. He too was a young man with sexual desires so he couldn’t help but think that the girl had wonderful assets as he assessed them with his sense of touch by reviewing the soft sensation he felt on his body.

     However, soon all the lust evaporated as the girl called out, “Master.”

         Riddick stood as if he was struck like a thunder, of course he knew that Sylvie was now an immortal but never in his mind did he guess that she would become a heavenly beauty rivalling Vera. He gulped and thought that he was shameless, he wasn’t a person with many values but at least he should refrain from laying hands on Sylvie who was still a child besides he had Rachel and even Vera.

      As if sensing his confusion, Sylvie lifted her cute little head and said, “Master, no need to worry. I am now a big girl, I can handle you.”

     Riddick involuntarily screamed, “What the fuck!”

“Now, now, I am not trying to intervene but can I have a chat with your master, lady Sylvie.” Arthur came forward with big strides.

    Riddick who for the first time observed his surroundings suddenly became alert as he saw the approaching Arthur. His hand involuntary started looking for Yama while his lips chanted spell but Sylvie interrupted him and said, “Master, this person isn’t an enemy. He is Sebastian’s grandfather so you need not be at caution, further, it was him who saved you from the gorge of the forest where you laid unconscious.”

         Riddick eased as he heard Sylvie, if Arthur was related to Sebastian then he can be rest assured that the old man was not an enemy.

      As asked by Arthur, Sylvie immediately jumped down form the bed like a lithe cat and ran out of the door.

     Arthur only smiled as he saw Sylvie and returned his gaze to Riddick.

        Riddick had a favourable impression on Arthur as soon as they started talking. The old man was very experienced so it wasn’t a problem for him to soothe the rough edges in their relationship with some sweet words.

         However, Arthur didn’t explain anything regarding the war or the Hyde sect and even ordered anyone from disturbing the mood of Riddick with mindless talk.

       But, the issue was too huge and every one knew about it so it wasn’t possible to hide these facts from Riddick. Soon After Riddick began to relax in the royal palace he heard and understood majority of what happened in the war field.

      Riddick had decided to be ruthless but still he wasn’t so inhuman to think that life held no value. The war this time had resulted in many deaths. Tens of thousands of magical beasts died along with thousands of cultivators, he began to feel guilty that he was the reason why thousands of family died.

    He would slaughter his enemies and weed out any obstacles in his path but on the other hand he was someone who cared deeply about his family, friends and well wishers.

       Pained with guilt Riddick spent most of the month in seclusion thinking about his life, his decisions and his future. By now he was aware that Arthur was a deva while Solomon who visited to console him was also a deva. Both of them fought for him and it was obvious that Solomon had come to console him only because he wanted to please Arthur.

    Riddick was certain that if he lived quietly in the Welkin palace then he would be as safe as he can possibly be. Who would be foolish enough to attack the Welkin clan within their territory.

    But again he remembered the mighty voice which resounded in his mind when the heavenly lightning descended. He remembered it clearly, “Weak, weak, you are too weak. So weak that you can’t even contain me.”

     These words haunted him, as he couldn’t help but think about the situation where his brother Gates almost died because he was weak and couldn’t protect him. He had once thought that he was strong enough but he wasn’t, he was still weak. So weak that he started to hate himself for his weakness.

       Also he understood clearly that as long as he was sheltered, he would be weak. He was always sheltered by someone in his life, Vera, Sebastian, Kennedy and now Arthur.

      He didn’t knew why people with so much power would help him but he also understood that his life became chaotic because of their help. Would he have dared to attack a caravan of mercenaries with immortals when he was only a seventh ranked mage, would he have dared to intervene on multiple occasions if he didn’t have the support of powerful people. No he wouldn’t.

      The words haunted him, reminded him that he was weak and his current situation haunted him telling him that he would never become strong as long as he is protected.

     A bird learns to fly only when it is probed and pushed by its mother from a cliff. A child blossoms into a man only when he experience the world by himself. This was a universal truth.

     But, Riddick was in a a predicament. He had too many enemies, he was all too experienced about the prowess of these enemies. He knew that the minute he leaves the protection of the Welkin clan, Arthur and Sebastian. He would be found by those individuals and tortured to death.

    Though Solomon acted all respectful and showed sorrow at his sufferings, none were fooled. Would he let Riddick go if he ever finds him without any protection?

       Riddick sighed as he thought of various things and finally came to a conclusion. He didn’t want to be involved in these battles, he didn’t want to be always in position where he should be guarded. He was still young and weak, there was so much to learn and sadly, he couldn’t find a place peaceful enough to train.

      The Sky continent was no longer safe for him, it had too many people known or unknown waiting for his death. The Welkin palace was the epitome of luxury yet, he felt as of he was suffocated as he thought of these issues.

       So Riddick began to long for days where he could be carefree, train and hunt, enjoy the peacefulness of the meditation. Thinking back he sighed because he never really settled down ever since he left his training when he reached the age of sixteen.

        It has only been two years but the experiences he had to undergo were enough to make his soul age for a hundred years. Thus, Riddick spent his days thinking deeply about his future.


          A few days later Riddick was in the main hall where countless nobles gathered for entertainment and exchange of information. He was already famous and Arthur downright issued an order to all nobles that Riddick was to be treated with utmost respect.

      So everyone were very respectful and treated him like a lord. Riddick also enjoyed to come down to the community hall since it was a constant hub of activities and interesting information was passed down here. It was one of his interests in his sedentary life at welkin castle.

“Gilbert, I heard that the date for the Great entrance is announced. Do you know anything regarding it?” A fat man asked in a moderate voice.

“Yes, indeed. The entrance starts in a month.” The man known as Gilbert answered while gulping down his wine.

     Instantly many of the nobles started discussing among themselves. Seeing them discussing so actively Riddick couldn’t help but be amused so he asked, “What is this Great entrance Lord Gilbert?”

   Gilbert as well as the other nobles turned their heads in surprise. Gilbert looked confused and said, “Lord, Great entrance is a major event in the Sky continent. Are you unaware of it?”

   Riddick only nodded his head.

  Gilbert immediately became excited and said, “Lord Riddick, Great entrance is conducted at the capital of the celestial sect under the watchful eye of divine queen. The great overseer of the Sky continent however, presides over the judging committee made up of experts.

        All the immortals who aspire to become strong participate in this competition but of course there are many who wouldn’t dare. It is the entrance where if you are selected, you will be rewarded with the greatest of rewards imaginable for any immortal.”

    Now Riddick attention was completely grabbed so he probed further and asked, “What is that reward?”

     The one called Gilbert laughed loudly and said, “You will be accepted as the student of the heavenly deva palace.”

     Heavenly deva palace, why didn’t he ever hear that name. As Riddick sat contemplating, Gilbert continued and said,

“Deva palace is the authority ruling over the entire forbidden Isle. It has control over all the sects and its rules are absolute. None shall trample upon these rules and in order to constantly strengthen themselves they scout individuals with very high talent and recruit them.

      But, mainly all the individuals are at beginner disciple level and rarely you see a divine disciple among the recruits. The reason is simple, it is easier to bend a young plant.

        Most of the recruits come from the forbidden Isle itself so the amount of recruits coming from the Sky continent are only about five to ten percent.”

    Riddick listened with extreme interest but he was dejected as they only accepted immortals, with a loud sigh he said, “If only they can accept a non immortal expert.”

    One noble immediately explained further and said, “It is not necessary to be an immortal my lord. As long as you defeat all other immortals then you will inevitably become a student of deva palace.”


    Riddick involuntary let out that sound but instantly his eyes sharpened as his mind raced.

     “In the forbidden Isle, none know me and the immortals of the Sky continent Sare are forbidden to enter into the forbidden Ilse unless they are willing to pay a high price.

      Also the deva palace should be very powerful since they have enough power to control the entire Forbidden Isle. If I am indeed selected as their student, I am certain that I would be safe as long as I stay quiet inside it without attracting any major enemies.

     This is it, the solution to all my troubles. In the forbidden Isle I can be free of all worries and start a peaceful life.”


Author’s thoughts :

Hi guys,

         So I am going to tell you here why I made this decision in this chapter.

      When I first introduced an academy in the book 1, frankly I was thinking of starting a school arc. But school arcs should be longer with many fights, disputes, rivals and loves. As I progressed into the story, I thought of a question

Q) Can a novel have two academy/school/sect/duel arcs?

A) No, it would be too boring.

          So I discarded my first academy idea and decided to do one on a grand scale. A scale where both of us can have much freedom.

     When this book began I already said to one of the readers I think jusso, that the book will end with a very interesting setting. Also by the time I stated the second book I already decided how I will start my fourth book.

    Now an another question arises about schools. There has been many schools in Mushoku tensei, CD etc. Can you satisfy us with your school?

A) Don’t be sceptical about this because,  my deva palace is not a school, it is a gladiator ring where you have to fight for your life.

Hahaha……. Hence sit tight and enjoy the upcoming bloodbath.


35 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 17 The Deva palace

  1. It would be great if he could train at the same time care for the girls 🙂 single love ending would be sad. harem would be good, so long as he won’t neglect his training 😀


  2. Dude really? He is in a room for a month does nothing then cries for a while does nothing he got his *** handed to him multiple times yet he thinks he can take an immortal. What happened to the school,what happened to Edward, what happened to this story?


    • Hmm, I said there is a reason why he is childish. Although, you won’t believe me unless you read further. The next plot wouldn’t have happened unless he suffered from his inexperience and foolishness.
      The fourth book will be good. You are going to see some amazing improvement in the story quality also, the upcoming chapters will show you why I wrote what I wrote in the previous chapters.


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