Book 3 – Chapter 18 Change in Qi

Author notes : Hi guys, gsdreddy here. This chapter is sponsored by our very own generous donor James Quincy of U.S. So guys join me in a big round of applause to thank James for his generosity.

    Sorry I am late, I thought I could complete this chapter last night but due to my faulty memory I forgot to complete some paperwork due to be submitted today.

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      This chapter reviews about the current situation of Riddick as I felt that many of the readers are confused on various things including why he didn’t use any spells in last fight.

rant : Naming is so damn hard che.. I had to spend more time naming than writing  the chapter.



Change in Qi :

              Qi, the condensation of the martial power of an expert is stored inside a small fist sized location called dantian. This dantian is exactly located between the pelvic region and the diaphragm, at the point of umbilicus.

(AN : Umbilicus is the location where the umbilical cord is attached to the body during the child growth. It is also the only place where three important systems of the body digestive, excretory and the vascular systems meet together to form a complex system. )

           Dantian is said to be present in all individuals but only the experts who had entered into martial cultivation and established their Qi foundation can start to feel it’s presence.

     The talent of a warrior is partly related to the dantian as well because the talent  of a bloodline and their latent ability as a warrior is decided by the amount of Qi transferred to the dantian of a child. The larger the amount of absorbed Qi is, the larger the benefit received by the child in his early stages of growth.

        While the transfer of Qi has no direct significance in increasing the rank as a warrior, it does immensely help for the future growth of the child. The Qi vessels used since the birth have much higher flexibility and absorptive capacity than others.

      However, nothing is certain. In the world, many experts who have established the major sects and clans were once born in unknown families with no genetic benefits.

       Inside this dantian, Qi revolves at a high speed around a centre point which generates an astonishing amounts of  centripetal force, combined with the life force of the expert which has a centrifugal effect on the Qi. A miniature cyclonal galaxy made up of Qi is thus established within the dantian.

        The dantian along with the fifty four major meridians of the body together form the Qi circulating system. Qi travels from the dantian through the meridians and nourishes the bones, the muscles and the viscera in its path.

(AN : Viscera – combined name for internal structures like organs. )

         The rank of the warrior is decided by  the amount of Qi present in their dantians. Once the level of Qi passes a certain limit, the warrior is said to break into the next rank.

         Though all experts in a same rank may not have much difference in the quantity or Qi, the quality however differs between various experts. The higher the density of Qi is, the higher is the quality and the power generated would be similarly vastly different form the others.

     This is the quality differentiating the powerful warriors from ordinary warriors of same rank. Any immortal in beginner disciple stage should possess the same amount of Qi but a powerful beginner disciple would have a very high density of Qi.

    The quality of the Qi depends on the Qi condensation manual and the purification process followed by the individual. Qi is condensed and purified in the process of meditation from the life force of an expert according to the way described by the meditation technique.

    Since Riddick had always followed the meditation technique given by Vera, “One breath – Thousand lives”, he never knew but his Qi density was always eons apart from the other warriors enabling him to fight other warriors of higher rank equally.

    The day the lightning dragon descended from the skies, a change occurred inside Riddick’s dantain. White Qi was revolving at high speed around the centre point which was continuously absorbing the Qi like a black hole while at the outer edges of the dantian, Qi synthesised from the life force was poured to replenish the lost Qi.

     Suddenly a streak of lightning came like a bolt and deposited itself in the centre of dantian. The centre spot even with all its power couldn’t swallow the lightning bolt and the bolt instantly transformed into small translucent membrane and covered the entire centre.

        The Qi flow was not obstructed by this lightning screen but If one looked closely enough then they would find that the membrane was actually formed by a miniature dragon coiling around itself at the centre of the dantian.

       The dragon inside the dantian was like a mighty God, it was majestic and inconceivable intelligence could be seen in its eyes as it stared at the overwhelming Qi ocean like king staring form the Skies.

     The minute the dragon appeared in the Qi ocean, the Qi began to boil and the rolled like waves in a ocean. The milky white Qi which covered the entire dantian began to change and a faint yellow steaks or lightning covered the entire ocean as the boiling sea calmed down.

        This yellow Qi was completely different form the white Qi as its density was vastly superior and had an explosive quality.


          Riddick had a feeling that something changed the day he met the lightning dragon but he couldn’t pinpoint it. It was like an epiphany that he could feel yet, couldn’t understand. He felt as if he was forgetting something very important to him but no matter how he tried he couldn’t remember it.

         As Riddick trained, he slowly began to realise the changes his body was undergoing. His previous strength was already astonishing for a seventh ranked warrior but his current strength when he circulated his Qi almost rivalled a peak ninth ranked warrior even though he clearly was still a peak seventh ranked warrior.

       The yellow coloured specks gave his Qi a destructive explosive power it packed surprised Riddick. He again remembered the words the lightning dragon spoke, “Weak, weak, you are too weak, I have acknowledged you but they defiantly won’t.”

     Till then Riddick didn’t understood what the dragon meant when it said that he acknowledged him but as he saw the faint yellowed coloured Qi rolling in his arms he understood that the dragon was the one responsible for this change.

      Simultaneously Riddick thought, “The dragon said that he acknowledged me but the others won’t. So there are others whom even that mighty dragon consider as his rivals.”

           Riddick heart raced as he thought as he thought about the gift the dragon gave him. The yellow Qi gave him the power that would rival others above two ranks. This gave Riddick the power to rival an immortal when he reaches the eighth rank and overwhelm them when he reaches the ninth rank.

    Riddick was excited and wanted to immediately train his martial techniques but he suppressed his desire because he had long since decided to train in magic theory.

      Riddick waved his hand and a book appeared in his hands, it was the compilation of magic spells that Vera had given him when she left. The book contained the all the spells till ninth rank in detail while the immortal spells are given a brief introduction.

     The last time Riddick had total control over his body was when he was trying to Cesar’s soul. In just three months after a series of events which involved his death and near death experiences he was now a ninth ranked mage and a peak seventh ranked warrior from his previous power of seventh ranked mage and a sixth ranked warrior.

    Raising two ranks as a mage in two months, this was a speed inconceivable for anyone with the slightest hint of the difficulties of cultivation yet, Riddick achieved it though by paying a huge price.

      Since then Riddick never had the chance to learn the higher ranked spells as he wasn’t in a position to leisurely learn the magic theory behind the spells. The fight in the earthen castle and with Alex, Riddick fought them with no knowledge of spells because he never understood the magic theory behind the magic spells of eighth and ninth rank.

       But, the Great entrance was different. It was entrance to attend the deva palace and geniuses from all over the world fought in that entrance. Since in an entrance he had to fight opponents with superior power and backing, he can definitely spare no effort so Riddick began to read through the magic theory of spells to get a through understanding of them before the entrance begins.

“Fire style immortal level spell – Nova blast, large range destructive spell capable of destroying tens of hundreds of metres in a terrifying fire.”

“Water style immortal level spell – Neptune’s wrath, an attack which summons the seas and pushed the wraps the opponent in a water vortex and traps him.”

“Earth style immortal level spell – Tectonic rift, a spell which causes immense vibrations in the tectonic plates and causes a massive earthquake along with earth shattering rifts.”

“Lightning element ninth ranked spell – Thunder descent “An single attack spell which can be used to annihilate an enemy.

“Lightning element ninth ranked spell – Lightning storm” A wide range attack spell capable of causing a massive thunderstorms.

“Fire element eighth ranked spell – Flame serpent emperor.” A spell takes the form of an emperor serpent.

“Fire style ninth ranked spell – Wild fire tsunami” A mid range spell with high destructive power, known as the base for the development of the immortal spell Nova blast, it’s attack power rivals Nova blast to a certain degree when used by a very powerful mage.

“Lightning style immortal spell – Lord of Thunder” similar to the flame serpent emperor, this spell let’s the user control the lightning to from a controllable familiar.

       Riddick read in wonder and admiration for the experts who developed the spells and began to imagine the laws governing these spells. The book didn’t explain the laws governing the spell because they had to be understood by the mage himself. The deeper the knowledge of mage is regarding the laws, the powerful his spell becomes.

        Thus, Riddick began to spend the last month before the beginning of Great entrance.


Author thoughts : I actually completed majority of this chapter yesterday and might have finished the rest of it within a hour but for some reason I felt at unease as I read through this chapter.

      So I postponed the release and rewrote this chapter like two times before I am releasing it now. I don’t know if I did anything wrong in this chapter but may be I am feeling this way because recently I feel a bit stressed as I am spending all my time doing something.

     Sad as it maybe I am writing my exams as I write this book so my brain is currently working like a conveyor development system continuously processing something without a break.

     Sigh, I don’t know if I can maintain this state of mind forever but I am unwilling to give up midway so don’t worry. I will be  here at your service till I finish this novel or I find no more readers.

P.S sorry for the medical terms. Believe me, my research more tedious.


23 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 18 Change in Qi

  1. Great chapter as always. If you feel that way maybe you should take a break and just relax and do nothing. The stress of the exams got you. I, myself know how it feels to madly study for the finals yet do some other stuff at the same time. It builds up a lot of stress.


    • Thank you AWAone but I am writing because I feel responsible. I promised so I have to do it, this is the only way I can keep myself from giving up midway. Don’t worry, I am very hard to break so I won’t abandon you guys anytime soon.

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      • Geez.. Have it your way mate but i’m pretty sure that readers such as myself wouldn’t mind if you took a break. We all understand how it feels to do something while being stressed out. Stress is the biggest problem that can cause error, especially in this kind of stuff.


      • Thank you for worrying my friend. Let’s hope I find the formula of ‘D’ ultimate writer solution = stress Ɨ writer block = awesome chapters.


  2. thanks for the chapter….what happened to the two brothers and sisters?? Ceaser was working on the brother’s soul…did he succeed??


  3. Thanks alot for the chap, and i think you should just take at least one week off and chill.
    Stress just makes your quality AND MOST IMPORTANTLY fun in writing drop.
    And it’s your fun in writing making that story that good!

    Everyone (at least the non-retards^^) would understand your short time out.

    Keep it up man šŸ˜€


  4. While information is important I felt that a majority of the first part was totally unnecessary. It felt like a text book and could have been simplified. You could have summed all that up in one paragraph instead of adding all that info that I am sure most people just skipped over. Then the next part has almost nothing happening. Maybe you should take a break if the quality of a chapter goes down this much when you are stressed.

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything but seriously this doesn’t really add to the plot. The only info we really need is that the dragon is in his qi point and he is learning spells. The rest should have given us more on what others are doing like Cesar and Silvie and others. It just felt like this chapter lacked a lot.


    • Welcome to reddycreations gaiadarkstar. Since I felt that way as well. I released two chapters the next day. Unfortunately the information can’t be too simplified because of I do simplify it then I have to assume that the readers have already read enough Chinese novels to have good knowledge of Qi. But, this is wrong. A novel should be entirely independent of other novels.


  5. I’m calling this right now he is going to get his *** kicked then saved, then train a little maybe not at all, then he will start feeling bad for himself and curse his weakness for not being able to do something.


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