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Book 4 – Chapter 5 What on earth is he?

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What on earth is he?

         Sylvie stood before three people trembling, her demeanour didn’t emanate fear but unbelievability. So she couldn’t help but ask in a cold voice, “Did you plan this from the very beginning, Edgar?”

      Edgar laughed kindly and answered, “This servant of yours may be love smitten but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a brain. I am a Gold badge bearer you know, I don’t think you have considerable knowledge regarding the position of the gold badge bearer so let me tell you the quality we all possess in common, “Cautiousness”

         Our world is filled with people who can betray us in without a moment notice, so we have to be alert at all times. Many badge bearers die in just a few months after acquiring the badge because they fail in bypassing the dangers that come with a badge.

      Your plan to use me was perfect, even I wouldn’t have made such a good plan. You didn’t actually say anything nor did you force me indirectly, you simply made me understand your intentions in a subtle manner and I was the one who fell into the trap.

       However, I wouldn’t be here interrogating you simply for slyness. I don’t care the reason nor do I care about the intentions in using me but I do care about the person behind you.”

         Edgar was always a cautious person to begin with, he was attracted to Sylvie. There is no lie in that statement. However, he was given a mission by her, Kill Lyon. So Edgar began to calculate meticulously the reason for her request and the best way to eliminate Lyon.

         The initial research led to the surfacing of many facts regarding Helen Wallenstein and Lyon Wallenstein hidden by their family to appear before him. This also lead to the rumour which was spreading throughout the Deva palace.

       Clay Turner was killed by Lyon to solve the problems he may cause in the event of his daughter’s marriage.

        However, the Turner family was helpless as they couldn’t find any evidence. Clay’s corpse was never found nor were any evidences pertaining to a fight. So the Turner family had no choice but to keep silent and pray that Lyon Wallenstein would someday pay for his sins.

       This lead Edgar to immediately reach a conclusion. If everything was done by Sylvie then the possibility successfully carrying this out was zero. Thus she must have a partner who is working in the background while she herself disguises and collects information.

      Edgar was briefly excited that Sylvie could make such a meticulous plan, her perfection in executing it. Her perfection in seeing that not even a single evidence was found by any expert.

    However, all this led to a different possibility as well. What if everything that happened till now is based on the orders of her partner. Wouldn’t that mean he has an enemy who can rival him and gain, No, already gained Sylvie.

      So he began to plot to trap Sylvie and kill her master. He wasn’t too concerned about Lyon so he simply asked him to bring Sylvie to him after he explained the reason for it. Lyon was furious but he was helpless as well. In front of Edgar he had no choice but to follow his orders so Sylvie was stealthily bought to a remote mansion without raising any suspicion.

      Sylvie’s eyes contracted for just an instant as she heard Edgar however, they couldn’t escape the notice of Edgar. With a laugh he continued, “I know that there is definitely someone behind you so there is no need for you to fool me with empty words.

       I don’t know why you would work for such a person but I will still give you a chance, tell everything you know about him and I guarantee you that you would be safe of all danger.”

         Sylvie mind was frantic, she couldn’t think of ways to escape from this predicament. Before her were two Beginner disciples and an early divine disciple. So she did not want to be rash.

     Suddenly Lyon who kept his silence roared loudly, “I don’t care about you or your master but tell me, where is my daughter?”

         Sylvie maintained her silence as Lyon roared, this only further infuriated Lyon. He couldn’t stand it any longer and immediately charged towards Sylvie.

“You bitch, I will kill you.”

     However, Edgar stopped him with his hand and saw Sylvie. His face which always held a kind and lovely smile suddenly changed. An expression which none can imagine appeared on his face.

     His face twisted, his eyebrows raised, his mouth opened into a savage smile as he looked at Sylvie. With a cold voice he said,

   “Do you know that my father also met my mother in a similar situation. He was intoxicated with her, he fell in love with her and he wanted her. It was to the point that he was willing to do anything for her.

    Fortunately, my mother also liked my father. Thus, they married and after a decade I was born. Do you know what happened next?”

     Edgar twisted his neck and said in a colder voice, “My mother died, no, my father killed my mother. He killed her so that he no longer has to worry about her.

    My father is a great man, he is just like me, an elite of our clan. So he didn’t want to have any weaknesses but my mother was a weakness for him. He was always worried about her and thought of her safety.

           However, he knew that he was becoming weak as the days continued. He knew that one day he would cease to be an elite because he had this weakness inhibiting him. Thus, as soon as I was born. He killed her himself. This way he was free of his weakness.”

  “Sigh!” Edgar sighed loudly.

      “You know, I dreamed that we would be the same. I wanted you to feel the love I have for you and reciprocate it. Then, we would be just like my father and mother. As a woman, your life would be fulfilled since you will have me, a elite male as your mate.

    But, alas. You BITCH, you dare reject me. You dare say that the man behind you is more important than you.”

      Edgar took a step forward, his entire being emanating a killing intent. Sylvie took a step backward. This was an involuntary reaction as her instincts warned her to get away from Edgar.

     Edgar had already lost all of his patience, he no longer held a image of a gentleman. He was no longer even a man, he was a predator and he was ready to prey upon his prey.

     “Do you know? If you had been my woman then I would have given you everything you wanted to acquire but you, you dare reject me.

    Now that you are no longer mine, there is no merit in letting you live. You are still young thus, your powers haven’t matured. However, I want to take no risk so I will kill you before you have any useless ideas like revenge.

      The master about whom you care so deeply about shall die as well. I will use any and all resources available to me to find him and peel him alive.” Edgar said in a dangerous voice.

     “Is that so?” A lazy voice rang out in the room.

      Suddenly Edgar stooped in his tracks and glided back at an extreme speed. Though he didn’t know the power of his enemy, it is never bad to be cautious.

         Riddick stood on the second floor lazily peeling a pomegranate. However, what was terrifying was that his entire body was covered with blood stains.

      The Old guardian stood dumbfounded as he saw Riddick and said involuntarily, “How did you, a mortal get here. Where are the guards?”

    “WHO IS THERE?” He shouted at the top of his lungs.

     Riddick answered as he nonchalantly ate his fruit, “If you are calling the fifty or so Beginner disciples who were outside this mansion.”

    Narrowing his eyes he said, “I had them as a snack.”
         Edgar felt a sort of indescribable terror as he listened to that statement. Even he, a God beast would never think of treating immortals as snacks. However, Lyon and the Old guardian were completely petrified as they heard this because their instincts said that what Riddick was saying was indeed true as they couldn’t sense a single life in the mansion other than their own.

    “Master!” Sylvie exclaimed with joy.

       Riddick smiled lightly before praising her, “There, there, I only asked you to get a purple badge but you also arranged a Gold badge for us. How clever can you get? You Little.”

     Edgar had already understood the situation and was ready to exterminate Riddick when he heard Riddick’s statement.


        Edgar began to laugh thunderously as he heard Riddick. Narrowing his eyes he said, “You motherfucker. How dare you speak so nonchalantly in my presence. I shall slice you into a million pieces and feed you to my dogs.

     You, a mere mortal dare to think you can win against me. IMPUDENCE, TODAY, I SHALL SHOW YOU THE MEANING OF TRUE POWER.”

       Riddick face twisted as he heard Edgar, his eyes which had black pupils suddenly started to glow as an almost incandescent yellow light brewed in their depths.

     A aura so terrifying that it represents the death itself enveloped everyone in it. Simultaneously a deadly voice resounded as Riddick began to emit a faint yellow Qi.



          To think that you, who had only climbed to the rank of Divine disciple dares to talk so grandly. SHUT YOUR BLOODY MOUTH.


     However, I shall thank you. How foolish can you get that you have come to such a isolated place by yourself. At least now I can be certain, no one will interfere our little fight.” Riddick said with a laugh.

          Everyone were already thoroughly terrified as Riddick declared his intentions loudly, as they saw it Riddick as a mere mortal shouldn’t have any power to oppose them but he had. He killed fifty immortals and he dared to challenge a Divine disciple. All this led to one question.

    “What on earth is he?” Lyon muttered weakly.


Book 4 – Chapter 4 The Way to please me

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here. This chapter is sponsored by our generous donor, Ricardo of Netherlands. So guys join me in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig round of applause to thank Ricardo for his generosity.

      Snakes in general have a habit of canabilism. This is a rare trait among all the creatures considering that our instincts tell us to survive and mate with fellow beings of our race. King Cobra, known as one of the most poisonous snakes in the world usually preys on smaller snakes.

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The way to please me :

      Edgar wanted to wait, but he couldn’t. He wanted to show that he had self restraint but he didn’t. He wanted to observe more, find out the tastes of Sylvie and find out the reason for her disguise but he couldn’t, all because he lacked the ability to last any longer.

      Without a moment notice he got up from his seat and directly followed her scent into the inner chambers of the restaurant. The staff of the restaurant were puzzled so was his guardian. The guardian had acted as Edgar’s servant for a long while, he knew many things about Edgar, possibly more than Edgar’s father himself but even he never saw Edgar going into such extreme addiction over a single female.

     The old guardian who also acted as Edgar’s retainer had no way to know about Edgar’s current condition. It was a type of imprint, he a male couldn’t resist a female. He, a Nobel male was afraid that if he didn’t act fast, his female will be stolen by another. This instinct was pushing Edgar away from the realm of logic into the mystic realm of love.

      So Edgar followed behind Sylvie and entered uninvited into the private chamber of Wallenstein family. Their were guards outside but they froze in fear as they saw Edgar, his demeanour held an absolute hair of authority capable of freezing Beginner disciples with fear.

      Sylvie was disguised as Helen Wallenstein, though her art of disguise was not too superior, it wasn’t inferior either. Since she herself was a Beginner disciple, she didn’t feel that she would be seen through by Lyon Wallenstein who was a Beginner disciple himself.

     Armed with the newly bound badge and the already bound badge of Helen Wallenstein. Her disguise was perfect so she had no problems Infiltrating into the Wallenstein family.

      Her orders were to stay silent and obtain information about Lyon. His habits, his behaviour, his ideals, his connections, his flaws everything she can get a hold on. Never underestimate an enemy, this was a principle laid deep in her core. She was a natural predator and she would always follow the laws of jungle instinctively.

       One may think that there is no reason to make such a huge commotion over a single Beginner disciple like Lyon. But, there is a reason. The problem doesn’t lie with Lyon, but lies with his family. “The Wallenstein”

     As long as Riddick wants to have a easy life, he has to keep his hands clean. He can have a purple badge but none should know the origin of that badge. Though he will gain enough power once he gains a badge, that doesn’t mean there are no ways to harm him.

        When there is light, there will always be a shadow. When the rules of Deva palace try to provide safety, there are definitely ways to bypass these rules and there will be the path of darkness. Riddick doesn’t want to get close to such darkness soon, he was still weak and thus, he ordered Sylvie to isolate Lyon and then they can stealthily kill him.

     None can blame them when there is no evidence. Any crime done in the dark will always be the same as the correct thing. There will be no revenge, there will be no law, there will be nothing as long as there is no evidence.

    Lyon didn’t have many flaws but a single flaw is enough, when used decisively a single flaw can eradicate an entire army. This is the true way to strike an enemy, strike upon the weak spot, strike so harshly that he cannot even retaliate. Though Sylvie couldn’t find a particularly strong flaw in Lyon’s character, she did indeed find one which can be used against him, “Greed for position”

        Helen was engaged to Kyle of Cloud piercing sect because Lyon wanted to elevate his position further by getting close to the Young master of the sect who was a gold badge bearer. Though Kyle was only a White badge Bearer, he had a good relationship with the young master of Cloud piercing sect so this engagement would benefit Lyon as long as he gets the attention of the Young master.

         Nothing mattered to him, not even the happiness of his own daughter. His daughter was a tool who can bring fortune when used correctly, this obsession and this greed would eventually lead to his destruction and Sylvie was there waiting for a chance to take advantage of this greed.

     Edgar walking into the private chamber caused considerable confusion but it soon turned into astonishment as the young man was bearing a Gold badge on his magnificent white coat.

      Lyon was decisive, he didn’t know why Edgar had come to him but he knew that he was definitely not here for evil reasons. He was through in his work and never made an enemy as long as he wasn’t certain that he can eventually crush him.

    Thus, he had long since heard of Edgar and his eccentric interests. However, Edgar not only failed to notice Lyon, he didn’t even notice any of the dozen people inside the chamber. All his eyes were on Sylvie, his demeanour didn’t hide anything, it was as if he was publicly announcing. He was there for her and he wanted her.

    Lyon wouldn’t miss such a obvious sign, originally he agreed for the engagement because he wanted to get close to the Gold badge bearer of Cloud piercing sect but now he was excited beyond imagination when he sensed the reason for Edgar’s visit. If this ends successfully, then wouldn’t he have a Gold badge bearer as his son in law.

      Thus he immediately ordered, “Helen, serve Lord Edgar.” Then he turned towards his own family and said in a low voice, “Let’s give them some private space.”

     As everyone left, Edgar took out a red rose from his dimensional space, bowing slightly, he said, “Lady Helen, if that is how you wish to address yourself. I don’t know the reason for your disguise nor do I want to expose you. All I care is to know the true you.

    Can this servant, Edgar Reese have the pleasure of seeing the true you.”

    Sylvie sat as she faced Edgar. The scent of a fellow God beast, Edgar was not the only one who sensed it. Sylvie had also sensed Edgar the moment she passed him, it was new to her, she could immediately tell from his demeanour that Edgar wanted to woo her.

     Usually her response would be immediate rejection but a cruel glint appeared deep in her eyes ever so slightly before vanishing without any hint of its existence.

          Sylvie took the rose out of courtesy and said respectfully, “Lord Edgar, forgive me but I am now unable to reveal my presence to you. This is related to my purpose of Infiltrating into the Wallenstein family.

    As long as my task isn’t completed you will never find my true self before you.”

      Her speech was perfect and held no hidden meanings in it but Edgar Understood everything she had to say. The faster I complete my task, the faster you will have a chance to gain me.

     His eyes displayed a cold light before it was replaced a playful look, bowing his head he said, “I, Edgar, the servant of your love will do everything as per your wish. Everything the Wallenstein family has to offer shall lie at your feet. It will be the first gift, I, Edgar shall present you in my lifetime.”

      Turning around he left without a further word. The old servant was listening attentively so he was about to speak when Edgar interrupted and said, “Ha…ha.. I never thought it would be so easy to please my lady. Find out everything about this Wallenstein family and send a letter to every power in alliance with this family. None shall come to its rescue.”

“Yes, my lord.” The old guardian bowed respectfully.


    “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

         Loud explosions reverberated in a valley followed by the dreadful sounds of a magical beasts. Blood splattered on the ground like rain but the most astonishing thing was the huge number of dried up corpses which decorated the blood smeared grasslands.

       “Who dares to invade my territory?” A thunderous sound rang out and a tiger flew into the air. This valley was the territory of a immortal White winged tiger.

         Riddick was slowly walking through the valley, this valley was a very ordinary valley without any treasures and medical herbs. As such the number of immortals numbered only one or two like the White tiger in the sky.

       None cared about the magical beasts, here in the Forbidden Isle, they were the same as cattle and they were used for various purposes. Only powerful clans of magical beasts or God beasts were feared.

        Riddick gazed upon the White tiger in the sky and sighed inwardly, “Damn, this is so damn hard. I have to do so much work to find a single immortal magical beasts, though there are tens of ninth ranked beasts, the benefit they do to me is almost nothing compared to a single immortal beast.”

     Seeing Riddick nonchalantly walking in the valley, the White winged tiger was enraged beyond imagination. It roared loudly and charged straight towards Riddick. Ordinary magical beasts had no innate abilities so they relied on their power.

      Riddick lifted his head and saw the approaching White tiger. With a wave of his hand, Yama who was like a whip twisted into a sledgehammer.


     The soleus muscle in Riddick’s calf contracted fiercely and he jumped to meet the approaching tiger.

      The tiger was already startled by the sudden appearance of the sledge hammer but it face became pale as it saw the explosive power contained within it. So it instanly stopped in his tracks and pleaded,

“Mercy, my lord. I was arrogant just now.”

       However, it’s fate was sealed the second it entered into Riddick’s range. The handle on the sledge hammer extended like a rope and a thunderous explosion rang out as the guts of the White tiger splatted on the ground the instant the hammer struck it.

       Sitting on the ground, Riddick roasted a piece of magical beast meat and thought aloud, “Its been a week since Sylvie left. I wonder how long I have to stay here.”

      “According to the my calculation, you have to still absorb at least another forty immortal beasts to let you enter into the ninth rank.” Void answered after a quick calculation.

        Riddick was in the nearby mountain range finding and slaughtering any immortal beast he could find but to avoid danger, he was only targeting single immortal beast and stayed far away form magical beast clans.

     Also it was exactly at this time, Edgar found Sylvie in the restaurant.

    Suddenly a voice reverberated in Riddick’s mind, “Master, a Gold badge bearer is trying to woo me.”

    Riddick almost laughed loudly as he heard Sylvie, “Ha…ha.. That bitch, Helen is very popular. Did she have a relationship with this guy as well?”

       Sylvie answered seriously, “No, this is our first meeting but this guy didn’t come here for Helen but for me.”

    Riddick was startled as he heard this, “Did he see through your disguise?”

  “No, he didn’t. This is just a hunch but this guy, he is very similar to me. No, he belongs to my race and he is most probably a male serpentine God beast.” Sylvie answered casually.

               “Huh!” Riddick muttered dumbfounded and continued, “And, what did you do?”

     “Me, I showed him a way a please me.” Sylvie laughed slyly and continued, “I think you have to come back soon. This guy is too rash so he should be done soon.”

        Riddick didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he heard Sylvie then suddenly he remembered the statement he heard from Void, “Female serpentine God beasts will be very beautiful and they will also be very cunning. So its good that you found her when she is still an egg.

       I will however warn you, never trust a female who already has a male. She will definitely lead you to your demise.”


Book 4 – Chapter 3 I want her

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here. This chapter is sponsored by our very own generous donor, Alexander of  Germany. So guys join me in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig round of applause to thank Alexander for his generosity.

       This chapter in a sense actually contains certain spoilers so I BEG you guys, don’t think aloud. I don’t think many of you guys will imagine the scenario I imagined but just as a safety measure I don’t want you guys to think aloud to ruin others fun. Thank you.





I Want her :

         Riddick wanted to revive Void a long time ago but he was incapable of doing so. Though he had taken back his own soul world from the control of Cesar, it didn’t change the fact that he had lost control over his soul world for a long time. His present soul world was completely different from his past soul world. Thus he was unable to maintain a stable connection with it and in such a situation, it was foolish attempt to try to reestablish a connection with a different soul.

       Yama had thus suggested Riddick to delay the revival of Void by three months, during these three months, Riddick had regained his control tremendously and by using the Hell devour technique constantly his soul was also nurtured along with his body.

     Hell Devour is a powerful devils path technique but the Thousand Hell prison is originally a protective soul barrier technique and thus, when the Hell devour increased in power so did Riddick’s soul defence.

      Riddick stood inside a formation set up by Yama, the amount of concentration required to reestablish a soul connection was immense but the actual procedure was too simple. All he needed to do was to probe the link of the previous soul connection and wait for the result.

        The chances of success in this kind of reestablishment mainly depended on the power of the other side and usually any being without a powerful soul can never sense such a small probing. But, who was on the other side, he was Void.


     Deep in a black blank space, Void was in his slumber. He was originally frantic about Riddick but that franticness soon turned into amusement as he saw the recent adventures of Riddick. Now that the soul link was destroyed, he no longer had a way to contact Riddick but that didn’t mean he had no way to know the situation.

        His mind was alert even though his body slept, he was waiting for the small probe. Suddenly a voice resounded in that blank space, “Father, You are leaving again?”

     Void slightly opened his eyes and said, “Indeed I am, little fire.”

              “Humph! What is so good about that kid? He is nothing in front of me? I know that you are impartial to all of us but still I feel that you treat that kid with much more importance than us, your sons.” The voice continued slowly.

     “Ha…ha… Little fire, did anyone ever tell you that you have too little vision. It is not a matter of talent, it is the matter of the vision. A soul with a king’s vision will always become a king even if he is born in the family of peasants.

       Don’t even think that Riddick is lucky to have a king’s soul. A king’s soul can never be obtained by luck, it can only be obtained by vision. Do you know what is the best way to describe a true king?”

“No…… I don’t know, father.” The voice continued in meek voice.

“The best way to describe a true king is a word, “Fool”. Can you dream of conquering the heavens if your mind works on the logic of the world, can you be greedy enough to want anything and everything the world has to offer you. Can you dream of something foolish like, “The strongest under the heavens.”

      You may think that these are Indeed the qualities of a child, a foolish child yes, they are. But, there is one other person who shares the same vision, A king. These are the qualities every being is born with, we are all given the same instincts. Dream big. But, the restrictions of the society locks our potential.

      We lock our own potential and the one who unlocks his potential becomes a king while the others become his subjects. So don’t think badly about Riddick. The trails he has to undergo before reaching us are too many and all we can do is to help him with our meagre power.”

    The voice stayed silent for a while, and finally it said, “I understand father, but, I am not a person who will bow to anyone. If he wants to gain my respect then he has to show me, that he is worthy of me. I, little Fire can not be conquered by an individual who cannot even rival a millionth of my stubbornness. Humph!” The small voice proclaimed proudly.

        “Don’t worry. Even if I am your father. It doesn’t mean that I have the right to control your thoughts. I will leave the decision to you and your brothers alone. Ahh! It looks like the time has finally come.”

        Void moved his his eyeballs towards a nonexistent crack and let out a breath, the world trembled and the nonexistent crack became a large tunnel. The small soul link which was present in the Crimson black soul world also trembled slightly before an astonishing force broke it open like a cardboard box.

        Riddick who was deep in his meditation also felt it, a pop sound resounded in his sea of consciousness followed by a familiar voice which resounded in his mind.

“Looks like you have been doing well, Riddick.”

“Void”, Riddick shouted in joy.

“Void”, Yama greeted Void at the same time as well.

        “Heh! You have already reached the peak of ninth stage as a mage and the mid eighth stage as a warrior. Good, good, you did well. Haha… Soon, you will reach the immortal level.”

      “I know”, Riddick said and continued, ” I am sorry to cause you so much trouble. I promise that this won’t happen again.”

     Void laughed loudly and said, “No trouble ever again, who are you fooling kid? Didn’t you just brew enough trouble already just as you entered the Deva palace.”

     Riddick chuckled lightly and said, “I don’t really think I would be forced into the same situation by some unknown beginner disciple especially after I know the level of the Deva class experts.”

     “Forget it kid, I don’t know how powerful that Lyon guy is but it is good to make necessary preparations. Originally you had no way of gaining strength so soon but since you have acquired the second black mass and created a devouring technique. You should now be able to progress at an astonishing speed. All you need is fodder i.e Immortals.” Void said calmly.

     Suddenly Riddick was startled, the black masses of his soul world. This was something none knew about but Void mentioned them so he was curious about the origin and the reason for their existence.

    Suddenly Void continued, “I know that you want to know more about the black masses but even I have no idea regarding the reason for their existence.

      But, I can tell you one thing. They are all lost fragments of soul. So they all contain something. The answer for all your questions lie in the those black masses. You will understand everything when the time comes.”

      Suddenly Riddick was reminded of the statement he had heard a long time ago from Vera. He had originally wanted to extract the truth from Void but he never could.

     Void always told him that the answer was always within him and he would be able to comprehend the answer when the time comes. This now made sense as the answer to all of his questions existed in the black masses itself.

       Riddick was quite because he now understood the reason why Vera nor Void can not tell him the truth. They can’t tell him because they can’t. The truth can be comprehended in many ways and they both have no right to make a comprehension for him.
       Void who had been silent finally chuckled lightly and said, “So how long would you think it would take for Sylvie to isolate Lyon.”

          Riddick came out of his daze and said, “The filial relationship between Helen and Lyon is not particularly strong nor is it particularly weak. As far as I can guess this Lyon seems to be a type of father who demands his daughter to follow his rules.

     Else I see no reason why he would be so ignore his daughter’s opinion and arrange a different man for her. Though he is a problematic person to deal with, contrarily, it is also easy to Fool him.”

    Void sighed and said, “In any case, you are too weak to contend against him. I know that you have improved tremendously in this past month but this is no where near enough. At least you have to enter the ninth stage as a warrior, if you want to have a chance against Lyon.

       The power of your current body is very good but remember, this is not the base power of your body. The higher the base power, the higher the effect of the yellow dragon Qi will be. So we have to let you enter the ninth rank soon.”

      Riddick sighed as he heard Void and said, “I understand your opinion but think about it, I had to kill about a hundred Beginner disciples to gain a third of a eighth rank. Even after killing all those immortals, I only advanced from the early stage to the mid stage of eighth rank.

   If I consider the limit of eighth rank and the breakthrough point I would need at least another two hundred and fifty immortals. I want to stay silent for a while but if I do something so flashy wouldn’t I attract all the attention.”

       Void only laughed and said, “Indeed, that is definitely possible but who said that you have to kill immortals, can’t you kill magical beasts.”

      Riddick was dumbfounded but his expression soon turned into a gleeful smile as he thought of the new possibility.

     What Riddick didn’t know was that though the Devouring techniques were very rare, still most powerful of demon clans held such techniques. However, a technique which can devour a mage force and Qi alike is a terrifying technique but the Hell devour is not a terrifying technique, it is a technique which shatters the heavens and rewrites the laws.

     All techniques follow a law, a little bit of dao a demon way expert gained insight into. This dao is the usually based on the devour aspect of an element and will form into a technique which will have a devouring power.

     Devour anything and everything. This is the absoluteness of Hell devour technique. That is the reason why this technique will later be defined as the Emperor of all demon laws.


         Inside a magnificent restaurant, a man was enjoying the highest quality cuisine with a blissful expression on his face. Suddenly he would exclaim aloud  or ask the chef who was right beside him about the recipe.

     Usually this kind of behaviour would result in getting thrown out of the restaurant but the people inside, along with the staff and the chef were sweating profusely as they saw the handsome man with with golden blonde hair enjoy his dishes. A golden badge was pinned on his white tailcoat suit and it perfectly matched his golden hair giving an image of an extraordinarily handsome man.

     Suddenly the man who was enjoying his cuisine stopped and turned towards a certain direction. The man standing guard beside the young man saw the interest of the young man and quietly whispered,

             “My lord, they belong to the Wallenstein family and the highest ranking badge they possess is a purple badge. Shall I order them to pay their respects my lord.”

     The young man narrowed his eyes and said, “Who is that young lady behind the purple badge?”

    The man again responded perfectly, “My lord, she is Helen Wallenstein daughter of Lyon Wallenstein. She is engaged to the Lord Kyle of Cloud piercing sect. The rumours regarding her include……”

“Then why does she have a scent of a female God beast.” The young man interrupted.

“My lord….. I don’t know. Let me confirm immediately.”

“Stop, I don’t know why she is pretending to be a human but if she wants to pretend then let her.

     To think I would meet someone so interesting here in the Deva palace. Humph! I have met many female God beasts but none can match her charm, I don’t know who she is but her scent itself is intoxicating for me. To think, I, Edgar, will be intoxicated by a female so much. So this is called fate.

   My father often spoke that he was a hard man to please but that was until he met my mother. Haaa…… He told me about the intoxication of the pheromones, but to think a single female of my serpentine family can control me so much from such a distance.

      I want her, I want her at any cost. No woman I ever met can reach her knees, she has to be mine. Find out everything about her, if she is in a position of danger, Kill that Lyon. You said she is engaged right, send a letter to the Cloud piercing sect with my stamp, leave her alone. She is mine….. She will be mine…. Prepare a good scenario, I will meet her at a perfect time.

    The first meeting is very important, I will make her fall to me…. Ha.. Ha…. Soon I will get married….hehe…” The young man known as Edgar continued on his fantasies.

   The old guardian only smiled lightly as he saw his young master’s excitement and said, “Understood, young master.”

Book 4 – Chapter 2 It’s Time

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It’s Time :

    Riddick mused loudly, “Now, what should I do about this bitch?”

             Helen sat petrified on spot as she heard Riddick, she was still a practical person and didn’t believe that he would spare her on some ideal principles like kindness. So as soon as Riddick mused aloud she almost crawled towards him.

       Helen didn’t want to die, even if she had to lose everything, she didn’t want to die. Death, what is death? There is nothing after death, it is the true abyss of any life. She watched in horror as her beloved Clay died like a bug as the mighty black blade in Riddick’s hands pierced him easily, but, it didn’t cause any emotions of revenge to manifest in her heart.

       All that was left in her heart was fear, fear that she would die the same way, she instinctively understood that should would die the moment Riddick had no more use of her.

        So she crawled towards Riddick and wanted to beg for mercy but a severe kick knocked her back. Steadying herself she saw Sylvie standing before her with a dangerous expression.

    “Don’t you dare shake your ass in front of my master, woman. The only reason you are still alive is because my master still hasn’t decided your fate.” Sylvie snarled angrily.

       Riddick only smiled lightly before patting Sylvie’s shoulders and said, “That’s enough Sylvie, I will deal with her now so stay back.”

      Riddick face which was filled with smiles suddenly turned cold as he glanced at Helen.

    “Let me ask you a question, Bearer of a White badge, Helen Wallenstein. Do you wish to live no matter what?” Riddick asked casually.

       It was just a simple sentence but it had a very profound meaning hidden within it and this sentence explained Helen a lot of things. Riddick was hinting her that her life wouldn’t be the same if she accepts his offer but he had also hinted that she wouldn’t live at all if she didn’t agree.

       What was pride, some say that pride is the only form of prestige one can truly maintain through one’s actions. Others say that it is the most difficult thing to maintain. However, everyone say that the same thing, one should never lose their pride.

           Helen was a coward, she knew that once she accepts Riddick’s offer, she would no longer have any pride. She would be a doll moving under the control of his strings, she would cease to be a proud daughter of Wallenstein family. But, what if she didn’t throw her pride aside, she would die, she would die a dog’s death.

       Let her family hate her, let the society ridicule her, but she would still prioritise her life above others and above her own pride so she decided on her choice in a single instant. As soon as Riddick made his offer, she bowed her head and showed her acceptance.

      Riddick smiled lightly before stroking his chin and said, “Good, good. Now that you have made up your mind. There is no need to bow to me, come here.” With a wave of his hand, Riddick probed her near him.

     Riddick had a very friendly expression on his face, he entire being emanated a warm feeling that would bring warmth to any and all who see him. However, all that Helen felt was dread, she couldn’t understand it herself but her instincts screamed her to stop as she moved her legs.

        Though she was not a very powerful figure among her clan, she was still someone who was considered a genius among the Wallenstein family and had thus experienced various aspects of life and even had the chance to meet their ancestor, a deva.

       Yet, she thought that Riddick was much scarier than her own ancestor. Riddick face was like a mirror, she couldn’t understand what was inside it and could only gaze upon the reflection reflected on it.

      As she came near, Riddick smiled lightly while taking off her badge and said, “Remember, I am only following your wishes. Since you wanted to live no matter what, I won’t kill you, but that does not necessarily mean that I will grant you your freedom.”


         A small whisper escaped his lips and a strong force sucked the unassuming Helen along with Riddick, Sylvie and the tangled corpse of the Clay into the Yamaloka.

       The original garden filled with blood and the tangled corpse returned to its previous state of serenity and no evidence pertaining to a battle was left behind. All that was left was a small black needle which was bundled together with several dried up grasses in one corner of the garden.

     Inside the Yamaloka, Helen looked around in confusion, she could not understand what was happening at all. Before her stood Riddick, Sylvie, another man and a bull!

    “What is this place?” Helen managed to stutter.

     “My private playground” Yama bellowed.

     “What do you mean? Where are we? Is this even Forbidden Isle?” Helen asked in a terrified voice as she gazed at the skies which were now in a purple hue.

  “No, this is not Forbidden Isle, nor is this place in the material plane of Asgard.” Riddick answered casually.

        Helen was dumbfounded as she heard this but her gaze suddenly became all the more terrified as she understood the meaning behind those words.

       A different plane, the only people who can transverse between planes freely were people of strength so tremendous that it was unimaginable. And, Riddick had just transported her into a different plane. Helen was terrified, she did not understand why she had to suffer, what did she do to suffer so much.

        But, the answer came to her immediately. She was the one who changed her fate, she was the one who followed the sinful path of lust, she was the one who tried to kill Riddick and now she was the one who was suffering the consequences of her own actions.

   “Who are you people? What do you want from me?” Helen shouted angrily, she had already given up on living.

         She had understood that it was useless to act dumb the very instant that she was bought to a different dimension. Helen originally wanted to escape when she stumbled upon a chance so she acted dumb but now she was nothing more than a prisoner in an unbreakable prison.

          Riddick smiled lightly and thought, “Looks like she didn’t expect that I had a way to contain her. Humph! No matter how dumb and cowardly she acts, I would never let her roam free as long as I have no way to control her actions beyond my reach.”

    So Riddick answered, “Nothing much, I just want a bit of inside Information regarding pretty much everything you know about.”

         The next few hours were spent thoroughly questioning Helen. She had no way to fool anyone as long as she was within Yamaloka, so she had left with no choice but to speak truth. Everything she knew about the Deva palace, The Wallenstein family, The Turner family and the Cloud piercing sect was extracted from her in a very systemic manner.

      Riddick was immensely satisfied with this, what he truly lacked was information and Helen was like a golden duck who laid before him the true facts regarding everything he wanted to know rather than the manipulated facts in the books.

        Cesar who was observing Riddick interrogate Helen nodded his head in approval. He had long since given up on resistance and was now wholeheartedly focussed on reviving Edward as well as making himself a new body.

      Riddick had kept his side of agreement and was constantly delivering samples for his experiments, the recent batch being a dozen or so immortals. Also he was beginning to understand the mechanism of the Hell devour technique more and more by studying the dried up corpses Riddick collected for him. So Cesar was more than happy to stay inside the Yamaloka.


       Two days passed by. To prevent anyone from finding him just like Alex. Riddick decided to spend the upcoming days in the Yamaloka but Sylvie had left the same day he acquired the necessary information from Helen.

    That day, Riddick sat in a spacious lounge along with Sylvie and Cesar. Yama had transported Helen to her very own private lodgings. For some unknown reason Yama was quite hyped as he made lodgings for her.

       Gazing at the two White badges in his hands, Riddick smiled slyly before be turned around and gave them to Sylvie.

      “Sylvie take these badges and bind the unclaimed badge with your blood.”

      Sylvie only chuckled lightly as she saw those badges, she had been quire mystified by those badges for a long time so she excitedly took the badges and bound Clay’s badge with her blood.

        Riddick laid his arm on Sylvie shoulders as both of them observed the badges, it was quite a pleasant scene and  was very common in their lives. Gazing at the remaining White badge Riddick asked quietly, “What do you think I want to do with this badge Sylvie?”

     Sylvie snuggled closer into his bosom and said, “You want the purple badge behind this White badge, isn’t it master?”

       Riddick laughed loudly and said, “Ho.. You have become quite preceptive recently. I am proud of you.”

        “Don’t make fun of me master, your intentions were quite obvious from the very beginning. If you truly wanted a White badge, that bitch would have been long dead.

      However, this can be considered as greed and you have already suffered much due to greed, won’t you change your mind, master.”

          Riddick laughed lightly before he thought back about the past six months and said, “Indeed, I suffered much due to my greed but look at what I have obtained. I have become strong, strong enough to protect you and myself all due to my greed.

       However, don’t be mistaken. Though this can still be considered as greed, I am no longer the same Riddick. If I have to obtain something, then I will obtain it but without dirtying my hands.

      No matter who that Lyon ( Helen’s father ) is, he currently has no way to link the issue regarding the disappearance of  Clay with us. So this gives us an immense advantage.

        He is blind and he will always be blind. He shall walk into our trap and all we have to do is to harvest our crop. Humph! There is a law preventing interruption in duel between Badge bearers but there is no law preventing a coincidental accident which completely gives me a complete advantage.”

       Sylvie only nodded her head in approval, she had originally wanted to prevent such incidences but now she no longer felt the need. Even if a Divine disciples comes after them, Riddick had enough ways to escape unscathed.

    Thus, Sylvie was sent away along with the two badges. Those badges will be the starting point of everything which will shake the Deva palace.

       Currently Riddick, who was relaxing on a couch rose and thought aloud, “Well, it is good to be confident but it is better to be cautious. I have thought about a way but there may still be blind spots in my strategy. Fortunately, the time has arrived. Isn’t it Yama?”

     Yama manifested before Riddick and said, “Indeed, your majesty.”



Book 4 – Chapter 1 – Helen and Clay

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Helen and Clay :

               Inside the gardens of the Deva palace, on a lone bench in a almost invisible location due to dense foliage Riddick was sitting while reading a book. Beside him, Sylvie by herself was actually training silently. It has been a month since Riddick arrived at the Deva palace.

     In the past month, Riddick did all he could to avoid letting the information about him reach others. He had already been warned about the ill intent the disciples of Forbidden Isle had towards the disciples of Sky continent so he was not keen to expose himself.

     The Deva palace was too enormous and it had literally tens of hundreds of thousands of immortals inside it. Why would someone care about him, a mere mortal mage of ninth rank unless of course, he himself did something to announce his presence.

        The past month was completely spent in adjusting and gathering intelligence regarding the Forbidden Isle as well as about the Deva palace. The Old Madam did tell him quite a bit but, it was no where near enough to survive unscathed in the deadly place known as Deva palace.

       When the Old Madam said that the White badge is the lowest, Riddick had hoped to meet one of them in a untimely situation and silently acquire one. However, the situation in the Deva palace completely astounded him. A mere White badge has hundreds to thousands of followers and a purple badge bearers are like kings. The Gold badge are considered heaven shattering geniuses and the Crimson and the Black badge are considered legends.

      So Riddick went back to his previous plan, stay silent and stay away from the eyes of others. His daily schedule included training in the small training room he rented in the Deva palace and spend the remaining time gathering all the information he could by borrowing books from the library.

    That day was the same as many others, to avoid the suffocating feeling, sometimes, no, multiple times a week, Sylvie would pull him out of his room and they would reach the Grand gardens to have a bit of fresh air.

      He would have preferred to enjoy his life a bit more in this same fashion but currently he was smiling awkwardly as Sylvie was repeatedly asking him to check upon the origin of the sounds which had started a minute ago.

“Noooo….. Clay…. Don’t. What if anyone sees us and inform my lord father?” A female moaned slightly.

“Haha…. Don’t worry. Do you think there is anyone bold enough to peep on us. If I find do anyone, I, Clay guarantee you that I would use any means possible to get rid of all evidence. So you need not worry my love.”, A male voice proudly announced.

      “But, my lord father already decided upon my marriage and also engaged me to Lord Kyle. If anyone was to find me here then my father wouldn’t hesitate to kill both of us with his own hands to cleanse the shame on his family.”, the woman still said as she moaned.

       “Humph! Kyle, he is nothing but a pipsqueak who rides on his own father’s fame. Can he satisfy you like me. Take this….”, the male groaned as he strongly moved his hips.

      “Yes….. That’s it. Do me harder…. He, Kyle definitely can’t compare to you… Clay, you are the best……ha…ha….ha.”, the woman moaned loudly as her body twisted in pleasure and her legs intertwined around Clay’s waist.

        The woman was Helen, her father was a purple badged clan member of the powerful family, “Wallenstein”. After being engaged with Lord Kyle of the, “Cloud piercing sect”, she had initially wanted to cut off her relationship with Clay Turner of “Turner”, family. But, fate was very cruel, why did she had to stumble upon Clay with whom she had a long relationship of five years in a secluded spot of the garden.

      He was furious and she couldn’t stop him, although they were both white ranked badge bearers, it was not a matter of strength but it was of resistance. Clay was big, muscular and powerful, she, who had been in his arms for so long couldn’t resist any longer and gave in to the sinful pleasure.

       She talked of being found out because she was nervous but even she didn’t think that they would ever be found out. Even if someone did find out, who were they? They were the bearers of white badges, unless a purple badge stumbles upon their love, anyone who shall open the Pandora’s box of her sinful pleasure shall die.

        Her head moving with pleasure in accordance with the strong strokes suddenly turned white in fear as she caught the sight of two people seeing them attentively. The male had an apologetic expression while the female who had enough beauty to rival a goddess was staring at them like she was observing the copulation of dogs.

“Noooooo…….. Claaaaay.”, A loud shout rang out in the silent garden filled with low moans.
     Clay, who was furiously moving his waist lifted his head and following the line of sight of the Helen. Then he saw them, Riddick and Sylvie.

       His brow contracted slightly as he felt that it was a nuisance to kill them, he never considered Riddick and Sylvie were a threat to him. How can a ninth ranked mage and a new bee immortal threaten him, a White badge bearer. Even if they did, there was Helen, together they can kill both of them like ants.

      His body suddenly moved and instantly a blade struck Riddick, however, Riddick was already alert so he had easily evaded the strike. Though, his current strength may not rival a White badge bearer, with the strong body and the yellow dragon Qi granted by the Lightning dragon, he can at least rival an ordinary immortal just in the terms of his strength and with the addition of his already powerful senses and reflexes, he was essentially a monster whose reflexes had long since surpassed the beginner disciple level.

    Clay who wanted to kill Riddick in one strike was started as his blade only struck air. With explosive burst, he started a thrusting motion without a split second delay after the first slash showing his dexterity and experience as a warrior.


       A loud shout rang out as Sylvie kicked the raised blade and knocked both the blade and Clay by three metres.

     Clay who was astonished by the power of Sylvie strike couldn’t help but snarl, “Who on earth are you woman?”

       Riddick who saw the White badge on Clay’s chest couldn’t help but think, “To think that the guy who is fucking someone’s wife in the shade of a tree is a White badge bearer.”

     So Riddick put up his hands and said, “Friend, I know that we have intruded on your private space but believe me, it was unintended. I hold no grudge against you and I swear on my pride that I will tell no other soul of this incident. So give me some face and let us leave, we have no intention of fighting you.”

       Clay was irritated but he already imagined that it would come to this so he thought, “As soon as he sees my badge, he announces neutrality. Does he think I am a fool, if I let him get away then I would give him a huge bargaining chip. Though he is only a mortal, he must be a spy with some special techniques else I see no way in which he can escape my blade.

       That woman should be his partner as well as his protector. A spy unit making an offer, in your dreams kid.”

     Suddenly Clay’s face twisted as he roared, “In your dreams kid, Do you really think you can escape from here alive. As long as you live, I won’t sleep peacefully.”

    Clay and Helen had imagined, No, they thought confirmedly that Riddick as a disciple of the Deva palace should be aware of their situation. Both of them were fairly popular in the White badge circle because of the recent scandal regarding their past love affairs but how can they know that Riddick had arrived only a month ago to the Deva palace.

       “Helen”, Clay roared as he lifted his sword.

       Helen had been long since ready for a fight, she was a practical person so she would never be bothered with something like pride of the Senior and shit. She could see that the opponent was weaker than them and no matter how she reviewed Riddick and Sylvie, she found no abnormalities which can destroy her plans.

      Like a spring she leaped into the air and like a pair of tigers both of them pounced on Riddick. Destroy a enemy to isolate his partner, this is a given in their situation. As they saw it, Riddick as a non immortal should be most probably a mage who specialises in support so they would eliminate him first.

    Suddenly a pair of eyes stabbed their instincts like a spear, Sylvie who had been alert all along turned on her deadly aura and bent her legs in anticipation. No matter how one sees her, she was like a mad beast waiting for her prey.

“Not good.”, Helen’s face changed as she was assaulted by the pressure, she instinctively stopped in her tracks as she understood that she had provoked an opponent she shouldn’t dare to.

     Clay was already nearing Riddick and he wasn’t too concerned about Sylvie, so what if she has enough power to rival them. As far as he was considered, after killing Riddick, both he and Helen can take care of her with ease.

       Riddick who watched Clay approaching him only smiled lightly but that smile had a mysteriously dangerous aura hidden within it. With a cold voice he said, “I gave you a chance to save your life and yet, you waste it. No wonder this world has only so many rulers because they, “Fools win in majority.”

       And, thus a aura started to emanate for the first time from Riddick. It was complex, it was compressed, it was precise and it was like a knife. He was like a killer waiting for his target, Clay was like a cow in a slaughter house. No resistance was accepted, his aura was no where at a level where it can match Riddick.

     The intense killing intent stunned him like an electric spark. He wanted to resist but he couldn’t, he wanted to move but he couldn’t, he saw the reaper of death move slowly like a feather in the sky, he saw Yama changing his form into a giant blade, he saw Riddick’s still smiling face as his hand held Yama. He heard the panicked shout of Helen, he heard the intense heart beats of his heart, he reviewed his entire life in just a split second.

    They saw that the moment of death is the moment, you evolve like a butterfly but the condition is, you have to survive it first. However, Clay was not at all lucky, Yama didn’t stop nor did Riddick, it pierced his heart like a tofu and embedded itself into the earth.

      The trembling in Helen’s legs stopped so did the deathly aura, even if someone with very high senses sensed the aura, they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint Riddick because the time he activated it was less than a split second and in that second all that was left was Helen on her butt, a bloodied ground, a tangled corpse and a shinning White badge.

     Lifting the White badge off the ground Riddick held Yama with his remaining hand, instanly a force activated and the Bloodied corpse of Clay became a dried mass of flesh.

        This instanly frightened Helen to the point that she no longer thought of escaping. Her future was already in Riddick’s hands and now she was all the more certain that an opponent with a devouring technique is someone who can definitely be considered as a young master of a very powerful demon clan.

    Against an opponent at his level, she was nothing but a bug. He had enough power to instakill a White badge bearer like Clay and he most probably had a background so profound that he didn’t care about the consequences.

    As Riddick pleasantly felt the flow of Qi gathering in his dantian, he smiled lightly before opening his eyes and gazing at Helen who was on her butt.

    With a cold smile he mused aloud, “Now, what should I do about this bitch?”

Book 3 – Chapter 25 The Ruling System

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The Ruling System :

       Riddick stood before the Old madam, He knew that the woman before him was an elder of the deva palace and was also the one overseeing the entire Sky continent. According to Arthur, so powerful were her prowess that simply her name was preventing the devas of the Forbidden Isle from leading their forces to the Sky continent.

          Riddick was respectful and cautious as he stood before her, he even left Sylvie outside as he entered into her abode. He knew very well from the descriptions of Arthur that this Old Madam was an existence who was entirely on a different realm compared to other devas.

     However, the madam herself was very kind and had an elderly aura in her actions. As soon as Riddick entered into her residence she put aside her book and began to inspect him carefully.

      With a smile on her face, she asked calmly, “So you are called Riddick. I was curious about you for a while since I saw you in the celestial sect. Now that I see you, my curiosity is further piqued. You have a devour technique which steals the cultivation of others, right?”

      Riddick froze as he heard this, he didn’t except someone other than him to know the mechanism of his technique.

     But, he still spoke with extreme respect, “Indeed, this junior has a humble technique. I call it Hell devour.”

       Old madam began to laugh slightly as she heard Riddick and said, “You are quite humble but is your technique really so small. You were an early eighth rank warrior when you entered the Celestial sect but after absorbing the Qi of the less than a hundred immortals, you have actually managed to reach the middle stage of eighth rank.

         This kind of speed is too monstrous and I hardly think there are any techniques which can rival yours. As far as I can guess, your technique a omnipotent devour skill capable of devouring warriors and mages alike, isn’t it?”

      Riddick stood dumbfounded as he heard this. This was something he had long since decided to keep a secret from everyone and yet, this madam was saying everything like she had seen through everything that is there to know about Hell devour.

        The Hell devour technique is a very monstrous technique not just because of its speed but also because of its flexibility. It can absorb Qi and elemental essence alike so as long as one has Hell devour in their arsenal, they can improve themselves both as a warrior and mage ranks simply by engaging in constant slaughter.

      Thus, Hell devour is a devastating balance breaker in the world of devil path cultivators. Cesar had long since warned Riddick regarding the world of cultivators, what all experts value are not treasured but the ways to improve themselves. Imagine what would happen when the word of Hell devour gets out, it would be utter catastrophe for him, so Riddick wanted none to know about it including Sylvie, Sebastian and Arthur.

         Seeing the dumbfounded gaze of Riddick, the old madam only smiled lightly and said, “Truthfully even I would have been tempted to acquire this technique of yours but looks like that isn’t possible.”

     Looking at Riddick she mused, “A technique which requires a fundamental change in the nature of the soul. Usually someone at my level can see through a soul of a mortal like you but no matter how I probe, I can find nothing inside your soul world. Interesting… You have a very interesting soul.”

      Turning her head towards the door she said in loud voice, “You can come inside girl.”

         Sylvie who had stayed outside as she didn’t want to be an interruption silently stepped through the door into the residence.

       With a wave of her hand the old madam ordered both Riddick and Sylvie to follow her inside the hut. The hut was very poorly constructed but Riddick never dared to imagine that it was a normal hut as it belonged to the Old Madam. However, as soon as he stepped inside even with his presumption, he couldn’t help but stare with an open mouth because what greeted him was not the interior of the hut but a castle so huge that it he couldn’t estimate it’s dimensions.

           Seeing the reaction of Riddick, the old madam only smiled lightly before saying, “Welcome to the Deva palace.”

        Riddick was thunderstruck as he heard this. Deva palace. When did they….. No, how did they even reach this place which should obviously be on the Forbidden Isle.

       The old madam only walked further so Riddick followed her along with Sylvie. She walked quietly while both Sylvie and Riddick couldn’t help but stare at the magnificence of the Deva palace.

       The Deva palace was huge, its architecture and magnificence can definitely not be matched with anything on the entire material plane of Asgard. It was so large that it could encapsulate hundreds of Celestial sects within it and it had so many experts that a small part of them would be enough to wipe out the entire Sky continent.

      After walking for more than two hours, the old madam stopped in front of a door.

   “This is actually a suite given to me by an old friend but you may use it. Remember, the deva palace will not be kind to you so you have to be careful, come inside, I will tell you more about the deva palace.”, The old madam spoke seriously and walked through the door.

      The interior of the suite was unexpectedly not too lavish. It only had the minimum required furniture and a  wooden dining table in the common room while there were three more rooms which can be used for other purposes.

       Later, Riddick sat in front of the old madam as Sylvie continued to check the entire suite.

       The old madam also sat silently for a long while before she sighed and said, “Riddick, I won’t lie to you, all the disciples who have ever come to the deva palace from the Sky continent are dead or rather they were killed brutally by the system of the deva palace.

        The Forbidden Isle doesn’t have any rulers, there are no empires nor any kingdoms. All that is there in the forbidden Isle is ruled by the powerful sects and various ancient families however, unofficially, the deva palace rules them all.

      These sects and families are very powerful and their combined power is actually much larger than the Deva palace itself so this raises a question, Why did they allow the Deva palace to rule them all in the first place?

            The Deva palace was established forty millennia ago by the victors of the Great war that happened in the entirety of the Forbidden Isle, that was also the time when this material plane saw the cruelty of the war. Forbidden Isle, Sky continent  and even Asgard, nothing was left out, millions died everyday until the war ended and three devas belonging to three great families made an alliance and won the battle against all others.

       That was the day, they established the Deva palace and imposed a rule on all the powers of the Forbidden Isle. However, they knew that the lost strength will always be retrieved and their enemies who were now like injured snake will strike back as soon as they gain enough strength. This will inevitably lead to an another war.

        So to prevent this, they established a system where everything will be decided on strength. Not of the devas or the ancestors but by the younger generations of their families. When the fights are between youngsters, the damages will also be smaller, there will never be a case where millions would die.

         The Deva palace will be the free ground of all beginner disciples below the age of 50 years and all divine disciples below the age of 150 years. Only these immortals will be allowed into the Deva palace and they will fight for their families and sects until they have to graduate.

       The power bestowed by the Deva palace on the sects lies in a single badge. This badge will be blood bound and can only be acquired after the wearer dies or voluntarily removes it himself.

    There are a total of five types of badges. White, Purple, Gold, Crimson, Black. At any time the number of these badges will be fixed and the rule states that any bearer of the badge shall not leave the palace for more than a year. These badges cannot be replicated nor can they be destroyed.

   The number of these badges are as follows,
White – 10000
Purple – 1000
Gold – 100
Crimson – 10
Black – 3

     However, to ensure that these badges are not used incorrectly, the Deva palace has laid down some iron rules. Any person who is proven guilty of broken these rules will be revoked of his rights to bear any badge permanently.

The rules are :

1) The bearer of a badge can never fight another badge bearer below two ranks i.e a Gold badge bearer cannot fight a white badge bearer but a purple badge bearer can.

2) A person can not receive any help in a fight for the badge.

3) All sects and families are prevented to help the badge bearers and their other clan members directly.

4) No person shall be denied of his right to fight for a badge.

5) No person will be forced to reveal his badge.

6) All badge bearers should accept a duel at least once every year.

7) A person who loses his badge loses the right to duel for another badge for one year.

8) A person can bear only a single badge of each rank at a time. A person can have no more than five badges in total.

9) However, the higher ranked badge bearers can accept a duel from a lower ranked members, if the lower ranked person asks for it.

10) Any Divine disciple may only compete for badges above the purple rank so all the White and purple badges should be with the beginner disciples only.

11) Any and all the badge bearers shall follow all the rules laid down by the Deva palace.

        Besides these rules there will be several others based on the situation as these rules are too inconsistent and can be broken because of many loopholes in them.

       Riddick, the reason why all those disciples died can be partly blamed on their own greed. They got greedy and wanted to acquire a badge. Remember, in this duel the winner has the right to kill the loser and none can stop him.

      The black badge bearers are like the emperors, while the Crimson badge bearers are the kings. Similarly, the Gold badge bearers are more powerful than the lower badge bearers.

     As long as a person of their lineage or sect has a badge, a similar badge will be manifested in the hands of his master. These badges are essentially like the royal seals, even if the enemy is like a single old man, with a black badge, he can make an entire army bow to him.

       Any person, beast or human who dares to stand against the order of the bearer will then face the combined might of all the sects, families and the Deva palace.”

       The old madam sighed as she reminiscent on something, with a small helpless smile she said, “Riddick, I know that people at your age tend to be rash and even dream of power.

     You may have never imagined that there would be a way to obtain power at your level but now that you know, you may want to grab it. I advise you to grab the power silently, I won’t stop you but I will warn you, though I proudly told you about these rules, there are in fact more loopholes than safety measures in this system.

    Remember, the Deva palace was formed by the sects and families of the Forbidden Isle, they definitely left out ways for themselves so be careful.”

          Riddick sat in a daze as he heard this, he never heard about such a system and would not have imagined that the ruler free Forbidden Isle would have such an elaborate system of power where everyone will have to fight for it through mere badges.

        Riddick thought, “I, Riddick never thought excessively about power and only thought to lead a silent life here but to think that there is a rule where any person has to bow to a kid with a toy badge.”

     Riddick was never too fixated on power but now that the situation turned out like this, he now had no choice but to silently acquire a badge.


AN : How I came upon this system?

A) I studied different schools and sects of various JP and CN novels and came upon a formula.

School, entrance, shock of his talent, friend, rival, side character, GF, competition, astonishment, Fuck, Suck,  dick, etc…etc…… ( Of course there are a few exceptions, mainly in Chinese )

       So I thought, if I write Against Heavens the same way, you guys will ignore me like I am a street dog barking at you. So I thought of a beautiful scenario, make a school whose students rule the entire continent indirectly through their prowess.

      Some of you may think, This is silly, why would I let those kids decide my position. However, think about it, isn’t this the most easiest way to rule. No wars so no deaths, only make sure that the young ones are amazing, which is an easy thing to do considering their ancestors are devas and you can then rule as you like.