Book 3 – Chapter 19 Assessment of Strength

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Assessment of Strength :


      A guard flew at high speed and crashed against a wall as he couldn’t endure the power of the attack. Immediately Riddick hurried over and asked hesitantly, “Are you alright? I am sorry, I shouldn’t have used such force for a spar.”

     The guard was an immortal serving the Welikn clan and was scouted by the guard captain of royal palace to spar with Riddick. Everything started when Riddick asked for spar partners because he wanted to have a real feel and understand the nature and extent of his power.

     Since every guard in the royal palace was a peak disciple, the guard captain could only go and scout some low level soldiers to act as sparing partners. Though the peak disciples can control their strength and spar as well, their natural strength greatly outstripped Riddick so there was a possibility that they may unintentionally injure him so the guard captain was unwilling to take such a risk.

    The guard who crashed against the wall slowly got up and immediately answered, “I am completely fine young master. You are truly talented young master, you can easily overwhelm me when you are still an eigth ranked warrior. I am in awe and admiration as I see your strength.

      Though I am nothing compared to the lord commanders, I have been a beginner disciple for fifty years and my power is fairly high as well. Still, it can’t compare to the explosive power your possess.” The guard continued to shower Riddick in praises.

      That’s right, the reason why Riddick started the practice session was that only after two weeks of training, he finally had a breakthrough and reached eighth rank as a warrior.

      Because of the recent change in the nature of his Qi, Riddick wanted to test his limits before he fought real opponents so he started to spar regularly.

     The guard captain who stood at one corner of the training hall also sighed in his heart as he saw Riddick easily defeating another immortal. He was alert and his eyes saw everything happening in the training hall because he was entrusted with the safety of Riddick by Arthur. There was always a possibility that a enemy may hid himself and attack sneakily so he was very careful when selecting the sparring partners and monitored their every action.

    Being so observant, he naturally noticed the faint yellow colour in the Qi emitted by Riddick. But, he never thought that the faint colour was the reason for the explosive power of Riddick. So he naturally thought that there was some mysterious reason as to why Riddick can generate such strength.

       But, at least he was happy that he didn’t need to do dirty work of disposing corpses. It wasn’t uncommon for a young master of a powerful clan to use some soldiers to train their techniques of slaughter but Riddick was different. He was very careful when fighting others so the causalities were very low and were limited to the bones fractures or internal injuries.

      Suddenly everyone of the ten guards and even the ten or so immortals who were brought to act as spar partners stood still in awe as a girl strode inside the hall. She was like a blooming flower, her face which had only a tinge of maturity gave her the feel of a angel yet, with the charms of an adult. He perfect complexion which could rival any beauty stood out much more in the dirty grey training hall but what made these people gulp nervously was the scorpion braid which was made meticulously from her hair drop in the valley of her mounds. This made everyone’s imagination run wild as each individual began to estimate the size of her assets.

    However, none dared to be rude enough to stare at her for a long while. With difficulty each and everyone retrieved their gazes because they knew very well that she was Sylvie, the magical beast of the young master.

     The young master was someone who could directly talk and order Lord Arthur around, he was the master of Lord Sebastian and had so much influence that the most powerful person on guard duty, the captain was allocated to protect him. Who would dare to anger such a person for a mere glance of a girl.

    Sylvie who didn’t even glance at the remaining men directly hopped towards Riddick and pouted, her charming mouth opened lightly as she complained cutely, “Master, I heard that you were sparring. Why didn’t you invite me? I am definitely much more powerful than these people.”

       All the immortals who were invited cursed secretly as they heard this, no matter at level they are at, they were still experts and had their pride. So of course they felt that the girl was impudent yet, they suppressed their fury and stood with no change in their expressions.

    Riddick immediately smiled broadly as he saw Sylvie. Actually Riddick wanted to fight with Sylvie himself, yet, before the incident he didn’t have the power to do so. Now that his power increased dramatically, he really wanted to spar again.

    The last time he spared with Sylvie was when they were both training inside the cave of Sirius mountain. At that time. Riddick was in closed room training and would frequently fight with Sylvie to asses his strength.

     It was past time hobby to count the wins each had against another. Unfortunately, Riddick lost miserably many times so the score was overwhelmingly high for Sylvie. Rekindling his competitive spirit Riddick laughed and said, “I will warn you ahead Sylvie. This time I am truly powerful and will definitely win so be careful.”

        Sylvie laughed melodiously and said, “Master, you truly know how to joke. You may have become powerful but I have gained much power since you last saw me as well.”

    Suddenly the aura around her underwent a terrifying change, the playful aura became condensed with killing intent. Sylvie’s pupils which always had a beautiful golden hue condensed and formed into slits. She was like a predator preying upon her prey.

      All the immortals immediately trembled as they they felt the intense killing intent of Sylvie. Their backs covered in cold sweat as they thought about the pretty adorable girl hiding such killing intent in her heart.

     Riddick only smiled further as he saw Sylvie releasing her killing intent and as he saw the reactions of people. Riddick never thought that Sylvie would ever need his protection, seeing her cute appearance and her childish actions many consider her a easy target but how could she, a God beast have such measly power.

   This was her true form, a form where her every instincts goes for a kill. When unleased she would be ruthless, when fighting she would never hesitate. When  killing she would never reconsider, this was the true form of her instincts. The instinct of a serpent queen.
         Riddick immediately slid his left leg behind his right leg and extended his right hand while his left hand folded naturally on his back. A provocative stance to entice the opponent to attack first.

  Sylvie never needed a provocation as she has long since decided to trash Riddick. He was her master so she loved him but a spar was different, if she can win then she would.

    Her legs which were like a perfect sculpted sculpture of a grand master sculptor tensed slightly before a explosive force transmitted from her legs to the floor. Backed by this force, she shot out like an arrow, but what was terrifying was that this arrow was Sylvie.

   If it was any other opponent then Riddick would have laughed inside as the opponent has madly launched himself but he didn’t dare to be careless with Sylvie because he had suffered many times by underestimating her prowess.

     His extended right hand immediately covered in yellow Qi as he moved his legs in a similar pattern and intercepted her approach.

       Sylvie bent her body like a kite in air and her legs which miraculously floated above her head immediately formed a knot and bound Riddick’s upper body in their death grip while her hands immediately extended to grab his throat.

    However, Riddick had long since estimated that this fight would turn out to be a close combat because he knew that Sylvie favoured close combat and was unrivalled in it as well. As her hand shot out like a whip toward his throat, his right hand covered his faint yellow Qi formed a palm and struck the approaching hand.


     Loud sound rang out in the training hall as the two powers collided.

      Sylvie legs bound to Riddick’s body instantly unbounded themselves as she leaped away form Riddick. It was an obvious decision for her because once her attack failed, being in that position would only lead to Riddick trapping her in his death grip.

     Riddick twisted his neck as he watched Sylvie a little distance away from his reach, he could tell that her power had improved massively since the last time he met her. But, the greatest change since the last time he fought her was that she was now in a human form.

     Though he had succeeded to match her in pure strength, there were many ways in which Sylvie could defeat him so Riddick wasn’t overtly excited. The God beast serpents had body capable of exerting extremely powerful strength and they were naturally equipped with the most poisonous venom of all serpentine magical beast.

    Any use of these powers would have easily trampled Riddick, in addition, every God beast possessed an innate ability. Unfortunately Riddick had no idea regarding Sylvie’s innate ability because she declared that she wouldn’t reveal it and would only demonstrate it when the time comes.

        Based on the previous attacks both of them had already assessed each others strength so Riddick and Sylvie immediately cancelled the spar.

    Seeing this, the guard captain nodded in appreciation. When no one is capable of obtaining a complete victory then it is better to withdraw from spar because this spar is necessarily a practise to understand one’s strength and such a dog fight would only result in injuries to both parties.

     As Riddick left the floor, suddenly Arthur appeared inside the training hall along with Sebastian. Seeing Arthur, the guard captain immediately bowed and left without a word. The remaining guards and the immortals understanding his meaning withdrew as well.

        Arthur smiled a little and said in a cheerful tone, “Young master, its time to head out. The Great entrance will begin in three days, the celestial sect is located in the northern most part of the Sky continent so the journey would be quite long.”

    Riddick smiled similarly and answered, “Understood grandpa Arthur, I will prepare immediately.”

       When Riddick first said that was going to participate in Great entrance, Sebastian and Arthur, both of them rejected his opinion and tried to convince him. But, Riddick was firm and no amount of convincing could change his mind so they finally obliged.

   However, both of them had no idea that Riddick was planning to go without an escort to the most dangerous of continents known as Forbidden Isle.


16 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 19 Assessment of Strength

    • I see, sorry I couldn’t satisfy you Zen. However, I ask you to please explain why you are think the story is boring. If you think that it is due to story pacing or lack of excitement because you can expect the result then I can’t do anything about it because I lack the talent to make every chapter a battlefield and every turn unexpected.


  1. This maybe is just me but I enjoy conquer story’s better but do not get me wrong I love this story and check everyday for an update but I did enjoy when he was conquering kingdoms an wrecking people hope u bring that back I also enjoyed his plotting and you lied to me sir u said u weren’t pulling an I eattomatoes and getting rid of void I know u plan on bringing him back this is just me being playful with you


    • The story is already long and I am beginning to dread as I imagine its length so I had no choice but to put it in such a way that he conquers the kingdom through a shortcut. If I were to include politics and war and strategies then we would still be in first book. Also, thank you shadow mouse for your suggestion and encouragement.


  2. This novel reeks of background manipulation. The MC has above average talent yet just keeps quiet when he’s told to. I guess he’s still a child on some ways. You’re probably going to release tidbits of riddick and how vera and everyone relate to each other. I’m guessing some prophecy, reincarnation or cast down from the heavens plot. The obvious manipulation just irks me. It’s common in xianxia that the manipulator is always some dude that wants something, possibly evil too. Plus you didn’t explain the deal with vera, till now I feel weird when you said that she’s the first love thief there was no signs other than a kiss goodbye and some confusion. When you switch to other battles where the MC is not involved, watching, close to. It gets boring since all in all everyone is a supporting character for riddick to ascend to awesomeness. Thanks for the chappie


  3. Hmmm… Quite frankly, I think it would be good that when he goes to the Forbidden Isle (did I write it right?) have a time-skip. Ten years or so would be good. And THEN bring more problems to him, because if you keep sending enemies at him, he will aways be useless to protect himself, and (I’m assuming the Isle will be Book 4) three books of being kinda useless is enough.


  4. Thank you, really hope he goes solo so when he come back to Sylvie and Sebastian, he’ll surprise them with his strength or something. Also hope he finds another harem member there haha


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