Book 3 – Chapter 20 How is that possible?

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        So I am going to tell you guys something. “Under the brilliance of the sun, the moon becomes opaque but when the sun sets we notice the beauty and the magnificence of the moon again.” Similarly when I introduced the powerful characters and their powers, you tend to forget that Riddick is a badass but now I will refresh you minds since the night has come and it’s time to raise the curtains for our show.

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From now on Great entrance is changed to Great trial.




How is that possible?

        Celestial sect was located in the northern planes of the Sky continent. Their headquarters, unlike the strong holds of any sect wasn’t located in a place with a geographical advantage but right in the centre of a city.

    When seen from a distance any individual with no knowledge regarding the celestial sect would view the city as one of the most bustling and magnificent city built on the Sky continent but the city wasn’t a city. It was the sect itself! The celestial sect was so big that it had the population of a city and had the resources to build one as well.

       This showed the level of influence exerted by the Celestial sect on the whole Sky continent. The only power who could somewhat rival it was the Hyde sect, which having suffered heavily due to the recent war was in ruins. Thus in the current martial world, the Celestial sect is undoubtedly the uncrowned king.

         These days the celestial sect was more bustling than ever because the Great trial was about to begin. However, not one immortal were seen in the sky because a restriction was put by the divine queen until the end of the Great entrance that no immortal shall fly unless they have express permission by any elder of the celestial sect.

        Riddick who entered into the Celestial sect was moving through the bustling markets to make his way to the headquarters where he can apply for the Great trail.

    Seeing the markets filled with people who spent money like water and the merchandise selling like hot cakes Riddick couldn’t help but wonder how much money the Celestial sect would make in a year. No wonder they can maintain an entire city.
       Finally after an hour of walking through the bustling streets he made his way to the headquarters which was even more crowded than all the streets combined together.

      Hundreds and thousands of immortals stood on the either side of the   entrance of the headquarters. They were all emitting killing intent but none moved from their positions to step on the path leading to the doors of Celestial sect because ten people stood at the forefront of the path wearing black robes.

     This black robe represented their status of an elder of the sect. Since all of them had enough strength to become an elder of a huge sect like Celestial sect, it was obvious that they possessed tremendous power. So none dared to act rash in front of these experts.

     Riddick who saw this was amazed because he couldn’t understand why all the immortals were here to guard the entrance when there are the black robed elders. Thinking such Riddick silently moved near the registration counter located at the bottom of the stairs in front of the ten elders.

     Suddenly all the immortals who were guarding on the either side of the path focused their gazes in Riddick. Immediately everyone thought of the same question, “Which sect does he belong to?”

      Riddick walked over and said, “I wish to register.”

     The middle aged man at the counter didn’t bat an eyelid and said, “Name, age, rank and sect.”

“Riddick, age – 18, ninth ranked mage and I belong to no sect.” Riddick answered right away.




      Multiple shouts of insults resounded immediately as Riddick announced his particulars.


          An elder immediately ordered others to shut their mouths. Seeing that the elder is going to take the matter into his hands, the immortals immediately started to snicker and whisper to each other.

“This fool doesn’t know that lying here is a crime. He says he is a ninth ranked mage at eighteen, what bullshit. Humph! If he was a ninth ranked warrior then he would have at least managed to fool someone but a ninth ranked mage. Does he think we are clowns.”

“If he really is a ninth ranked mage then I would shave my head.” Someone challenged.

“Che……kids these days, they think it is funny to play tricks.” Someone snickered.

“Fool, once he is found out, he will be thrown in a gutter. I will then teach him a lesson.” The snickering continued.

      The black robed elder who shouted also frowned as he saw Riddick, he could tell that Riddick did indeed possessed the strength of a ninth ranked mage but can he really be only eighteen. If yes, then this was something which would shock the entire martial community. Mage training is very difficult as the rank progresses, the amount of elemental essence one had to gather to become a ninth ranked mage from eighth rank is ten times more than what it is required to become an eighth rank.

    This basically meant that if one took an year to advance into eighth rank then one would need to work for ten years to advance into ninth rank. It is already considered a monstrous speed to advance to ninth rank by the age of thirty but to become a ninth ranked mage by the age of eighteen was unheard of.

      The record for the fastest advancement of ranks belonged to a genius who went on to become a deva and ascended to higher planes. According to the record, it stated that he had reached the ninth rank by the age of twenty five and the immortal rank by the age of fifty four and here was a person claiming that he broke the record and that too by a margin of seven years.

     So even the elder dared not believe that Riddick was saying truth, further Riddick declared that he belonged to no sect. A genius who is unclaimed by any sect, if he indeed turns out to be a ninth ranked mage then all sects would even fight each other to claim him and shower him with rewards.

          This is also the reason why the immortal mages were very few in number. The number of people with affinity to become a mage were already very low and further adding the difficulty of cultivation, virtually every mage who trained to become an immortal was a treasure no sect would be willing to give up.

    The elder sighed lightly and took Riddick’s wrist to test the length of Palmaris longus muscle in his hand. Suddenly the face of the elder which held anticipation bloomed with happiness and he declared loudly,

“This disciple is indeed only eighteen.”

“How is that possible.” A man snouted.

“No, it is impossible.” Another voice declared.

“He must have cheated.” A voice suggested.

“Are you saying that he has a technique which can’t be detected by even the elder.” Someone countered.

        The immortals began to make a commotion but the majority of them had already believed the words of the elder so they started to eye Riddick greedily.

     The elder who tested Riddick began to show a rare smile as he looked at the talent who will rewrite the records of the Plane of Asgard. And, he was happy that this genius appeared before his eyes. Even he anticipated to grab Riddick and recruit him as a disciple of the Celestial sect.

     So he smiled lightly and asked, “Young one, I remember, you are called Riddick, right? Do you really not belong to any sect or don’t you at least have a master.”

   Riddick who was enjoying the reactions of the crowd politely answered, “No. I do not belong to any sect nor do I have a master.”

    The elder immediately clapped his hands and said, “Then, after the Great trail, Can you join my Celestial sect. As an elder I guarantee you. You will receive the best facilities available for cultivation here at the Celestial sect.”

    Riddick only smiled further and answered, “I am going to the Forbidden Isle so I won’t be joining.”

   The elder who was expecting a positive answer was immediately taken aback, he said confusedly, “But, you are still only a ninth ranked mage. How can you win against the beginner disciples? Aren’t you participating so that you can gain experience to attend a future trail.”

          Riddick chuckled and said, “Ha! why would I participate to simply gain experience. If I am participating then I participate to win, no other result is enough for me. See you later old man.”

      Riddick walked away leaving behind the dumb elders and the immortals of various sects.

     Defeating the immortals and getting into the deva palace at ninth rank was only a tale of legends. In reality, no one ever managed to do that because immortals possess an unbeatable advantage. So every combatant who participate at ninth rank only do so to gain experience or show their strength to attract major sects to scout them out.

      This had been the way the people viewed the trail for a long time and now, a person appeared declaring that he was going to win all the fights and trample mortals and immortals alike.

         Riddick passed through the long corridors and reached the hall guarded by many guards. As he showed a card stating his position as a participant, the guards allowed him to enter the common lounge used by all the participants.

      Riddick entered the lobby and saw that it was big enough to accommodate hundreds of people easily. Several people standing silently at a random corner raised their eyes as they saw Riddick. To them he was a brave one because he entered the competition when he didn’t even reach immortal level.

       Riddick observed them as well. There were no guards in the room nor were there any elders. The number of people unexpectedly were less than hundred but Riddick understood the reason.

       Why send multiple disciples when there is no chance of victory. The Great trail was ruthless, here killing was allowed but usually it was frowned upon. So sending all their disciples would only result in excessive loses. Instead send one disciple who can make others shit themselves in fear.

          Riddick silently walked towards a corner and stood with his eyes closed, he was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible because he wanted to conserve his strength. However, he sighed in his heart as he sensed a group of individuals approaching him with smug smiles on their faces.

      The leader as soon as he reached Riddick said, “You are quite brave to come here with your measly mortal power. Serve as my servant and I will guarantee your safety for I am the genius of the Yamada sect………”

      Suddenly he stopped his blabber as a hand grabbed his neck in its death grip.

    Riddick who had long since abandoned his kindness unleashed his aura engulfing the entire hall in it. The aura was not something mere beginner disciples could ever dream to fight against.

     It was cruel, it was bloodthirsty and it was an aura which would make them cover in fear.
“The next time you try to pester me would be the last second of your life.” Riddick snarled in a cold voice, his eyes became red with killing intent as he continued and ordered. “GET LOST.”

     The immortal who almost pissed in his pants ran away like a rat while the remaining immortals in the hall narrowed their eyes as they reassessed Riddick’s strength.

       But, in the several corners of the large big hall few voices silently murmured at once, “Interesting.”


Author notes :

Palmaris longus muscle – a muscle in fore arm which is part muscle and part tendon. Hypothetically it is proposed that the thickness and toughness of the tendon part of the muscle increases as one ages.



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