Book 3 – Chapter 21 Who is next?

Author note : Hi guys, gsdreddy here. I am back with a regular chapter so enjoy.

       My guess is that many of you thought that the upcoming chapters will be a boring fights but you are WRONG! HAHAHAJJAJAJJAJAJAJJAKEKEKEKEKEKKEKKEKEKE………Cough..cough.

      I fooled you grandly. Remember the thing I told you in last chapter’s AN, I am going to refresh your memories. Well I am going to show you the reason why this volume even had Cesar, the black massees, the dragon, all in this chapter.

     Okay, my queue is finished and so is my hiatus but don’t get your hopes up. I still have the maaaaaaain exams in August. So I will only stick to my promise of two regular chapters but I will still release a sponsored chapter within 24 hours. So let’s pray that we both get lucky today.




Who is next?

             Riddick retracted his killing intent and returned to his place. The remaining lackeys had now understood his strength and his strength so they no longer dared to anger him again.

      Time passed by and Riddick returned to his previous state of calmness, he was now wholly in meditative state when suddenly a voice rang out near him

   “You are quite strong my friend. What is your name? I know every disciple who have come here to compete in Great trail but I have never seen you before. Which sect do you belong to? Ahh! I forgot to introduce my self. How rude can I get?

     My name is Nile, nice to meet you. Hehe… You don’t have to get angry, I am a friend.”

           Nile was quite friendly and his body language made everyone feel at ease. He had a pleasant smile plastered on his face and his words were refined. All of this gave people a very favourable impression.

          However, Riddick narrowed his eyes as he saw Nile because he felt that something was wrong. The outer impression given by Nile was perfect but he felt a nasty intent underneath it. A  intent he is all the more familiar with, “Killing intent.”

      Riddick smiled coldly in his heart as he saw Nile hiding his killing intent behind his friendly smile. It was useless to hide something like killing intent in front of Riddick because he can detect it almost instinctively.

       Having suffered under the assault of the most terrifying killing intent for severally months in his own soul fragment. He now understood the word known as Killing intent much better than any immortal.

     Usually when one is exposed to a kind of sensation repeatedly, they gradually starts to grow numb to it. But, killing intent was different. It makes you feel that you are on the verge of death so your body grows more and more sensitive to it.

          Nile who was cheerfully laughing suddenly moved and a sharp sword appeared in his hands. In the next instant he stomped his legs and made a chopping motion aimed straight at Riddick.

   “Humph!” Riddick let out a cold snort as he saw the chopping sword, ever since he had sensed killing intent, he had been at high alert so it was impossible to catch him off guard.

      “Twist” Riddick roared and Yama who was twisted around his hand sprang like a snake and twisted around the sword practically the same instant Nile started his slash.

    “Fool! Fighting a sword with a whip in closequarters. You death will teach you a lesson.”

        Riddick eyes only gleamed slightly as he said, “Change.”

        The black whip which was coiled around the sword suddenly became stiff and instantly started to twist like a python while crushing the sword to dust in the process. The whip which condensed to its grip amazingly took the form of the long sleek black sword.

     The past month when Riddick trained in the Welkin palace has been the most productive month in his life as far as he was considered. In just a month he understood the change in his Qi and had also managed to grasp the technique he had gained by loosing his body to Cesar but the best among all his progress was the skill he learned after repeated instructions from Yama, “Shape manipulation “.

         This was a skill which let him change Yama to a weapon of his choice. Shape manipulation is a trait present in many deva class weapons, then how could Yama, being a heavenly weapon not possess such a basic trait.

       Nile stared at the sleek black sword with a small red jewel at its base in astonishment. He could not understand how the black whip changed into a sword. Though the shape manipulation isn’t a rare thing in higher deva planes, in the material plane of Asgard. It was like a tale of legends.

      Riddick who was nonchalantly swinging his sword said in a mocking tone, “You wanted to fight with a sword, right?”

     Nile’s face darkened then he smiled coldly and said, “I don’t know from where you acquired such a treasure but today you will certainly die by my hands and that whip of yours will be mine.”

     Riddick snickered and said, “You want my weapon and you declare that you want to kill me. Don’t regret you decision Nile.”

      “Enough talk, For a mortal like you one punch of mine is enough to shatter your bones and tear your tendons.” Nile immediately tensed his muscles and charged like bull.

       Riddick who was still swinging Yama threw him into the air and lowered his body while tensing his Rectus femoris muscle at same time. The pale yellow Qi in his dantian rolled like sea waves and a Qi Strom condensed in his hands as it passed through the meridian of his arm, “The brachial artery.”


      A loud crunching sound was heard as Riddick clasped his fist and punched Nile like a lightning.


       Loud explosion was heard and the dust flew like a cloud covering the two individuals. In the next instant however, a painful howl was heard as Nile limped his way out of the dust cloud. His entire right arm was split like butter and his body was covered with his own blood.

“Thud!” “Thud!” “Thud!”

      In the quite hall filled with no sounds except for the painful moans of Nile, the footsteps of Riddick sounded very loud.

       He still walked as slowly as he can and reached Nile with his black sword in his hands. Nile became pale as he saw the black sword, he instinctively tried to fly away but the sword extended into a whip and held him by his neck.

      Nile screamed as be couldn’t budge the whip no matter how he tried, “Don’t you dare kill me, I am a disciple of the Ling school. My head master has already signed the contract and is a part of the school alliance so you won’t survive if you harm me.”

    Riddick laughed loudly and said, “Fuck your background. Why should I care about your Ling school when they can’t come here to save you.”

         Riddick hand reached Nile like a death god and caught his head in a death grip. He was about to crush him when a voice interrupted him

“I would stop if I were you my friend. It seems that you know nothing about the alliance of the sects. All our masters had formed a pact that none of their students would be harmed outside the ring. Any one who dares to harm any student of any sect will be killed by the combined forces of all sects.

       You have already breached the pact but I will give you face and let you go. Retreat this instant and let go of Nile.”

      Riddick frowned as he heard this, a pact to protect their students. His lips formed a cruel smile as he said, “Thank you for your advice my friend. I understand the issue now and I have decided on my answer as well.

     I say, “Fuck your alliance.”

         Riddick tightened his hand over Nile’s head and muttered, “Hell devour”

        A simple two words which will one day create havoc around the entire world. Nile who was like a ragged doll suddenly became limp and his body dried up within a second and fell lifelessly on the floor.

         Riddick who devoured Nile licked his lips as he thought, “So this is the sensation of devouring cultivation. Not bad, I fear that I would get addicted to this sensation.”

         Hell devour was a combined technique formed by launching both Thousand Hell prison and Soul devour at once. Thousand Hell prison had no devouring abilities while the soul devour had no restricting abilities. Individually they both had weaknesses bit combined they became a monstrous technique unrivalled in the path of devil’s cultivation.

        Every person who expected Riddick to back away roared in fury as they saw him ruthlessly killing Nile like a cockroach.


      “Kill him!”


      “For Nile.”

         Various roars reverberated in the hall as the disciples of various sects charged like mad people who went into a frenzy.

    A tall man with large built charged first and jumped high before falling straight on Riddick.

       Riddick who killed Nile smiled further and flickered Yama who was drenched in blood, the slender whip bulged like balloon and turned hard like steel. The hand grip transformed into hard steel and A hammer of death appeared in Riddick hands the instant the tall man jumped into the air.

  “The next meal.”

     Riddick muttered as he constricted his leg muscles and swung the hammer like a blacksmith on anvil. The tall man was helpless as the speed of the hammer was far greater than his own speed, it was like a lightning in spite of its weight. The hammer came crashing like a thunder and smashed him to the floor.

    Originally he had confidence that he would survive even after taking the attack of the hammer as he was an immortal while the opponent was a mortal. But, he far underestimated the strength of Riddick who had Yellow dragon Qi flowing through his veins.

     The hammer was like a giant thunder and carried a force of a ton. It smashed the tall man so hard that he instantly became a pulp.

    Another immortal who closely followed the tall man took this opportunity and directly slashed at Riddick with his short sword.


       A terrifying ripping sound resounded in the hall as the man’s throat was ripped by a sharp spike. It was none other than Yama who extended himself and formed  into a spike killing the immortal in a instant.


       A hollow sound rang out again as Riddick licked his lips, both the tall man and the other immortal became dried up corpses the next instant as the Hell devour was completed.

     Gazing at the immortal who now had turned cautious as they saw the three corpses at his feet he opened his mouth and asked, “Who is next?”


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  1. Yey. Another enemy will come that kick riddick ass again. Riddick just doesn’t know when to back off. No wonder he always close at death’s door.


  2. massacre~ massacre~ bwahahaha~

    Now my hopes are really high for this upcomming “school arc”.
    Thx 4 the chapter


  3. It’s been a while since the last time I came to this blog (’caused by those f*king group assignments where I’m the only one who does the job where the others -die-) and look at this now!!
    I can’t believe it!! Our spoiled brat, Riddick, finally start become badass!! Moreover ‘Hell Devour’!! Damn, I want that skill as well. >_<


  4. Thanks for the chapter I really loved it. I love how he devours people like that. Glad your not making him some holy knight. I do got a question when he devours somebody does it help both his warrior and mage side? Or does it depend on what type of style he is fighting. Also, if he absorbs somebody with his same element will it boost him?


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