Book 3 – Chapter 22 The Blood splatters

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The blood splatters :


      Riddick roared as he flipped his body in mid air and smashed Yama who now took the form of a war hammer to slash at one immortal.


     Blood splattered endlessly in the hall as immortals died like moths under the assault of Riddick.

          Landing on the ground Riddick swung his hand like a whip and the war axe extended into a long weapon with a curved blade, “A halberd.”


      The halberd made out of black metal began to emit sparks as Riddick channelled his elemental essence. Power channelling was a basic ability of all immortal weapons.


       The halberd was like a death scythe and any person who came into contact with it were cut head and limb alike.

    The immortals were mad with anger as Riddick a non immortal was killing them like bugs. Every immortal who challenged Riddick died like a pig.

      “You fucker, how dare you? Brothers kill him, don’t let this son of a bitch escape. Attack at once, use spiritual attacks. Kill kill….” A middle aged man roared.

   “Yes, kill him.” Another person supported.

   “Don’t engage in close combat with him, that weapon is incredibly sharp.” A woman warned.

    “Use spiritual attacks.” A man roared.

       Immediately tens of sword auras containing spiritual energy attacks attacked Riddick continuously. They were like daggers which directly pierced into his sea of consciousness and immediately started to assault his soul world.

  “Hahaha……. Soul attacks. Useless. This level of soul attacks won’t work against me.”
    Riddick roared like a lion and charged with his halberd.
        The tens of immortals were dumbfounded as they saw that their soul attacks had no effect on Riddick.

“How is that possible?” A disciple screamed.

“Isn’t he a mortal, shouldn’t mortals have no soul defence.” A person questioned.

“How can he survive the combined attacks of all of us?” Another roared.

      Riddick charged as he mused, “How can these measly soul attacks of the beginner disciples break the Thousand Hell prison cast around my soul.”

      Thousand Hell prison has strong soul sealing abilities but it originally was made to protect a soul from spiritual attacks. This was the true purpose of the Thousand Hell prison, Riddick had long since realised this and had cast the technique on his soul even before he arrived at the Celestial sect.

        With his spiritual energy being at mere mortal level, Riddick may not withstand the spiritual attacks of divine disciples but the attacks of beginner disciples were like mere tickles to him.


       Another disciple screamed as the Halberd ripped a part of his chest. The disciple eyes showed fear, uncontrollable fear as he saw the approaching halberd. But, what was the use of asking mercy when he was the one who attacked first.

             The halberd thrust like a pike into his mouth killing him on the spot.




          Various sounds reverberated throughout the hall as one after other immortals died. Riddick would have showed a little restraint if they hadn’t attacked first but how could he show mercy when they ask for it after failing to kill him.

       So every attack was aimed to kill. No mercy was shown. Each and every immortal who tried to kill him died. Nothing mattered to Riddick, As long as they tried to kill him, he would kill them all.

     Unfortunate for them, every disciple in the hall had already attacked him so Riddick had decided, “Everyone shall die.”
        A dark miasma will suddenly enveloped the halberd the instant an immortal dies and the disciple would dry up like a corpse.

       Riddick was indeed an eighth ranked warrior so his Qi reserves were limited but he was continuously replenishing himself with the corpses of the people he killed.

        “Hell devour” is a technique which steals a minute part of others cultivation to increase the user’s own cultivation. Though the stolen part is only minuscule, it is nevertheless something that no martial expert takes light of.

     Assume if you can advance by killing others then won’t you benefit every time you kill someone. This is a monstrous support skill for any expert at any realm.

  “Kill this bastard.”

  “Brother’s together.”

       Many immortals began to grow frantic as they saw Riddick killing them left and right. It was a massacre for real, the velvet covering of the floor was already muddled with blood while the squashed heads and ripped limbs decorated the bloodied velvet.
          Riddick turned his hand towards the incoming immortals, the ceiling was not very high so this gave Riddick the perfect advantage to start a devastating attack.

   “Wild fire tsunami”

      Three words escaped from his mouth and instantly the faces of the immortals changed.

“Flee.” An immortal screamed

“He is a ninth ranked mage.” Another shouted.

          That instant when the immortals and Riddick faced each other with a distance of less than ten metres, a wild fire erupted like a volcano from Riddick’s hands.
     The beginner disciples feared the mages of ninth rank because theoretically mages were considered stronger to their counter part warriors of same rank.

         And, the reason why the sects won’t send their mages was that the mages were few, they were precious and they were weak in close combat. Once they were trapped inside a closed space they would inevitably die under the assault of warriors.

       Once the fire erupted like a volcano, the entire room exploded into flames and the immortals who were caught in that wild fire screamed in pain as the fire ate it’s way through their bodies.

       However, this amount of fire was unable to kill them instantly and with their vitality they thought that they can escape with their lives.

     But, a miscalculation was made by them. They thought that Even Riddick can’t follow them into the fire thus, he can’t attack them.


     A scream again resounded in the hall and the blood drained from the faces of all immortals. They knew that once again they underestimated the enemy and once again he had trampled upon their hopes.

      Riddick walked through the fire with no hesitation, wherever he passed the fire would disappear. The red crystal on Yama would occasionally brighten and the fire would reappear.

         Killing these immortals would solve an another issue. The Great trial would select only one individual and send him to the Forbidden isle so he would have to inevitably kill them all at one point. Killing them now would be the safest way for him as he won’t be exposed while achieving his goal as well. This was hitting two birds in a single shot.

         The immortals who once numbered about a hundred were reduced to less than fifty as Riddick continued his slaughter. Every second that passed produced a scream announcing the death of one more immortal.

     Finally the immortals couldn’t stop themselves and rushed towards the door. The reason why they never did this before was that the Celestial sect rules stated that once you voluntarily pass through the door, you have to officially give up your right to participate in the Great trail.

         The Great trail was held only once every twenty five years and once you fail or withdraw in it. You will forever lose the right to participate in it. The immortals initially never thought that they would ever be forced to withdraw voluntarily by Riddick who wasn’t even a immortal.

   “Don’t even think about escaping.”

      Riddick roared as he saw that the immortals were going to escape. He wouldn’t let them escape as they would turn out to be nothing but harbingers of trouble. If the sects knew that he had alone killed all these people then he would become their target but if he alone is the survivor then his words would turn into the truth.

          Turning his hands towards the door he muttered, “Lightning curtain”

      An ninth rank restrictive spell of lightning element. Though it did not have the power to contain all those immortals. It wasn’t a problem to delay them for a few seconds.

     In a battle between experts a few seconds could decide everything.

     Riddick roared violently and swung Yama who now took the form of a scimitar.

      Yama was like a god of death. Every strike drew blood and every weapon bowed to his toughness. Riddick understood the value of a weapon that day as he fought against a hundred immortals.

     The immortals obstructed by the lightning screen were really like moths while Yama was like fire. They had no way to escape and Riddick wouldn’t let them make a way. In that few seconds the lightning screen obstructed them tens of immortals fell lifelessly on the ground.

      Men and women, young and old, none were spared. The scimitar cut through their ribs, their heart pierced and their brains spilled. Every move was deadly and every move aimed to kill in the most efficient way.

      Even the most elites of the martial world who have experienced countless battles would shiver as they see this bloody battle.


     An another immortal died.

      Finally an immortal who could not withstand it any longer withdrew a talisman and shouted,

“Fucker, this is the talisman my master gave me. Even if you are the god, you will die today.”

          The talisman glowed brightly for a second before it burnt away and in its place a bright sword appeared. The sword light was intense and it immediately turned towards Riddick and pointed its tip towards his throat.

       Seeing the sword the immortal laughed loudly and roared, “Die… You motherfucker.”

        Riddick instantly withdrew a talisman as well. This talisman was very odd, it was a feather of golden brown colour. On it was a single word, “Kill.”

       The minute the feather left his hands it floated in the air.

     Riddick pointed his hand at the bright sword. A ear piercing was heard and in the next instant both the sword and the feather crumbled to dust.

       The immortal who had summoned the sword became pale with fear as he saw the crumbled sword. He couldn’t understand how the feather managed to destroy the talisman of his sect master who was a very strong peak divine disciple.

        Riddick who saw that the sword was destroyed immediately charged with his scimitar towards the immortal.

      The immortal had by now lost all his hope to live but he still struggled as he saw Riddick approaching him, he fell on his knees and begged to spare his life.

       However, what greeted him was the blade of the scimitar which beheaded him like chicken. The blood oozing from his neck drenched Riddick’s feet as he stood gazing at the remaining immortals.

      “Fools, do you think you are the only one’s with some trump cards. Humph! Surrender obediently and you would die a peaceful death.”

       Everything would have ended then and there but suddenly a ray of light came from unknown origin and pierced the lightning screen.


       The curtain collapsed and the dozen or so remaining immortals seeing the opportunity immediately charged towards the door like panthers.

     Riddick was momentarily stunned but in the next instant he roared,

“Who is that motherfucker that dared to attack sneakily, I won’t let any of you escape alive.”



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  2. Just wondering for clarification so does the thousand hell prison lock souls inside of it and the technique becomes stronger when there are more souls? And keep up thr good steady work:)


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