Book 3 – Chapter 23 I don’t know

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I don’t know :

    “You really like to entertain yourself, don’t you? Athena.” An aged voice rang out in the room as Riddick and the remaining immortals dashed through the door.

       “I was only testing him.”, Athena replied.

    “Hmm, For what?”, the old voice continued.

“His decisiveness.”, Athena said slowly and continued, “That boy Riddick has already relinquished his rights to participate in the Great trial as he passed through the door to kill those immortals and he knew about this rule as well.

        Yet, he still continued to chase after them. This shows that he is decisive enough to stick to his choice and with a personality which doesn’t show pity on an enemy. A personality cruel enough to kill on spurt. This is rare, very rare, even among us.

      Master, we both know what happened to all those disciples who have left to the Forbidden Isle in the past few millennia.
They died, None have managed to survive in that continent filled with all those powerful clans and sects.

         These sects who compete to send those disciples don’t know about it that we are sending a disciple for his demise every twenty five years. The deva palace thinks that we, the people of the Sky continent send a pig who can be tortured and slaughtered at their will.

         In the deva palace, the only restriction is that the people of higher levels can’t directly kill a lower level disciple. However, there is no restriction on killing between disciples of same grade. Hence, deaths are a every day occurrence in that place.

   If he isn’t decisive, he won’t survive. If he isn’t cruel, he won’t survive. It is a jungle out there and I was testing whether we are sending a pup or a king who knows the real law of jungle.” Athena explained further.

    “Sigh..Why is Arthur even allowing this kid to go to the Forbidden Isle?” The old voice resounded again.

   Athena smiled lightly and said with great confidence, “Sometimes when a man takes a decision. It has to be executed for his consciousness to be cleared of doubt. A man in doubt will be nothing but a pipsqueak. A man has to be strong and decisive. May be Arthur decided that it was time to let this boy mature become a man.”

      The old voice finally revealed itself, it was the same woman Athena met in the island of the chaotic sea.

     Her gentle face slightly contracted as she heard Athena, with a frown she said, “Don’t talk with your weird twisted mentality Athena. Do you fool all your men with these kind of words and don’t you dare touch that kid. Arthur will kill you for certain.”

    “Ya, ya. I understand, no need to be so angry.” Athena simply retorted and kept quiet.

       As the conversation between Athena and the Old madam was going on, in the lounge outside the hall a fierce battle started to brew.

“Fucker, how dare you. We have already withdrew from the Great trail, why are you still attacking us?” A man shouted.

“Sect master…..” A woman screamed at the top of his lungs in fear.

“He is mad..” A man declared.

“Since he is killing us now. He will be judged guilty by the celestial sect and will be executed by the combined might of all our sects. None can save him now.” The man declared again.

    Riddick snorted coldly and snarled, “Humph! You have to escape first for all that to happen. Also, do you really think I will let any of you get away.”

      Riddick immediately raised his arms and muttered, “Lightning Strom.”

     Instantly lightning essence gathered like a storm but instead of forming into a attack spell lightning strom, it dissipated.

     Riddick who muttered the spell instantly bent down on his knees as if he was crushed with an enormous weight and coughed up blood.

    Seeing this the immortals shouted in joy.

“This Fool, he overused his mage force and is going into withdrawal.” A man shouted.

“Come let’s escape immediately.” A man suggested.

“Fool, now this guy is much weaker a chicken. Come let’s avenge our brothers.” A man retorted.

“Now there is no need to withdraw from the Great trial, let’s go back before someone notices us.” Another suggested.

“What is happening there?” A thunderous roar reverberated outside the hall.

“Crap! The guards are coming.” Someone exclaimed.

“Let’s kill him immediately.” An immortal roared.

       All the immortals charged towards Riddick as if they forgot all their near death experiences.

      Their eyes which once reflected terror were now filled with absolute confidence and greed. Confidence that they would win for sure and greed that they can name the accomplishments of Riddick as their own.

        True, a mage who has gone into withdrawal due to overdraw of mage force is like a chicken with no defence at all but did Riddick truly went into withdrawal. That is a question which will definitely appear in the mind of the cautious but these immortals didn’t question themselves.

     They were not careless but blind due to greed. Being one of the seven deadly sins, greed can never be conquered so easily and in its influence we forget our virtue’s and values. There has been a number of instances in the history where powerful men and empires fell because of greed.

     As they reached Riddick one immortal directly roared and said,

“Die…. You scum.” His spear flickered and he directly aimed at Riddick’s heart.

          Riddick who bent his head and was calmly observing the situation thought, “Fools.”

        Suddenly lightning erupted like a cyclone with Riddick as it’s centre,

“Shit! This guy can still fight.”, a man screamed.

“Brothers brace, this attack is just a seventh ranked spell and has can stun us for less than a second. It is his last struggle.” Another continued.

“Seventh ranked lightning magic – Clonus current.” A spell specialising in stunning opponent for a single second by giving tetanic stimulation to the muscles. It is a  very spell but with a range restriction.

       As the immortals saw it, even if they fell into a trap. They would only be stunned for less than a second. Even if Riddick managed to kill one of them in that span of time, he would die in the others hands for certain.

     Riddick who had only pretended to go into withdrawal silently muttered, “Yamaloka.”

     Instantly a force erupted from his sword and engulfed the stunned immortals. They were stunned so they had no way to resist the suction force. In the next second, all of them disappeared like an illusion.

      If It wasn’t possible to kill an enemy head on then kill them by deception. This is only a basic law in the art of killing.

     The next instant Riddick moved like a lightning and reentered into the hall before the guards arrived.

      Though all of this happened in an elaborate manner, In reality everything was finished in just ten seconds. By the time Divine queen explained about the matter of Forbidden Isle to the old madam Riddick was already back in the room.

    The guards who rushed in immediately as they heard the disturbances entered the hall only to gasp in horror as they saw bodies of the tens of immortals lay lifelessly on the floor.

“Elder.” A guard screamed at the top of his lungs. The scene was too brutal and too severe for them to handle.

   In just a second an elder appeared before the hall and shouted, “What? Why are you screaming?”

   But, before he could get an answer from the guard he saw the horrendous scene himself.

“This…..”, the elder was too horrified to speak as well.

         Riddick sat on a magnificent chair as if he wasn’t concerned about the situation. His expression was calm and his attire was perfect without a single stain. He had already changed by the time the guards arrived into the hall.

      The elder was the first one to recover, clearly his mind was much more tenacious and he had far greater experience when compared to the guards. Scanning the room he found Riddick nonchalantly sipping his tea.

      The elder who saw Riddick couldn’t help but ask, ” You…… Did you do this?”

    Riddick who had been sitting nonchalantly said in a carefree manner, “No, I didn’t.”

“Then how did this happen?”, the elder asked further. As he saw it, the entire hall only had Riddick and no other soul can be seen.

    Riddick still put down his tea cup casually and said calm voice, “First an argument broke out between two people, then they began to fight which soon became a riot. They started killing each other until only I was left.”

  “Don’t you dare fool us. If what you said is true, then why aren’t you harmed at all.” The elder shouted angrily.

      Riddick still answered calmly, “I was the only non immortal here so they ignored me. I don’t know why but none seemed to care about me in that riot. They killed each other while I sat right here on this chair.”
        The elder was at a loss of words as he heard Riddick telling blatant lies on his face. He could not understand how a mere mortal can have such audacity. However, he couldn’t retort because even he didn’t understand how all the immortals can die leaving behind a mortal who should obviously be the weakest of the group.

      Then he thought of a terrifying possibility, “This kid killed every immortal present in this hall.” But, the elder immediately discarded that possibility because it was the most absurd thing to think. A mortal killing a hundred immortals and that too within a time span of few minutes.

    So the elder further questioned Riddick, “What did they argue about?”

“I don’t know.”

“Who started the argument?”

“I don’t know.”

“Who started to kill first?”

“I don’t know.”

“Who was the first one to die?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you see any possibility that all this was set up before?”

“I don’t know.”

     Finally the elder lost his cool as he was answered the same way no matter how he asked Riddick.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Riddick.”

“Tell me your family name?”

“I don’t know.”

       “You bastard, do you see me for a fool. How dare you answer me like this. I will kill you.” The elder roared angrily.

     Finally the face of Riddick which held an indifference contracted and a terrifying killing intent enveloped the room along with everyone present in it.

     With a low voice he said coldly, “Just because you are an elder, don’t think you can do whatever you want.

           There are some things which better stay unknown. You only need to report one thing. All contestants except me, died in a mass riot. So I have won the trail by default.”

          The guards were mere beginner disciples so they couldn’t withstand any longer and fell on their knees while the elder was drenched in cold sweat. He was in confusion, he wanted to do as Riddick said but there were many clans waiting outside for the arrival of the disciples who were now dead.

    Suddenly a voice rang out in his head, “Declare him the winner.”

       The elder suddenly felt as if he was relieved of a burden. The divine queen has ordered so he would do it without any hesitation.

      Thus, the elder announced the results to the crowd of all sects that the 234th Great trail is won by a mortal mage by the name of Riddick.

         This incident will be marked as the first moment of glory in the legend of Riddick.


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