Book 3 – Chapter 24 Parting

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        I have attempted to do some emotional writing in this chapter. I hope you will like this much more than our last parting in book 1. Also the next chapter will mark the end of this book and it will be the Chapter which will explain about the Old madam and about the grandness of the Hell devour technique.

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Parting :

            The sects which had participated in the Great trial were greatly astonished that Riddick had won the trial. By now all the sect masters knew that a genius called Riddick, who was a ninth ranked mage at the age of eighteen was participating in the trial.

        They had hoped to rope him in when he loses the trail and were prepared to shower him with gifts if he accepts their invitation. However, they had never in their wildest imaginations thought that a mage can win in the trail where he didn’t have a range advantage.

     However, the next news made all of them tremble in anger.

“All disciples died in an internal riot among themselves.”

           The sects were enraged beyond control as they heard this. The disciples they had painstakingly educated all these years all died in a riot. This was utter bullshit the celestial sect was throwing on their faces and they were about to invade the celestial sect to see the situation by themselves but a voice resounded in all their minds at once,

“All those who act against my sect will die without an exception.”

     Instantly all the sect masters knew that they had somehow drawn the attention of the Divine queen. The divine queen usually didn’t interfere in the affairs of the disciples but once she did, she would show her might as the ruler of the martial realm.

         They were no fools, no matter how talented their disciples were, they were still only beginner disciples and there was no merit in angering the divine queen for them. So all the sects instantly withdrew from the celestial sect and in less than an hour peace returned to the sect.

      Riddick sat inside the inner chambers facing the elders. Many elders wanted to inquire him and even punish him for his audacity but presently they couldn’t help but stare with bulging eyes as they saw Riddick conversing with the one existence, who can shake the entire martial world, “Divine queen” so nonchalantly.

“Fu..fu.. You are quite brave Riddick.” The divine queen chuckled.

“There is nothing to fear. I have talked with grandpa many times and he told me a lot about you.”, Riddick answered with a grin.

“Ho…, what did he tell you.”, the divine queen inquired.

   Riddick narrowed his eyes and said with a sly smile, ” Should I really reveal everything in front of your sect elders.”

     The divine queen smiled lightly and said, “Very well. I have seen enough to understand you. Come back in a week, my master will take you to the deva palace.”

      Later Riddick walked away escorted by an elder. Sebastian was already summoned to escort him back to the Welkin palace.

     The grand elder who always stood at the pinnacle of the sect felt very awkward that moment when he witnessed Riddick talking nonchalantly to the divine queen.

   He had always bragged that he was the only existence who had the audacity to talk to their master but now he felt that he didn’t have a tenth of Riddick’s guts. So he couldn’t help but ask,

“Your highness, who is that youngster?”

      Divine queen was in a good mood so she answered casually as she disappeared, “He…., he is the grandson of an old friend and that friend is someone who I dare not imagine as an enemy.”

       The elders were shocked as they heard this, someone whom even the divine queen doesn’t wish to offend.

“His grandfather is a deva.”, an elder declared.

“No wonder he can stay so calm when facing her highness.” Another elder shook his head in helplessness.

“I am done for. I actually dared to question him.” The same elder who first came down to the hall muttered with fear evident in his eyes.

      That day all the elders of the celestial sect etched the name of Riddick and his image in their memories as someone they can’t offend.


         The next six days passed away in a blink. All Riddick did during this was collecting anything worthy of importance and storing it away in his storage bracelet for future use. Sylvie however went on a shopping spree and decided to buy anything and everything which she fancied. The Welkin royal family was so rich that they had virtually everything Riddick needed and in any quantity.

      Riddick was initially amazed as he saw the excitement Sylvie had when he said that they were leaving to the Forbidden Isle. But, soon he learned the reason. The serpentine family of God beasts stayed in the Forbidden Isle. So Sylvie was eager to meet the people of her race as “Our instincts always wish to search for another individual of same race.”

        Then, the day arrived when Riddick decided to tell Arthur and Sebastian about his decision. Seating himself in Arthur’s private study, Riddick faced Arthur alone.

     His reasoning was simple, he knew that both of them would oppose to his idea but he had to convince them anyhow. So he decided to divide them before convincing them, “Divide and conquer.” This is a strategy used many a times in all kinds of wars. Again and again, this strategy has proved to be successful in all kinds of situations.

     Arthur finally sighed as he saw Riddick organising his thoughts in front of him, with a slight smile he said, “Riddick, I know that you are planning to leave to the Forbidden Isle alone. Even though this grandpa can be quite dense about many things he has a lot of experience regarding life so you need not be so tense about convincing me or Sebastian.

        Since you have decided to do this then all we can do is to support you.”

       Arthur was a deva who had experienced millennia worth of life. He wasn’t blind, he had noticed a change in Riddick as soon as Riddick began to train. His divine sense was always on him and his every action. How could he fail to realise that Riddick was heading alone when he could clearly see all the signs leading to this conclusion.

      This also made him realise that though Riddick had changed considerably in personality, he still was concerned about hurting their feelings and was thinking hard on how to convince them. An elder is someone who can see and understand the worries of the child much better than they themselves can.

      So he took the initiative and convinced Sebastian and also himself from stopping him. He knew that the Forbidden Isle was dangerous but what can a mother do when she sends her son to war. Pray, that is the only thing Arthur could do as well. Pray that Riddick would be back safe and sound, with whatever he had gone to gain inside his arsenal.

       Riddick sighed in relief as well, with a small smile he said, “Thank you grandpa.”

     No more words were needed between them to express the love they had for each other. Sometimes, silence speak much more than words.

      Arthur smiled lightly and said, “Sebastian will take you to the island where the Old madam resides but before that here……”

      Arthur gave Riddick a whole bunch of feathers. Seeing them Riddick was astonished because he knew all too well what they were.

      “Riddick, let me tell you some things before you leave…..” Arthur said and continued, “Forbidden Island is different from this Sky continent, it doesn’t have a ruler and the number of devas are also astonishing. So the large and the powerful clans you encounter there may have a deva as their ancestor.

            In such cases, these people will not hesitate to use divine talismans and the tokens of their ancestors in a life and death situation. All the feathers I have given you have my energy. Though every feather may not compare to the divine token in power, it can surely overwhelm a peak divine disciples power so be careful.

      Also, remember. In the Forbidden Isle, you cannot go under the radar. You will be like a hot cake everyone wants to grab but they will never treat you well. Whatever you do, do not cause trouble because you aren’t strong enough now.”

        Riddick could feel the concern Arthur held for him from his words. Riddick had long since decided that he wouldn’t openly cause any troubles for himself but if someone did really irritate him then he would definitely not spare them either……. There are many ways to destroy an opponent without even touching them.

         Later that day, Sebastian escorted Riddick and Sylvie to the chaotic ocean and dropped him off on that rocky island. Sebastian had been very silent and didn’t even speak up his opinion when Arthur declared that Riddick would be heading alone.

     Riddick wanted to explain and convince Sebastian but what could he do when Sebastian didn’t even voice a complaint. Riddick had also wanted to speak on the long journey to the island as well but still he couldn’t, as he didn’t know what he should speak about.

     Finally Riddick sighed and lightly hugged Sebastian who had always taken care of him since his childhood. He was the only other person in his life who knew about both Vera and Void.

        With a low voice filled with emotion Riddick said, “Sebastian, we have been together for many years till now. I still remember you in that giant eagle form I saw for the first time. I still remember the first time I sat on your back.

     I still remembered the days you stood as a guardian, guarding my family while I was in training, I remember the day you followed me as I left my home. You have always been loyal and faithful. You have always thought about me and only fought for my welfare. You are the most amazing person I have ever met in my life.

    But, I know that you didn’t do all this because you were ordered by Vera. You were never her servant, I had known this all along. It was initially a promise to Vera to protect me but soon it changed to something else.

     You love me as your own brother and you try so hard to conceal your love. Unfortunately, you are such a bad actor. I could feel the love you held for me every second I stood at your side.

    I also love you as my own brother Sebastian, You were never different from my own brothers. Both of you always held the same spot in my heart.

    Wait for me Sebastian, I will always come back to you because you have always been and will be a part of my family.”

     Sebastian’s face which always held an impassiveness was drenched in tears as he heard Riddick. He had always cared about Riddick but he never knew that Riddick was so observant. He was happy to the extreme. He didn’t expect a reward when he served him but now Riddick had given him a reward which can never be rivalled by anything this world had to offer. He gave him the position of his brother and called him a part of his family.

       Riddick who still held Sebastian smiled lightly and said, “Goodbye Sebastian.”
        That was the last meeting between the two brothers who were more closely tied than even blood bound siblings. The next time they meet will be the day, the Sky continent will see the fury of a king who had reached the pinnacle of his power.           


AN : I know, that the above paragraphs sound like romance but please don’t call it BL. Maybe there are different ways to write love between two brothers. I have no idea and everything I write resounded the same way so I had no choice but to leave it.

Wu……wu…… Love is so hard to understand as it comes in so many forms.


26 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 24 Parting

  1. true brothers
    very nice developed
    showed loyalty and trust
    and that “The next time they meet will be the day, the Sky continent will see the fury of a king who had reached the pinnacle of his power. ”
    can’t wait for how riddick will soon show the attitude of a king
    and has riddick restored his connection to void?
    there hasn’t been any contact between them since riddick came back from his soul space


  2. It’s just 2 men sharing the night
    It might seem wrong but it’s just right
    It’s just 2 men sharing each other
    It’s just 2 men like loving brothers

    One on top and one on bottom
    One inside and one is out
    One is screaming, he’s so happy
    The other’s screamin’ a passionate shout

    It’s the Night Man
    I’m feeling so wrong and right, man
    I’m feeling so wrong and right, man

    I can’t fight you, man
    When you come inside me
    And pin me down with your strong hands
    And I become the Night…
    The passionate, passionate Night Man

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am curious about something and it might be explained later on but I will ask anyway. Since riddick and void don’t have a connection at the moment (I think) can riddick still use his void magic abilities or no?


  3. Man, I love bromance. Since it’s rarely seen in the novels I read(xianxia?)… At this point, I like it even more than romance. Lmao.


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