Finally I have decided

Hi guys, Gsd Reddy here.

WTF were you doing these past two days? Do you know how much we have been wating for Riddick?

A) I’m sorry, I was busy with brainstorming. After intense thinking I have decided to change the name of my novel to Against Heavens.


So these past two days, Firstly I clubbed the entire book 1 into a word document and changed the first four chapters with new ones. After which I hired a cover designer for making the cover. Here I was attacked by a problem.

Alright, I have left the name of the web novel to the readers liking but can I take the risk in publishing. No, I can’t.

Basically, I myself think that Riddick/ Against Heavens has potential and can be successful if i can manage to draw new readers from amazon. However, for this to happen I can’t take any risks i.e for example the name of the novel.

So after much deliberation and contemplation I took this selfish decision. I’m sorry ( dogeza ) for my selfishness. Please state your opinion so I can understand the seriousness and the reactions of my readers.

That being said, nothing is going to change in the web novel. I’m however changing the yet to be published book ever so slightly so that it is more refined and stylish. I will come back here for your opinion when I am done rewriting it, which should be in August/ September.

P.S I have no idea how to make a book cover so I simply ordered a cover on Fiverr for 10$. If there are any graphic/ Photoshop wizards among you guys, can you please send me some tips or your spare stock photos suitable for this novel at

Oh! Expect the last chapter of this book 3 by tomorrow.

Always at your service,

Gsd Reddy.


19 thoughts on “Finally I have decided

  1. A bit disappointed with that cause im biased toward Riddick cause it was unique and original, but i totally understand the need to keep it a bit safe for more chance of financial success. Can’t wait until the redone first book is done.

    P.S are the new chaps going up on the internet or only in bought versions


  2. Even if you name it, Battle Heavens Through Potatoes Bombardment, it dont really care. The contents were what really matters most.

    Well, generally speaking this way of specifying a title does attracts viewers easily for it could be said, ‘the title says it all’, for the people to have the idea of what they are trying to read.


      • And regarding with the publishing. If you are having thoughts of it being not interesting enough for them to not try and read it up to this point of chapter then they could only be describe as imbeciles or people that has ‘eyes yet uses nose to see’.

        This is one of the best novel i have/i am read/ing so far. Yup, this novel just keeps on getting more and more interesting as the story progresses.

        Looking forward to the next arc and last chap of vol3! Thanks


    • Hater_1, I follow a principle, “If you have made an effort then it is not wrong to expect a reward.”

      I know that I can’t please everyone so sorry.

      Welcome to reddycreations.


  3. IMHO wuxia reader who never read this will assume that this series is a plagiarism if you named it that way. The reason is now there is a currently running series which is called ATG(in english) which is Against the Gods which basically have the same meaning with Against Heaven. Just a bit of heads up from me. And I personally liked Riddick better, it’s have it’s own “original feeling”.


    • No, allecrastia I like Riddick as well. But, think about it, there is The chronicles of Riddick out there and if I simply put it as Riddick then it might get me into legal problems also plagiarism issues while ATG is popular, it is still only limited to our community.


      • Well yes I know about chronicles of riddick, but when you said ATG is popular but limited to our community, isn’t the future reader of Riddick is also from this community(at first?).


      • Yes, it is a never ending cycle, I know. Actually I thought of various different titles but finally I wasn’t satisfied with none of them so I went with AH. Also I thought, ATG will never publish on Amazon and even of it did, it would be after a long time so in the mean time maybe I can get some advertisement from the similar name.


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