Book 3 – Chapter 25 The Ruling System

Author note : Hi guys, gsdreddy here. As promised I am back with an another chapter and this Chapter marks the end of book three of this novel.

        Taking this opportunity Or wanna thank all the readers who have stayed with me and encouraged me. The future is boundless and I hope that we will all be together as we see Riddick journey through the forbidden Isle.

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The Ruling System :

       Riddick stood before the Old madam, He knew that the woman before him was an elder of the deva palace and was also the one overseeing the entire Sky continent. According to Arthur, so powerful were her prowess that simply her name was preventing the devas of the Forbidden Isle from leading their forces to the Sky continent.

          Riddick was respectful and cautious as he stood before her, he even left Sylvie outside as he entered into her abode. He knew very well from the descriptions of Arthur that this Old Madam was an existence who was entirely on a different realm compared to other devas.

     However, the madam herself was very kind and had an elderly aura in her actions. As soon as Riddick entered into her residence she put aside her book and began to inspect him carefully.

      With a smile on her face, she asked calmly, “So you are called Riddick. I was curious about you for a while since I saw you in the celestial sect. Now that I see you, my curiosity is further piqued. You have a devour technique which steals the cultivation of others, right?”

      Riddick froze as he heard this, he didn’t except someone other than him to know the mechanism of his technique.

     But, he still spoke with extreme respect, “Indeed, this junior has a humble technique. I call it Hell devour.”

       Old madam began to laugh slightly as she heard Riddick and said, “You are quite humble but is your technique really so small. You were an early eighth rank warrior when you entered the Celestial sect but after absorbing the Qi of the less than a hundred immortals, you have actually managed to reach the middle stage of eighth rank.

         This kind of speed is too monstrous and I hardly think there are any techniques which can rival yours. As far as I can guess, your technique a omnipotent devour skill capable of devouring warriors and mages alike, isn’t it?”

      Riddick stood dumbfounded as he heard this. This was something he had long since decided to keep a secret from everyone and yet, this madam was saying everything like she had seen through everything that is there to know about Hell devour.

        The Hell devour technique is a very monstrous technique not just because of its speed but also because of its flexibility. It can absorb Qi and elemental essence alike so as long as one has Hell devour in their arsenal, they can improve themselves both as a warrior and mage ranks simply by engaging in constant slaughter.

      Thus, Hell devour is a devastating balance breaker in the world of devil path cultivators. Cesar had long since warned Riddick regarding the world of cultivators, what all experts value are not treasured but the ways to improve themselves. Imagine what would happen when the word of Hell devour gets out, it would be utter catastrophe for him, so Riddick wanted none to know about it including Sylvie, Sebastian and Arthur.

         Seeing the dumbfounded gaze of Riddick, the old madam only smiled lightly and said, “Truthfully even I would have been tempted to acquire this technique of yours but looks like that isn’t possible.”

     Looking at Riddick she mused, “A technique which requires a fundamental change in the nature of the soul. Usually someone at my level can see through a soul of a mortal like you but no matter how I probe, I can find nothing inside your soul world. Interesting… You have a very interesting soul.”

      Turning her head towards the door she said in loud voice, “You can come inside girl.”

         Sylvie who had stayed outside as she didn’t want to be an interruption silently stepped through the door into the residence.

       With a wave of her hand the old madam ordered both Riddick and Sylvie to follow her inside the hut. The hut was very poorly constructed but Riddick never dared to imagine that it was a normal hut as it belonged to the Old Madam. However, as soon as he stepped inside even with his presumption, he couldn’t help but stare with an open mouth because what greeted him was not the interior of the hut but a castle so huge that it he couldn’t estimate it’s dimensions.

           Seeing the reaction of Riddick, the old madam only smiled lightly before saying, “Welcome to the Deva palace.”

        Riddick was thunderstruck as he heard this. Deva palace. When did they….. No, how did they even reach this place which should obviously be on the Forbidden Isle.

       The old madam only walked further so Riddick followed her along with Sylvie. She walked quietly while both Sylvie and Riddick couldn’t help but stare at the magnificence of the Deva palace.

       The Deva palace was huge, its architecture and magnificence can definitely not be matched with anything on the entire material plane of Asgard. It was so large that it could encapsulate hundreds of Celestial sects within it and it had so many experts that a small part of them would be enough to wipe out the entire Sky continent.

      After walking for more than two hours, the old madam stopped in front of a door.

   “This is actually a suite given to me by an old friend but you may use it. Remember, the deva palace will not be kind to you so you have to be careful, come inside, I will tell you more about the deva palace.”, The old madam spoke seriously and walked through the door.

      The interior of the suite was unexpectedly not too lavish. It only had the minimum required furniture and a  wooden dining table in the common room while there were three more rooms which can be used for other purposes.

       Later, Riddick sat in front of the old madam as Sylvie continued to check the entire suite.

       The old madam also sat silently for a long while before she sighed and said, “Riddick, I won’t lie to you, all the disciples who have ever come to the deva palace from the Sky continent are dead or rather they were killed brutally by the system of the deva palace.

        The Forbidden Isle doesn’t have any rulers, there are no empires nor any kingdoms. All that is there in the forbidden Isle is ruled by the powerful sects and various ancient families however, unofficially, the deva palace rules them all.

      These sects and families are very powerful and their combined power is actually much larger than the Deva palace itself so this raises a question, Why did they allow the Deva palace to rule them all in the first place?

            The Deva palace was established forty millennia ago by the victors of the Great war that happened in the entirety of the Forbidden Isle, that was also the time when this material plane saw the cruelty of the war. Forbidden Isle, Sky continent  and even Asgard, nothing was left out, millions died everyday until the war ended and three devas belonging to three great families made an alliance and won the battle against all others.

       That was the day, they established the Deva palace and imposed a rule on all the powers of the Forbidden Isle. However, they knew that the lost strength will always be retrieved and their enemies who were now like injured snake will strike back as soon as they gain enough strength. This will inevitably lead to an another war.

        So to prevent this, they established a system where everything will be decided on strength. Not of the devas or the ancestors but by the younger generations of their families. When the fights are between youngsters, the damages will also be smaller, there will never be a case where millions would die.

         The Deva palace will be the free ground of all beginner disciples below the age of 50 years and all divine disciples below the age of 150 years. Only these immortals will be allowed into the Deva palace and they will fight for their families and sects until they have to graduate.

       The power bestowed by the Deva palace on the sects lies in a single badge. This badge will be blood bound and can only be acquired after the wearer dies or voluntarily removes it himself.

    There are a total of five types of badges. White, Purple, Gold, Crimson, Black. At any time the number of these badges will be fixed and the rule states that any bearer of the badge shall not leave the palace for more than a year. These badges cannot be replicated nor can they be destroyed.

   The number of these badges are as follows,
White – 10000
Purple – 1000
Gold – 100
Crimson – 10
Black – 3

     However, to ensure that these badges are not used incorrectly, the Deva palace has laid down some iron rules. Any person who is proven guilty of broken these rules will be revoked of his rights to bear any badge permanently.

The rules are :

1) The bearer of a badge can never fight another badge bearer below two ranks i.e a Gold badge bearer cannot fight a white badge bearer but a purple badge bearer can.

2) A person can not receive any help in a fight for the badge.

3) All sects and families are prevented to help the badge bearers and their other clan members directly.

4) No person shall be denied of his right to fight for a badge.

5) No person will be forced to reveal his badge.

6) All badge bearers should accept a duel at least once every year.

7) A person who loses his badge loses the right to duel for another badge for one year.

8) A person can bear only a single badge of each rank at a time. A person can have no more than five badges in total.

9) However, the higher ranked badge bearers can accept a duel from a lower ranked members, if the lower ranked person asks for it.

10) Any Divine disciple may only compete for badges above the purple rank so all the White and purple badges should be with the beginner disciples only.

11) Any and all the badge bearers shall follow all the rules laid down by the Deva palace.

        Besides these rules there will be several others based on the situation as these rules are too inconsistent and can be broken because of many loopholes in them.

       Riddick, the reason why all those disciples died can be partly blamed on their own greed. They got greedy and wanted to acquire a badge. Remember, in this duel the winner has the right to kill the loser and none can stop him.

      The black badge bearers are like the emperors, while the Crimson badge bearers are the kings. Similarly, the Gold badge bearers are more powerful than the lower badge bearers.

     As long as a person of their lineage or sect has a badge, a similar badge will be manifested in the hands of his master. These badges are essentially like the royal seals, even if the enemy is like a single old man, with a black badge, he can make an entire army bow to him.

       Any person, beast or human who dares to stand against the order of the bearer will then face the combined might of all the sects, families and the Deva palace.”

       The old madam sighed as she reminiscent on something, with a small helpless smile she said, “Riddick, I know that people at your age tend to be rash and even dream of power.

     You may have never imagined that there would be a way to obtain power at your level but now that you know, you may want to grab it. I advise you to grab the power silently, I won’t stop you but I will warn you, though I proudly told you about these rules, there are in fact more loopholes than safety measures in this system.

    Remember, the Deva palace was formed by the sects and families of the Forbidden Isle, they definitely left out ways for themselves so be careful.”

          Riddick sat in a daze as he heard this, he never heard about such a system and would not have imagined that the ruler free Forbidden Isle would have such an elaborate system of power where everyone will have to fight for it through mere badges.

        Riddick thought, “I, Riddick never thought excessively about power and only thought to lead a silent life here but to think that there is a rule where any person has to bow to a kid with a toy badge.”

     Riddick was never too fixated on power but now that the situation turned out like this, he now had no choice but to silently acquire a badge.


AN : How I came upon this system?

A) I studied different schools and sects of various JP and CN novels and came upon a formula.

School, entrance, shock of his talent, friend, rival, side character, GF, competition, astonishment, Fuck, Suck,  dick, etc…etc…… ( Of course there are a few exceptions, mainly in Chinese )

       So I thought, if I write Against Heavens the same way, you guys will ignore me like I am a street dog barking at you. So I thought of a beautiful scenario, make a school whose students rule the entire continent indirectly through their prowess.

      Some of you may think, This is silly, why would I let those kids decide my position. However, think about it, isn’t this the most easiest way to rule. No wars so no deaths, only make sure that the young ones are amazing, which is an easy thing to do considering their ancestors are devas and you can then rule as you like.


28 thoughts on “Book 3 – Chapter 25 The Ruling System

  1. So it’s like toaru majustu in some essence. Rather than a school city, it is more of a school country. Nice concept.


  2. “9) However, the higher ranked badge bearers can accept a duel from a lower ranked members, if the lower ranked person asks for it.” should be part of rule number 1 no?


  3. Interesting system. But with this system, is there a lot of kidnappings of 8 year old kids that tested to have very high potentials? or babies from coming from the unions of legendary lineage? … just a thought.


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