Book 4 – Chapter 1 – Helen and Clay

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Helen and Clay :

               Inside the gardens of the Deva palace, on a lone bench in a almost invisible location due to dense foliage Riddick was sitting while reading a book. Beside him, Sylvie by herself was actually training silently. It has been a month since Riddick arrived at the Deva palace.

     In the past month, Riddick did all he could to avoid letting the information about him reach others. He had already been warned about the ill intent the disciples of Forbidden Isle had towards the disciples of Sky continent so he was not keen to expose himself.

     The Deva palace was too enormous and it had literally tens of hundreds of thousands of immortals inside it. Why would someone care about him, a mere mortal mage of ninth rank unless of course, he himself did something to announce his presence.

        The past month was completely spent in adjusting and gathering intelligence regarding the Forbidden Isle as well as about the Deva palace. The Old Madam did tell him quite a bit but, it was no where near enough to survive unscathed in the deadly place known as Deva palace.

       When the Old Madam said that the White badge is the lowest, Riddick had hoped to meet one of them in a untimely situation and silently acquire one. However, the situation in the Deva palace completely astounded him. A mere White badge has hundreds to thousands of followers and a purple badge bearers are like kings. The Gold badge are considered heaven shattering geniuses and the Crimson and the Black badge are considered legends.

      So Riddick went back to his previous plan, stay silent and stay away from the eyes of others. His daily schedule included training in the small training room he rented in the Deva palace and spend the remaining time gathering all the information he could by borrowing books from the library.

    That day was the same as many others, to avoid the suffocating feeling, sometimes, no, multiple times a week, Sylvie would pull him out of his room and they would reach the Grand gardens to have a bit of fresh air.

      He would have preferred to enjoy his life a bit more in this same fashion but currently he was smiling awkwardly as Sylvie was repeatedly asking him to check upon the origin of the sounds which had started a minute ago.

“Noooo….. Clay…. Don’t. What if anyone sees us and inform my lord father?” A female moaned slightly.

“Haha…. Don’t worry. Do you think there is anyone bold enough to peep on us. If I find do anyone, I, Clay guarantee you that I would use any means possible to get rid of all evidence. So you need not worry my love.”, A male voice proudly announced.

      “But, my lord father already decided upon my marriage and also engaged me to Lord Kyle. If anyone was to find me here then my father wouldn’t hesitate to kill both of us with his own hands to cleanse the shame on his family.”, the woman still said as she moaned.

       “Humph! Kyle, he is nothing but a pipsqueak who rides on his own father’s fame. Can he satisfy you like me. Take this….”, the male groaned as he strongly moved his hips.

      “Yes….. That’s it. Do me harder…. He, Kyle definitely can’t compare to you… Clay, you are the best……ha…ha….ha.”, the woman moaned loudly as her body twisted in pleasure and her legs intertwined around Clay’s waist.

        The woman was Helen, her father was a purple badged clan member of the powerful family, “Wallenstein”. After being engaged with Lord Kyle of the, “Cloud piercing sect”, she had initially wanted to cut off her relationship with Clay Turner of “Turner”, family. But, fate was very cruel, why did she had to stumble upon Clay with whom she had a long relationship of five years in a secluded spot of the garden.

      He was furious and she couldn’t stop him, although they were both white ranked badge bearers, it was not a matter of strength but it was of resistance. Clay was big, muscular and powerful, she, who had been in his arms for so long couldn’t resist any longer and gave in to the sinful pleasure.

       She talked of being found out because she was nervous but even she didn’t think that they would ever be found out. Even if someone did find out, who were they? They were the bearers of white badges, unless a purple badge stumbles upon their love, anyone who shall open the Pandora’s box of her sinful pleasure shall die.

        Her head moving with pleasure in accordance with the strong strokes suddenly turned white in fear as she caught the sight of two people seeing them attentively. The male had an apologetic expression while the female who had enough beauty to rival a goddess was staring at them like she was observing the copulation of dogs.

“Noooooo…….. Claaaaay.”, A loud shout rang out in the silent garden filled with low moans.
     Clay, who was furiously moving his waist lifted his head and following the line of sight of the Helen. Then he saw them, Riddick and Sylvie.

       His brow contracted slightly as he felt that it was a nuisance to kill them, he never considered Riddick and Sylvie were a threat to him. How can a ninth ranked mage and a new bee immortal threaten him, a White badge bearer. Even if they did, there was Helen, together they can kill both of them like ants.

      His body suddenly moved and instantly a blade struck Riddick, however, Riddick was already alert so he had easily evaded the strike. Though, his current strength may not rival a White badge bearer, with the strong body and the yellow dragon Qi granted by the Lightning dragon, he can at least rival an ordinary immortal just in the terms of his strength and with the addition of his already powerful senses and reflexes, he was essentially a monster whose reflexes had long since surpassed the beginner disciple level.

    Clay who wanted to kill Riddick in one strike was started as his blade only struck air. With explosive burst, he started a thrusting motion without a split second delay after the first slash showing his dexterity and experience as a warrior.


       A loud shout rang out as Sylvie kicked the raised blade and knocked both the blade and Clay by three metres.

     Clay who was astonished by the power of Sylvie strike couldn’t help but snarl, “Who on earth are you woman?”

       Riddick who saw the White badge on Clay’s chest couldn’t help but think, “To think that the guy who is fucking someone’s wife in the shade of a tree is a White badge bearer.”

     So Riddick put up his hands and said, “Friend, I know that we have intruded on your private space but believe me, it was unintended. I hold no grudge against you and I swear on my pride that I will tell no other soul of this incident. So give me some face and let us leave, we have no intention of fighting you.”

       Clay was irritated but he already imagined that it would come to this so he thought, “As soon as he sees my badge, he announces neutrality. Does he think I am a fool, if I let him get away then I would give him a huge bargaining chip. Though he is only a mortal, he must be a spy with some special techniques else I see no way in which he can escape my blade.

       That woman should be his partner as well as his protector. A spy unit making an offer, in your dreams kid.”

     Suddenly Clay’s face twisted as he roared, “In your dreams kid, Do you really think you can escape from here alive. As long as you live, I won’t sleep peacefully.”

    Clay and Helen had imagined, No, they thought confirmedly that Riddick as a disciple of the Deva palace should be aware of their situation. Both of them were fairly popular in the White badge circle because of the recent scandal regarding their past love affairs but how can they know that Riddick had arrived only a month ago to the Deva palace.

       “Helen”, Clay roared as he lifted his sword.

       Helen had been long since ready for a fight, she was a practical person so she would never be bothered with something like pride of the Senior and shit. She could see that the opponent was weaker than them and no matter how she reviewed Riddick and Sylvie, she found no abnormalities which can destroy her plans.

      Like a spring she leaped into the air and like a pair of tigers both of them pounced on Riddick. Destroy a enemy to isolate his partner, this is a given in their situation. As they saw it, Riddick as a non immortal should be most probably a mage who specialises in support so they would eliminate him first.

    Suddenly a pair of eyes stabbed their instincts like a spear, Sylvie who had been alert all along turned on her deadly aura and bent her legs in anticipation. No matter how one sees her, she was like a mad beast waiting for her prey.

“Not good.”, Helen’s face changed as she was assaulted by the pressure, she instinctively stopped in her tracks as she understood that she had provoked an opponent she shouldn’t dare to.

     Clay was already nearing Riddick and he wasn’t too concerned about Sylvie, so what if she has enough power to rival them. As far as he was considered, after killing Riddick, both he and Helen can take care of her with ease.

       Riddick who watched Clay approaching him only smiled lightly but that smile had a mysteriously dangerous aura hidden within it. With a cold voice he said, “I gave you a chance to save your life and yet, you waste it. No wonder this world has only so many rulers because they, “Fools win in majority.”

       And, thus a aura started to emanate for the first time from Riddick. It was complex, it was compressed, it was precise and it was like a knife. He was like a killer waiting for his target, Clay was like a cow in a slaughter house. No resistance was accepted, his aura was no where at a level where it can match Riddick.

     The intense killing intent stunned him like an electric spark. He wanted to resist but he couldn’t, he wanted to move but he couldn’t, he saw the reaper of death move slowly like a feather in the sky, he saw Yama changing his form into a giant blade, he saw Riddick’s still smiling face as his hand held Yama. He heard the panicked shout of Helen, he heard the intense heart beats of his heart, he reviewed his entire life in just a split second.

    They saw that the moment of death is the moment, you evolve like a butterfly but the condition is, you have to survive it first. However, Clay was not at all lucky, Yama didn’t stop nor did Riddick, it pierced his heart like a tofu and embedded itself into the earth.

      The trembling in Helen’s legs stopped so did the deathly aura, even if someone with very high senses sensed the aura, they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint Riddick because the time he activated it was less than a split second and in that second all that was left was Helen on her butt, a bloodied ground, a tangled corpse and a shinning White badge.

     Lifting the White badge off the ground Riddick held Yama with his remaining hand, instanly a force activated and the Bloodied corpse of Clay became a dried mass of flesh.

        This instanly frightened Helen to the point that she no longer thought of escaping. Her future was already in Riddick’s hands and now she was all the more certain that an opponent with a devouring technique is someone who can definitely be considered as a young master of a very powerful demon clan.

    Against an opponent at his level, she was nothing but a bug. He had enough power to instakill a White badge bearer like Clay and he most probably had a background so profound that he didn’t care about the consequences.

    As Riddick pleasantly felt the flow of Qi gathering in his dantian, he smiled lightly before opening his eyes and gazing at Helen who was on her butt.

    With a cold smile he mused aloud, “Now, what should I do about this bitch?”


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  1. The mc felt desire for vera when he was a lil kid and he’s an adult now so is sylvie even though he is older than her when she became immortal that was adult hood for her and she wouldn’t mind so your telling me he hasn’t hit that yet, wuss


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