Book 4 – Chapter 2 It’s Time

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here. I am back with a sponsored chapter by our generous donor Alexander of Germany. So guys please join me in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig round of applause to thank Alexander for his generosity.

         This development is something few may have imagined mainly because I never showed that ___no spoilers__ is possible but it is a easy thing to do considering that all of them are immortals.




It’s Time :

    Riddick mused loudly, “Now, what should I do about this bitch?”

             Helen sat petrified on spot as she heard Riddick, she was still a practical person and didn’t believe that he would spare her on some ideal principles like kindness. So as soon as Riddick mused aloud she almost crawled towards him.

       Helen didn’t want to die, even if she had to lose everything, she didn’t want to die. Death, what is death? There is nothing after death, it is the true abyss of any life. She watched in horror as her beloved Clay died like a bug as the mighty black blade in Riddick’s hands pierced him easily, but, it didn’t cause any emotions of revenge to manifest in her heart.

       All that was left in her heart was fear, fear that she would die the same way, she instinctively understood that should would die the moment Riddick had no more use of her.

        So she crawled towards Riddick and wanted to beg for mercy but a severe kick knocked her back. Steadying herself she saw Sylvie standing before her with a dangerous expression.

    “Don’t you dare shake your ass in front of my master, woman. The only reason you are still alive is because my master still hasn’t decided your fate.” Sylvie snarled angrily.

       Riddick only smiled lightly before patting Sylvie’s shoulders and said, “That’s enough Sylvie, I will deal with her now so stay back.”

      Riddick face which was filled with smiles suddenly turned cold as he glanced at Helen.

    “Let me ask you a question, Bearer of a White badge, Helen Wallenstein. Do you wish to live no matter what?” Riddick asked casually.

       It was just a simple sentence but it had a very profound meaning hidden within it and this sentence explained Helen a lot of things. Riddick was hinting her that her life wouldn’t be the same if she accepts his offer but he had also hinted that she wouldn’t live at all if she didn’t agree.

       What was pride, some say that pride is the only form of prestige one can truly maintain through one’s actions. Others say that it is the most difficult thing to maintain. However, everyone say that the same thing, one should never lose their pride.

           Helen was a coward, she knew that once she accepts Riddick’s offer, she would no longer have any pride. She would be a doll moving under the control of his strings, she would cease to be a proud daughter of Wallenstein family. But, what if she didn’t throw her pride aside, she would die, she would die a dog’s death.

       Let her family hate her, let the society ridicule her, but she would still prioritise her life above others and above her own pride so she decided on her choice in a single instant. As soon as Riddick made his offer, she bowed her head and showed her acceptance.

      Riddick smiled lightly before stroking his chin and said, “Good, good. Now that you have made up your mind. There is no need to bow to me, come here.” With a wave of his hand, Riddick probed her near him.

     Riddick had a very friendly expression on his face, he entire being emanated a warm feeling that would bring warmth to any and all who see him. However, all that Helen felt was dread, she couldn’t understand it herself but her instincts screamed her to stop as she moved her legs.

        Though she was not a very powerful figure among her clan, she was still someone who was considered a genius among the Wallenstein family and had thus experienced various aspects of life and even had the chance to meet their ancestor, a deva.

       Yet, she thought that Riddick was much scarier than her own ancestor. Riddick face was like a mirror, she couldn’t understand what was inside it and could only gaze upon the reflection reflected on it.

      As she came near, Riddick smiled lightly while taking off her badge and said, “Remember, I am only following your wishes. Since you wanted to live no matter what, I won’t kill you, but that does not necessarily mean that I will grant you your freedom.”


         A small whisper escaped his lips and a strong force sucked the unassuming Helen along with Riddick, Sylvie and the tangled corpse of the Clay into the Yamaloka.

       The original garden filled with blood and the tangled corpse returned to its previous state of serenity and no evidence pertaining to a battle was left behind. All that was left was a small black needle which was bundled together with several dried up grasses in one corner of the garden.

     Inside the Yamaloka, Helen looked around in confusion, she could not understand what was happening at all. Before her stood Riddick, Sylvie, another man and a bull!

    “What is this place?” Helen managed to stutter.

     “My private playground” Yama bellowed.

     “What do you mean? Where are we? Is this even Forbidden Isle?” Helen asked in a terrified voice as she gazed at the skies which were now in a purple hue.

  “No, this is not Forbidden Isle, nor is this place in the material plane of Asgard.” Riddick answered casually.

        Helen was dumbfounded as she heard this but her gaze suddenly became all the more terrified as she understood the meaning behind those words.

       A different plane, the only people who can transverse between planes freely were people of strength so tremendous that it was unimaginable. And, Riddick had just transported her into a different plane. Helen was terrified, she did not understand why she had to suffer, what did she do to suffer so much.

        But, the answer came to her immediately. She was the one who changed her fate, she was the one who followed the sinful path of lust, she was the one who tried to kill Riddick and now she was the one who was suffering the consequences of her own actions.

   “Who are you people? What do you want from me?” Helen shouted angrily, she had already given up on living.

         She had understood that it was useless to act dumb the very instant that she was bought to a different dimension. Helen originally wanted to escape when she stumbled upon a chance so she acted dumb but now she was nothing more than a prisoner in an unbreakable prison.

          Riddick smiled lightly and thought, “Looks like she didn’t expect that I had a way to contain her. Humph! No matter how dumb and cowardly she acts, I would never let her roam free as long as I have no way to control her actions beyond my reach.”

    So Riddick answered, “Nothing much, I just want a bit of inside Information regarding pretty much everything you know about.”

         The next few hours were spent thoroughly questioning Helen. She had no way to fool anyone as long as she was within Yamaloka, so she had left with no choice but to speak truth. Everything she knew about the Deva palace, The Wallenstein family, The Turner family and the Cloud piercing sect was extracted from her in a very systemic manner.

      Riddick was immensely satisfied with this, what he truly lacked was information and Helen was like a golden duck who laid before him the true facts regarding everything he wanted to know rather than the manipulated facts in the books.

        Cesar who was observing Riddick interrogate Helen nodded his head in approval. He had long since given up on resistance and was now wholeheartedly focussed on reviving Edward as well as making himself a new body.

      Riddick had kept his side of agreement and was constantly delivering samples for his experiments, the recent batch being a dozen or so immortals. Also he was beginning to understand the mechanism of the Hell devour technique more and more by studying the dried up corpses Riddick collected for him. So Cesar was more than happy to stay inside the Yamaloka.


       Two days passed by. To prevent anyone from finding him just like Alex. Riddick decided to spend the upcoming days in the Yamaloka but Sylvie had left the same day he acquired the necessary information from Helen.

    That day, Riddick sat in a spacious lounge along with Sylvie and Cesar. Yama had transported Helen to her very own private lodgings. For some unknown reason Yama was quite hyped as he made lodgings for her.

       Gazing at the two White badges in his hands, Riddick smiled slyly before be turned around and gave them to Sylvie.

      “Sylvie take these badges and bind the unclaimed badge with your blood.”

      Sylvie only chuckled lightly as she saw those badges, she had been quire mystified by those badges for a long time so she excitedly took the badges and bound Clay’s badge with her blood.

        Riddick laid his arm on Sylvie shoulders as both of them observed the badges, it was quite a pleasant scene and  was very common in their lives. Gazing at the remaining White badge Riddick asked quietly, “What do you think I want to do with this badge Sylvie?”

     Sylvie snuggled closer into his bosom and said, “You want the purple badge behind this White badge, isn’t it master?”

       Riddick laughed loudly and said, “Ho.. You have become quite preceptive recently. I am proud of you.”

        “Don’t make fun of me master, your intentions were quite obvious from the very beginning. If you truly wanted a White badge, that bitch would have been long dead.

      However, this can be considered as greed and you have already suffered much due to greed, won’t you change your mind, master.”

          Riddick laughed lightly before he thought back about the past six months and said, “Indeed, I suffered much due to my greed but look at what I have obtained. I have become strong, strong enough to protect you and myself all due to my greed.

       However, don’t be mistaken. Though this can still be considered as greed, I am no longer the same Riddick. If I have to obtain something, then I will obtain it but without dirtying my hands.

      No matter who that Lyon ( Helen’s father ) is, he currently has no way to link the issue regarding the disappearance of  Clay with us. So this gives us an immense advantage.

        He is blind and he will always be blind. He shall walk into our trap and all we have to do is to harvest our crop. Humph! There is a law preventing interruption in duel between Badge bearers but there is no law preventing a coincidental accident which completely gives me a complete advantage.”

       Sylvie only nodded her head in approval, she had originally wanted to prevent such incidences but now she no longer felt the need. Even if a Divine disciples comes after them, Riddick had enough ways to escape unscathed.

    Thus, Sylvie was sent away along with the two badges. Those badges will be the starting point of everything which will shake the Deva palace.

       Currently Riddick, who was relaxing on a couch rose and thought aloud, “Well, it is good to be confident but it is better to be cautious. I have thought about a way but there may still be blind spots in my strategy. Fortunately, the time has arrived. Isn’t it Yama?”

     Yama manifested before Riddick and said, “Indeed, your majesty.”




36 thoughts on “Book 4 – Chapter 2 It’s Time

  1. GOOD Morning! Just a question reddy. Where do you live cause most of the time when you update it is like 5AM here. Also thanks for the chap as usual XD


  2. I hope Cesar becomes an ally in the future and not an enemy. If not, at least I hope Riddick stays in control of the situation between him and Cesar.


    • Yeah same here he might make him his pet or something since he is a dragon. I can see Riddick being feared by all devas in the future and Cesar in the immortal part.


  3. Okay just finished the chapter and i say i approve. But damn you cliffhangers i sure wasn’t expecting it. So im going to bed now see later


  4. awesome development
    really liked riddick mentality
    can’t wait to see how he is going to transform that white badge into a purple one
    riddick must have a lot of questions to ask to void once he becomes immortal
    thanks for the chapter


  5. in book4 chapter1 kind of remind me the AGE OF HEROES when my imagination running wild about helia and kyle but you change their position PLEASE NO NTR


    • Hmm, I did not read age of heroes so I don’t know about Helia and Kyle. Generally speaking, I won’t write about something I don’t like and NTR BTW main characters is something I don’t like.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. FINNALLYY VOIIDD IS COMING BACKK!! But one question i never really understood the reason of riddick not reviving void. Was it coz of no time? I mean if he can just revive void when he says he wants to it cant be thst hard. So yeah pls answer meee:) btw great chapter but would love it if they were longer:)


    • Hmm, think about it. Arnold soul was completely rewritten and thus, he cannot be reversed. So basically that is a permanent solution and it has a lot of unexplained restrictions.


    • I would like to add as I have seen several comment about the topic that I really don’t see any need for ero in this series. I like it how it is, but I also don’t want it to be like a stubborn shonen either. What I am trying to say is… Maybe keep it in moderation (like you have been.) Or just do it like CD where they do have sex but they don’t go and describe the whole thing in thorough detail. Well.. who knows… A little ero wouldn’t harm anything…


      • Thank you legacybot for the suggestion. Originally I didn’t think that I would write slightly erotic content as well but I had to since it gave a deep feeling. Anyway, I already tagged my work as mature besides the reason why I didn’t touch this in the first two books is that Riddick was too young, now that he is 18. It’s alright.


  7. You never ceise to amaze reddy. I had actually stopped reading this s story a month ago but decided to give it another chance. Glad I did. The story started slow(OH MER GURD SO SLOW!!!) but now I can’t wait for more. I salute you for your excellent work! Bravo!!!
    P.S. What happened to Bella?


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