Book 4 – Chapter 3 I want her

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here. This chapter is sponsored by our very own generous donor, Alexander of  Germany. So guys join me in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig round of applause to thank Alexander for his generosity.

       This chapter in a sense actually contains certain spoilers so I BEG you guys, don’t think aloud. I don’t think many of you guys will imagine the scenario I imagined but just as a safety measure I don’t want you guys to think aloud to ruin others fun. Thank you.




I Want her :

         Riddick wanted to revive Void a long time ago but he was incapable of doing so. Though he had taken back his own soul world from the control of Cesar, it didn’t change the fact that he had lost control over his soul world for a long time. His present soul world was completely different from his past soul world. Thus he was unable to maintain a stable connection with it and in such a situation, it was foolish attempt to try to reestablish a connection with a different soul.

       Yama had thus suggested Riddick to delay the revival of Void by three months, during these three months, Riddick had regained his control tremendously and by using the Hell devour technique constantly his soul was also nurtured along with his body.

     Hell Devour is a powerful devils path technique but the Thousand Hell prison is originally a protective soul barrier technique and thus, when the Hell devour increased in power so did Riddick’s soul defence.

      Riddick stood inside a formation set up by Yama, the amount of concentration required to reestablish a soul connection was immense but the actual procedure was too simple. All he needed to do was to probe the link of the previous soul connection and wait for the result.

        The chances of success in this kind of reestablishment mainly depended on the power of the other side and usually any being without a powerful soul can never sense such a small probing. But, who was on the other side, he was Void.


     Deep in a black blank space, Void was in his slumber. He was originally frantic about Riddick but that franticness soon turned into amusement as he saw the recent adventures of Riddick. Now that the soul link was destroyed, he no longer had a way to contact Riddick but that didn’t mean he had no way to know the situation.

        His mind was alert even though his body slept, he was waiting for the small probe. Suddenly a voice resounded in that blank space, “Father, You are leaving again?”

     Void slightly opened his eyes and said, “Indeed I am, little fire.”

              “Humph! What is so good about that kid? He is nothing in front of me? I know that you are impartial to all of us but still I feel that you treat that kid with much more importance than us, your sons.” The voice continued slowly.

     “Ha…ha… Little fire, did anyone ever tell you that you have too little vision. It is not a matter of talent, it is the matter of the vision. A soul with a king’s vision will always become a king even if he is born in the family of peasants.

       Don’t even think that Riddick is lucky to have a king’s soul. A king’s soul can never be obtained by luck, it can only be obtained by vision. Do you know what is the best way to describe a true king?”

“No…… I don’t know, father.” The voice continued in meek voice.

“The best way to describe a true king is a word, “Fool”. Can you dream of conquering the heavens if your mind works on the logic of the world, can you be greedy enough to want anything and everything the world has to offer you. Can you dream of something foolish like, “The strongest under the heavens.”

      You may think that these are Indeed the qualities of a child, a foolish child yes, they are. But, there is one other person who shares the same vision, A king. These are the qualities every being is born with, we are all given the same instincts. Dream big. But, the restrictions of the society locks our potential.

      We lock our own potential and the one who unlocks his potential becomes a king while the others become his subjects. So don’t think badly about Riddick. The trails he has to undergo before reaching us are too many and all we can do is to help him with our meagre power.”

    The voice stayed silent for a while, and finally it said, “I understand father, but, I am not a person who will bow to anyone. If he wants to gain my respect then he has to show me, that he is worthy of me. I, little Fire can not be conquered by an individual who cannot even rival a millionth of my stubbornness. Humph!” The small voice proclaimed proudly.

        “Don’t worry. Even if I am your father. It doesn’t mean that I have the right to control your thoughts. I will leave the decision to you and your brothers alone. Ahh! It looks like the time has finally come.”

        Void moved his his eyeballs towards a nonexistent crack and let out a breath, the world trembled and the nonexistent crack became a large tunnel. The small soul link which was present in the Crimson black soul world also trembled slightly before an astonishing force broke it open like a cardboard box.

        Riddick who was deep in his meditation also felt it, a pop sound resounded in his sea of consciousness followed by a familiar voice which resounded in his mind.

“Looks like you have been doing well, Riddick.”

“Void”, Riddick shouted in joy.

“Void”, Yama greeted Void at the same time as well.

        “Heh! You have already reached the peak of ninth stage as a mage and the mid eighth stage as a warrior. Good, good, you did well. Haha… Soon, you will reach the immortal level.”

      “I know”, Riddick said and continued, ” I am sorry to cause you so much trouble. I promise that this won’t happen again.”

     Void laughed loudly and said, “No trouble ever again, who are you fooling kid? Didn’t you just brew enough trouble already just as you entered the Deva palace.”

     Riddick chuckled lightly and said, “I don’t really think I would be forced into the same situation by some unknown beginner disciple especially after I know the level of the Deva class experts.”

     “Forget it kid, I don’t know how powerful that Lyon guy is but it is good to make necessary preparations. Originally you had no way of gaining strength so soon but since you have acquired the second black mass and created a devouring technique. You should now be able to progress at an astonishing speed. All you need is fodder i.e Immortals.” Void said calmly.

     Suddenly Riddick was startled, the black masses of his soul world. This was something none knew about but Void mentioned them so he was curious about the origin and the reason for their existence.

    Suddenly Void continued, “I know that you want to know more about the black masses but even I have no idea regarding the reason for their existence.

      But, I can tell you one thing. They are all lost fragments of soul. So they all contain something. The answer for all your questions lie in the those black masses. You will understand everything when the time comes.”

      Suddenly Riddick was reminded of the statement he had heard a long time ago from Vera. He had originally wanted to extract the truth from Void but he never could.

     Void always told him that the answer was always within him and he would be able to comprehend the answer when the time comes. This now made sense as the answer to all of his questions existed in the black masses itself.

       Riddick was quite because he now understood the reason why Vera nor Void can not tell him the truth. They can’t tell him because they can’t. The truth can be comprehended in many ways and they both have no right to make a comprehension for him.
       Void who had been silent finally chuckled lightly and said, “So how long would you think it would take for Sylvie to isolate Lyon.”

          Riddick came out of his daze and said, “The filial relationship between Helen and Lyon is not particularly strong nor is it particularly weak. As far as I can guess this Lyon seems to be a type of father who demands his daughter to follow his rules.

     Else I see no reason why he would be so ignore his daughter’s opinion and arrange a different man for her. Though he is a problematic person to deal with, contrarily, it is also easy to Fool him.”

    Void sighed and said, “In any case, you are too weak to contend against him. I know that you have improved tremendously in this past month but this is no where near enough. At least you have to enter the ninth stage as a warrior, if you want to have a chance against Lyon.

       The power of your current body is very good but remember, this is not the base power of your body. The higher the base power, the higher the effect of the yellow dragon Qi will be. So we have to let you enter the ninth rank soon.”

      Riddick sighed as he heard Void and said, “I understand your opinion but think about it, I had to kill about a hundred Beginner disciples to gain a third of a eighth rank. Even after killing all those immortals, I only advanced from the early stage to the mid stage of eighth rank.

   If I consider the limit of eighth rank and the breakthrough point I would need at least another two hundred and fifty immortals. I want to stay silent for a while but if I do something so flashy wouldn’t I attract all the attention.”

       Void only laughed and said, “Indeed, that is definitely possible but who said that you have to kill immortals, can’t you kill magical beasts.”

      Riddick was dumbfounded but his expression soon turned into a gleeful smile as he thought of the new possibility.

     What Riddick didn’t know was that though the Devouring techniques were very rare, still most powerful of demon clans held such techniques. However, a technique which can devour a mage force and Qi alike is a terrifying technique but the Hell devour is not a terrifying technique, it is a technique which shatters the heavens and rewrites the laws.

     All techniques follow a law, a little bit of dao a demon way expert gained insight into. This dao is the usually based on the devour aspect of an element and will form into a technique which will have a devouring power.

     Devour anything and everything. This is the absoluteness of Hell devour technique. That is the reason why this technique will later be defined as the Emperor of all demon laws.


         Inside a magnificent restaurant, a man was enjoying the highest quality cuisine with a blissful expression on his face. Suddenly he would exclaim aloud  or ask the chef who was right beside him about the recipe.

     Usually this kind of behaviour would result in getting thrown out of the restaurant but the people inside, along with the staff and the chef were sweating profusely as they saw the handsome man with with golden blonde hair enjoy his dishes. A golden badge was pinned on his white tailcoat suit and it perfectly matched his golden hair giving an image of an extraordinarily handsome man.

     Suddenly the man who was enjoying his cuisine stopped and turned towards a certain direction. The man standing guard beside the young man saw the interest of the young man and quietly whispered,

             “My lord, they belong to the Wallenstein family and the highest ranking badge they possess is a purple badge. Shall I order them to pay their respects my lord.”

     The young man narrowed his eyes and said, “Who is that young lady behind the purple badge?”

    The man again responded perfectly, “My lord, she is Helen Wallenstein daughter of Lyon Wallenstein. She is engaged to the Lord Kyle of Cloud piercing sect. The rumours regarding her include……”

“Then why does she have a scent of a female God beast.” The young man interrupted.

“My lord….. I don’t know. Let me confirm immediately.”

“Stop, I don’t know why she is pretending to be a human but if she wants to pretend then let her.

     To think I would meet someone so interesting here in the Deva palace. Humph! I have met many female God beasts but none can match her charm, I don’t know who she is but her scent itself is intoxicating for me. To think, I, Edgar, will be intoxicated by a female so much. So this is called fate.

   My father often spoke that he was a hard man to please but that was until he met my mother. Haaa…… He told me about the intoxication of the pheromones, but to think a single female of my serpentine family can control me so much from such a distance.

      I want her, I want her at any cost. No woman I ever met can reach her knees, she has to be mine. Find out everything about her, if she is in a position of danger, Kill that Lyon. You said she is engaged right, send a letter to the Cloud piercing sect with my stamp, leave her alone. She is mine….. She will be mine…. Prepare a good scenario, I will meet her at a perfect time.

    The first meeting is very important, I will make her fall to me…. Ha.. Ha…. Soon I will get married….hehe…” The young man known as Edgar continued on his fantasies.

   The old guardian only smiled lightly as he saw his young master’s excitement and said, “Understood, young master.”


38 thoughts on “Book 4 – Chapter 3 I want her

  1. What is everybody’s problem with Sylvie getting in a relationship? Unless you are so absorbed in the story that you want her for yourself? If so, great job, GSD! I personally think it would be s good thing, unless she can find a crimson or black badge guy instead. For all those wanting her to get with Riddick, shut up. Riddick and Vera belong together. Sylvie is forever in the friend zone, and that is the way it should be.


  2. I dropped this a while ago and came back to skin through, and I have to say it has gotten even worse. The story makes less and less sense as it goes on.

    This is basically a fan fiction dream based on true works of WuXiz or XianNi works, like CD or MGA, except this story has ZERO foundation. The plot has so many loopholes, and the characters are developed at all. Their reason for existence is basically null.

    What makes it worse is the power creep makes no sense with how fast the story is going, with no concrete explanation of the foundations of how the world actually works.

    Sad just sad.


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