Book 4 – Chapter 4 The Way to please me

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      Snakes in general have a habit of canabilism. This is a rare trait among all the creatures considering that our instincts tell us to survive and mate with fellow beings of our race. King Cobra, known as one of the most poisonous snakes in the world usually preys on smaller snakes.

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The way to please me :

      Edgar wanted to wait, but he couldn’t. He wanted to show that he had self restraint but he didn’t. He wanted to observe more, find out the tastes of Sylvie and find out the reason for her disguise but he couldn’t, all because he lacked the ability to last any longer.

      Without a moment notice he got up from his seat and directly followed her scent into the inner chambers of the restaurant. The staff of the restaurant were puzzled so was his guardian. The guardian had acted as Edgar’s servant for a long while, he knew many things about Edgar, possibly more than Edgar’s father himself but even he never saw Edgar going into such extreme addiction over a single female.

     The old guardian who also acted as Edgar’s retainer had no way to know about Edgar’s current condition. It was a type of imprint, he a male couldn’t resist a female. He, a Nobel male was afraid that if he didn’t act fast, his female will be stolen by another. This instinct was pushing Edgar away from the realm of logic into the mystic realm of love.

      So Edgar followed behind Sylvie and entered uninvited into the private chamber of Wallenstein family. Their were guards outside but they froze in fear as they saw Edgar, his demeanour held an absolute hair of authority capable of freezing Beginner disciples with fear.

      Sylvie was disguised as Helen Wallenstein, though her art of disguise was not too superior, it wasn’t inferior either. Since she herself was a Beginner disciple, she didn’t feel that she would be seen through by Lyon Wallenstein who was a Beginner disciple himself.

     Armed with the newly bound badge and the already bound badge of Helen Wallenstein. Her disguise was perfect so she had no problems Infiltrating into the Wallenstein family.

      Her orders were to stay silent and obtain information about Lyon. His habits, his behaviour, his ideals, his connections, his flaws everything she can get a hold on. Never underestimate an enemy, this was a principle laid deep in her core. She was a natural predator and she would always follow the laws of jungle instinctively.

       One may think that there is no reason to make such a huge commotion over a single Beginner disciple like Lyon. But, there is a reason. The problem doesn’t lie with Lyon, but lies with his family. “The Wallenstein”

     As long as Riddick wants to have a easy life, he has to keep his hands clean. He can have a purple badge but none should know the origin of that badge. Though he will gain enough power once he gains a badge, that doesn’t mean there are no ways to harm him.

        When there is light, there will always be a shadow. When the rules of Deva palace try to provide safety, there are definitely ways to bypass these rules and there will be the path of darkness. Riddick doesn’t want to get close to such darkness soon, he was still weak and thus, he ordered Sylvie to isolate Lyon and then they can stealthily kill him.

     None can blame them when there is no evidence. Any crime done in the dark will always be the same as the correct thing. There will be no revenge, there will be no law, there will be nothing as long as there is no evidence.

    Lyon didn’t have many flaws but a single flaw is enough, when used decisively a single flaw can eradicate an entire army. This is the true way to strike an enemy, strike upon the weak spot, strike so harshly that he cannot even retaliate. Though Sylvie couldn’t find a particularly strong flaw in Lyon’s character, she did indeed find one which can be used against him, “Greed for position”

        Helen was engaged to Kyle of Cloud piercing sect because Lyon wanted to elevate his position further by getting close to the Young master of the sect who was a gold badge bearer. Though Kyle was only a White badge Bearer, he had a good relationship with the young master of Cloud piercing sect so this engagement would benefit Lyon as long as he gets the attention of the Young master.

         Nothing mattered to him, not even the happiness of his own daughter. His daughter was a tool who can bring fortune when used correctly, this obsession and this greed would eventually lead to his destruction and Sylvie was there waiting for a chance to take advantage of this greed.

     Edgar walking into the private chamber caused considerable confusion but it soon turned into astonishment as the young man was bearing a Gold badge on his magnificent white coat.

      Lyon was decisive, he didn’t know why Edgar had come to him but he knew that he was definitely not here for evil reasons. He was through in his work and never made an enemy as long as he wasn’t certain that he can eventually crush him.

    Thus, he had long since heard of Edgar and his eccentric interests. However, Edgar not only failed to notice Lyon, he didn’t even notice any of the dozen people inside the chamber. All his eyes were on Sylvie, his demeanour didn’t hide anything, it was as if he was publicly announcing. He was there for her and he wanted her.

    Lyon wouldn’t miss such a obvious sign, originally he agreed for the engagement because he wanted to get close to the Gold badge bearer of Cloud piercing sect but now he was excited beyond imagination when he sensed the reason for Edgar’s visit. If this ends successfully, then wouldn’t he have a Gold badge bearer as his son in law.

      Thus he immediately ordered, “Helen, serve Lord Edgar.” Then he turned towards his own family and said in a low voice, “Let’s give them some private space.”

     As everyone left, Edgar took out a red rose from his dimensional space, bowing slightly, he said, “Lady Helen, if that is how you wish to address yourself. I don’t know the reason for your disguise nor do I want to expose you. All I care is to know the true you.

    Can this servant, Edgar Reese have the pleasure of seeing the true you.”

    Sylvie sat as she faced Edgar. The scent of a fellow God beast, Edgar was not the only one who sensed it. Sylvie had also sensed Edgar the moment she passed him, it was new to her, she could immediately tell from his demeanour that Edgar wanted to woo her.

     Usually her response would be immediate rejection but a cruel glint appeared deep in her eyes ever so slightly before vanishing without any hint of its existence.

          Sylvie took the rose out of courtesy and said respectfully, “Lord Edgar, forgive me but I am now unable to reveal my presence to you. This is related to my purpose of Infiltrating into the Wallenstein family.

    As long as my task isn’t completed you will never find my true self before you.”

      Her speech was perfect and held no hidden meanings in it but Edgar Understood everything she had to say. The faster I complete my task, the faster you will have a chance to gain me.

     His eyes displayed a cold light before it was replaced a playful look, bowing his head he said, “I, Edgar, the servant of your love will do everything as per your wish. Everything the Wallenstein family has to offer shall lie at your feet. It will be the first gift, I, Edgar shall present you in my lifetime.”

      Turning around he left without a further word. The old servant was listening attentively so he was about to speak when Edgar interrupted and said, “Ha…ha.. I never thought it would be so easy to please my lady. Find out everything about this Wallenstein family and send a letter to every power in alliance with this family. None shall come to its rescue.”

“Yes, my lord.” The old guardian bowed respectfully.


    “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

         Loud explosions reverberated in a valley followed by the dreadful sounds of a magical beasts. Blood splattered on the ground like rain but the most astonishing thing was the huge number of dried up corpses which decorated the blood smeared grasslands.

       “Who dares to invade my territory?” A thunderous sound rang out and a tiger flew into the air. This valley was the territory of a immortal White winged tiger.

         Riddick was slowly walking through the valley, this valley was a very ordinary valley without any treasures and medical herbs. As such the number of immortals numbered only one or two like the White tiger in the sky.

       None cared about the magical beasts, here in the Forbidden Isle, they were the same as cattle and they were used for various purposes. Only powerful clans of magical beasts or God beasts were feared.

        Riddick gazed upon the White tiger in the sky and sighed inwardly, “Damn, this is so damn hard. I have to do so much work to find a single immortal magical beasts, though there are tens of ninth ranked beasts, the benefit they do to me is almost nothing compared to a single immortal beast.”

     Seeing Riddick nonchalantly walking in the valley, the White winged tiger was enraged beyond imagination. It roared loudly and charged straight towards Riddick. Ordinary magical beasts had no innate abilities so they relied on their power.

      Riddick lifted his head and saw the approaching White tiger. With a wave of his hand, Yama who was like a whip twisted into a sledgehammer.


     The soleus muscle in Riddick’s calf contracted fiercely and he jumped to meet the approaching tiger.

      The tiger was already startled by the sudden appearance of the sledge hammer but it face became pale as it saw the explosive power contained within it. So it instanly stopped in his tracks and pleaded,

“Mercy, my lord. I was arrogant just now.”

       However, it’s fate was sealed the second it entered into Riddick’s range. The handle on the sledge hammer extended like a rope and a thunderous explosion rang out as the guts of the White tiger splatted on the ground the instant the hammer struck it.

       Sitting on the ground, Riddick roasted a piece of magical beast meat and thought aloud, “Its been a week since Sylvie left. I wonder how long I have to stay here.”

      “According to the my calculation, you have to still absorb at least another forty immortal beasts to let you enter into the ninth rank.” Void answered after a quick calculation.

        Riddick was in the nearby mountain range finding and slaughtering any immortal beast he could find but to avoid danger, he was only targeting single immortal beast and stayed far away form magical beast clans.

     Also it was exactly at this time, Edgar found Sylvie in the restaurant.

    Suddenly a voice reverberated in Riddick’s mind, “Master, a Gold badge bearer is trying to woo me.”

    Riddick almost laughed loudly as he heard Sylvie, “Ha…ha.. That bitch, Helen is very popular. Did she have a relationship with this guy as well?”

       Sylvie answered seriously, “No, this is our first meeting but this guy didn’t come here for Helen but for me.”

    Riddick was startled as he heard this, “Did he see through your disguise?”

  “No, he didn’t. This is just a hunch but this guy, he is very similar to me. No, he belongs to my race and he is most probably a male serpentine God beast.” Sylvie answered casually.

               “Huh!” Riddick muttered dumbfounded and continued, “And, what did you do?”

     “Me, I showed him a way a please me.” Sylvie laughed slyly and continued, “I think you have to come back soon. This guy is too rash so he should be done soon.”

        Riddick didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he heard Sylvie then suddenly he remembered the statement he heard from Void, “Female serpentine God beasts will be very beautiful and they will also be very cunning. So its good that you found her when she is still an egg.

       I will however warn you, never trust a female who already has a male. She will definitely lead you to your demise.”



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    • Well I did reread fifty shades of gray ( though this is not an erotica, maybe ) but I put this kind of play to change the pace of my work. I have to satisfy all kinds of audience and this is only a different plot which leads to the same destination.

      Don’t worry, I won’t take the novel to an extreme sensual state, this is just minor content and I think this is better than the cheap sexual comments in some novels or describing the oppai which are more important than the world yet, he has no guts to touch them on his own for like 10 volumes.


  1. Thank you for the chapter, just little typo: Edgar walking into the private chamber caused considerable confusion but it soon turned into astonishment as the young man was bearing a *GOLF* badge on his magnificent white coat.


  2. Edgar walking into the private chamber caused considerable confusion but it soon turned into astonishment as the young man was bearing a Golf badge on his magnificent white coat.

    Shouldn’t it be GOLD badge ? xD


  3. ignorance is truly a sin
    he dared to try to touch one of riddick women
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  4. hoping that silvy is misleading that other guy not cause riddick found her when she was an egg but because she sees him as ‘her’s’ or ‘her man’ so as to please him she would deceive others like most of her race’s female populous would once they are already taken


    • Regarding chaos. I decided to bring a subjective change in its nature. I know I am sorry but there will be no chaos at all in future chapters. Regarding the change, I will thoroughly explain it in the rewritten book 1.


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