Book 4 – Chapter 5 What on earth is he?

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What on earth is he?

         Sylvie stood before three people trembling, her demeanour didn’t emanate fear but unbelievability. So she couldn’t help but ask in a cold voice, “Did you plan this from the very beginning, Edgar?”

      Edgar laughed kindly and answered, “This servant of yours may be love smitten but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a brain. I am a Gold badge bearer you know, I don’t think you have considerable knowledge regarding the position of the gold badge bearer so let me tell you the quality we all possess in common, “Cautiousness”

         Our world is filled with people who can betray us in without a moment notice, so we have to be alert at all times. Many badge bearers die in just a few months after acquiring the badge because they fail in bypassing the dangers that come with a badge.

      Your plan to use me was perfect, even I wouldn’t have made such a good plan. You didn’t actually say anything nor did you force me indirectly, you simply made me understand your intentions in a subtle manner and I was the one who fell into the trap.

       However, I wouldn’t be here interrogating you simply for slyness. I don’t care the reason nor do I care about the intentions in using me but I do care about the person behind you.”

         Edgar was always a cautious person to begin with, he was attracted to Sylvie. There is no lie in that statement. However, he was given a mission by her, Kill Lyon. So Edgar began to calculate meticulously the reason for her request and the best way to eliminate Lyon.

         The initial research led to the surfacing of many facts regarding Helen Wallenstein and Lyon Wallenstein hidden by their family to appear before him. This also lead to the rumour which was spreading throughout the Deva palace.

       Clay Turner was killed by Lyon to solve the problems he may cause in the event of his daughter’s marriage.

        However, the Turner family was helpless as they couldn’t find any evidence. Clay’s corpse was never found nor were any evidences pertaining to a fight. So the Turner family had no choice but to keep silent and pray that Lyon Wallenstein would someday pay for his sins.

       This lead Edgar to immediately reach a conclusion. If everything was done by Sylvie then the possibility successfully carrying this out was zero. Thus she must have a partner who is working in the background while she herself disguises and collects information.

      Edgar was briefly excited that Sylvie could make such a meticulous plan, her perfection in executing it. Her perfection in seeing that not even a single evidence was found by any expert.

    However, all this led to a different possibility as well. What if everything that happened till now is based on the orders of her partner. Wouldn’t that mean he has an enemy who can rival him and gain, No, already gained Sylvie.

      So he began to plot to trap Sylvie and kill her master. He wasn’t too concerned about Lyon so he simply asked him to bring Sylvie to him after he explained the reason for it. Lyon was furious but he was helpless as well. In front of Edgar he had no choice but to follow his orders so Sylvie was stealthily bought to a remote mansion without raising any suspicion.

      Sylvie’s eyes contracted for just an instant as she heard Edgar however, they couldn’t escape the notice of Edgar. With a laugh he continued, “I know that there is definitely someone behind you so there is no need for you to fool me with empty words.

       I don’t know why you would work for such a person but I will still give you a chance, tell everything you know about him and I guarantee you that you would be safe of all danger.”

         Sylvie mind was frantic, she couldn’t think of ways to escape from this predicament. Before her were two Beginner disciples and an early divine disciple. So she did not want to be rash.

     Suddenly Lyon who kept his silence roared loudly, “I don’t care about you or your master but tell me, where is my daughter?”

         Sylvie maintained her silence as Lyon roared, this only further infuriated Lyon. He couldn’t stand it any longer and immediately charged towards Sylvie.

“You bitch, I will kill you.”

     However, Edgar stopped him with his hand and saw Sylvie. His face which always held a kind and lovely smile suddenly changed. An expression which none can imagine appeared on his face.

     His face twisted, his eyebrows raised, his mouth opened into a savage smile as he looked at Sylvie. With a cold voice he said,

   “Do you know that my father also met my mother in a similar situation. He was intoxicated with her, he fell in love with her and he wanted her. It was to the point that he was willing to do anything for her.

    Fortunately, my mother also liked my father. Thus, they married and after a decade I was born. Do you know what happened next?”

     Edgar twisted his neck and said in a colder voice, “My mother died, no, my father killed my mother. He killed her so that he no longer has to worry about her.

    My father is a great man, he is just like me, an elite of our clan. So he didn’t want to have any weaknesses but my mother was a weakness for him. He was always worried about her and thought of her safety.

           However, he knew that he was becoming weak as the days continued. He knew that one day he would cease to be an elite because he had this weakness inhibiting him. Thus, as soon as I was born. He killed her himself. This way he was free of his weakness.”

  “Sigh!” Edgar sighed loudly.

      “You know, I dreamed that we would be the same. I wanted you to feel the love I have for you and reciprocate it. Then, we would be just like my father and mother. As a woman, your life would be fulfilled since you will have me, a elite male as your mate.

    But, alas. You BITCH, you dare reject me. You dare say that the man behind you is more important than you.”

      Edgar took a step forward, his entire being emanating a killing intent. Sylvie took a step backward. This was an involuntary reaction as her instincts warned her to get away from Edgar.

     Edgar had already lost all of his patience, he no longer held a image of a gentleman. He was no longer even a man, he was a predator and he was ready to prey upon his prey.

     “Do you know? If you had been my woman then I would have given you everything you wanted to acquire but you, you dare reject me.

    Now that you are no longer mine, there is no merit in letting you live. You are still young thus, your powers haven’t matured. However, I want to take no risk so I will kill you before you have any useless ideas like revenge.

      The master about whom you care so deeply about shall die as well. I will use any and all resources available to me to find him and peel him alive.” Edgar said in a dangerous voice.

     “Is that so?” A lazy voice rang out in the room.

      Suddenly Edgar stooped in his tracks and glided back at an extreme speed. Though he didn’t know the power of his enemy, it is never bad to be cautious.

         Riddick stood on the second floor lazily peeling a pomegranate. However, what was terrifying was that his entire body was covered with blood stains.

      The Old guardian stood dumbfounded as he saw Riddick and said involuntarily, “How did you, a mortal get here. Where are the guards?”

    “WHO IS THERE?” He shouted at the top of his lungs.

     Riddick answered as he nonchalantly ate his fruit, “If you are calling the fifty or so Beginner disciples who were outside this mansion.”

    Narrowing his eyes he said, “I had them as a snack.”
         Edgar felt a sort of indescribable terror as he listened to that statement. Even he, a God beast would never think of treating immortals as snacks. However, Lyon and the Old guardian were completely petrified as they heard this because their instincts said that what Riddick was saying was indeed true as they couldn’t sense a single life in the mansion other than their own.

    “Master!” Sylvie exclaimed with joy.

       Riddick smiled lightly before praising her, “There, there, I only asked you to get a purple badge but you also arranged a Gold badge for us. How clever can you get? You Little.”

     Edgar had already understood the situation and was ready to exterminate Riddick when he heard Riddick’s statement.


        Edgar began to laugh thunderously as he heard Riddick. Narrowing his eyes he said, “You motherfucker. How dare you speak so nonchalantly in my presence. I shall slice you into a million pieces and feed you to my dogs.

     You, a mere mortal dare to think you can win against me. IMPUDENCE, TODAY, I SHALL SHOW YOU THE MEANING OF TRUE POWER.”

       Riddick face twisted as he heard Edgar, his eyes which had black pupils suddenly started to glow as an almost incandescent yellow light brewed in their depths.

     A aura so terrifying that it represents the death itself enveloped everyone in it. Simultaneously a deadly voice resounded as Riddick began to emit a faint yellow Qi.



          To think that you, who had only climbed to the rank of Divine disciple dares to talk so grandly. SHUT YOUR BLOODY MOUTH.


     However, I shall thank you. How foolish can you get that you have come to such a isolated place by yourself. At least now I can be certain, no one will interfere our little fight.” Riddick said with a laugh.

          Everyone were already thoroughly terrified as Riddick declared his intentions loudly, as they saw it Riddick as a mere mortal shouldn’t have any power to oppose them but he had. He killed fifty immortals and he dared to challenge a Divine disciple. All this led to one question.

    “What on earth is he?” Lyon muttered weakly.



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  1. Great chap as usual but missing a word right near the end “no one will interfere our fight” missing a ‘with’ after interfere


  2. for the last 5 minutes I thought I missed a chapter and searched for the part where Sylvie was led to the trap. Did I really missed reading the part? Anyway, thanks for the chapter. Looking forward for the fight scenes


  3. So much cliffhanger and for 1 month ….. i’m so desperat I always tell myself to not read a serie with less than 150-200 chapter so that I can enjoy myself for at least a week but why did I find your work so soon ……..
    Anyways I will wait for now till 15 august !
    Much love and good luck for your exam !


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