I want your permission

Hi guys, GSD REDDY here. This is an extremely important post for me so I hope you will read it completely. Thank you.

         First let me give you guys a review of life in the past three months. April 11, I started my work. Then, I was comparatively free and thought that I may as well do something but I never would have thought that by today, July15, 94 days later, I would have completed 90 chapters.

         This is a huge achievement for me but I never would have achieved it without your support. Originally, I wanted to take a complete hiatus last month but seeing your response, I didn’t. I still completed the Book 3 during my pre – finals/ last internal exams ( of course I got terrible results )

       My life as I write my book is not as free as you may imagine it is. Though, I say that I need only 3 hours to write a chapter, it is not completely true. Do any of you guys really think that I can complete a chapter in just three hours. Yes, I can but if and only if, I write it continuously.

      However, that is not always the case. A chapter I bring out for you has much of my unseen efforts, I think about Against heavens pretty much my whole day. I ponder over your reactions as I bath, while I lie on my bed, while I eat, while I study ( This is the main problem, I can’t concentrate ). This is pretty much what I have been doing everyday, for the past three months.

         The sacrifice I made for AH was worth it, I gained all of you because of AH and I feel that I am obliged to satisfy you. So I try my level best, my mind always analyses every chapter I write for you in various perspectives. Finally when I release a chapter, I wait for your reaction, if you guys are happy then I would be happy, if you aren’t, then I wonder where I made a mistake.

      Unknown to you guys, I face different problems as well. A writer’s pride. This was a foreign word to me until several weeks ago but now, I have to think about it, almost everyday.

        Oh! You work is a combined inspiration of all the works. I won’t feel wrong about this statement but, you work is nothing but a clever copy, you Suck. I am afraid of this statement so I constantly search for a style, a type of scenario, anything that may make me unique in your hearts.

       My exams for my first year begins on August 5th and today, it is July 15th. My progress in my studies is very, very, very depressing and I fear that if this stays the same then I would face terrible consequences. So I have decided to take a leave for the next 30 days i.e until August 15th and this is my leave letter and you guys will be the people singing my permission.

         But, fear not, I am at least not a complete dimwit so I will do hyper hard work and successfully complete this trial. Then, I will be back to give you all further entertainment.

  Do you guys know what I fear the most?
   I fear that you guys will forget me, I fear that I will be left behind, I fear that when I come back, I won’t have any of you here. Then, wouldn’t my hard work for all these months, my sacrifice, won’t everything go to waste.  So I BEG you, DON’T FORGET ME.

        Regarding sponsored chapters, I will not promise anything. Also, it is definitely impossible for me to write anything from August 1st but before that, I may or may not write a sponsored chapter.

        I don’t think any of you know this so let me tell you my approach on my work. When I am given 20$, I take my work as a professional job. I fear that I would be scolded if I did something wrong, I fear that I may not satisfy that esteemed donor. I fear that you guys will find fault with me for taking money for my measly job

       The amount of total money I made in this past three months won’t even enter a four digit number but I won’t lie to you. I was extremely delighted that I even made some money at all, you know the money I receive from you guys hold a special place in my heart.

     Because, I find delight in knowing that, this is the money people generously gave me as they felt that my work deserved it. Doesn’t that mean that my work is good?

        Please never feel that you donation is less or you didn’t donate at all. I don’t forget anyone, I remember every single donor and every commentator with the same love. I remember everyone, believe it or not, I see the number of comments, questions of readers, new readers who commented for the previous and the current chapter to estimate your reactions.

      Thus, I will summarise my request, I wanna have a leave for A month, starting today. During this time, I won’t promise anything, I may do sponsored chapters but that would be only because I don’t wanna feel indebted to the generous donors. However, I won’t run away at any cost. Every sponsor will have a chapter in next month and I will definitely do my regular chapters I am gonna miss in next month as well.
        This ends my long request, I am here, I will be here forever, so when you guys wanna have some fun, come here. Together, we will have the most amazing time of our lives, indulging ourselves into our fantasy world of, “Against Heavens”

P.S I know that this is extremely shameless but I don’t see any suggestions regarding my work on Reddit. So of you feel like helping me, you can suggest my work, if and only if you feel that my work deserves it.

THANK YOU for your patience and support,



82 thoughts on “I want your permission

  1. @gsdreddy i love your works and see no reason why u can leave! hehehe jks! i jks. I dont believe that u should have to ask for your leave of absence and nor do i think u should just stop altogether but i will miss your works and hope u come back and even better! Ill be waiting for your return!


  2. first, sry for my bad engrish.
    second, i definitely wont forget you or your work.
    and third, i feel shameful to ask this but i really really really ask that you post the next chapter or at least a part of it so that this cliffhanger on “Chapter 5 What on earth is he?” doesn’t kill me.
    and thank you for this amazing work, i could literally see you getting better at every chapter. Cant wait till you’re back in business 🙂
    Good luck with your exams


  3. Hi I’m a long time reader of this fiction ever since it first went on royal road. I usually don’t comment on any fiction but after hearing that heartfelt post to us readers it would be shameful of me not to do what I can to help out. So without further ado here are my suggestions. First of all is remember the side characters because they are the ropes that pull the mc and the story into greatness. So far there have been three that have stuck with the mc Yama, void, and Sylvie with all of them getting little to no development. I understand it with void and Yama being all mysterious but at least do something with Sylvie that makes her a little 3d and stand out from the generic in love minion of an mc. maybe a desire to find her own kind or a love rival or something. Also I think that the time is ripe for some new characters maybe some bullied person who decided to follow the mc for his strength or a new harem member with an interesting background like a fallen Nobel house that riddik brings back to power or born from a beast and a human in a powerful Nobel house that riddik can later put the person in charge of. Secondly there has been a problem with the enemies in this story. They have all been super 2d and delt with quickly by straight up killing them. Maybe it can be a girl who likes riddik and wants him for herself and convinces her powerful clan that riddik must join them or die so they send people to get close with him to invite him to join and kidnap him if he won’t and kill sylvie because the girl is jealous. Thirdly and probably most important is to explain how riddik gets stronger and what changes about him and his body. What are the laws of the elements and how do they work. How he comes up with his techniques and their strengths and weaknesses. That’s what fans of wuxia enjoy. All the interesting aspects that make up the path of cultivation. PS you should consider giving the mc a hobby that he can do alongside his cultivation to not only to add a new element to the book but also make the mc a more multi faceted character rather than mr power hungry battle junkie. Maybe he can learn how to be a healer so he can learn about the body and poison/medicine. With the added benefit of making people owe him by healing them. There’s all my suggestions use them if you want


  4. I would love to say i’m a patient person, but i’m not. But I am definitely not an unreasonable person and if a break is what you need then go right on ahead. I will be waiting (somewhat impatiently 😉 ) for your return.

    P.S. I absolutely love your work (which is why i’m a tad bit impatient)
    P.S.S. Enjoy your break! 🙂


  5. Take a break, exams are important! And how knows, maybe when you come back you will have some new ideas. Trust me, if you loose any readers coz of this then they werent worth having in the first place


  6. Waaaaaaaaa….. Please don’t be like that. Just take your time.. We will be waiting for your return. I just started reading your story recently and I like it. I also believe quality over quantity. So taking a leave may help your work too.


  7. I will miss you!!!!!!!
    But take a break. I will feel terrible, if it destroys your life.
    You shouldn’t think too much, it isn’t shamlees. It is how you feel! And it makes me happy, that you said it!
    That’s why give your best. I will wait until you come back.
    Sorry, if there is a English mistake.


  8. Don’t know about others but I’ll still be here when you get back.

    Good luck on your exams and don’t forget to take a breather when you’re done! Burnouts are a real thing and will screw you over far longer than you’d expect.

    – M


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