Book 4 – Chapter 16 The Strongest Enemy

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The Strongest Enemy :

      The Deva palace has countless spy organisations and information brokers who specifically accept orders from the various kings and deliver them the appropriate intelligence. This was an illegal network according to the rules of the deva palace but still they operated openly because the Gold and the Crimson kings supported their existence.

       They were indeed a terrible existence when used against us but contrarily they may be our best ally against our enemy. All factions employed multiple brokers in fear that they may receive wrong information and the various broker organisations operated without exposing their identities.

             However, there was one flaw in this system. These individual brokers too exchanged information between themselves and they did it through a broker as well. Thus, an intricate relationship existed between them all through one mysterious broker.

       Riddick was drinking tea disguised as an ordinary soldier in an unremarkable restaurant. His eyes were sharp as he gazed at various waiters. Minutes turned into hours and finally he lifted his hand to call upon a waiter.

  “I want to meet your owner.” He said lightly.

    The waiter trembled as he heard the voice but he knew that this was no place to make a commotion so he quietly asked Riddick to follow him to a room in the back of the restaurant where two guards stood guarding another door.

     As soon as Riddick stepped into the room, the waiter snorted coldly and took out a blade out of nowhere while the two guards rushed forward. Riddick glanced at the three people and narrowed his eyes.

    Instanly an intense pressure targeted them all and froze them all in their tracts. With a sigh he said, “Gentleman, don’t make me kill you. I am here to see the owner and will see him at any cost so move aside.”

      The guards were quite experienced so they instanly understood that they couldn’t win against Riddick so they moved aside allowing Riddick to enter the room.

     The inside of the room was surprising simple with a stack of papers piled up at various corners of the floor and a man scribbling away on his desk. With a sigh, the man put his pen down and said, “What do you want?”

      Riddick glanced at the man for a while and sat in front of him. With a smile on his face he handed over a single paper to the man behind his desk. Written neatly in elegant handwriting there were only two words. “Nika Hazel”

    The man’s hand trembled as he gazed at the words, with a thud he rose from his seat and asked seriously, “How do you know her?”

      Riddick smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, we mean no harm. Your daughter is safe with us and is in no way a prisoner. Actually she doesn’t even know that she is already our prisoner. As for why, we want you to do a tiny bit of work for us.”

     The man smiled bitterly and said, “You villain, how dare you? I am a honest man, I won’t be dragged into your evil schemes.”

     Riddick laughed and said, “Enough Michael, I know who you are so stop this bull shit. Honest man… Please.. You are the person who stands at the epitome of broker organisations. The inner broker of information.”

         Michel sat down with a thud and said, “How? How did you find out? No one could find me for so many years and why do you even know about my family?”

     Riddick smiled and said, “Let’s just say that I have someone by my side who is much smarter than you.”
       Michel sighed and said, “Alright, what do you want me to do?”

      Riddick laughed and said, “Don’t worry Michael, we are not going to make you work for free. We will pay you much more than what you earned in your entire life only if you follow our orders for a while.”

       Michel asked with a serious voice, “What do you want me to do?”

        Riddick smiled and said indifferently, “Divert all the information you receive and all the information you pass on to us. A friend of mine will suggest you a few things. Your duty is to change the information according to his orders.

         Right, we also want you to move to our Rodriguez castle.”

       Michel was stunned as be heard the name Rodriguez castle, he was also stunned by the words he heard from Riddick. He had earned the trust of all the brokers through decades of hard work and now he was asked to throw it all away.

           He was angry but upon thinking clearly he didn’t really have a chance. Rodriguez had his family and they were even offering him money so it was best to simply accept their offer but he still couldn’t resist so he asked, “Just what is Rodriguez planning to do?”

    Riddick smiled lightly and said, “You will know soon enough.”

      Having completed his work Riddick flew out of Deva palace territory and after a day he finally reached the Kallied clan. This time he was not stopped by the guards even though he was only a Beginner disciple because they saw the magnificent Golden badge on his chest.

      Kallied hurriedly came to the meeting room when he learned that a Gold king has arrived. When Kallied came to the meeting room, Riddick glanced coldly at Kallied before waving his hands.

      The corpse of Lyon Wallenstein fell with a thud on the table. Seeing this, Kallied face became pale with fear. His worst fears had come true. He was fearful that the enemies may learn about his clan’s involvement in the latest incidents and now a Gold king directly arrived with a corpse.

      Riddick glanced at Kallied and said, “Kallied, we have definite evidence to prove that you were involved with this man. However I am not here to interrogate you for your involvement.

     What I want you to do is simple, betray this man and his master, the next time they contact you, inform me about them. You only have one choice, accept or die.”

    Kallied face became pale and then his face became red with anger. He couldn’t contain himself anymore and said, “Lord Gold king, I can easily kill you myself but I can’t and I won’t. Yes, this man was our employer and I swore that I wont betray him ever. Now that he is dead, he may not see me keeping my word but a promise is a promise.

      It was fate that brought fortune to us in the form of this man and if he brings us disaster then so be it. I am sorry but I can’t betray him.”

        Riddick who was closely observing Kallied smiled lightly and said, “Good, good. Kallied, you have passed our test. Now onwards, I, Riddick shall always treat you as my brother. Caesar will be happy with this result as well.”

     Kallied put on a stupid face as he heard Riddick. It was not until he hear the name Caesar and him being alive did he understand that he was being tested. However, he was still confused so he asked, “How is lord Caesar alive?”as looked at Lyon.

    Riddick laughed and said, “Don’t worry about that, you will meet Caesar later.”

     With all preparations being done, Riddick returned to Rodriguez castle. In the inner chambers of the castle, Riddick sat across Caesar as they reviewed the information sent by Michael. As expected of a top information broker, he knew the urgency of the situation and thus shifted his entire network to the Rodriguez castle within the few days Riddick went to the Kallied clan.

      Riddick said that Caesar would suggest a few things but Michael knew the true meaning of these words. He knew it and still chose to accept the offer because he also knew that failure to acceptance will only lead to death.

          Caesar wasn’t going to suggest anything because he had completely taken over the position. Even Riddick was in awe over Caesar’s abilities. Riddick might have obtained the same amount of strength he now had even without Caesar but he wouldn’t be able to obtain his current position without Caesar.

       Finally Caesar put down the documents and said, “Did you hand over the sound transmission jade to Kallied  Riddick?”

    Drinking his tea Riddick answered, “Yes, I did. Are you done reading them?”

     Caesar adjusted his glasses and said, “No, not yet. However, I have a general idea of the internal situation of the various powers now. Sad as it may be, Rodriguez may actually be the weakest of all Crimson kings.”

     Riddick sighed and said, “I see, we already knew that this is likely the case. The way we obtained power can be said as ingenious but it was also a bit too easy. Rodriguez was a poor commander and he couldn’t even estimate our moves.

    Thus, we didn’t meet any real resistance and he was even blind to the activities of his butler. All these prove that Rodriguez was not an able king. However, we would be foolish to expect the same from other kings.”

    Caesar drank his tea and said, “Well, don’t worry. Being weak is not necessarily a weak point. Since the enemies consider us as weaklings then let them. We were lucky enough to obtain this badge without much trouble and now we are lucky to obtain Michael Hazel.

      His worth is probably much higher than a Crimson badge in right hands.”

       Riddick smiled a little and said, “Still, that power of yours is quite a cheat. How did I never think of that possibility?”

     Caesar laughed and said, “Don’t be jealous kid. We both acquired something from each other. You learned how to devour from me and I learned how to isolate a soul from you.

     Still, my harvest is nothing compared to you. That Hell devour is a monstrous technique when compared to mine, Soul flow.”

     Riddick smiled lightly and said, “True, however, I still think that your Soul flow is a true balance breaker. To isolate your own soul to randomly take over any body attacked with your innate ability is just too ridiculous.”

       Caesar laughed loudly and said, “Well, indeed. However, I need to have a trump card or two else I would be a laughing stock in front of my old enemies. Still who would think that a girl I randomly chose to take over was a best friend of that lass, Nika.

          These girls held no secrets between them and fortunately I happened to stumble upon this girl. Talk about luck.”

     Riddick too laughed and said, “Luck is always a part of life Caesar. We were lucky this time but that might be true for our enemy as well.”

     Caesar sighed and said, “Riddick, what you are trying to do is dangerous. This time our enemy is not some rich kids playing with their power.

     That man is not someone whom I dared not irritate even when I was a deva. Even your grandfather Arthur cannot fathom his power. Our preparations have to be meticulate and there should be no errors else we will die for certain.”

     Riddick eyes became serious and said, “I know Caesar. I know very well that we are not a match for him at our current strength but that doesn’t mean that I can wait. If we can’t win fairly then so be it but that doesn’t mean we can’t win at all.

    He must die or we will eventually die. This is the only outcome in front of us.”

       Caesar tightened his grip on the tea cup while Riddick eyes grew serious. They had already come this far and now there was no turning back. Riddick wanted to become a Crimson king because only a Crimson king had the power to influence the politics of Forbidden Isle.

         They now had the power to manipulate information. They controlled people with money and emotions but these won’t work in front of him. They would be crushed without a second thought if they are exposed and yet, he had to do it because he had no time to waste.

     Their enemy was the sect leader of one of the strongest sects on Forbidden Isle – The Mist valley sect, Hectar. The elder brother of Julian and an enemy who has sworn to kill Riddick the instant Julian disappeared from this world.


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Book 4 – Chapter 15 Double Betrayal

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Double betrayal:

              Riddick was an unknown name but now his name was reverberating throughout the entire deva palace. None knew about him and his background was a complete mystery. The various powers spread throughout the Forbidden Isle began to dig through his history but amazingly they couldn’t find anything.

No clan, no sect, no guardian, nothing.

        He was a ghost. The Deva palace which had existed for countless years shook as a king emerged with the power to challenge the various factions which ruled it for countless millennia. The power balance in the Deva palace was crumbling because, of the hundred Golden badges, Riddick now held over twelve of them making him one of the strongest among the Gold Kings.

         There was no announcement nor was there any hurry in Riddick’s movements. The various powers had employed numerous spies to observe Riddick but they were all stunned as they saw Riddick lying around and drinking wine for three whole days.

      Finally the powers concluded that Riddick was waiting for them to make a move and began to send envoys. Riddick however, sent them all back without even listening to their words. He only said one answer to every envoy.

        “If you are interested in allying with me then tell your king to come personally.”

          The Gold kings however were not ready to meet Riddick personally. They had witnessed Riddick’s strength and thus were wary to take the risk without knowing his intentions.

     Ten days passed and Riddick still didn’t any offers, no matter how the envoys tried to approach him he still rejected them all. His objective was different so Riddick wasn’t worried about rejecting everyone.

       Finally on the tenth day Riddick put down his glass and began to smile lightly, with a light voice he said, “Now, now, I was beginning to feel a little restless. Thank God, my wait finally ends today. Still only a hundred Immortals, I am slightly disappointed.”

      A man walked out of the shadows as if he was a part of them. His face was grave and his expression strict. With a smile he said, “The new Gold King Riddick may have learned how to kill but it seems that you are unaware of the rules of the deva palace.

        I do not want to waste my time so answer me now, where is your woman and that Lyon Wallenstein or whoever he is?”

         Riddick started to play with his glass and said, “Ah! Them, I was certain that you will come for me so I sent them all to a place which you can never hope to find.”

           The man’s face slightly twitched as he heard Riddick, he couldn’t understand how Riddick smuggled Sylvie out of the mansion under his nose. He kept a watch himself but he didn’t see a single soul step out of the mansion for ten whole days and here he searching for people, who vanished from this world as if they never existed before.

        The man’s expression grew grim as he gazed at Riddick and said, “I see, you have no intention of handing over the badges, do you?”

       Riddick shook his hands, got up on his feet and said, “Oi, Oi, They are mine to begin with and you want me give them BACK to you. I don’t remember borrowing them from you, do you?”

    The man ground his teeth as he listened to Riddick. With a sigh he said, “Very well, Riddick you have our attention. All we want are the badges and we are ready to pay the price.”

       Riddick mused with an amused face and said, “Pay me, with what? Money? Haha…. Don’t be ridiculous.”

     “Then what is it that you desire?” The man asked with a loud shout.

     Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “I want your king dead at my feet.”

      The man face twitched violently and said, “Impudent, how dare you? A lowly immortal like you dare to speak without fear just because of one tiny victory.”

     “Crimson guards” he shouted loudly.

      Instanly a hundred Immortals completely clad in Crimson armours surrounded Riddick. Three captains lead  them in three separate squads. The captains were divine disciples while the remaining were all beginner disciples.

               Riddick glanced at their fear inducing Crimson armour and said, “Nice taste. Would you pass my compliment to your king? Ah! I forgot. None of you are going back so may be I should personally deliver the compliments.”

       The man laughed loudly and said, “Riddick, you are like a frog in a well. You don’t know the might of heavens and think that you are very powerful. You don’t even know the true us.”

       Riddick too laughed and said, “Well said commander, I too share the same sentiment. You don’t know the true me.”

        The man stopped his laugh and glanced coldly. Riddick lifted his eyebrows and said, “It was nice meeting you.”

        Riddick hands suddenly moved like lightning and grabbed the mans throat in their death grip. With smile still plastered on his face he said, “Hell devour.”

                    The man suddenly felt a indescribable force sucking his soul away but the feeling was completely overwritten by an intense pain of being ripped alive.


          The man who was alive just a second ago started to suddenly twist disparately before his entire being was squeezed at weird angles becoming a dried up corpse.

      Riddick threw away the corpse and turned towards the stunned guards. With a smile he said, “Gentleman,” glancing at the few women in the ranks, he continued, “Ladies…. What are we waiting for?”

       “Kill!” A loud shout reverberated in the hall as all the captains roared simultaneously.

       Riddick hand moving to release Yama from his true form, he mused, “Ah! A fine night for a good meal.”


      Yama twisted in mid air enlarging into a long double spike while simultaneously beheading a couple of Immortals. The other immortals however closed in and struck Riddick with all their might.

               Riddick stood still taking their attacks, he glanced at the swords which struck him wordlessly and lifted his head. The Beginner disciples who struck him didn’t even manage to open a wound on his skin with their most powerful attacks. It was a monstrous defence defying commonsense.

         Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “You have do better than that to kill me.”

        The surrounding Immortals suddenly felt as if their souls were being drained like a well and their consciousness became muddy as they were trapped in Thousand Hell prison.

         The next instant a suction force enveloped them all and they all disappeared like a phantom right in front of their comrades eyes. The three divine disciple were stunned but still they closed in at high speed. In that moment when Riddick stood still, all three struck and pierced right through him.

        Riddick who was still indifferent after having his body being pierced by three swords only frowned because he was irritated by the smug looks on the faces of the captain guards.

      Riddick indifferently pulled the three swords out of his body and said, “That hurts, well obviously it does. However, this is far, far from anything I need to be concerned about.” Suddenly an intense chill spread with Riddick as the centre burning its way through the minds of three divine disciples.

       Riddick slowly took a step forward grabbing two stunned captains and in the next instant the captains fell lifelessly on the floor. However, the guards covered in fear because there was something which was much more frightening happening right in front if their eyes. Riddick’s wounds which appeared to be lethal enough to kill him were healing at an inhuman pace as he devoured the last of their captains.

          With thick killing intent in his eyes Riddick said, “I waited for ten whole days drinking wine so that I can meet your crimson king and yet, he sends a group of mere guards to test my strength.

     Now that he has decided to insult me, I see no reason to give him face and a fair fight.”


          Riddick shouted loudly before drawing Yama who suddenly expanded like a staff and pierced straight through five guards without any warning. The guards too instantly dried up as the black mist spread on the staff’s surface.

        His eyes were filled with anger and bloodlust, with Yama in his hands he went on a rampage killing the Crimson guards as if he was crushing bugs. This image was fear inducing and indeed, just as Riddick imagined, the Crimson king was watching the events happening in the hall.

               Inside the crimson castle of Rodriguez, an middle aged man sat behind his desk watching the events happening in the palace. Suddenly he asked, “Walter, can we win against this kid?”

       A butler appeared from the darkness. This man was also blended into the shadows but his much mastery was at an imperceivable level. He bowed slightly and said, “Certainly my lord. Though this kid named Riddick has great power at his disposal. He is weak as in he has no one to back him up.

      I must however suggest you my lord that there is no need to kill him with our own hands. As long as we are ready to pay handsomely, there will be many people willing to become our knife.”

      Rodriguez brow creased as he once again glanced at the screen showing Riddick slaughtering his forces. Sighing he said, “Very well, Walter. Collect every information you can gather about this Riddick and hire an assassin, he should be at least at peak disciple level else he wouldn’t be able to guarantee Riddick’s death.”

       Walter bowed slightly showing his acceptance before serving tea to Rodriguez. His gazed at the screen and muttered, “Don’t blame me kid, this is how life is.”

      “True” A voice said as if answering the question.

     Rodriguez was stunned as he heard the voice, he immediately tried to move but he found to his dismay that he couldn’t as all his motor senses were constantly degrading at an incredible pace.

        Riddick walked out of the darkness and gazed upon Rodriguez. Rodriguez was stunned as he saw Riddick and said, “How?”

    Riddick simply glanced at tea, then at Walter.

      Rodriguez laughed bitterly and asked, “Why Walter? Why?”

         Walter only smiled lightly and said, “Didn’t I just say that some people are willing to be a knife for a certain price my lord. I just became his knife because he was able to afford me. Please don’t blame me and die a peaceful death.”

        Rodriguez knelt on the floor and said, “Even if you kill me, you can’t take over my faction. My subordinates are loyal to me and only me, you will never gain their approval.”

   Riddick nodded and said, “Unfortunately I am not after your power Rodriguez. What I want is your status.”

        Rodriguez smiled bitterly till the last moment and died silently. Riddick glanced at Rodriguez for one final time before turning towards Walter and said, “Well done Walter. You have proven yourself to be an excellent investment.” Saying thus Riddick extended his hand.

        Walter eyes glittered as he shook hands with Riddick. However, his eyes turned white as his soul was attacked the instant he touched Riddick.

        With a howl he withdrew his hand, coughing up a mouthful of blood he shouted, “You bastard, you promised to let me go. Why? Where is your dignity?”

            Riddick mused as he put on a thoughtful face and said, “Walter, truthfully put I would have liked to have you on my side but unfortunately I can’t.

     You, Walter, the head butler of Rodriguez clan and a trusted servant of Rodriguez himself for more than fifty years betrayed him without a second thought for a mere amount of hundred black pearls. Why should I believe that you won’t betray me the same way?”

          Walter coughed up blood once again as he hatefully glared at Riddick. With a cruel smile he said, “You will definitely die because without me, you won’t be able to control the faction with your mere strength.”

       Riddick nodded his head and said, “Thanks for the advice but there is no need to worry at all because Rodriguez will be the one ruling in my stead. Right, Rodriguez.”

      To the dismay of Walter, Rodriguez who was supposed to be dead slowly stood up once again.

     Walter mustered up his last strength and asked, “How?”

    Riddick smiled and said, “Why the fuck should I tell you?”


Book 4 – Chapter 14 Dao domain

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Dao domain :

   “Fuck off” Riddick said slowly.

          The middle aged man floating in midair was stunned as he heard Riddick. Never in his wildest imaginations did he ever think that there would be a beginner disciple who would so vulgarly insult a Crimson king that too in the presence of hundreds of people.

            His pride was torn to shreds and being humiliated publicly his face twisted with anger. With a loud snort he said, “Gladius make sure that this scoundrel dies a cows death. I will personally talk to his majesty about this matter and be rest assured, you will be heavily rewarded for your services.”

           Waving his hand he said, “Take this, I hope that this will help you in your endeavour.”

        Gladius who glanced at the sword which fell in his hands began to laugh madly, with a conceited voice he declared, “Haha…. Now there is nothing I fear in this world. Anyone below peak disciple level shall bow before me and you…” He pointed his sword at Riddick and said, “You shall be my test subject to test this divine sword – Glacial Soul, a deva class weapon.”

         Riddick narrowed his eyes as he heard the name of the sword. He didn’t know much about the Glacial soul itself but its identity as a deva class weapon was disturbing. Though he still held confidence, his grip on Yama tightened involuntarily because he knew first hand the might of a deva class weapon.

        Gladius was convinced that Riddick only had such power because of the various extraordinary weapons he wielded because he was certain that by no means can a beginner disciple acquire such power.

           The four remaining Gladius brothers took out their respective weapons and their bodies tensed in anticipation of revenge.

       The middle age man also descended from the skies and said, “Gladius, I will lend you a hand.”

         Gladius was startled and said, “Lord Beckett, you don’t need to trouble yourself. My brothers and I will kill this scum for you.”

       Beckett shook his head and said, “It is not that I wish to dirty my hands Gladius but rather sometimes dirtying your hands is a necessity to show that you can dirty them. This bastard thinks that I am a mere messenger, let me show him the reason why his majesty believes me to be capable of being his servant.”

         Riddick listened without uttering a single word, he stared at Beckett for a while before continuing to closely observe his enemies.

        Beckett snorted coldly before saying, “Gladius, I shall take charge of this battle. Now, the four of you will move as I dictate.”

        His image flickered and Beckett disappeared from his spot. Riddick eyes narrowed and his pupils dilated as they sensed the opponents speed. His muscles twitched before he too disappeared from his spot.


        A large sword aura arrived like a thunder and sliced the ground on which Riddick stood without the slightest of indication.

       Beckett who stood in the air turned his head to stare above and said, “I accept that you indeed are extremely talented but kid, you are too arrogant. Talent by itself won’t save you.”

     His image flickered again, followed by Riddick’s. They were like two kites moving at high speeds. Images appeared every second followed by loud sounds of explosions. Riddick struck Beckett while Beckett sliced with his scimitar. Neither managed to catch another but the incredible display of their prowess left the crowd stunned.

        Watching this amazing air battle, Gladius sucked in a cold breath. Even though he now had a deva class weapon, he didn’t dare to venture alone after watching the dreadful strength of Riddick.

       However, now he was certain that all he needed to do was to interfere and Riddick would have to slow down inevitably. Taking advantage of this, Lord Beckett would slice him apart with ease.

        Suddenly all four brothers flew into the air and began to wildly chase Riddick. However, Riddick was like a loose cannon and it was impossible to determine his trajectory as he constantly shifted in disparate directions where none would expect him to move.

         The chase continued for five minutes and finally Jeremy lost his cool and shouted, “You motherfucker, don’t you know anything other than running around. Were you born when your mother fucked a lowly porter who runs around.”

          Riddick turned his head and only coldly smiled before flying away at high speed. Jeremy was mad but so were the others. Unlike them, Riddick wasn’t a least bit provoked by their words and only continued to fly silently. This was a high speed chase that the Beginner disciples couldn’t even follow with their eyes, only divine disciples could make head and tails of what was going on in the skies.

        Suddenly an intense chill spread in the air as Gladius wielded his Glacial soul and released multitude of attacks. Riddick narrowed his eyes as he saw the attacks but he still dodged them all nonetheless. He was like a flicker which can’t be caught and with his extreme speed he was becoming an headache.

        Suddenly however, Riddick lost tract of one attack and lost his speed trying to dodge that attack. Jeremy who was closely following by thought, “Chance” and shouted, “ motherfucker.”

            Riddick put on a pale face as he faced the attack of Jeremy. Jeremy attack was truly powerful but in his hands, it was a wasted power. Attacking with all his might he aimed his attack at Riddick’s head and closed in at incredible speed.
      Riddick who was already flying at high speed suddenly became a blur exceeding his own speed. He appeared right behind Jeremy and whispered, “Mate, without understanding your enemy you charge into a close quarter fight. This only leads to one outcome, your enemy fucks you up big time.”

       His both hands grabbed Jeremy’s face like claws from both sides. Gladius who was following Riddick shouted loudly, “Noooo, don’t.”

     Riddick smiled coldly and said, “Sorry mate. I have no kindness to spare.”

        Intense energy spread from his fingers and drilled into Jeremy skull. Light flickered in Jeremy’s eyes as he resisted his death but soon it faded away as his head was visibly crushed in Riddick’s death grip.

   “Jeremy…” Gladius weakly muttered.

          Beckett only narrowed his eyes while one of the brothers shed tears as he saw his brother die right in front of his eyes.

       The last of the four brothers however didn’t stop his assault and arrived before Riddick and brandished his sword like a spear aiming straight towards Riddick. Riddick who saw this smiled coldly before throwing Jeremy in the sword’s tract.

        No matter what kind of control the enemy had over his sword, he wouldn’t be able to control it completely control it in mid attack. The sword pierced Jeremy’s corpse straight through his heart. This halted his attack and intensified the hatred he felt towards Riddick.

     With great grief he hugged Jeremy one final time.

       Howling loudly he tried to charge at Riddick but halted in his tracks as he noticed a intense energy emitting from Jeremy. That instant he understood what Riddick had originally planned but he also understood that he had no choice left.

         With a bitter smile he said, “Riddick, you will die a miserable death.”

     Riddick laughed and said, “Death is always miserable.”


            Jeremy exploded like a charged gunpowder only with power thousands of times greater and the enemy holding Jeremy in his arms exploded along with him.

          The entire exchange happened in only a few seconds but it resulted in the death of two of the Gladius brothers.
      Beckett who was confident in dealing with Riddick was beginning to feel dreadful as he saw Riddick effortlessly killing two divine disciples.

        Gladius eyes were red with fury, he always thought himself to be an able commander who doesn’t lose his cool. He forcibly kept his cool even after Jie died but now he could no longer contain himself. Two more of his brothers died. With whom should he celebrate even if he wins this fight. He had lost three bothers in this fight but the enemy still stood alive and so were his allies.

    With a loud shout he declared, “Russell, stop him. Today we either get revenge or die trying.”

           Two people flew in opposite directions, Russell, the last of Gladius brothers flew toward Riddick while Gladius himself flew towards Sylvie and Caesar. Beckett who saw this smiled cruelly and flew towards Sylvie as well.

        Riddick was startled but his face soon calmed down as he heard Sylvie say, “I will take care of them master.”

          Russell knew that he was no match to Riddick in a head on fight so he took out a jade bottle and emptied its contents. His face suddenly became pale but he still nonetheless charged towards Riddick.

        Riddick had no idea regarding what Russell drank and he had no time to delay so he brandished Yama who after a long time changed into his original form of a whip. The whip twisted and twirled creating an energy vortex in it which suddenly expanded binding Russell in its current.

     Russell was still smiling as if he won the war but Riddick next sentence threw him into abyss.

       “Well, good try brother but I am slightly busy so my bull will take care of you.” Suddenly the intense cyclone vanished along with Russell who was inside it.

    On the other side, Gladius brandished his Glacial Sword and closed in at high speed. His face twitched as he sensed his brothers aura fading away from this world but soon it became all the more determined. He decided to kill Sylvie at any cost.

       Sylvie who was watching Gladius and Beckett hissed loudly before expanding into a magnificent thousand metre long golden snake which had a golden crown etched onto its fore head.

    “A God beast” Beckett said in alarm while simultaneously retreating at high speed. However he was already too close so he couldn’t completely escape from Sylvie’s sphere of influence.

      Sylvie who saw this sneered and said, “Escaping are we. You should have never tried to use me as a bait. I am a queen among God beasts and you want to take advantage of me with your pitiful power.”

     “Dao Domain” A soft whisper escaped from her lips.

       An intense golden light abruptly spread with her as the centre and the light flickered for just a second before disappeared just as abruptly.

        Gladius who was in the centre of the Gold cyclone fell down lifelessly while Beckett who was in the edge of the domain coughed up large amounts of blood as he retreated backwards.

          However, he suddenly halted in his tracts as he saw Riddick behind him. With a dread filled voice he said, “Riddick, I am sure we can solve the issue between us peacefully. Please spare my life and I will guarantee you that I shall do my very best to give a favourable message to my king in your stead. Please.”

       Riddick swiped his sword with his finger and said, “Indeed, you are a messenger and as a messenger you duty is to deliver a message but I somehow think that my message will be better delivered to your king by your corpse.”

     Beckett realised that he was not going to get any mercy so he instead raised his sword and shouted, “Don’t get cocky kid…. You are nothing…..”

      However his words stopped midway as a sword pierced him straight through his throat. The next second his corpse too fell down lifelessly from the skies. Riddick stood in the skies glancing indifferently at the battlefield which will make his name infamous in the entire deva palace.

        A new Golden King has arrived and he wiped out the entire Gladius faction on his first appearance. Needless to say this news was going to rock the entire Forbidden Isle.



Book 4 – Chapter 13 F*ck off

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F*ck off:

         “Unfortunate for you, I happen to be your predator.” Riddick said with a light smile on his face.

     “Devil way” Gladius muttered weakly as he saw Jie becoming a dried up corpse but his eyes turned red as he glanced at the blasted pieces of meat lying on the floor.

       Jie was the youngest and also the weakest of them all. However, Gladius had always treated him like his own brother and witnessing his brother’s death. How could he remain calm? Yet, he didn’t erupt. He had to stay calm for the sake of his comrades.

   “You fucking bastard.”

   “I will kill you, you motherfucker.”


       The other three howled loudly and broke into a mad run but suddenly they came to a halt as they heard a loud order.

   “Hold your positions.” Gladius shouted loudly.

    Jeremy could no longer hold back his anger and asked loudly, “Gladius, why do you ask us to stop? This man must die today no matter what it costs us. If you order us to retreat against our wishes then I will…..”

     “I promise you that he will die but a mad dash won’t kill him. It will kill us first.” Gladius explained his reasoning.

                     The remaining brothers immediately calmed down as they heard Gladius. Riddick knew that the situation was no longer in his control so he retreated as well.

     Riddick stood at a distance of three hundred metres and began to observe the four brothers. Since they abandoned their idea of attacking madly, he no longer had an advantage over them. No matter how powerful he was, it would be disastrous if he was to be surrounded and attacked by the combined assault of four divine disciples.

        Gladius took out a jade scroll from his pocket and burned it to ashes. Instantly the people observing the fight started to loudly exclaim.

     “That is the absolute decree held by the Gladius faction. He is going to summon all his forces.”

     “Over, this fight is over….. It was getting interesting but against all the forces of the Gladius faction. There is nothing that kid can do”

      “He was a fool to even engage the Gladius faction in a head on fight. What can he do now except atoning for his sins with his death.”

      Riddick was very attentive and listened to all of them. He was initially confused but soon he understood their meaning. However, unlike what one would expect, a smile blossomed on his face as he understood that he was now going to face an army of Immortals.

        In just a minute, more than sixty Immortals rushed into the courtyard of the Wallenstein family. All wearing purple badges and followed by many more Immortals. In just a few minutes, the court yard was entirely covered with numerous Immortals ranging over three thousand.

            The Four Gladius brothers who stood at the centre of their army were satisfied with their power. Now they were certain that they can win without even lifting a hand themselves. What can Riddick do against three thousand Immortals? He will definitely die and this was the only outcome perceived by any person.

     Gladius who was smug about his victory declared loudly, ” I thought that you might escape or try to attack us when we were summoning our forces but you didn’t. No matter how ingenious your planning is, one mistake and everything you have ever acquired along with life goes into gutter.

        Now bow before me and my great faction. This is the true might of my faction which people such as you can never acquire.”

             Riddick was watching Gladius with a blank face but suddenly he burst out laughing, with a ridiculing voice he said, “You know Gladius. I should thank you. You are providing me with all these immortals so of course I have to thank you.”

       Gladius eye brows creased as he heard Riddick. Jeremy who was beside Gladius smirked as he said, “Big words for some one who should be trembling inside.”

             Turning his head he said loudly, “People of my faction. Listen closely. This person shall die today irrespective of his station and relations. No matter who kills him shall be made a Commander as well as a suitable monetary reward will be given.

         However, if you manage to capture him alive then your rewards shall be tripled.”

         His words were like thunder and as soon as the army of Immortals processed his statement. An explosive energy spread in the entire army as everyone broke into a mad assault.

          Riddick who stood in the centre was their target. He was their gateway to achieve everything they all had ever wanted so they all dashed without an exception.

          Tens of hundreds of Immortals launched their attacks. Soul attacks and material attacks were launched while dozens of Immortals closed into directly behead Riddick. However, everyone suddenly halted as a thick intense killing intent spread over their entire being.    This killing intent was like a being with consciousness. Unlike the pressure which Riddick used to suppress the opponents, this was the pure evil force which conveyed his strength and made his opponents tremble like birds in a thunderstorm.

     “Oi… Gladius, just because you have an advantage in number, you start to get conceited. If they were divine disciples then I certainly would have died today but Beginner disciples…. Humph!” Riddick said in a dangerous voice.

  “Divine disciples…. In hundreds….. Kid, You overestimate yourself. I, your grandfather will show you today how arrogance can lead to your doom?” An middle age man wearing purple badge  shouted loudly before resuming his assault.

     This was like a trigger and the Immortals who stood still after being suppressed by the killing intent all started their assaults as well.

    Riddick only shook his head in helplessness and said, “What can I do when you all want to die so dearly?”

       Narrowing his eyes he said in a low voice, “Void wave”

         A surge of pure Void Energy emitted from Riddick as a centre but unlike a tyrannical power, it was smooth, delicate and gentle.

     One wave after other, tens of waves emitted every instant and in just a second hundreds of waves superimposed on one another. These waves needless to say completely enveloped the surrounding immortals.

      However, the Immortals didn’t stop because they couldn’t feel any sort of danger hidden within the waves so they continued their assault.

     Seconds passed by and in ten seconds the strongest and the fastest group reached Riddick close enough to strike him down with their swords. It was at this moment Riddick muttered, “Clash”

     One single wave emitted from Riddick as he muttered the word but this wave was different from all others. It was the exact opposite of all other waves and this wave started a reaction which disrupted the sensitive rhythm of the previous waves.

“Grind” “Grind” “Grind”

   Loud grinding sounds rang out in the silent courtyard.

  “What is that?” Gladius questioned himself.


       Blood sprayed like a geyser with Riddick as a centre as if answering Gladius. Every Immortal who stood within the area covered by the white rolling waves of Void Energy was grinded to paste and blood splattered the entire courtyard.

        No resistance was accepted in the face of that tyrannical power and no immortal could even utter a sound. It was a silent death and the hundreds of Immortals along with the Five brothers stood still shocked and terrified by the scene in front of them.

      Five hundred Immortals died and that too without putting up any resistance. The surrounding forces which were keenly observing the fight sucked in a cold breath out of fear.

       What kind of power was this? How can a Beginner disciple kill five hundred Beginner disciples without lifting a finger. Even a peak disciple cannot achieve this task let let alone a divine disciple and here they were watching a mad dog who killed hundreds of Immortals without hesitation.

           Riddick began to walk, each of his steps loud and fear inducing in the pin drop silence. The Immortals were fearful enough to hold their breaths. The blood which flowed like a stream made painted the scene as Riddick walked slowly in the silent night.

      Gazing at the remaining Immortals Riddick said in a loud voice, “Brothers, I know I just killed many of your brothers. However, I do not wish to kill you at all. This fight is between us and I want it to stay between us. I will thus give you all one minute time, leave if you wish to live. Any one who stays here shall be considered an enemy after the one minute is up.”

      The Immortals were stunned as they heard Riddick. They were terrified and shocked to the core by the power of Riddick. They had originally come to kill some punk and gain the favour of Gladius but now their own lives were in danger so they all wanted to flee.

   “I….I am sorry my brothers but….I will take my leave.” One person said in a low voice and flew away at high speed.

      The remaining Immortals glanced at one another and broke into a explosive flight running away from the court yard. In just a minute, all that was left of the magnificent army of three thousand Immortals were a few dozen soldiers and the indistinguishable forms of five hundred dead Immortals.

      Gladius stood in the centre with a pale face, his brothers were in the same condition as well. They too didn’t expect that Riddick would have such a devastating power hidden within him.

      How could they expect for they knew nothing about the Voud energy. The Void Energy is the most purest form of energy available in nature for it is essentially the same as the elemental essence which contains the essence of all elements. Forget about Beginner disciples even divine disciples can’t resist the power of this extremely pure energy.

       Riddick yawned lightly and said, “Gladius, we had no enmity between us and I even gave you a choice twice. However, you chose not to retreat, you chose to fight, you summoned your entire faction to kill me.

      You know everyone has a limit for their patience and I have just reached mine. At first I wanted to let you go but knowing that black heart of yours, I can’t let you go now, can I? You will strike back when the time is ripe so eliminating you is mandatory for my survival.”

       Gladius eyes became red with fury and humiliation he suffered today in the hands of Riddick. He wanted to say something but was stopped in his tracts as he heard a voice.

   “Enough” A man shouted loudly from the skies.

     Riddick who glanced at the man asked in a serious voice, “Who may you be Sir?”

             The man narrowed his eyes and said, “Riddick, I presume. I have already seen your records. Impressive, very impressive, to show such power with your cultivation but still your talent won’t save you for your deeds.

     Gladius faction is under my lords command and he has ordered you to stop your assault this instant. For all your crimes, you will be punished but you will be rewarded after you atone for your sins.”

      Riddick asked amused by the man’s arrogance, “Ho! A Crimson king I see. Can I ask what is the punishment and reward granted by the great Crimson king for my crimes?”

        The man laughed loudly and said, “Good, good. This is how you should be. My lord has ordered you to hand over the all the badges in your possession and kneel for mercy.

          You shall serve as my lords soldier for a century after which he will personally grant upon you a Golden badge for your services.”

       Riddick too laughed loudly as if enjoying a joke and asked further, “What if I don’t follow your masters orders?”

     The middle age man narrowed his eyes and said, “Then you shall be ripped to pieces and fed to dogs. This applies to those two behind you as well. Now state your decision.”

     Riddick mused to himself as if seriously considering the offer and finally made an exclamation as if he reached a conclusion and said with a lively voice, “I have decided. Please convey my decision to your master.”

   “What?” The middle age man asked.

      Riddick narrowed his eyes and said, “Fuck off.”

Book 4 – Chapter 12 Void Energy

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Void Energy:

      “What will you do?” A voice interrupted Gladius.

     Gladius was startled because he didn’t sense anyone approaching him nor did any of his brothers.

      Slowly a figure walked out of the darkness followed by a pretty girl in her teens. Riddick and Sylvie.

        Riddick’s eyes were brighter than ever and his body emanated an unprecedented amount of power, it was a type of divine energy which was never felt from him. The power of the Immortal realm.

      Gladius eyes narrowed as he eyed Riddick. He was cautious because he didn’t think that any ordinary beginner disciple will be foolish enough to come before them. So he began to cautiously eye Riddick and Sylvie.

          Riddick who walked towards Caesar eyed Gladius as well. With a sigh he announced, “Gladius, leader of the Gladius faction, I presume. I have no enmity towards you nor have I offended you in any way so let’s end this matter here.”

       Jie burst out laughing as he heard Riddick. With a smirk on his face he said, “Little boy, I know that you are smug about your victory against Hildegarde but with the little amount of power you possess, you are no where at a level where you can order us around.

          I will repeat our offer again. Hand over the badges and we will offer a peaceful death for you. How about it? Isn’t it a good deal?

      You know being tortured to death is very painful. I assure you that dying peacefully is much better than dying after a month of torture.”

        Riddick’s eyes narrowed as he heard Jie. He wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble so he maintained his calm. Turning his head towards Gladius he seemingly asked for a second opinion.

     Gladius understood Riddick’s intention as well. He some how felt that it was not a good decision to mess with Riddick. The atmosphere around Riddick was very weird, it was like a magnetic field disrupting his senses.

        Riddick’s eyes were calm but he could sense danger and unimaginable power within them so his instincts screamed to stay away from him. However, being nudged by his brothers he shook off his doubts. What danger can a mere Beginner disciple pose to them, five Golden kings?

      “You heard my brother” Gladius answered the unraised question.

                    Riddick shook his head in helplessness as he gazed at the Five brothers. With a loud sigh he said, “Today, I came out after three months of closed room training because I wanted to celebrate with my brother, Caesar but….. You guys……… Sigh!”

        His eyes suddenly turned red as his voice turned serious. With a deadly aura starting to emit from his body Riddick said, “Now that it has come to this, don’t waste my time. If what you wish is death, then I will gladly give it to you.”

        The Five brothers moved at once yet, they didn’t attack, rather they surrounded Riddick from all sides. Blindly attacking was foolishness so they decided to first seal of his exit and if possible take a prisoner.

          Riddick stood at the centre gazing at five of them. His eyes sharp and his back taunt, with a smile on his face, he took a single step forward.

          Suddenly, a force erupted with him as the centre. This force was made out of pure elemental power, the weird thing however was that the elemental power was completely greyish white in colour.

          As the force erupted so did the instincts of the Five brothers. They retreated at high speed but still the speed of their reactions wasn’t enough. 


             A loud explosion erupted as the Wallenstein mansion was completely obliterated to smithereens. Five brothers were blasted out of the ruins. Their faces, covered in dust. Their clothes, shred but their eyes, they were attentive. However, they were filled with confusion and astonishment.

          The previous blast of elemental energy, they didn’t understand what it was. Some felt that it contained fire elemental essence, while some felt wind, water and earth. Each perceived it differently and each received it differently.

      The loud explosion attracted the attention of various powers. Many neighbouring purple badge bearers rushed immediately but upon seeing the Five brothers of Gladius faction come out of the collapsed mansion, they kept their silence.

          Riddick casually walked out of the dismantled mansion and gazed at the various people observing the situation. With a playful smile he asked again, “So, did you change your decision Gladius?”

      Gladius glanced at Riddick and then at the growing audience, he knew that he can no longer back away, at least for the sake of his name.

            With a low voice he commanded, “Brothers, attack at your own discretion. This is no longer a covert mission so there is no need to hide our strengths any longer.”

           Jie who was at the left flank asked, “Boss, that greyish white energy, what is it? It is weird. Somehow I don’t want to take it head on.”

         Gladius turned silent as he reviewed the sudden onslaught of the white energy, he too didn’t understand what it was? Was it a type of profound technique or was it the power of a unique weapon.

      Gladius was not the only person who didn’t understand the nature of the white energy. Caesar who was hovering in the air above the collapsed Wallenstein mansion frowned as he thought about the energy as well.

    Sylvie who was right beside him said with a smile, “No need to over think Caesar. That power belongs to master and him alone. It is unique to him in the entire universe.

       One of the reasons why my master wanted to step into the immortal realm was because he wanted to use this power. This is his domain, the true manifestation of his attribute which can only be produced after stepping into the Immortal stage, “Void energy”

       Void means nothing, an emptiness. Initially my master was controlling that emptiness to harness other elements when he was still a mortal. Void had warned him regarding the risks as the entire concept of Void realm revolved around Immortals so it was never suitable to be wielded by a mortal.

      Hence, after master had a backlash of using the power excessively, Void sealed it. Master has now stepped into the Immortal stage and thus can naturally undo the seal and unleash the unique power hidden deep within his body.”

        Caesar knew about Void but he didn’t understand the complete details regarding his relationship with Riddick. He had always thought that Void was a consciousness, similar to him but he began to wonder if he was wrong.

     Void energy, Void realm…. It was as bright as day. Void was something more than he imagined him to be and since he knew nothing about it, Caesar kept quiet.

                    Gladius who maintained his silence for a minute shook his head and said, “Brothers don’t be fooled by your senses. What if this guy has a weird power? If all of us work together then there is nothing to fear.”

             Riddick was insignificant in their eyes and Riddick knew about it as well. He remained in his place but if someone knew that he could listen to a tiny whisper uttered at a distance of a kilometre with ease then they would be shocked.

            Physical capabilities are enhanced as one transcend each level of power but in Riddick’s case the change was too monstrous.

          His body which was already like a weapon even before entering into the Immortal realm was refined again. His soul which was already powerful enough to rival an immortal after the continuous nurturing of the Hell devour was completely solidified into a weapon as well.

     The Qi flowing in his body as well as the mage force stored in his mage chamber could no longer be distinguished as both of them combined and changed into a form of greyish white energy. His body no longer held a demarcation between warrior and mage nor did it held a demarcation between Qi and mage force. Everything changed into a white energy which will later be known as the most destructive power in the entire universe, “Void energy”

        Contrary to his Qi and mage force, the spiritual energy in his body remained the same except for a coiled lightning dragon lying in the sea of consciousness. For some reason, the dragon had departed from the dantian and started to reside in the sea of consciousness.

       However, it still continued to send specks of lightning into his energy flow. All these changes were too abrupt and too powerful. If he didn’t have Void to guide him through it, then Riddick would have taken a lot of time to understand them all.

          Void had explained right from the beginning that the true power granted by him won’t be manifested until he reaches the Immortal realm.

      Thinking back Riddick couldn’t help but smile. When he was eight, Void appeared before him and he made a contract with Void. Then he gained an attribute from Void. Void couldn’t directly grant him this unique power because, Riddick’s body was too fragile to sustain such power.

         Then, he saw the Immortals as beings of legends and even doubted whether he will ever step into their realm but now, after only ten or so years he has stepped into the Immortal realm.

       With a slight smile on his face Riddick waved his hand, Yama who was bound like a bracelet shook and a bright light emanated from it.

“Crunch” “Wriggle” “Boom!”

     Yama twisted as crunching sounds rang and finally an loud sound rang out as it transformed into a giant heavy sword. This transformation was too eye catching and people stood stunned as they saw Yama extending from a bracelet into a sword.

    “Deva class artifact” some one muttered weakly.

    Only Deva class weapons could be manipulated to change their shapes.

      The expression on Gladius face changed, he never thought that Riddick would be in possession of a deva class artifact but he nonetheless tightened the grip on his slender sword. Such an enemy can not be allowed to live, killing him was the ideal path and since he still held an advantage in terms of power, he will definitely kill Riddick before he grows enough to swallow them whole.

     Riddick bent a little and his foot touched the floor as lightly as feather.


       Like a lightning he appeared in front of the Gladius shocking everyone.

“How is this possible?” Jie shouted loudly.

“What is that speed?” Jeremy said in a shocked voice.

      “Scram” Gladius shouts loudly before swinging his sword at a speed surpassing anything Riddick had seen before.

         However, what sort of change did Riddick undergo? If it was three months ago then he would have definitely been slaughtered by that sword but now, he smoothly blocked the attack with his own sword.

     Suddenly the remaining of the Five brothers surrounded Riddick and drew their weapons at the same instant. Gladius eyes turned cold as he ordered, “Kill!”

        Everyone could see the death of Riddick in the next second as they saw the combined assault of the five kings but Riddick, he didn’t.

     He only smiled further as he said, “Oi, Oi….. Now don’t tell me, this is your master plan……. Worthless…. Let me show you the result of overestimating yourself.”


      A violent force erupted with Riddick as the centre, the force was like a strong tide and this power forced the brothers to lose control over their bodies.

       “What the fuck!” Jie shouted loudly in his heart but his eyes shrank as he saw Riddick heavy blade moving towards him at high speed.

             However no sound was emitted from his mouth. The scene observed by the others was even more bizarre as they didn’t feel any sort of pressure coming from Riddick. The Five brothers stopped in their tracts like statues and Riddick pierced one of them right in the heart in that instant.

        The next second all of them got back to their senses but their hearts were filled with fear. What was that? Why did they stop in their tracts? How is Jie?

     Jie coughed up blood and his eyes turned murderous, with difficulty he raised his sword and moved a step forward letting Yama pierce him further.

   “If I am going to die then you will die with me you motherfucker” he shouted loudly as his dantian instanly began to glow red.

     This was a suicide and he wanted to kill Riddick by self destructing his own dantian.

          Riddick glanced at him and said, “Ho, I admire your courage but in front of me, it is useless.”

          Suddenly black mist erupted from Yama and in a split second Jie became a dried up corpse. However, in the next second a white mist erupted from Yama blasting him off into multiple pieces of meat.

       Drawing back his sword, Riddick turned towards the remaining brothers who were stunned and said apologetically, “Don’t be sad, he was a nice meal. Everyone will be a prey at some point and unfortunate for you, I happen to be your predator.”



Author note : His guys, as you can see this chapter gives you all, a lot of shocks. Essentially put, this is a turning point, this is the power up I always envisioned when I let Void say the statement.

    “You have to be at Immortal realm to use my powers to the maximum extent.”

     Now that I have introduced the power as well as slight spoilers regarding its nature. Enjoy.

     Also,someone asked me a question, approximately two months ago, What happened to Void attribute?

    Here is your answer.


Book 4 – Chapter 11 Best Strategy

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Best strategy:

      “Boss, our spies have successfully infiltrated the Wallenstein house.” A young man in his late twenties reported with a smile.

      Sitting across the round table a man in his early thirties lifted his eyes from a book and said, “So, did your spies find anything worth mentioning to me?”

       The young man smiled lightly and said, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t find anything boss. Lyon is acting weirdly and it looks like your insight may as well be right.”

       The boss eyebrows creased slightly as he heard this but he maintained his silence. Another man sitting across the table, drinking his tea interrupted their conversation and said, “Good work Jie. As the youngest of us, you are repeatedly proving yourself worthy of being one of us.”

     Turning his head towards the one called boss he continued, “So, what do you intend to do Gladius?”

      Gladius put down his book and adjusted his glasses. His eyes flashed a sharp light as he sighed and said, “I don’t know how the enemy disguised himself as Lyon and fooled all of us including the entire Hildegarde for so long.

      However, it is completely certain that the enemy is strong. Strategically at least. Such an enemy is more troublesome than the weakened Hildegarde. So I have decided.

      Jeremy, You will take care of the situation. Inform Hildegarde only when you find enough evidence but don’t reveal our identity. If Lyon is destroyed then all is well. If he isn’t then we can destroy him in his weakened state after his head on fight against Hildegarde. No matter what, I don’t like whoever that Lyon is nor do I like the person who is providing him with resources and confidence.”

       The young man who was drinking tea put down his cup and nodded lightly before saying, “Understood, boss. I will take care of that Lyon Wallenstein or whoever he is?”

        That conversation happened in a private chamber of a castle situated within the boundaries of the Deva palace.

         It was the castle of the Gladius family as well as the headquarters of the Gladius faction. Known as a group of insane yet, powerful kings, the Gladius faction was a fear inducing factor in the Deva palace. So powerful was their forces that the remaining factions along with Hildegarde tried to be humble in front of them.


         Caesar had no idea regarding the Gladius faction nor its activities. He had long since knew about Gladius faction and also investigated about its weak points but the result was not satisfactory. He knew that it was impossible to win against the Gladius faction with mere strategies as he looked over at the information obtained from various sources.

       The information he obtained was being completely manipulated by them. He couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at the fact that he couldn’t even determine their strength so Caesar decided to leave them alone because he didn’t want to create unnecessary troubles to himself.

       Caesar kept true to his decision and completely isolated himself from the world as well as from all kinds of situations where he may expose himself to any of the powers including Gladius. Still, how could he guess that Gladius had spies even in the Kallied clan which was a small time mercenary clan located at a distance of thirty thousand kilometres from the borders of the Deva palace.

     Caesar had chosen the Kallied clan because they weren’t strong nor were they known. The Kallied clan was an emerging mercenary clan lead by Kallied himself, this sort of mercenary clans usually wouldn’t be noticed by any major powers and thus Caesar was certain that Hildegarde would have no information regarding them.

        The Hildegarde indeed didn’t receive any information but the Gladius did, however, the information was passed too slowly as Kallied had kept all his forces on tight lease. When Gladius received the information, they started their investigation.

       Lyon was initially red marked along with many others but after a month of investigation, it was finally revealed that Lyon aka Caesar was the only one who fits their criteria. Thus, they came to a conclusion.

       As decided before Caesar proceeded  and sent a message with detailed instructions to the Kallied clan and returned back to enjoy his peaceful life.

Ten days later.

       Hildegarde sect which had practically given up on any operations began to spread its forces again as small fights broke out with unknown forces in several places.

      Kallied clan disguised as various factions of the Deva palace as well as various other mercenaries began to engage the Hildegarde sect in fights.

      This would have been easily suppressed by the forces of the Hildegarde but they couldn’t as the spread out forces were forced to hold their positions. The Kallied clan on the orders of Caesar was split into thirty different units and each unit attacked randomly without any particular rhythm in their respective directions.

         Caesar also participated in this war as he stood among the forces of Hildegarde, he knew that sooner of later, Hildegarde will fall under pressure because he was certain of one fact.

       When the enemy concentrates on his left, his right will be weak. When he concentrates on North, his south will be weak but when he concentrates everywhere, he will be weak everywhere.

       The fights continued and so did the accumulated losses of the Hildegarde. The member of the Gladius, Jeremy who was despatched to help Hildegarde was also helpless as he began to watch the situation.

       He could see the broad picture because he knew the enemy’s goal but he didn’t understand how this will change anything. He knew that he was missing a key point in the Caesar’s strategy because it was certain that Caesar would never win this war even if this continued for eternity.

       This was the case with Gladius as well. He too could see how Caesar was weakening Hildegarde step by step as he lay hidden under its own hood but he too didn’t understand Caesar’s thinking.

      Caesar’s power was clear to them and no matter what kind of genius Caesar was, it was impossible to win against five Golden kings. Army and soldiers can be obtained again with enough strength and time but without killing the five kings, there was no point in continuing this war.

One month later.

          A total of three months passed since the Hildegarde assembled to search and seize Riddick. These three months were taxing on their minds and their spirit was weakened to extreme. They now wanted to spend their lives peacefully, yet, they couldn’t. Each day without an exception, fights broke out for some reason and they would have to assemble to solve the situation.

       Finally Caesar determined that the time was ripe to execute the final plan. His planning was perfect and his precautions were flawless. What if the enemy knows about him? What if they can see his goal? What can they do when they can’t see through him?

     When the enemy is strong, weaken him. When he has allies, isolate him. When he is peaceful, irritate him and when he is unassuming, attack him.

       Caesar plan put in a word was simple. This plan wasn’t the best move, nor was it the strongest move but it was definitely a move which would work after three months of planning.

      The Hildegarde as well as the Gladius were fed up with the daily reports reporting the presence of an enemy. Jeremy was irritated much more than the Five kings because he tracked the activities of the Five Golden kings as well as Caesar for one whole month with no results. So he began to get careless and so were the Golden kings.

       Since they always got correct reports, they stopped questioning their authenticity after a while and making use of their carelessness, Caesar slipped in two simple reports.

    “A ten man immortal unit is attacking the forces on the north of the Deva palace.”

    “A divine disciple is attaching the forces on the west of the Deva palace.”

         These reports were just like any other received by the Hildegarde for the past month and as usual, the Five Deva kings split up into three groups. One guarded the Hildegarde while the other four took care of the enemies. They weren’t careful because the enemy power was far weaker than their own and as usual they split into groups of two assuming that they can take care of any unknown enemy.

      Sometimes the best strategy isn’t the most complicated one but rather, it is the simplest one.

     Such a strategy won’t work unless there are elaborate preparations done. Caesar spent three months implementing his strategy and when he finally executed his plan. It went unnoticed and everyone fell for it including the Hildegarde as well as the Gladius.

     How can one search for a needle in a haystack? Similarly, how can one pinpoint a single false report among the hundreds of correct reports.

     Thus, the Five kings fell along with Gladius right into the trap laid by Caesar.

      Kallied clan may not have many peak disciples but they had more than enough divine disciples. As Caesar ordered, the Kallied clan moved in a complicated way for the past one month engaging in constant battle and slaughter of the Hildegarde forces. Thus, the last order of Caesar was cake walk for them.

     Assemble your forces and attack the four kings who will come to suppress them. Immediately, dozens of divine disciples gathered in the place where the four kings of the Hildegarde arrived.

       The result was obvious, it was a compete slaughter and the four kings died without uttering a single cry from their mouths. How can they resist the combined assault of dozens of divine disciples without any sort of warning?

      The life jades preserved in the Hildegarde castle in the Deva palace as well as the main sect shattered like glass almost simultaneously stunning the ancestors as well as the only remaining king of the Hildegarde.

     This was a bad startle for Jeremy who was keeping a close watch of the Hildegarde as well. Gladius who was remotely observing the situation was also startled. They thought that they had everything under control but that really wasn’t the case as they saw that Caesar had led Hildegarde to death right under their noses.

     The only remaining king of Hildegarde knew that something was seriously wrong and he decided to escape to the main sect but Caesar was prepared for him. Three divine disciples assassinated him before he even had a chance to raise an alarm.

       In one night, Hildegarde sect which boasted its strength as one of the strongest in the Deva palace crumbled like a house of cards. The immortals as well as the soldiers of the Hildegarde were bewildered by the sudden deaths of their kings. Like an army without a general, there began to disperse like a group of flies.

         That very night Caesar returned to his mansion as he carefully stuffed the bag handed over to him by Kallied. His face which never showed anxiety was pale but his eyes were attentive. He knew that this was the only flaw in his plan, if he manages to pass this phase then he would be completely successful. Yet, if he doesn’t, then he would definitely die.

        He fooled the enemy but he may have been fooled by someone. What if they waited for him to complete his plan to ambush him?

     His nose began to smell blood and his body tensed as his muscles contracted. His eyes which were attentive caught the sight of five people who were seated right in the middle of the hall surrounded by the corpses of Lyon’s sons, mistresses and servants.

      The one seated in the middle smiled a little and said, “Now, now, I never imagined that you would slip under our noses and kill every king of Hildegarde, Lyon Wallenstein. No, you aren’t Lyon, care to tell me who are you?”

     Caesar’s eyes narrowed as he saw that everyone of them were divine disciples. He smiled bitterly as he said, “Caesar”

       Gladius smiled evilly as he asked, “Caesar, I see. I don’t want to make things difficult for you so I will make an offer.

      Give me the six Gold badges in your possession silently and I will kill you silently as well. If you resist, then I am afraid I have to……..”

     A voice interrupted him smoothly as it said, “What will you do?”


Book 4 – Chapter 10 The Hildegarde after one month

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     This is a regular chapter and the remaining queue is 8 more regular chapters. So stay tuned for more action.




The Hildegarde after a month :

          A direct descendant of the Reeves clan was murdered in cold blood as revenge.

        Tyrus Reeves, the heir and the current Golden king of the Reeves clan was currently kneeling and mourning at the feet of his brother. His eyes were blood shot as he looked at the corpse of his younger brother and his body trembled as he heard the low announcement of the porter.

   “The kings of the Hildegarde sect have arrived.” The porter was intelligent enough to not raise his voice but was loud enough to let the attentive people hear him.

        Five Golden badge bearers walked in large strides and offered their prayers. Their eyes didn’t show much grief but rather, they were filled with confusion. They couldn’t understand why would any one of them want to kill someone who belonged to their own sect.

     Yet, they kept their silence because they knew that the milk was already spilled and no amount of explanation would change anything.

     An awkward but a deadly silence continued in the hall until finally all the guests left along with the Golden kings. Only Tyrus remained kneeing in front of his brother. His eyes suddenly became serious as he said,

        “Brother, I have no way to know who is the one responsible for your death but if I ever manage to find out any information regarding your murderer. I promise you that this brother of yours will kill him with his own hands no matter who it is.”

     This sentence said in front of his dead brother was etched in Tyrus heart but it also reached the ears of the various kings who only turned more cautious.

        The Reeves clan was mourning but so were the remaining clans. Though they may not have lost a direct descendant, their forces suffered from huge losses and being their rulers, they had to be considerate of their subjects.

        Even among the Purple badge bearers, Caesar was among the minority who suffered the most and people were forced into believing that Caesar was so hurt that he could no longer take part in the search operations.

    Who would force a father who lost two of his sons due to betrayal from an ally clan? So the remaining Golden Kings were considerate enough to leave Caesar as well as anyone who was in a similar condition alone for a while.

     The Strom which supposedly gathered in the Deva palace hit a wall as the entire Hildegarde sect started to mourn their dead and drown in hatred and sadness.

    One month later.

        The Golden kings had assembled in the great hall to discuss their future operations. The future operations of the Hildegarde now were no longer limited to revenge. They were now essential for the the survival of the entire sect.

     The past month was a huge blow to the Hildegarde sect. The soldiers had lost their motivation while the Purple badge bearers who were the main force of the sect began to doubt each other. It was the worst situation faced by Hildegarde over the countless millennia.

       The various powers in the Deva palace were like notorious serpents. They knew that the Hildegarde was now fragile and weak. They were divided and fragmented so they did all they can to weaken it further.

     Rumours began to pop up like weeds and just like weeds, it was difficult to cull them out. The soldiers were bribed and fights broke out regularly in the army camp. The Six golden kings were at their wits end as they tried to suppress and control the situation.

    However, their inexperience was like a heavy log inhibiting their judgement. One decision after another, Wrong after wrong. It was a complete mess and the Hildegarde sect which boasted power rivalling the strongest of the factions was being completely suppressed by their own inability and inexperience.

                        Meanwhile Caesar was wholeheartedly focused on enjoying his life, he had long since predicted the future and knew very well that sometimes doing nothing was more productive than doing something.

      His opponents were being disrupted and interfered by his future enemies. This was a sign of true wit. Winning a battle by fighting was not wit but winning a battle without raising a single hand was the sign of wit.

          However, Caesar began to plan for the next phase which will throw the entire Hildegarde sect into an all out war. He had given enough time and now he knew that no matter how incompetent the young kings were, they should have found ways to stop the internal disturbances.

       So Caesar answered the call of the Golden kings after an entire month of locking himself in his mansion. The Golden kings were discussing seriously about the future operations when suddenly a messenger ran into the hall at high speed.

    His face pale with fear, he reported loudly, “My lord, our forces, our forces, they are all poisoned severely expect for the Reeves army. We have found the culprit my lord. He poisoned our water with a late acting poison my lord. I am afraid that by now, all the warriors have been poisoned my lord. Even I am……”

         His face suddenly became pale as he clutched his throat and fell on the ground. His eyes suddenly became sharp as he gazed at Tyrus Reeves. With difficulty he shouted, “You motherfucker. Just because your brother was murdered by an unknown enemy. You dare to poison everyone in the military camp with a unique poison of your clan to which only you can make an antidote.

          I will never forgive you nor will the heavens. You will die a miserable death for your sins. Die………”

       His words faded as he began to tremble and convulse violently on the floor. His words faded but the hall erupted into a loud discussion and angry shouts reverberated throughout the hall.

        Tyrus Reeves face turned pale as he saw the messenger who was convulsing on the ground. His mouth moved involuntarily as he said, “How is this possible? This is our Reeves clan’s…..”

       The next second he realised his mistake but it was already too late. Several people heard him along with the remaining Five Golden kings. Their faces twisted with anger and finally one of them roared loudly,

      “Tyrus, you traitor. I always imagined that us seven brothers would be loyal to one another but now, you, betrayed us and killed our subjects in cold blood.

     Enough, today you will die at any cost.”

         His words were like crackers and anyone who heard them moved like thunder and began to wildly attack the soldiers of Reeves clan.

       Tyrus Reeves was stunned but he had no time to save any one as he was attacked by the combined might of the five Golden kings at once. His face turned pale with fear as he began to retreat at high speed.

      This news spread like wildfire and soon all the forces received news of the fight. The army also broke into a fight. The Reeves clan was originally not very powerful and the combined might of the six other clans could easily crush the forces of the Reeves clan but that didn’t happen.

         Kallied clan displaced more than a dozen divine disciples on Caesar’s orders and they were disguised as Reeves clan’s soldiers in the army camp. As soon as the fight began, they all started to slaughter, young and old, male and female, children or women. All were slaughtered alike without hesitation.

     The six clans of the Hildegarde didn’t know the identities of the Kallied clan disciples but they could see the emblem of Reeves on their uniforms. Killing intent surged like waves as the forces which once only wished to suppress the Reeves clan began to slaughter them like sheep.

      Blood flowed like river and bodies piled up as the slaughter continued. Caesar who was standing still in the hall where the different forces of the the Hildegarde were slaughtering the Reeves clan elders and Commanders smiled lightly before disappearing into the night.

       That night Reeves clan, one of the prestigious clans of the Hildegarde sect was completely annihilated and the corpse of Tyrus Reeves was hanged in front of the mass graves of the thousands of soldiers who died after being poisoned on the orders of the Tyrus Reeves.

      This news was a bombshell which exploded like a typhoon and swept the Deva palace in it. The other five clans expect the Goliath clan had practically gave up on the idea of revenge as they knew that they were now in no position to face an unknown enemy.

      The internal war which resulted in the complete annihilation of the Reeves clan had resulted in the loss of forty percent of their total troops but that wasn’t it. The various allies who once allied themselves with Hildegarde were beginning to distance themselves as they saw the weakened power of the Hildegarde sect.

      A forty percent loss may not sound as something which may endanger the existence of the Hildegarde but in reality, it was. The various factions of the Gold Kings existed in the first place without being consumed by one another because of a delicate balance between them and now one of the factions weakened severely. This disrupted the balance between the various factions.

      A tension arose between them as everyone started to prepare in secret. They all wanted to be in a position to reap the benefits when opportunity arises before them.

     Caesar who finished his duty started to relax again in his mansion. He began to spend his days sleeping and having fun with Lyon’s mistresses. The people in the mansion finally began to notice some changes in their master but what could they do?

  Ten days later

       One day, Caesar was seated in his study when he suddenly sensed someone. Raising his head he noticed Sylvie seated in front of him.

     With a smile on her face she said, “Looks like you are enjoying yourself Caesar.”

       Caesar too smiled as he said, “Well, I am doing everything I was asked to do and more so I can spoil myself a little I presume.”

     Shaking her head in helplessness, Sylvie said, “Its almost been two months since your departure so master asked me to see how you were doing? Well, it seems masters worries were for naught. May I ask how you wish to proceed now?”

     Caesar narrowed his eyes as he gazed directly into Sylvie’s eyes and said, “Are you doubting my methods?”

     “It isn’t doubt but curiosity. I can see that you have already thoroughly weakened the Hildegarde without dirtying your hands and straining yourself much but the same strategy won’t work twice you know.” Sylvie answered smoothly.

     Caesar laughed a little and said, “The Hildegarde sure is powerful but their core now only consists of five Gold Kings. I have infiltrated their allies network through various means. The result, no one wishes to be a part of the Hildegarde any more because they do not want to deal with the various other factions who are aiming for Hildegarde.

      This essentially clears up the situation to a large extent. Now all that is required is a last push and the Hildegarde will collapses like a castle of cards. Humph! Well, I must say the kids did pretty well to survive against me, Caesar for two months. However, this is the limit of their luck. Soon, the last and the final phase of my work will start.”

     Sylvie rose from her seat as she said, “I see, then I will inform master.”

    Caesar’s brow creased as he asked hesitantly, “Riddick, he…Is he…..”

    Sylvie’s face turned around as she said, “Caesar, don’t worry. He promised, didn’t he? He promised so he will be there at the right moment. Just do everything as planned before. My master will definitely come.”