Bonjour everone

Bonjour everyone.

I am back and as promised I will release a chapter so be rest assured.

Let’s me give you a short review of my life the past month particularly the past two weeks.

I never slept for more than four hours everyday and was studying like 15 hours a day without an exception. For example on 17th August before my final test I studied throughout the night so even though my test was done by afternoon I wasn’t in the mood to write, thus you guys had to wait for one more day.

Fortunately, I think I successfully finished my exams, well I don’t know for certain but I think and I wish I did. Hell, I don’t want to think otherwise.

One of the reason why I studied so hard is because in my course to advance to the next semester, you have to get a minimum of 55% and if not, you have to take the make up exams which will be in October.

I didn’t want to live in the Hell hole called exam period for a few more months nor do I want to leave you guys for a few more months. So I did what I had to do and now all we can do is to wait for the results which will be up mostly by the end of September.

So as a future warning, I will tell you guys that I may not be able to do more than the two customary regular chapters in the first week of September ( only ) because I have my practical tests.

However, practical tests last for only a week at most so no worries and they are not horrible as the theory tests.

Now that I have given a review as well as a tiny bit of sad news, let’s jump to the most awaited topic. Riddick/ Against Heavens.

Yup, I am going to start writing now and since I haven’t been writing for more than a month. I have to get back the feeling as well as the writing speed I used to have.

Thus, expect a new chapter by tonight i.e within 12 hours.


As of today I owe you,

9 regular chapters as well as 4 sponsored chapters. So in total 13 chapters.

So sit back and refresh everyday because I am going to continue my hard work and try to deliver as much as I can every week.


Many people have expressed their interests on my new novel and needless to say, I am interested as well. So starting next month, probably after I am done repaying my debt of Riddick chapters, I am going to release one chapter every week of Rigel.

That makes my schedule.

Every week = 2 Riddick chapters + 1 Rigel chapter.

Total = 3 Regular chapters.

Sponsored releases :

For Riddick = Well, I am still far behind the Queue so its up to you.

For Rigel = Again its up to you but if you are sponsoring to Rigel please mention in the instructions before your payment.

  1. Q) What if I don’t mention?
  1. A) Then following the example of bingodude, I am going to decide by flipping a coin ( YES, A COIN ).

Thank you for your continuous support and patience. I will forever be in your debt and will certainly do all I can to please you to the best of my capabilities.



23 thoughts on “Bonjour everone

  1. Happy to hear you did well, most of the time ppl. Did horrible and then have a good score, so if you already think you did well ur gonn aget dem 55% 😉
    Looking forward to the releases, just make sure you don’t overwork urselves after exams

    But flipping a coin is kinda boring…
    Better flip a car tire…you are gonna get buff as hell AND it helps you decide


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