Book 4 – Chapter 6 Two Sides – One decision – Kill!

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     However, before reading this chapter, I suggest that you go back and reread the last six chapters as your memory may fail you on several issues i.e from chapter 25 of book 3. That way you can perfectly enjoy the upcoming chapters.

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Two sides – one decision – Kill!

      “Who on earth are you kid?”, Lyon weakly muttered. As he saw it, Riddick was nothing but a mortal who was at the  peak stage of what a mortal can reach.

           Riddick being a peak stage mage as well as a late stage warrior surprised them a little but that was it. Even if you are at the peak of mortal power there was nothing that amount of little power can do against people who had transcended mortality. Perhaps if it was a similar mortal or even a Beginner disciple he would have been impressed at his talent but who was he dealing with.
    Edgar, a gold rank bearer as well as a Divine disciple. Though Lyon knew very well that Edgar was only a Beginner divine disciple and was ranked among the weakest of all the Gold ranked disciples, still that was calculated based on the scale of divine disciples.

     Against a mere mortal he didn’t even need to imagine who would be the winner and yet, a mortal appeared before them and claimed loudly that he would kill them all.

     Riddick saw the expression on Lyon’s face and said in an innocent voice, “Me, I am just an ordinary disciple of the Deva palace.”

      The Old guardian couldn’t finally sustain his anger and shouted loudly,

   “You fucker, you scoundrel, you…you….actually dare to be so rude in front of my young master. Don’t you know who he is? Your death…yes, that is the only thing which will cleanse the humiliation that my young master faced today.

      That bitch with you shall be used in every way she can after my young master has his fun with her. I promise you that she will soon meet you in the netherworld after I make her go through the tortures none had endured.”

         Riddick eyes turned cold while Sylvie eyes turned red as she heard the Old guardian. She would have rushed on the spot to behead the Old guardian if not for Riddick’s hand holding her back.

      Riddick shook in head in realisation and said, “How foolish I was to think that I only need to kill the young master Edgar and take you two as prisoners so that I can have fun with you later.

        You were the guardian of a young master coming from a God beast clan so I had plans to extract what ever information I could get out of you but that little statement has just sealed your fate.”

       Riddick moved his legs and walked leisurely towards the trio as if he was taking a walk in the park. Suddenly the room in which all of stood facing each other was engulfed in an aura. This was Riddick’s aura yet, it was strange, there was no killing intent in the air. All that was there was a pressure which suddenly numbed their senses for a brief period of time.

      The first one to snap out of the stupor was Edgar who had an unbelievable look on his face, however, his face instantly froze as he saw that Riddick was right beside him but for some reason his body felt so heavy that he couldn’t move at all.

      Though the events happened in an elaborate way, in reality the amount of time Edgar went into stupor was less than one second so as soon as he gained control over his body he released a terrifying blast of his Qi in hopes of blasting off Riddick.

      However, Riddick had already retreated to his previous position before the blast of Qi could touch him. The next second Lyon had broke through the stupor as well. He too had an unbelievable look on his face but his face turned pale with fear as he saw the Old guardian.

         The Old guardian stood where he was but his knees were slowly trembling as his mind was loosing the capability to coordinating his motor senses. His eyes flashed with pain and his mouth trembled with disbelief, his soul was wailing as he resisted the gravity of after life.

   “You…. How?”, the Old guardian managed to stutter before he lost the life in his eyes and fell down slowly.

        Edgar was stunned similarly as well as he saw the Old guardian dying right in front of him, an illustrious Gold bearer like a dog in the hands of a mere mortal he ridiculed a moment ago.

     He saw the bloody hole in the centre of the Old guardian’s chest and turned his head to look at Riddick who was intently staring at a twitching heart in his hands.

     Suddenly a White gray halo surrounded the heart and the lively Crimson red heart turned into a dried piece of meet as the Hell devour devoured it.

         Ignoring the astonished gazes of Edgar and Lyon, Riddick threw the heart away and said in a lively voice, “Haha… I didn’t knew that individual organs can be absorbed as well. Well, the amount of energy if held was negligible but something is better than nothing.”

      Sylvie also saw the entire event happening in the hall and loudly exclaimed, “Wow, master so you have finally found a way to use your aura.”

      Riddick also beamed with a smile and said, “Yes, I did.”

       The aura, is not the manifestation of killing intent. It is the manifestation of a persons will and till now Riddick had never learned a way to use the aura other than the way he learned in his soul world i.e by using killing intent.

        Since the day he acquired the aura, he knew instinctively that the aura could be used in a much better way but he had none to guide him.

       Since Void awoke from his slumber
Riddick had been training under him and finally acquired learn a single aspect of the aura. Tyrannical Strength.

      Tyrannical strength is just as the name suggests, an aura which forces the individual into a reflex defence because it gives their soul a vicious spiritual blast of power making them think that they were under the power of a indescribable God with absolute tyrannical strength.

       There was a fine layer of difference between killing intent and tyrannical strength. The tyrannical strength was originally a part of the killing intent Riddick had learned from the first black mass but he had only managed to evolve the aura after a long time and guidance from Void.

  This was also the newest weapon in his arsenal – Aura, second stage manifestation – Tyrannical strength.

       Edgar finally returned to his senses after a minute of reviewing the reason he was forced into the stupor. He had encountered one possibility early on when he first faced with the killing intent but he had immediately discarded it but now he was beginning to doubt his own judgement so he asked doubtfully

“You… How can you posses the true aura of the heavenly realm experts – devas?”

        That was the possibility he had come upon as soon as he thought about the aura. At first he wasn’t convinced that what Riddick used was the true aura which is the manifestation of one’s soul because that was something only a deva could do.

       However he was now thoroughly convinced after experiencing the tyrannical strength, only a true aura can be changed at one’s will. Since the aura is the manifestation of one’s soul, it can naturally be controlled by the individual.

      Riddick turned his head and saw the petrified duo who had just lost one of their ally. He said indifferently, “First you want to behead me and now you want me to explain how I possess something.”

        Riddick eye brows creased lightly as he said in a serious voice, “Edgar, I wouldn’t have treated you this way if you simply fell in love with Sylvie, however, you didn’t.

     With your twisted personality, you actually tried to obtain her and use her like a tool. That alone is enough for me to hate you to the core of my heart.”

         Edgar had long since left out the thought he could easily take care of Riddick. From the beginning, Riddick had given him more shocks than anyone ever had given him during a fight. He killed fifty immortals silently and revealed a terrifying killing intent. Now he finally showed that he possessed the aura and had enough power to effortlessly kill a Beginner disciple all with the power of a mortal.

     Though he had no way to know Riddick’s identity, he could faintly guess his identity as he saw Riddick devouring the Old guardian’s heart and this terrified him even further.

     Though his clan was a God beast’s clan, it was no where near at the power of those demon clans who had enough influence to shake the entire Forbidden Isle and if Riddick was really was from one of those clans then he would definitely die along with all of his family once the elders of the demon clan received the wind of this incident.

       So Edgar decided, He would either kill Riddick and hope that none would find about the incident or he can let them leave and definitely die along with his entire clan. 

       It was a gamble but when he thought about the odds, he had no difficulty in coming upon a conclusion. He would KILL and live, he would live even if he has to hide like a turtle for the rest of his life from the demon clans.

        Edgar was not the only one who had come to this conclusion, a look of determination was seen on the face of Lyon who turned to look at Edgar as well. Together, they will fight for their lives.

       Riddick stood before them like a demon who prey’s upon their inner fears, their minds were already victims of  fear and the smile on his face proved that their fears were authentic.

   “Are you ready Sylvie?”, Riddick asked smoothly.

      Sylvie who at first had a fearful expression on her face as she was surrounded by the three enemies finally was back to her self. Her eyes were like a python who was intently staring at its prey. Only, her eyes were watching Lyon as she listened to Riddick.

     She was disgusted by that bastard who repeatedly scolded her and tried to wed her and use her like a tool when she was disguised as his daughter, Helen. Hatred or not, she had long since sworn to get the world rid of him and now she had the chance to personally handle the process.

  “Always.” Sylvie replied silently.

         There was no signal nor was there any set time, it all happened in a flash. The moment Edgar charged towards Riddick, Sylvie charged towards Lyon.

      A loud sound rang out in the abandoned mansion as it stood silently in the wilderness of the magical forests. A fight that will be the start of the commotion which will engulf the entire deva palace and the entire community of the Gold badge bearers in it started as Riddick moved slightly to receive the incoming surge of spiritual power released by Edgar.






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