Book 4 – Chapter 7 Underestimated, once again

Author note : Hi guys, GSD REDDY here and I am back with an another chapter.

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Underestimated, once again.

         Edgar moved like lightning and released a terrifying burst of spiritual force concentrated as a blade straight towards Riddick. His face beamed with confidence and his eyes held a cruel glint in them as he attacked.

         Spiritual energy is used to attack a soul and the only way to block the attack  is to use one’s own spiritual energy as a defence barrier. Since Riddick was just a mortal so he obviously didn’t have the rich amount of spiritual energy required to block an immortal’s attack.

         However, Edgar was petrified as he saw Riddick releasing the same white greyish glow which had previously devoured the heart of the Old guardian like a layer of protection around himself. The sword spiritual energy dispersed like mist as soon as it touched the white glow of Hell devour.

        Edgar stood like a statue as he thought, “A technique capable of devouring life force as well as the spiritual energy of the user. Just who is he? Unless his position is really high, he won’t be rewarded with such a technique at his age and strength.”

          Though his internal heart was in turmoil, that was only because he was afraid of consequences he has to face after killing Riddick. He was stunned repeatedly again and again by the power displayed by Riddick, however, never once in his heart did he doubt his victory.

     What if the opponent was a scion of demon clan? What if he held techniques that he can only dream to possess? There was a gap of an entire realm between them and no matter how he weighted the odds, they were also always in his favour.

      Riddick waved his hand a slender black string tied around his hand twisted like a snake and transformed into a long black staff. His eyes which held a mocking and carefree expression turned serious as his muscles tensed in anticipation of the fight.

      Riddick knew that he had to be careful, even if he provoked the opponent and confused him. That was just manipulating the enemy. He himself knew that the opponent held a great power against which he had never contended head on.

    Against a Beginner disciple he had full confidence but against a divine disciple, he was at a huge disadvantage. Though he held an advantage in terms of technique and mental fortitude, those were not enough to win in this situation.

          The longer the fight continued, the worse his condition would be so he had already decided, he decided the path he would take to win even if the odds depended on the luck.

         One strike, one second and one gamble – He would gamble it all in one strike, if it succeeds, he wins. If it fails, he losses. That was the way in which Riddick had the most chances to win against a divine disciple.

         Riddick leg which were rooted to the ground trembled slightly and the surrounding air shook tremendously as an unbelievable amount of Qi violently shook the floor.


       A loud sound rang like a thunder as the explosive dash of Riddick cracked the earth and blasted the walls of the entire mansion behind him.

     Edgar was caught off guard. He had been alert but still how could he expect that  Riddick would launch himself at that speed as soon as the fight began. He could see the black staff in Riddick’s hand and his mind had already calculated that Riddick had used most of his energy to close the gap at a speed surpassing his own.

      If he can block that one attack then the victory will certainly be in his grasp. Considering that he was a Divine disciple receiving the attack of a mere mortal, none would care to dodge the attack but his instincts he had developed after years of constant slaughter and his inborn instincts as a God beast warned him at the most critical time.

“Dodge or die”

     Thus, he too moved like lightning and took to the skies in hopes of dodging the attack. Everything happened like a blur and the next instant a faint wisp of white smoke left Riddick staff after a blast of terrifying fire energy shook the mansion and blasted off another part of it.

     Edgar was stunned at the power exhibited by the staff, he knew that even at his level he was not a match to the power contained in that one attack but his astonishment soon turned into a mocking expression.

     Riddick silently stood up and faced Edgar. His face was pale and his eyes held despair as he saw Edgar floating in mid air.

     Suddenly Edgar understood everything and began to laugh madly. He clenched his stomach and laughed till he couldn’t contain himself and declared loudly.

   “You Fool, you actually failed to land a strike after you used all of your energy on that one attack. I was worried for nothing. What if you are a genius? What if you have the aura? Now, you are nothing but an insect I can crush at my will.

       You actually dared to be so haughty and even killed my servant. I will now show you the true meaning of despair. Forget about getting any kind of help kid, today you will die as I slowly squeeze the life out of your body and powder you to ash leaving no evidence behind.” Edgar sneered loudly and descended from the air.

   “Haha……… Look! Your master is almost dead. Now it is your turn bitch”, Lyon roared as he launched a series of attacks on Sylvie who was also responding with similar attacks. She held a slender long sword in her hand and her glittered with power as she waved her sword to attack Lyon who was now beaming upon seeing Riddick’s condition.

       Edgar walked further and grabbed Riddick’s by his neck and lifted him off the ground. His faced lacked any kind of kindness as he gazed at Riddick.

    With a loud voice he declared, “I have decided your punishment you fucking bastard. I will rape that bitch and kill her in front of you and together we shall watch her die as I slice a part of her body from time to time.

     Muddled with anger and pain, drowned in despair, you shall die a pitiful death. Don’t worry, you are one person who has treated me like shit in all my life and I will do all I can to repay my debt.”

     Riddick eyes which were filled with despair and fear suddenly flickered with a deep red colour and his life less body suddenly sprang like a coiled python and attacked the unassuming Edgar like a demon.

      His hand moved like a swift eagle and pierced Edgar like deadly spear right through his heart at the speed of lightning.

     Edgar had seen Riddick move and he could some how feel that he would die the instant the coiling hand clad in yellow lightning touched his body. However, the instant he also understood that he had underestimated Riddick once again, he would have dodged if he could but he couldn’t as his body was forced to stay still by the pair of eyes which were exerting tons of pressure on his entire being.

     “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”, Edgar screamed in pain and released his grip on Riddick.

      Riddick dusted his shirt and lifted his gaze to look at Edgar who was now wildly trying to regenerate his heart. However, one could see that he was not too successful in his endeavour.

          Riddick moved his body and grabbed Edgar by his head. His five fingers containing the entire head suddenly contracted and a terrifying sound of bone crackling spread in the room.

    At some point Lyon and Sylvie had stopped their fight and were watching Riddick crush Edgar’s skull to death.

     Suddenly Riddick laughed dryly and said, “Did you know Edgar? Truthfully I had no way to kill you in a fair fight so I thought of various methods to defeat you but who would have imagined that the very first strategy to fool you worked and you were even so foolish to careless let me get so close to you.

        I advice you to stop your pointless struggle. No matter what you do, it is pointless at this point. I have already left my energy in your body and now it is interfering with your flow of divine energy.”

      Edgar ground his teeth and shouted loudly, “Don’t get cocky brat. I will regenerate in a second and will then kill you like a pig.”

     Riddick only smiled light as he released a faint white halo from his hand and said, “Ah! I would have liked to see you struggle more but unfortunately your time is up.”


       A loud wail resounded in the the mansion as Edgar screamed at the top of his lungs. One could feel the pain he was enduring through his voice.

      Lyon’s face turned pale as he saw Edgar wriggling like a slaughtered goat under Riddick’s hand and Riddick clutching Edgar with a thoughtful expression on his face.

   “Pleaseeee, save me……. I will kill you bastard…… Please……..Bastard…… Dad……… No……..please….., any thing but this….. No ……wait……. No please ………… Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

    Edgar cried, screamed and shouted as he struggled under Riddick’s hand but all to no avail. Not a hint of pity was seen on Riddick’s face expect for a thoughtful expression. It was as if he was observing a live specimen as it died under his experiment.

     Finally after ten minutes, Edgar body twitched and the soul which resided in his body collapsed under the continuous assault of the Hell devour. Sighing lightly Riddick rose from the ground and thought aloud,

  “Guess, I can’t kill divine disciples at my level of power. Luckily this guy was weak and stupid enough that even I could contain him. If it was any other divine disciple, then it would have been dangerous………”

      Suddenly Riddick lifted his head and saw the pale faced Lyon, he turned his head and asked Sylvie, “Aren’t you done yet?”

    Sylvie shook her head in a mocking way and said, “Its all because you asked me to keep him alive master. If I was allowed to kill him, then the fight would have ended the minute it started.

    It seems I was too naive, all I know about are lethal and sure death techniques. I should try to learn something mediocre to deal with such situations.”

       Lyon face was already pale but his body still shook as he heard Sylvie, She was playing around all this time because she was not allowed to use any powerful techniques. If what she used till now was not power, then what was her real power.

        Riddick slowly walked towards Lyon and said in a neutral voice, “So Lyon was it? You know I actually don’t like to kill people so how about this? Let us both  come to a compromise on this matter. If you accept a tiny request of mine then I will forget about this entire incident. How about it?”

     Lyon face instantly lit up as he heard Riddick, his hands folded he fell to his knees and said sincerely, “My lord forgive me for my ignorance, if I had known earlier that you were such a great expert then I wouldn’t have even dared to speak against much less fight against you.

      It was all Edgar’s fault. I was a Fool to listen to him but what can I do? I am but a weak purple badge bearer so please spare me my lord.”

       Riddick laughed slightly and said, “Don’t worry, I am not going to kill you. You are going to be my eyes from now on so rest assured Lyon, you won’t die unless I wish otherwise.” A cruel light flickered in Riddick’s eyes as he said that sentence.

      Lyon felt that something was wrong and wanted to see for himself what it was but a strange force suddenly erupted and sucked him into it.

     Riddick gazed at the remaining corpses and said aloud, “Its about time, let’s go Sylvie.”

     “Yes, master.” Sylvie responded.

      The next second Riddick and Sylvie along with the mangled corpses and their badges as well as everything that proved that a fight happened disappeared into thin mist as the Yama realm enveloped the room.

       The day was the day when a Gold bearer died but that was also a day when Riddick entered into the true ruling society of Deva palace.



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    • Unfortunately I have no critics to help me bro so sometimes I have difficulty in coming up with good titles or even scenarios and when I come up with one, I think they are good.


  1. awesome chapter
    really awesome story
    it really is like the same feel of reading a xianxia
    if i did not know i would even think that you was translating a chinese novel
    thanks for the chapter


  2. the fight description was not good enough … the attack by riddick was too vague and was edgar not a GOD beast then why didn’t he transform???
    You need to improve sylvie’s character because her power is not unique and impressive considering she is a GOD Beast and pl invent some real techniques for both of them man….looking forward for next chapter.


      • I somewhat agree with eklavya the fight could have been a little more descriptive. I take the fact that he didn’t transform was because he underestimated Riddick especially after he thought riddick had failed, so there is no problem there. For sylvie I’m not to sure because you have to walk the line where see is strong enough to be of use but not strong or stronger than the main character. All in all a good chapter.


      • Hmm, so many thoughts and so many variables. I have to integrate all of them into simple words. Not that I am complaining but I will try to do what I can.

        One of the reason why I didn’t write an elaborate fight is because I didn’t want to be posed with questions such as

        How can a fucking mortal fight a Divine disciple head on without being crushed like an ant?
        So I used some out of box thinking and came up with a cheat and win strategy. As for the case with Sylvie, I will once again try to give her more exposure.


      • It takes time all in all the fight was pretty good just missing some “details”
        Everything else from sylvie role to how he won I actually agree with…good job 🙂


  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    Did he become immortal? If I remember correctly in one of latest chapter it said he needed to devour 40 immortal to reach the immortal class, and now he devoured 50 immortal plus 2 god beast.


  4. Halu Great Red. Thanks fir the chappy. Somehow this chapter felt kinda~~~ monotones? I dont ecen know how to spell the word but yeah. I felt kind of disappoinment after read the chapter. The “feel” usually I felt whenever I read other chapters can’t be felt at this chapter! Are you sure you’re not overworking yourself, Great Red?


    • Well, as said before I will try to make the chapters more exciting but still I think it is quite impossible to make every chapter as exciting as the last one if not much more exciting.

      This is basically the problem with our expectations. The last chapter was awesome so the next chapter will be much more awesome.

      Yet, I want to satisfy your expectations so please wait for me to squeeze my limited talent to satisfy you guys.


      • Luls… although we want more chapters, at least dont overworking yourself, man. Take it easy… we can wait if the chapter out like befores… best regard, Great Red. You should take a day rest from writings, relax for a while before you continue then…


  5. Great chapter, just marathon-ed through the story the past couple of days and i’m impressed :). Noticed a couple of spelling/editing errors here and there but nothing major IMO.

    I hope you continue writing because i really like what’s happening so far. I read a lot of western fantasy books but recently I’ve been getting into these asian/cultivation/becoming-immortal type books but can only read the translated ones. I’ve actually started to learn to read chinese just so i can read the complete books in the original since there seems to be very few xianxia type novels that are in English.

    In the meantime I’m happy that I was able to find you :). Will definitely be following your progress closely.


  6. Haha Reddy! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve sank my eyes into your juicy drug plots. Glad to have you back and writing, even if it might be the temporary calm before the storm for you. GL on your results in Sept! And I’m loving where your story is going 🙂 I definitely rate your Xinxia plot up there close to IET!


  7. Hey so first let me say I love your work. This story has great potential, and from the world building you’ve done it’s obvious we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. However, the grammar. When compared to many of the stories on Royal Road, your grammar is much better. I’d even say its in the top 80% on that site. The problem is that’s still not good enough if you want to publish. I sincerely hope that you have not yet published book one on amazon, because they will eviscerate you in their reviews. What you really need is to get the book professionally edited/proofread.

    For example the new tittle Against Heavens is grammatically incorrect. It should be either Against The Heavens, or Against Heaven. You make the same mistake when you refer to The Deva Palace as Deva Palace. Another example of a recurring mistake is in situations that should use a possessive you’ll just use the name by itself. Here’s a block of text from this chapter where you do so. “Lyon face instantly lit up as he heard Riddick, his hands folded he fell to his knees and said sincerely, “”My lord forgive me for my ignorance, if I had known earlier that you were such a great expert then I wouldn’t have even dared to speak against much less fight against you.”” It should read, “Lyon’s face instantly lit up as he heard Riddick. His hands folded, he fell to his knees and said sincerely, ““My lord forgive me for my ignorance. If I had known earlier that you were such a great expert, then I wouldn’t have even dared to speak against, much less fight against you.”” Do you see the difference? I also changed some punctuation around to get rid on run on sentences. By the way, all the quotation marks for Lyon talking were fine as you had them, I just wasn’t sure what to do with them in the middle of a block of text I was quoting lol. My grammar is not perfect either, no one’s is. If you cannot get it professionally done find an english speaker with a comprehensive command of the language who’ll help you out.

    As I said, I really do like this work and the plot drew me in. I look forward to reading more from you. I hope this critique helps you out.


    • Thanks for the advice Michelangelo. Well, I know that I have shitty grammar but believe me I am trying as we speak. It’s not at all easy you know. Being a complete foreigner to anything related to English I have to try very hard to make my work presentable.

      To experience my condition try this scenario – One of us, like Japanese light novels so much that he tried to learn Japanese. Kanji, etc. And, after years of hard work he is finally at a state where he can read and understand anything ( like me )

      Also, he can write partly ( again like me )

      Now ask him to write something rivalling an educated local. Well we can see the result. ( like me )

      Still this is not a complaint from me, this is just me speaking up my thoughts. I appreciate your concern for me Michelangelo. Though I may not be able to hire a professional editor / proofreaders as they are quite expensive ( Ya, I already checked. The amount of money you need to spend to get a good quality book is definitely not something you can spend on your first book with no guarantee of sales )

      So I will try other methods, like grammar studies, volunteering friends or I may even ask you guys.

      Thank you Michelangelo for your concern once again, I appreciate it

      GSD REDDY.


      • I figured something like that may be the case, and as someone for whom English is not your native language, you do an admirable job. I have read things written by native English speakers with horrifyingly bad grammar, to the point one starts to wonder if they ever graduated elementary school, much less middle or high school. The thing is, mistakes made by native speakers and non native english speakers differ from each other in their content. Well, for the most part anyways. Lol.
        Here are some words that many people get confused. There and their. You’re and your. It’s and its. The second word of each pair is a possessive. You’re = you are. It’s = it is.
        Something else to remember is if you use A person’s name then follow it with something that is theirs, add an ‘s to the end of the name. So i.e.: Riddick’s Hell Devour Technique. GSD Reddy’s novel Against The Heavens. Sylvie’s obsessive love for her Master.
        Hope this helps some.


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