Book 4 – Chapter 8 Infiltration

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Infiltration :

               That instant Riddick disappeared into the Yamaloka, the entire deva palace went into a frenzy and three powers moved, all at once, all with one goal – To find the new Gold badge bearer.

     One moved with vengeance while the other moved out of curiosity but the last moved to find the loophole in the system.

           Riddick disappeared leaving all traces but so did the Gold badge, the only badges which were tracked by the elders of the Deva palace were Gold and Crimson badges. Purple badges were too great in number while the white badges were too weak in power so none cared about them. This baffled and confused the elders, Just how did the Gold badge escape from their senses?
        Hildegarde was a sect of God beasts made by the combined powers of seven different God beasts clans. One among them was the Goliath clan which was also Edgar’s clan.

        That day as soon as Edgar died a miserably in Riddick’s hand, the High pavilion of the Hildegarde which held seven magnificent Gold Jade replica of power trembled and one jade slip belonging to Goliath clan shattered like a glass.

      Seven clans and seven ancestors, all devas who combined their power to rule the Forbidden Isle. Though they weren’t powerful enough to dominate the Isle, they weren’t weak enough to be dominated as well.

    The Deva palace stood for countless millennia and in all those years, the Hildegarde has never once lost one of their Gold kings. They weren’t too powerful in the Deva palace as a whole but they were one of the most powerful factions among the Gold kings of Deva palace.

       Precisely because of this reason, Edgar was given a Gold badge even though he wasn’t powerful enough to possess it. The devas agreed because they never thought that someone would try to go against them after all these years of continuous rule and yet, today a son of their clans died. He died and disappeared like wind.

       The life jade slip broke signifying his death but the corpse tracking talisman never responded no matter how long one probed it. It only proved one point, there was no corpse. The enemy has burned and smashed the corpse to smithereens to the point that the tracking talisman wasn’t able to find the corpse.

       This was humiliation, this was like a slap on their faces. The enemy didn’t give them any face, he didn’t even let the corpse survive so that they can pay their respects to Edgar in his journey to the netherworld.

          The brows of the devas were creased while the eyes of their sons were red with anger. One word. That was all they required to go seize the enemy and grind his body into a meat paste.

    Finally one Deva who stood at the head of the table spoke in a serious voice, “Our child Edgar died today in the hands of an unknown enemy. The enemy knowing our power still struck us in the back. This only proves one thing, he thinks that we are weak, thinks that we are powerless, thinks that we are a sect which will sit back and let people do whatever they want with our children.


      My sect, my clan, my sister clans, we are not weak. We shall prove it and show the world once again that anyone who dared to touch us shall die no matter who it is.

      The Hildegarde sect and all its allies, together a grand power of Twelve Golden Kings shall seize the enemy. We shall then show the world the thing known as cruelty with the prime example of our his corpse hanging on our doors.” 

      All devas closed their eyes and shook their heads in conformation, their sons who stood behind them immediately nodded and sent a spiritual message to the Gold Kings of Hildegarde spread throughout the Forbidden Isle.

“Max priority order – Search and seize the target no matter who and what his background is”

        Thus, the powers of Hildegarde along with its ally powers all moved towards Deva palace with one goal – Find Riddick.

       At the same time when the powers of the Hildegarde sect moved in search of Riddick so did the other sects and various other factions of the Deva palace. They too wanted to know the answer of the question which was eating the brains of every power of Deva palace.

   Who is the new king?

        Unfortunately they had no way of tracking down Riddick because he was at a place no power can track nor follow. It was a dimension where there was only one rule – Yama.


        At the same time once inside the Yamaloka, Riddick looked at Lyon who was now lying on the ground with what so ever no moments.

       With out turning his head he asked, “Are you sure you want this body Caesar? If you wait a bit longer then I can deliver a divine disciple for you, this body doesn’t have a good latent talent as well.”

     Caesar who was now working on a weird formation said in a calm voice, “More powerful is not always good you know. The higher the cultivation of an individual is, the higher the risk for me. Because you have this world Yamaloka with you, I was able to survive even after my failed attempt when trying to devour you but no, if I fail now then I will die for sure so I don’t want to take any risks.

       This Lyon guy is simple enough that I can manage to safely complete the takeover without putting myself in the hands of luck so don’t worry. Come give me a hand.”

        Riddick helped Caesar put up the formation and Caesar jump into it before asking to move the body of Lyon into the formation. There was nothing fancy about the process. As soon as Lyon was laid in the centre of the formation, Caesar immediately disappeared into the body of Lyon.

        Time passed slowly and during this time, both Riddick and Sylvie stood at the edge of formation waiting for Caesar. The initial hatred they felt towards him was now completely converted into concern.

      Three days later.

      Lyon’s body moved and he started laughing loudly, with an excited voice it declared.

   “Finally, I have a body.”

    “Caesar.” Both Riddick and Sylvie beamed as they saw that he had succeeded in taking over Lyon’s body.

     Well, it was expected. What can an ordinary Beginner immortal do against Caesar who once dominated the Sky continent. Unlike Riddick who had a monstrous technique called Thousand Hell prison, Lyon had nothing so the result was inevitable.

     Riddick walked forward and said, “Caesar, now that you have an identity. You should try to preserve it.”

    Caesar too nodded his head as he said, “Indeed, this guy is still a purple badge bearer and has absolute authority over the Wallenstein family. Very well, I shall leave immediately so that no one can suspect me because of my absence.

         The outside world should be becoming chaotic soon and me being outside will give you a clear picture when you are back.”

      Saying this Caesar disappeared into thin air as he was transported out of the Yamaloka.

      Smiling lightly Riddick too went towards his place and started to train.

       Riddick had already reached the peak of ninth stage as a mage as well as a warrior. So there was no need to absorb more elemental essence or generate Qi from the life force. He was at peak and all he needed now was a spark of enlightenment to break past into the immortal realm.

        Though Riddick had won against Edgar, it was only because Edgar was careless. Too careless. He didn’t use his full strength, he was fooled into believing that Riddick was forced into a corner. Nor did he use his innate divine ability so that fight was more like a gamble.

     However, the others won’t be fooled by such tactics. So Riddick had decided that he wouldn’t go out of the Yamaloka until he stepped into the immortal realm.


         Once outside the Yamaloka Caesar swiftly went towards The Deva palace without trying to attract the attention of any powers. However, as soon as he arrived at the Wallenstein family house, he was greeted by a messenger.

      “Sir Lyon, my master has asked me to escort you back to his mansion. I was afraid that you would have missed the meeting but thank god, you made it in time.” The messenger said with a light smile.

      Lyon knew what was coming but still he was quite surprised at the speed with which the other Gold Kings responded. He could already imagine what was going to happen in the next few days and this only excited him more.

    Caesar too spoke in a calm voice and said, “Thank you for your efforts lord Williams, I would then trouble you to escort me.”

        Caesar knew that he had to be careful with the servant much more than any other purple badge bearers simply because the servant himself was a purple badge bearer as well as a butler of the Hildegarde sect. This alone made his existence much more powerful than other people.

         The palace of Hildegarde sect was filled with people, they had about six Gold badge bearers within their ranks and six more allies. This alone showed their strength in the Deva palace.

         Caesar walked with the butler and entered into a hall. Packed inside the luxurious hall were more than a hundred purple badge bearers but the atmosphere was thick and saturated with killing intent.

     Suddenly a man who stood high in the air said in a grave voice, “Today, someone killed Edgar, my brother. Though we aren’t related by blood, our bond was thicker than blood. I wasn’t there to help him when he died, I wasn’t there to at least save his body when he died but today, I am here and I will swear on my name True blade that I will find and kill him with my own hands.

       My fellow brothers aren’t here today but they will be here soon but before they arrive we must find the enemy. We mustn’t give the enemy any chance or hope of escaping. Understood?”

      All the purple badge bearer nodded their heads in conformation. They knew that this was an opportunity for Hildegarde to show its power and being its subordinates they too were a part of this plan.

   Find an opportunity even in death.

        This was the exact situation of the Hildegarde sect. If he proved himself in achieving the goal of the sect then True blade would be heavily rewarded, the same goes for the different purple badge bearers in the hall.

      The exact purpose was revenge to soothe the anger for their loss but the hidden purpose of all the hype was slowly revealed under the mask of vengeance.

       However, no matter how they tried it was impossible to succeed because a man stood among them with knowledge and wisdom to see through their simple words and take advantage of their weak tactics – Caesar.

     When everyone was trying to think strategies for finding the enemy, Caesar was licking his lips in excitement as he thought, “Now how should I take advantage of this situation. May be I should harvest some souls.

       However I must say, these guys are all going to be nothing but meals. Well, at least they are going to be helpful in building our strength.

       As asked, I have to confirm and do all the background before Riddick returns. Haaa, somehow the next few months are going to be interesting. Haha…..” Caesar inwardly thought as he maintained his facade of being extremely serious in the hall filled with his enemies.



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  1. Glad your using Caesar I actually like him. Glad him and Riddick are allies now. Glad you letting Riddick stay until he becomes in immortal too. Just wondering I’m kind of confused do people know it was Riddick? All he got to do is leave the badge in Yamaloka. Also, I hope you bring the girl he loves back sooner or later hopefully she becomes strong.

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  2. This has been bugging Mr for awhile you said that Caesar technique steals the cultivation of its victims so shouldn’t Ridick have a higher cultivation than he has and I thought it also steals their techniques so shouldn’t he have other ways of fighting that just simple kicks and punches also more spells because he doesn’t seem like a mage at all


    • Caesar innate ability as a black dragon was devouring souls and it doesn’t come with stealing the techniques of others as well.

      As for the mage part, the mage abilities as in will be slowly converted to techniques where you can use elemental control in the battle. Not all spells are fast enough or good enough for close combat or one to one combat.


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