Book 4 – Chapter 9 Suspicion and Betrayal

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Suspicion and betrayal :

         The next day, Caesar called Lyon’s illegitimate sons into his study. Recalling the information he had in his mind, Caesar was a bit helpless. Lyon Wallenstein had a legal wife as well as three mistresses, all residing in the same mansion. In addition to these four women, he indulged in sin whenever and wherever he felt like doing it.

      Thus, Lyon had no less than five sons and a single daughter. However, it might have been the heavens will or fate’s game but his legitimate wife had never given birth to a single son.

        To Lyon, his sons were loyal soldiers and dear children he can trust with all his heart but to Caesar they were pawn pieces he can use in his game.

       Turning towards his three sons, Caesar tossed his hands. Nine black pearls flew towards them, three each. Looks of astonishment surfaced on each of their faces as they held the three black pearls in their hands.

        With a loud sigh Caesar said, “The three black pearls shall be your war funds in the upcoming search operations. Each of you shall lead an elite division of our soldiers. An experienced commander and an elder of the Wallenstein family will accompany you. The information regarding where you will conduct the search operation shall be given to you by tomorrow so prepare to leave immediately.

                 I am giving the authority of the general to all of you so that you can show me your worth. Whoever shall succeed in this endeavour shall be given the right to fight for the position of the clan leader. Understood?”

        Caesar’s words were crystal clear and his words held no hidden meanings, the three son’s eyes were now glistering with greed, for power and for wealth. They didn’t have a chance to become the clan leader as illegitimate sons but now their father was giving them a chance and that too by providing them with equal conditions.

      This was a dream come true so they all bowed to their father and left immediately.”

      As they left Caesar turned his head towards the Old butler who had been with Lyon since he was just a mortal and said in a serious voice, “Walt, I want you to accompany my second son.”

        The Old butler was stunned but his eyes immediately regained his calm as he said, “I see, so you have already decided your heir master but have only put this competition to make them into believing that they have lost and thus can’t claim a right over their inheritance. Very well, I shall do everything in my power to fulfill your wishes master Lyon.”

         As the butler left and peace returned to the inner chambers, Caesar smoked a cigar in silence as he thought, “Well, the initial phase is completed. Now all I have do is to wait for a report.”

     His legs moved naturally guiding him into the innermost of chambers where Lyon kept all his mistresses. Caesar may have a mission to complete but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy a woman or two while he is at it.

       That day the inner palace rang with low moans and exhausted puffs, the mistresses and the maids wondered what happened to their lord because he was better, much better than they ever remembered.

Five days later.

         The Deva palace was beginning to become a chaotic battlefield. Caesar was not the only one who despatched his sons and Commanders. The other purple badge bearers as well as the main forces of the Hildegarde were despatched far and wide to search for the hidden enemy.

       That day every other ally of the Hildegarde was busy coordinating and gathering intelligence from the other allies but Caesar was away from the Deva palace.

     He had slipped out of the Deva palace. He knew that this was a dangerous move but he also knew that it was worth taking the risk as he saw the huge fortress in front of him.

       Walking forward with huge strides he said to the guards, “I wish to employ the Kallied clan.”

      The guards instanly quited down as they heard the voice. Caesar appearance and his cultivation was nothing in front of their forces but his eyes emanated a dangerous hue so they slowly moved apart and guided him into the audience chamber.

        Caesar sat down and closed his eyes waiting, after a few hours a man entered into the chamber. He was a middle aged man and his body emanated a thick scent of killing intent and power. With a thud he sat down as well and asked, “Alright kid, I heard that you wish to employ us, the Kallied clan. You better have something to speak else I will behead you here and drink your blood in my afternoon meal.”

       Caesar narrowed his eyes and threw a bag towards the man who caught it and vigilantly opened it. His expression instanly turned serious as he saw a total of hundred black pearls in the bag.

     Putting the bag aside, he asked, “With your strength you can’t even withstand a single blow from me. Why would you give this much wealth without hesitation?”

     Caesar only narrowed his eyes as he said, “I am not powerful enough to possess a tenth of that wealth so that money is definitely not mine. It belongs to someone with enough strength to uproot your entire clan off this world without a single hint of resistance appearing in your ranks so I have no reason to fear your greed.”

     The middle aged named Kallied grew silent as he looked back at the black bag with a hundred black pearls. He had no way to prove that Caesar was telling the truth nor did he have a way to prove that he was lying either. It was a gamble to believe in Caesar but he was also being rewarded to take the gamble so he stuffed the bag into his bosom and said, “Alright brother, you have my attention so speak. What does your employer wish from this Kallied?”

        Caesar slightly smiled and said, “Kallied, I want your entire clan to move according to the orders of my master for the next one year. Also, after the end of one year you will be given a hundred more black pearls as a reward.”

    Kallied was startled. Have the entire clan move as an army. This wasn’t in his expectations but the next sentence blew his mind. A hundred more black pearls. Just what did they have to do to that their employer was being this generous?

     Caesar saw through Kallied’s worries so he continued and said, “Don’t worry, you won’t have to fight a head-on war. Just the same old regular tactics you used to gain your fame as an assassination clan.

     Kill when I order you to and kill them all when you do unless of course you are ordered otherwise. Also, the strength of your enemies will be at divine disciples level but there may be some occasional peak disciples.”

     Kallied blinked his eyes in incredibility as he heard Caesar. Only this level of difficulty and he was being paid so much but suddenly he came back to his senses. The only place where divine disciples will be treated as powerful beings in the Forbidden Isle is the Deva palace and his mission was most probably organised by a higher king.

     The Gold Kings weren’t powerful enough to possess such wealth so his employer should be a Crimson king.


     Suddenly Kallied laughed loudly as he understood everything. He rose from his place and shook hands with Caesar and signed a contract made out of blood as the proof.

     What did he have to fear when the employer was a Crimson king? What he needed to do now was to get into the good side of the Crimson King. His future will be forever changed as long as he was recognised and trusted by one of the most powerful persons of the Forbidden Isle.

      Caesar flew at High speed after giving out multiple orders to Kallied. The second phase of his plan was done and now all he needed to do was to implement the third phase and this would throw the entire Hildegarde sect into a internal struggle pushing its very existence to the verge of collapse.

      Caesar flew straight forward as he gazed at an indistinct black pearl in his hands and thought, “All warfare is based on deception and control

     Deception is based on the flow of information and this little thing here gives me the ultimate control over everything.

        The Hildegarde sect, the Goliath clan and the Deva palace. Let’s see how they will be able to survive as I tear them apart one by one systematically.”


     Caesar flew back and began to spend his days in leisure but the Kallied clan was beginning to prepare in a hurry. Finally seven days after Caesar’s departure, Kallied moved ten units at once, each headed by a divine disciple.

      That next day, the Hildegarde sect received the information which will ignite a flame eventually leading to the start of a war they will fight against themselves and against their own allies all playing in the hands of one man.

      Thirty search parties under the command of various heirs and Commanders were eliminated without leaving behind a single survivor. The second and the eldest of Lyon’s sons were also killed along with the butler Walt because Caesar specifically asked for it.

        Caesar wanted to reduce as many factors as he can which can produce trouble for him in the future. The butler was a major trouble but now he was gone and so were the eldest of Lyon’s sons who made some preparations in hopes of gaining the clan leader position.

         This was serious news and the Hildegarde sect would have completely turned into a war mammoth drawing their entire power against the enemy but they didn’t because they couldn’t.

     The entire sect fell into a deadly silence as if mourning the dead but in reality they were stunned and confused as they saw the result. 

       Reeves clan, one of the seven clans of the Hildegarde was the only clan which didn’t lose any of their forces. Every other clan lost more than five units of elite warriors as well some purple badged Immortals but the Reeves clan didn’t lose a single immortal. 

       All they lost were a few ordinary soldiers and the remaining received some light injuries. Reeves explained that the enemy attacked only one of their units and for some reason they fled right after they began to retaliate.

       This was suspicious. Very suspicious. The remaining Kings didn’t speak out but they couldn’t help but think about betrayal.

    Betrayal by Reeves clan.

     Initially it was a suspicion but it soon turned into a serious matter as the leaders caught wind of the information regarding the betrayal of the Reeves clan leaked by a drunken Commander of the Reeves camp.

     Caesar stood in the sky observing the rising tension in the camp before he smiled lightly and flew off.

   “If the enemy is united divide them.”

     Caesar implemented his plan and successfully made a rift between the various forces of the Hildegarde. A moment ago the war was at a stage where they wanted to capture the enemy and show their strength to the world but now it became a war where they might have to fight against one of their own.

     Hildegarde shook and so did the various powers. Everyone wanted to be at a position to take advantage of the situation. The atmosphere changed in the camp. The one who were affected the most were the Reeves clan who were accused of betrayal.

         Caesar who stood among the ranks of the Goliath clan narrowed his eyes as he gazed upon the camp. His face showed nothing but his eyes revealed a sharp glint and that glint disappeared just in time to hear the alarms ringing in the camp of the Reeves clan.

    The second son of the Reeves clan, younger brother of the present Gold badge bearer was murdered in cold blood and his corpse was hanged with a message.

“Tooth for tooth. Betrayal for betrayal.”




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