Book 4 – Chapter 10 The Hildegarde after one month

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The Hildegarde after a month :

          A direct descendant of the Reeves clan was murdered in cold blood as revenge.

        Tyrus Reeves, the heir and the current Golden king of the Reeves clan was currently kneeling and mourning at the feet of his brother. His eyes were blood shot as he looked at the corpse of his younger brother and his body trembled as he heard the low announcement of the porter.

   “The kings of the Hildegarde sect have arrived.” The porter was intelligent enough to not raise his voice but was loud enough to let the attentive people hear him.

        Five Golden badge bearers walked in large strides and offered their prayers. Their eyes didn’t show much grief but rather, they were filled with confusion. They couldn’t understand why would any one of them want to kill someone who belonged to their own sect.

     Yet, they kept their silence because they knew that the milk was already spilled and no amount of explanation would change anything.

     An awkward but a deadly silence continued in the hall until finally all the guests left along with the Golden kings. Only Tyrus remained kneeing in front of his brother. His eyes suddenly became serious as he said,

        “Brother, I have no way to know who is the one responsible for your death but if I ever manage to find out any information regarding your murderer. I promise you that this brother of yours will kill him with his own hands no matter who it is.”

     This sentence said in front of his dead brother was etched in Tyrus heart but it also reached the ears of the various kings who only turned more cautious.

        The Reeves clan was mourning but so were the remaining clans. Though they may not have lost a direct descendant, their forces suffered from huge losses and being their rulers, they had to be considerate of their subjects.

        Even among the Purple badge bearers, Caesar was among the minority who suffered the most and people were forced into believing that Caesar was so hurt that he could no longer take part in the search operations.

    Who would force a father who lost two of his sons due to betrayal from an ally clan? So the remaining Golden Kings were considerate enough to leave Caesar as well as anyone who was in a similar condition alone for a while.

     The Strom which supposedly gathered in the Deva palace hit a wall as the entire Hildegarde sect started to mourn their dead and drown in hatred and sadness.

    One month later.

        The Golden kings had assembled in the great hall to discuss their future operations. The future operations of the Hildegarde now were no longer limited to revenge. They were now essential for the the survival of the entire sect.

     The past month was a huge blow to the Hildegarde sect. The soldiers had lost their motivation while the Purple badge bearers who were the main force of the sect began to doubt each other. It was the worst situation faced by Hildegarde over the countless millennia.

       The various powers in the Deva palace were like notorious serpents. They knew that the Hildegarde was now fragile and weak. They were divided and fragmented so they did all they can to weaken it further.

     Rumours began to pop up like weeds and just like weeds, it was difficult to cull them out. The soldiers were bribed and fights broke out regularly in the army camp. The Six golden kings were at their wits end as they tried to suppress and control the situation.

    However, their inexperience was like a heavy log inhibiting their judgement. One decision after another, Wrong after wrong. It was a complete mess and the Hildegarde sect which boasted power rivalling the strongest of the factions was being completely suppressed by their own inability and inexperience.

                        Meanwhile Caesar was wholeheartedly focused on enjoying his life, he had long since predicted the future and knew very well that sometimes doing nothing was more productive than doing something.

      His opponents were being disrupted and interfered by his future enemies. This was a sign of true wit. Winning a battle by fighting was not wit but winning a battle without raising a single hand was the sign of wit.

          However, Caesar began to plan for the next phase which will throw the entire Hildegarde sect into an all out war. He had given enough time and now he knew that no matter how incompetent the young kings were, they should have found ways to stop the internal disturbances.

       So Caesar answered the call of the Golden kings after an entire month of locking himself in his mansion. The Golden kings were discussing seriously about the future operations when suddenly a messenger ran into the hall at high speed.

    His face pale with fear, he reported loudly, “My lord, our forces, our forces, they are all poisoned severely expect for the Reeves army. We have found the culprit my lord. He poisoned our water with a late acting poison my lord. I am afraid that by now, all the warriors have been poisoned my lord. Even I am……”

         His face suddenly became pale as he clutched his throat and fell on the ground. His eyes suddenly became sharp as he gazed at Tyrus Reeves. With difficulty he shouted, “You motherfucker. Just because your brother was murdered by an unknown enemy. You dare to poison everyone in the military camp with a unique poison of your clan to which only you can make an antidote.

          I will never forgive you nor will the heavens. You will die a miserable death for your sins. Die………”

       His words faded as he began to tremble and convulse violently on the floor. His words faded but the hall erupted into a loud discussion and angry shouts reverberated throughout the hall.

        Tyrus Reeves face turned pale as he saw the messenger who was convulsing on the ground. His mouth moved involuntarily as he said, “How is this possible? This is our Reeves clan’s…..”

       The next second he realised his mistake but it was already too late. Several people heard him along with the remaining Five Golden kings. Their faces twisted with anger and finally one of them roared loudly,

      “Tyrus, you traitor. I always imagined that us seven brothers would be loyal to one another but now, you, betrayed us and killed our subjects in cold blood.

     Enough, today you will die at any cost.”

         His words were like crackers and anyone who heard them moved like thunder and began to wildly attack the soldiers of Reeves clan.

       Tyrus Reeves was stunned but he had no time to save any one as he was attacked by the combined might of the five Golden kings at once. His face turned pale with fear as he began to retreat at high speed.

      This news spread like wildfire and soon all the forces received news of the fight. The army also broke into a fight. The Reeves clan was originally not very powerful and the combined might of the six other clans could easily crush the forces of the Reeves clan but that didn’t happen.

         Kallied clan displaced more than a dozen divine disciples on Caesar’s orders and they were disguised as Reeves clan’s soldiers in the army camp. As soon as the fight began, they all started to slaughter, young and old, male and female, children or women. All were slaughtered alike without hesitation.

     The six clans of the Hildegarde didn’t know the identities of the Kallied clan disciples but they could see the emblem of Reeves on their uniforms. Killing intent surged like waves as the forces which once only wished to suppress the Reeves clan began to slaughter them like sheep.

      Blood flowed like river and bodies piled up as the slaughter continued. Caesar who was standing still in the hall where the different forces of the the Hildegarde were slaughtering the Reeves clan elders and Commanders smiled lightly before disappearing into the night.

       That night Reeves clan, one of the prestigious clans of the Hildegarde sect was completely annihilated and the corpse of Tyrus Reeves was hanged in front of the mass graves of the thousands of soldiers who died after being poisoned on the orders of the Tyrus Reeves.

      This news was a bombshell which exploded like a typhoon and swept the Deva palace in it. The other five clans expect the Goliath clan had practically gave up on the idea of revenge as they knew that they were now in no position to face an unknown enemy.

      The internal war which resulted in the complete annihilation of the Reeves clan had resulted in the loss of forty percent of their total troops but that wasn’t it. The various allies who once allied themselves with Hildegarde were beginning to distance themselves as they saw the weakened power of the Hildegarde sect.

      A forty percent loss may not sound as something which may endanger the existence of the Hildegarde but in reality, it was. The various factions of the Gold Kings existed in the first place without being consumed by one another because of a delicate balance between them and now one of the factions weakened severely. This disrupted the balance between the various factions.

      A tension arose between them as everyone started to prepare in secret. They all wanted to be in a position to reap the benefits when opportunity arises before them.

     Caesar who finished his duty started to relax again in his mansion. He began to spend his days sleeping and having fun with Lyon’s mistresses. The people in the mansion finally began to notice some changes in their master but what could they do?

  Ten days later

       One day, Caesar was seated in his study when he suddenly sensed someone. Raising his head he noticed Sylvie seated in front of him.

     With a smile on her face she said, “Looks like you are enjoying yourself Caesar.”

       Caesar too smiled as he said, “Well, I am doing everything I was asked to do and more so I can spoil myself a little I presume.”

     Shaking her head in helplessness, Sylvie said, “Its almost been two months since your departure so master asked me to see how you were doing? Well, it seems masters worries were for naught. May I ask how you wish to proceed now?”

     Caesar narrowed his eyes as he gazed directly into Sylvie’s eyes and said, “Are you doubting my methods?”

     “It isn’t doubt but curiosity. I can see that you have already thoroughly weakened the Hildegarde without dirtying your hands and straining yourself much but the same strategy won’t work twice you know.” Sylvie answered smoothly.

     Caesar laughed a little and said, “The Hildegarde sure is powerful but their core now only consists of five Gold Kings. I have infiltrated their allies network through various means. The result, no one wishes to be a part of the Hildegarde any more because they do not want to deal with the various other factions who are aiming for Hildegarde.

      This essentially clears up the situation to a large extent. Now all that is required is a last push and the Hildegarde will collapses like a castle of cards. Humph! Well, I must say the kids did pretty well to survive against me, Caesar for two months. However, this is the limit of their luck. Soon, the last and the final phase of my work will start.”

     Sylvie rose from her seat as she said, “I see, then I will inform master.”

    Caesar’s brow creased as he asked hesitantly, “Riddick, he…Is he…..”

    Sylvie’s face turned around as she said, “Caesar, don’t worry. He promised, didn’t he? He promised so he will be there at the right moment. Just do everything as planned before. My master will definitely come.”



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  1. Thanks for the chapter. When will Riddick reach immortality I think it’s about time to give Riddick a proper power UP where he can fight or crush divine diciples. Other than that I am also interested in when will he gain another one of the black musses? Also if this story’s genre has harem in it but there are no romance or mature scene of Riddick for quite a while other than the kissing scene with Vera.


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  3. Thanks, hey what about the other story your doing? doesn’t seem like you will be starting it anytime soon. So are you gonna 4ever hiatus it?


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